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why is it that i can go an entire two hours without a customer, but as soon as it’s ten minutes till close, everyone decides it’s time to come in and shop???

Me: “I’m going to listen to Be More Chill all the way through to get a real sense of the plot and musical language before I dive in…

Me: *hears Halloween once*

Me: Actually fuck that, I’m gonna listen to this one song on repeat like fifty times…

Ask him out

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Featuring: Ned, Sandy (I made her up) and Tony Stark.

Words: 2003

Warnings: -

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“Why don’t you just give it a try?” Your best friend, Sandy, asked you.

You were at the cafeteria during lunch break. As usual, Sandy had brought her own lunch but you had bought it at the cantine. You two had been talking about your upcoming English exam until you saw him, Peter Parker, walking in the cafeteria with Ned.

Your crush on this guy had been a huge headache for you since the very first day of school. Being the daughter of who you were, you had always gone to private schools but after a long talk and fight with your father, aka Tony Stark, he had agreed on letting you go to a public one. And there was Peter Parker, being the nerd he was, adorable and dorky. Immediately you set your eyes on him and were determinated to make him like you back. That was until you saw how he looked at Liz.

It was obvious how he felt about her. Still, you tried and talk to him during some of your classes. He was the most intelligent guy you had ever met. He was funny, humble, shy and just adorable. But imposible to reach so you forced yourself to forget about him. And suddenly he appeared at the compound with your father. You understood nothing and all they told you was that he had an intership at Stark Industries. You were fucked.

“A try?” You asked taking your eyes away from him.

“Ask him out” she shrugged.

“Are you crazy? He’s head over heels for Liz, Sandy, asking him out would be like jumping off a plane knowing the parachute won’t open. And you know what’s that? Suicide, Sandy, and my father wouldn’t be too happy if I killed myself. Neither would be Happy” you stated way too fast, Sandy laughed shaking her head.

“So all you’re going to do for the rest of high school is sitting here, watching him from afar as you go into the friendzone more and more?” She asked raising an eyebrow. You frowned and looked at her.

“I’m not in the friendzone” you replied. “Am I?” You added.

“You will be if you do nothing about it” she shrugged getting up. It was time to go back to class. “He has an intership with your father, don’t you see him all the time?”

“Not really. I don’t know what this internship is about or where he does it but I haven’t seen him around in months” you told your friend.

“Well, you have Chemistry with him in room 105 right now so go, sit with him and ask him out” she said as you two walked down the aisle.

“You’re my Chemistry partner! I’m not going to trade your company for some dork” you told her.

“As much as I appreaciate it, and I do, I must let you go today” she solemnly said. “It is my duty as your best friend before you walk into the place from where you cannot return: the friendzone” she added. “I will sit with Ned so your path is clear” she winked walking into the classroom.

Before you had time to protest, she pushed you to sit next to Peter who, luckily, was alone. She winked at you sitting a few rows behind you. You loved this girl but you could seriously kill her at the moment. You saw how Ned walked in and looked at you confused, not knowing what were you doing occuping his seat. You were about to get up, ready to abandon your mission, but Sandy was faster.

“Ned! Will you sit with me today? There are a couple of things I don’t really understand and I’m sure you can explain them to me” Sandy told Ned who looked quite surprised by your friend’s action. She then gave you a thumb ups and a wink. Yes, you were going to kill her.

You turned to look at Peter and smiled shyly at him. He smiled back and looked like he was about to say something when the teacher started the class. With a sigh, you forced yourself to pay attention while you looked for a way to ask him out.

“I put him on a silver plate and you did nothing!” Sandy exclaimed.

The class had already finished and all you had managed to say to him were some stupid Chemistry related stuff that were probably wrong. Not only you had missed this chance, but probably now he thought you were stupid.

“I know Sandy!” You said frustrated. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” you added.

“(Y/N)!” You turned around when you heard your name being called.

