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Meant to Be - Part Seventeen: Together

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Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 3060

WARNINGS: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts

Dedicated to: @limpblotter for the funniest comments (ex. “SIT DOWN BURR YOU SALTY MOFO”)

It had been a hellish morning. After he left Thomas in the bathroom, he was forced to endure two mindless classes, trying to stop himself from breaking down. Eliza was in his French class, and even though she sat beside him, he remained sullen and subdued. By lunch, his mind and stomach were an uncomfortable swill of anger and sadness. He saw Herc and Laf at their usual table, and knew he had to apologize for his behaviour earlier. With a deep breath, Alex approached the picnic table.

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How To Fight A Monster (a short guide for babies)

- spray a bit of water at it!! Monsties don’t like being wet.

- turn the lights on. They don’t like that.

- make friends with them!! Stick a friendly letter under your bed or in your closet and talk to them tons! They won’t be scary if they’re your friends!

- play nice music! They’ll get super sleepy and go nigh nigh and not bother you.

Remember that monsties aren’t nothing to be afraid of. They’re just silly lost things and sometimes they’re scared too!


(No c.g.l/l.i.t.t.l.e.s.p.a.c.e/k.i.n.k interactions please!)

uploading this by itself too cuz i cant get over this part of val’s diary (why didnt i read it until now oh my god)

“I don’t think Draculaura or any of her friends will ever really trust me. And while I hope one day they can see I have changed, I know it will take time too. I guess I can’t expect them to just forgive me right away. I will say one good thing hopefully came out of it. While attempting to hide in the shadows I bumped into a student I didn’t recognize. He said his name was Spelldon Cauldrenello. He had only been at MH a couple of weeks as he had been travelling with his older sister. Meeting him totally made me space out and forget to send a text that was supposed to help Clawd. He asked if I went to MH and I said I was just visiting, but I would love to go to MH if I can. He said he’d keep me up on the groanings on around school if I wanted, so I gave him my number. At least the trip wasn’t a total stake.“

So after another case of ‘manip maker​ has to discover again that their work has been robbed alongside 2.3k notes and counting’, this feels like a good time to talk about please taking a second to look at watermarks before we reblog fanworks because note counts mean jack-shit as to whether something is the OP’s original content or not.

It’s been happening a lot lately in particular because twitter users have started making tumblr blogs specifically to steal posts, edits, manips and fanart directly from twitter - without credit - just so they can gain followers simultaneously across multiple platforms without having to invest any extra thought.

Jokes can be made about having to become numb to theft in order to ‘survive’ online, but it’s a very real possibility that any creator can suddenly just decide they’ve had enough when it becomes one instance of theft too many. No matter what type of fan you are or blog you run, the ‘creative’ aspect of fandom impacts everyone: fic, manips, fanart, edits, music videos and gifs have kept our fandom experience full of the life and vibrancy that it’s always been known for, and a couple of extra seconds is all it takes to preserve it. 

So, a PSA about visual works in particular - if the watermark and the OP URL is exactly/pretty much the same, then go ahead as per usual! But please, if the watermark doesn’t match the OP’s URL:

  • do the obvious thing and just tumblr-search the name in the watermark to reblog directly from the actual source’s blog
  • OR check OP’s blog description/bio because if OP actually is the source but just under a different tumblr pen-name (like a different spelling on a different platform, etc.) they will make it obvious
  • OR check OP’s blog to see if they have the post tagged with something like ‘my art’ or ‘mine’ - if they don’t, it’s probably because it’s not
  • OR check OP’s blog and if there’s just a bunch of uploads all with coincidentally different watermarks, well… I’m sure you can put two-and-two together (and the person who accidentally reblogged it onto your dash would probably appreciate knowing, too).

There’re always other methods of finding true sources (like doing quick reverse-image searches on Google), but if you’re really still unsure about the OP, leave it. I promise that one reblog missed is better than the five steps back taken for every note ‘rewarded’ to something stolen.

anonymous asked:

One reason I have trouble shaking my optimism that it's ending is that the timeframe for the big promo splash is exactly 2 years from when he had to confirm on GMA. So, 2 years from the blatant start of it (not club pics). And also, with how freaking checked out of everything B is, it's just going to get way too hard to keep up this pretense in the long run. Tammi can't run it all forever without questions they don't want to address. Let them all go. It's past time.

I feel this way as well. But you’re off on your dates. July 14, 2015 is when the first People article broke. They were on GMA on August 4, 2015.

But your point remains too. It could end 2 years to the day after it began and be incredibly well positioned for Back to You promo. Fingers crossed.


Zodiac Mood Board - Scorpio
tagged by @139-cm thank you so so so much you precious! ;;;;

some people tend to step a few steps away from me when i tell them my horoscope is scorpio - we tend to be mysterious and dark but where is darkness, there is light - yes, we are not innocent but who is in this world?

anonymous asked:

I agree with you that satying closet is a decision they made for the forseeable future but I think something that a lot of people confuse is closeting and the stunts. There are lots of closeted celebrities, but they don't need stunts as extreme as babygate they have low key 'girlfriends'. So I think when people say 'I don't think they want to be closeted' what they're really talking about is ending the stunts, because you don't need a fake baby to be closet. Does that make sense?

For sure that makes sense. I actually don’t consider Babygate a stunt? I know that technically it is. But when I say “stunt” I mean fake girlfriends. And I do think fake girlfriends will exist until they come out. Babygate is it’s own fresh kind of hell. And I know that’s slightly misleading because I have a These Stunts Go to 11 tag. So obviously, somewhere in my brain I do consider babygate a stunt. But I guess it’s the extra extra kind. So, I’m sorry for not being clearer about that. I think Louis has proven from the word go that he wants nothing to do with Babygate. And I truly truly believe he’s working to end it. I also believe it got extended because of Jay. I’m endlessly, recklessly hopeful that it will end this week on or near the 2 year mark. So, fingers crossed.

clarke draws while she’s on her own because she has nothing else to do, and while at first she draws nature and landscape it eventually becomes the 100 and all the people they’ve lost. finn, wells, anya, maya, fox, sterling, and everyone else. she just draws them one by one. and then she draws the mount weather massacre. she puts all of her time and energy into drawing them, the kids and the adults, all of those who lost their lives, innocent or not. she releases all of her pent up emotion, fear and sorrow, and eventually, one day, she has drawn all the faces from that night that she remembers. so she starts drawing those who survived. she draws raven, jasper, her mom, octavia, monty, kane, wick, and bellamy. she draws them laughing, smiling, and she realizes all the people she left behind. she has so many people there for her and she just left them. she returns eventually, having forgiven herself without even realizing it. she isn’t whole again, but she has started picking up the pieces of herself, one by one, bit by bit. she is clarke griffin, co-leader of first 100 people from space to step foot on the ground in 97 years. she is strong. she has survived bombings and massacre after massacre. and she will survive this. with the help of her people. together.