going off to play maple story

BTS’ Jin as your Boyfriend
  • Seokjin as your boyfriend would be a dream
  • Because first of all, you’ll never go hungry. He would be pretty creative with a box of mac and cheese and pancake batter.
  • Also, Jin loves to feed you <3
  • Gets you on his back and loves to carry you around until the both of you feel dizzy
  • The type to just pull you in at any given moment and lets you sit on his lap with his arms comfortably wrapped around you ~
  • Gets embarrassed when he wants to do something romantic, his ears would turn red as well as his cheeks.
  • He would also have giggle fits because he gets shy
  • But he does it anyway and in the end, you’re the one getting flustered
  • Let’s you play maple story and super mario, because he really really likes you!
  • During dress ups, you bet you’re going to be the Luigi to his Mario
  • Doesn’t let you go to the gym with him because Jimin likes to show off when you’re around.
  • Watches his members’ movements like a hawk whenever you’re around because they can’t be trusted.
  • “Jungkook! What are you doing? Stop that!”
  • “I’m just breathing, hyung!”
  • “Stop breathing!”
  • ^exactly like that, because he gets jealous often even though he hates to admit it.
  • He thinks that you’re the most attractive when you’re eating, because he knows that you’re being healthy as well as being energized with food~
  • Likes to stare at you all the time because you looks so enthralling when you’re concentrating in doing something~
  • But seriously, he gets all heart eyes and he would subconsciously kiss your cheek or forehead because he’s just so enamored by you.
  • Cuddles with Jin would consist of his arms wrapped all over you with his head on your shoulder~
  • Also cuddles with Jin means playing around with his hair until he falls asleep
  • Gets really cheesy sometimes and sings kdrama osts to you
  • Is flirty with you ~
  • Can we also talk about how he’s the type to let you ride on the pushcart and he just goes along with it whenever the two of you go grocery shopping? Because that is a thing.
  • Is always prepared, especially when the both of you go out. He brings medicine and water all the time.
  • If you sneeze for a bit or clear your throat for a second, Jin would whip out his healthy food and medicine, because he can’t risk it. He would be pretty disheartened if he couldn’t prevent you from being sick.
  • Jin is comfortable enough to wear his glasses around you, and even though sometimes he gets embarrassed, he knows that you like him for him
  • Well, in a certain point of your relationship you will call him Princess Jin.
  • Best way to bribe him into going out with you when he doesn’t want to would be treating him to meat, lobster and any kind of hearty food.
  • Also, when he gets ready in the morning to go to work, you could hear him try his best in rapping TOP’s part in Fantastic Baby
  • When he kisses you, his lips would linger just a bit on yours and he would have this small smile that will make you shy.
  • Can we talk about how he would talk about you like you’re the best thing ever, but also he keeps it vague because he doesn’t want other people to fall for you?
  • Dates would be fun and exciting and guaranteed to be a good time
  • Because he wants to create so many fun memories, he would always plan dates that would be really memorable~
  • He gets complimented alot because of his looks, but he’s the happiest when you compliment him about his growth as a singer and idol.
  • Gets red all the time when the members tease him about you
  • In the end he would retort with, “Yes, I’m lucky like that~”
  • Is the type to leave cute little notes and sneaks in your favorite candy or snack in your bag whenever you leave
  • Jin does this thing where he comes near you and closes his eyes and it’s his way of asking for a kiss <3
  • You can hear him mumble song lyrics in his sleep sometimes
  • Loves to bury his head on the crook of your neck~
  • Seokjin really likes to be with you and he loves being happy with you
  • You are someone he can depend on and someone he can call home to whenever he feels lost in his job.
Luhan: Wow


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ANYWAYS: FINALLY!!!! I know I suck. Sorry this took so long to post.  You can all hit me in the face now.

WOWOWOWOWOW this first started out as the BTS’ Suga an anon had requested then half way through I was like, Yoongi is too young for all this so I changed it to Luhan even though i thought Xiumin or Suho would be perfect for this too. Hehehehehehehe. But to make up for it, when I was completing this fic, I thought of a new story line for Suga and immediately started working on it when I finished this one.

And your last name is Choi for this fic.It makes things less confusing when you read.

Requested by: No One bc I suck.

PS: do not ask me why the paragraphs are so long this time bc I have no idea. AND this morning i wanted to edit a part of this scenario but when i got to my computer i completely forgot which part. Whoops.

I know i should really divide my fics into chapters but they bother me. I hardly ready chaptered fics myself, until really recently


“Here’s your coffee Miss _______” you looked up, your heart beat quicken, your eyes met with the man you’ve crushed on since forever, Luhan. When you first joined the company Luhan was already working as the head of your department. He had spent a month training and developing you, helping you get familiar with the company’s environment.

“Miss _____? Are you alright?” He asked, noticing you stare at him. “Oh. Yes. Thank you for the coffee Sir.” You nervously took the coffee trying not to look at him, embarrassed he had caught you staring. “Ahh. Miss Choi, be careful. Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked, securing his hands around yours when your coffee cup slipped from your grip nearly pouring it all over you and your paper work. “Oh my gosh. I am so sorry! I don’t know where my head’s been lately.” You confessed scratching your head a little embarrassed as he placed the coffee on your table. You felt your face warming up.

“Do you need to leave early to get some rest?” He concerned. “Ah, uh no. I’m fine. Just uh, I just needed my coffee. Haha.” You laughed nervously “Yeah just needed my coffee."  Picking up your coffee cup with two hands so it wouldn’t slip again bringing it to your mouth. "Ahh. All better!” You cheered after taking a sip of the coffee.

“Haha alright, if you say so!” He laughed with you. “If you need to leave early, just tell me at any time.” He pat your shoulder giving it a light squeeze then walked back to his office. You watched him close his door before you placed the cup down and tangling your fingers in your hair, looking down at your table. You’ve been working with him for almost six months why do you still look at him like it’s the first time you’ve met him. You were frustrated at yourself.


“Hmmm doo doo doo doo” you hummed as you waited heated your food in the microwave. It was lunchtime but you had a couple reports you had to finish so you decided to eat lunch in. Your eyes were closed as you tapped your fingers on the counter and humming while waiting for your food to finish heating.

“You stayed back too Miss Choi?” The deep voice making you jump. “Oh my… you scared me Sir.” You stated with your hand on your heaving chest. “Haha. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. “He apologized, brewing himself more coffee. “Oh no, it’s alright. I overreacted.” You laughed of your embarrassment.

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