You felt your breah stopping when you saw Peter running towards you. You looked at Sandy who looked surprised as well but also curious.

“Yes?” You asked trying to keep your voice steady.

“Here. You forgot your notebook” he said handing you the item.

“Oh… Thanks Peter” you smiled at him, trying to hide your disappointment. Why on Earth would he ask you out?

You stood there watching him walk away along with Ned towards their next class. You had to forget about this guy.

“That was close” Sandy said, taking you out of your thoughts.

“Close to what?” You asked turning around to go to your next and last class.

“I thought he would ask you out” she shrugged.

“He won’t do it” you sighed defeated now.

“Who knows” she smiled, trying to cheer you up.

“Sandy, I know what you’re trying to do but stop it, please” you said. “He doesn’t like me and I can’t make someone like me and that’s okay. He’s not the only guy in the world”

“But he’s the one you’re falling in love with” she said.

You said nothing at her words. Falling in love. Maybe she was right. Actually, it looked like she was completely right but you didn’t know what to do about it.

The next few days were hard for you. You tried to keeo your mind occupied so you didn’t think about Peter or your feelings for him. But seeing him every single day didn’t help. You tried to stay at home saying you were sick but FRIDAY couldn’t be lied to that easily and your tiny attempt only made your father worried.

“Is it something about school?” He asked during breakfast. “Someone is annoying you?”

“Everything at school is okay dad, I just didn’t feel like going today” you lied as you looked down at the strawberries.

“Just like that?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Just like that” you nodded.

He was a clever man, you knew it. Lying to him wasn’t easy but at least he let it go. You were forced to go to school but at least you were free of Tony Stark’s questioning. As usual, Sandy was waiting for you at the door. She had been worried about you lately, seeing how you had lost any hope you had to be with Parker. She didn’t know what to do to help you since you refused to talk about it. But she knew she had to do something and she was willing to, even if that meant that you would get mad at her.

“I’m going to the bathroom” she said getting up from the table where you were having lunch. You nodded and looked at her for a moment before focusing your attention back in your Literature book.

“Hey there” you looked up and almost choked on your food when you saw Peter sitting in front of you.

“H-hi…” you looked around and found Sandy winking at you from the door. She couldn’t have done this to you.

“How are you?” He smiled a little.

“Fine…” you smiled back. “You?”

“Fine, thanks” he smiled even more. “You know um… Sandy told me you have something to tell me” he shrugged.

You opened your eyes widely not believing what you were listening. Sandy had just cornered you and you had no idea about how to react. What were you supposed to say?

“Did she?” You frowned. He nodded, waiting. “Well, she lied” you shrugged. He frowned, looking almost disappointed by your answer. You didn’t know why you were doing it, but what was the point on telling him?

“Oh…” he bite his lip and nodded. “Okay…” he got up slowly but sat down again. “Are you alright?” he asked, taking you by surprise. “I know we’re not that close, but I’ve noticed you’ve been quiet lately, like you were sad or something. Is everything okay?” He asked.

The fact that he really looked worried about you literally made your heart melt. He noticed your change even when you hadn’t said a single word to each other in almost a week, even when you shared so many classes. Not even a hello or a goodbye.

“Eh…yeah, I guess” you shrugged. “I’m just stressed” you said.

Your phone vibrated next to you and you looked down to find a text from Sandy: ASK HIM OUT! It said. Biting your lip, you looked up at Peter who was still looking at you, curious and somehow worried.

“I’m okay, Peter, thank you” you nodded.

“Okay then… I have to go” he smiled getting up.

You were so stupid! Why was it so difficult? He was worried about you, he had noticed your mood change, obviously that had to mean something but there you were, looking at him getting up, letting another opportunity scape.

“Peter wait” you said getting up.

“Can I ask you something?” he said at the very same time. You two looked at each other, smiling a little as you felt the heat coming to your cheeks. “Go first” he chuckled.

“No, you go first” you said chuckling as well.

“I insist” he said.

You bite your lip and took a deep breath. You had to do it. You had to give it a try. You just couldn’t keep on living not knowing what would happen.

“Do you want to go to have dinner or something with me? Someday?” You finally let the words out, feeling like your heart was about to come out of your chest.

Peter looked at you shocked. He never thought you would take that step, that you would be the one asking him out, let alone when he was about to do it himself after days gathering the courage. All it took was a little push from your best friend, Sandy, telling him you had feelings for him. He didn’t really believe her but it was a chance. Still, he was about to leave too scared to say anything when you dropped the bomb.

“Like…a date?” He smiled a little. You nodded slowly. “Sounds good” he finally said. “Maybe Friday? 8 p.m.?” He suggested.

“Yeah, perfect” you smiled.

You couldn’t believe he had said yes. You knew there was a possibility but it looked so remote you never thought it would actually happen and yet, there you were. You had a date with Peter Parker after dreaming about him for months.

“Just…” he added before leaving. “Your father won’t kill me or anything right? I mean…he’s Iron Man”, you laughed at his question.

“I’ll make sure of it” you told him with a big smile.

“Good” he nodded laughing as well. “I gotta go, see you in Chemistry?” He asked.

“Of course” you nodded.                              

He bite his lip and leaned slowly across the table to place a small kiss on your lips, making your heart skipped a beat. Giving you one last smile, he left the cafeteria, leaving you there too shocked to move until Sandy came over running.

“You have a date with him!” She exclaimed hugging you. You pulled her away.

“I’m going to kill you!” You told her. She laughed but hugged you again.

“I don’t care, I’m so happy it worked” she said. With a sigh you looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you” you said just when the bell rang.

the chills and thrills that come with baking | yoonji

genre: fluff
warnings: none! :)
words: 1.6k

a/n: this is a drabble that is in the same au as ‘when I met you’ !! now with more jealous yoonji for the soul!! (sidenote: if u have any requests for my girl yoonji or anyone else, please send them in! i’m happy to write for u if ur respectful and are kind :)!! enjoy!) @cherrimonn for u <3

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Your head fell, hands gripping the counter until your knuckles paled to an almost unnatural colour as you stood over the pot on the stove. The contents were burnt for the millionth time, and once again you were faced with failure. Though you didn’t think you were the best at baking, you at least thought you had some skill. However, after these past few attempts, you were ready to give up. And then God in the form of a super hot guy came, and you were saved.

“Hey, you need help?” A chocolate voice came from above you and you lifted your head, eyes watering with a pout on your lips. If anyone asked, you were crying because you kept messing up, and not because what you were making smelled so bad that it hurt your eyes.

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genre: there’s smut friends

a/n: this was requested but i played around with it a little, hope you don’t mind anon! enjoy this taehyung one shot :) also i’m working on rain so don’t worry lmao hope y'all like this! sorry for any mistakes, i’m half awake 

word count: 1k

Originally posted by bwiseoks

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A Mess of Gold - Boundaries [TEASER]

Ask and thou shall receive. 

“Hold your horses, I’m coming!” he bellowed with a roll of his eyes.

Upon noting the subtle aroma of Raven’s scent just outside his door, Beast Boy hesitated in his step, his boyish features pinching in confusion.

Raven was normally in the library at this hour, nose buried in a series of books. It wasn’t like her to retire so soon. Garfield knew this because their rooms were right next to one another’s, and therefore he had to be mindful of the noise level the second she’d go to bed.

He opened his bedroom door and found the empath standing before him, as suspected. She didn’t appear annoyed or contrived in the slightest. Instead, she almost looked surprised by his presence despite it being his room.

They stared at one another for a moment, a strange, uncomfortable silence settling around them despite the background noise of Jaime playing a videogame. Raven’s mouth was open, as if to take a breath – or to prepare the words she wanted to get out. It was anyone’s guess.

Had they even spoken since the rooftop agreement? Beast Boy couldn’t recall. So why was he suddenly tongue-tied and nervous, and why was that the only thing on his mind when he’d come face to face with the demoness?

“Uh, sorry, were we being loud?” He forced a charismatic grin, scratching absent-mindedly at the nape of his neck.

Raven promptly shook her head before peeking in behind him to catch Jaime stretched out on Garfield’s bed, controller in hand and a bag of Cheetos beside him.

“Is this, uh, a bad time?” she mumbled.

Beast Boy followed her gaze before snapping his attention back to her. “No! No, no. Not at all! What’s up?”

He closed his door behind him as he joined her in the hall, leaving only a crack visible. For some reason, he didn’t want Jaime prying on their conversation, or wondering what it was that had the changeling currently indisposed from their promised game night.

Raven’s gaze fell to the floor while her fingers fidgeted with the silken material of her cloak. “N-nothing. I can come back later, you two seem have an evening planned.”

He lifted a brow. “Rae, we have game night like, every other night. It’s not a big deal,” he reassured her.

It didn’t do much to assuage her concerns, despite his best efforts. She still appeared somewhat uncharacteristically tense, and when she spoke, she couldn’t meet his eyes. “I was just thinking that maybe…it’s time I take you up on that offer…?”

Her voice was softer than usual, and she cleared her throat like she had a hard time getting the words out.

The tips of Beast Boy’s ears tingled from the heat, and he tried to act cool even when he knew exactly to what the empath was referring to. “O-oh. Uhm, right. I did promise to help, didn’t I?”

He forced an uneasy chuckle for her benefit, because he couldn’t imagine it was any easier on her to come to him so boldly. “You, uh, wanna do that tonight?”

Raven tucked her hands behind her back and glanced at him earnestly. She nodded once. “If you’re busy, though, it can wait,” she was sure to add hastily.

“I’m sure Jaime won’t mind, so long as I let him keep a few bags of snacks,” Beast Boy joked, his face hurting from how hard he was smiling.

“Are you sure…?” she asked once more.

Beast Boy dismissed her concerns with a wave of his hand. “Positive, just give me a minute.”

With that, he bounded back into his room and informed Jaime of the change in plans promptly. “Hey dude, sorry but I’m going to have to call it a night. Something, uh, came up.”

The older teen gave him a puzzled look after he’d paused the game. “What? Why?” he stammered.

Beast Boy rubbed at his neck, trying to avoid Jaime’s penetrating stare. “I promised I’d help Rae with…something. I totally forgot about it.”

At least it wasn’t a total lie.

Jaime got up and sighed. “Whatever, man. You owe me for this.” For good measure, he snagged a few bags of chips and a couple of cans of soda.

“Sorry,” Beast Boy called after him sheepishly, even as Jaime had glared at him on his way out.

Garfield could have sworn he’d cursed him under his breath in Spanish, but he wasn’t going to open that can of worms. Jaime nodded a brief goodnight to Raven and disappeared down the hallway, shovelling a handful of popcorn into his mouth. Raven watched him go until Beast Boy heard him close his door behind him a few moments later.

The empath then stepped into Beast Boy’s bedroom as if she was walking into a booby trap – slowly and very cautiously, her eyes darting everywhere but at the green boy standing in the middle of it.

The silence rang in Garfield’s ears, the heat from the pot lights overhead making his head feel like it was ablaze.

Once realizing it was safe, Raven turned to close the door behind her with tremendous care, and the click of his lock made Beast Boy involuntarily shudder – like the two of them were about to engage in something awful that none of the others could be made aware of.

“So,” he started, inhaling deeply, “how did you want to, uh, go about this?”

Raven didn’t seem to trust her own feet, and thus remained rooted to the spot just by his door. “Well, you could start by maybe brushing your teeth?”

His cheeks grew warm. “Right! Of course. Minty fresh, that’s important. I’ll-I’ll go do that!”

As he made a mad dash to the bathroom that he shared with Damian and connected their bedrooms, he paused just before the door and turned to acknowledge the empath once more. “You can, uh, make yourself at home,” he stammered, bashful.


First Lines

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List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favourite authors.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE fic based tag games like this!! I’m am so down for any story based game things. Fuck I’m so jealous your readers send you asks and shit @phaytesworld you lucky bitch (and omfg they art for you, THEY ART FOR YOU, I am seething with jealousy over here, but also insanely happy for you because omg, just so happy for you and your success. You fuck up my feels bitch)

I’m afraid I really don’t read much, which you’ll understand seeing how many WIP I have, but I’ll just tag some of the people I know on here that write =)

@gloster @dracomysunshinechild @jadepresley @decanthrope @michaelssw0rd … okay, I know I know more writers than that, I know I chat to more writers than that, guys, I’m sorry, my memory sucks! Just do it and say I tagged you (TAG ME PLEASE) so I can be nosy =D

Okay, because I am super excitable a teasing tease who teases don’t you guys even know me, I’m gonna do the last 20 stories PLUS the first few lines of my major WIP mwahahahaha (I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I went to bed before 2am for once, but lay awake outlining a new story in my head)

Let’s get started =D (this is hella fucking long, so I’m putting it under a cut after the first 5, and really, you all follow me, you know me, you know I can’t be concise, I take a very loose definition of ‘first lines’ LOL)

Contained in this post are fics for these ships: Drarry, Pansmione, Parvansy (parvati/pansy), Ginsy (Ginny/Pansy), Victuuri, Merthur.

Last 20 stories posted/updated:

Trends/Patterns? As always, I usually just dive right into the story with minimal set-up details, which I usually intersperse later as needed. I seem to always start with either dialogue, how the character feels, or an action description. I almost never describe the setting, which fits with my biggest writing flaw of almost no background description LOL

1. Amortentia - Drarry

While Harry was studiously attempting to avoid so much as glancing towards their roommate, Ron was blatantly staring. He stood leaning against one of the end posts of his bed, arms crossed, expression cold, as he watched Malfoy unpack his things. The air was so thick with tension that Harry wished someone would say something, but he desperately didn’t want to be the one to do it.

2. Warmth - Parvansy


Pansy jerked at the sound of her name, almost spilling the contents of her bag all over her desk. Parvati caught her eye, and then nodded her head to the empty seat next to her.

“You owe me for helping you in Herbology last week. You’re partnering with me today.” Parvati’s voice was firm, and she had that glint in her eye. All of the Slytherins knew that glint. The Gryffindor glint. Not to be underestimated. And not to be messed with unless one had a plan, and an escape strategy for when it inevitably went pear-shaped. Bloody Gryffindors.

3. Board Games and Rude Awakenings - Drarry

At first, Harry had been nervous, and felt out of place. After a couple of drinks, and nothing more than some rather tame teasing, he relaxed. Blaise was pouting and arguing with Pansy about the legality of the action she’d just made on Harry’s behalf. Harry had no idea what game they were playing, and still didn’t understand the rules, even after having them explained to him three times. But there was an elaborately charmed board, little miniature characters, and a lot of violence.

4. Playing Along - Drarry

Harry sucked in a deep breath. There were footsteps outside. They passed. When he exhaled, he managed to mutter a spell to lock his office door. His hands gripped the far edge of his desk. The near edge was digging into his stomach. He closed his eyes, and inhaled again. Slowly.

“What happened to all that Gryffindor bravery? Scared you might get fired if we get caught?”

Harry shuddered.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Malfoy.”

There was a puff of warm air against his skin. Against his spine. Halfway down, and getting lower, as Malfoy chuckled. 

5. Crumbling Facade - Drarry

Draco tried to ignore everything around him as he organised his things the way he liked. The eighth year students were split between dorm rooms, and the houses were mixed. He’d been hoping he would be placed with Theo, or no Slytherin at all. He’d been dreading sharing a dorm room with Blaise. Perhaps if Goyle had returned the odds would have been in his favour, but they were not.

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Nice To Meet You -6-

A/N: Sorry its been so long, I just got really busy. Sorry :(

When your mind focuses again you can see the red and blue glare of police lights. Looking around you realize that you are sat in the back of an ambulance with a large blanket around your shoulders. Watching, you notice an officer back in the alleyway taking pictures of the crime scene. Your movement catches the attention of the EMT who standing next to the ambulance, writing notes down on her metal clip board.

“Hey honey,” she says with a smile. “You ok?”

You nod your head as she approaches the doors of the vehicle and places her clipboard down next to you.

“Do you remember what happened?” she asks as she proceeds to wave a finger in your face, prompting you to follow the finger with your eyes.

“A woman was getting robbed,” you start.

She nods her head and then quickly rubs her hands through your hair looking for a contusion. Once she’s satisfied she pulls back to smile at you.

“You seem to be ok. No injuries just a bit of shock. What you are going to want to do is hurry and give your statement to officer Sanchez so he can take you home. Then get a good night rest ok? In the morning, you should probably call a therapist, you don’t want this to cause you any trauma, ok?”

You nod looking at her with somewhat wide doe like eyes, “Is the woman, ok?”

“She sure is,” she said taking up her clipboard and writing down her assessment. “She says you saved her life.”

“There was a little boy in a weird costume, he saved us.”



“It was probably Robin then, him and Batman do that. You new here, honey?”


“You’ll probably here more about them now that you are aware. Don’t worry too much, they’re good guys.”

“Ok, I guess.”

“How she doing?” a voice from behind the woman called. The officer who was taking the pictures of the back wall, Officer Sanchez, had approached.

“She’s okay she’ll just need a ride home, after you question her.”

“Understood,” he turns his attention to you. “Ma’am my name is Officer Sanchez and if you can tell me what happened tonight that would be great.”

After giving him your name and repeating the story, the officer nodded and seemed content with the information. He loaded you into the back of his car and five minutes later you were in front of your apartment building.

“Call me if you need anything, ma’am,” he stated as he gave you his card.

Once inside of your apartment you found yourself laying in a bit of a daze on your couch. Letting the exhaustion of the night hit you, you fell asleep.


It was the vibration of your cell phone that woke you.

“Hello?” you answer not looking at the name, there’s only one person who would call at six in the morning.

“Babies are jerks,” Camille states, her lips smacking indicating that she was eating.

“Your kid isn’t even here yet and your already mad?”

“I want them out, every time I go to the bathroom I wonder, if they’re just going to slide out of my vagina like in ‘Oops I forgot I was Pregnant’.”

“That show is trash.”

“But sooo good! One lady gave birth in a port-o-potty.” 

“Again, trash. Why are you up so early?” 

“It’s six thirty shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?”

“That’s not what I asked.”

 “The baby won’t stop kicking and Eric is asleep. I figured having some yogurt would calm them down, but now I’ve been up since four.”

“Oh God,” you say sitting up rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, “You need to rest, rest so when the baby is ready to come you’ll be strong.”

“I know,” she says pouting. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, the office is so boring.”

“Really? Haven’t you been doing more investigations?”

“No, and I’m not sure I’m going to look anymore. I go to all these firms and I see no one who looks like our guys. Its liked they vanished.”


“Yeah,” you say standing and walking to the kitchen to grab yourself a bowl of cereal. “Plus, there was a robbery last night.”

“Did you get robbed?! Are you Ok?!” She panics.

“I’m fine,” you say watching the colorful pieces fall into the bowl. “I wasn’t the one who got robbed, I just stepped in.”

“What a hero,” she responds somewhat annoyed. “But you could have gotten hurt, or worse.”

“I know, bu-“ you stop mid- sentence. “Hey, why didn’t you tell me about the little guy running around saving damsels in distress?”

“Little guy?”

“Yeah little, all red outfit, no older than ten, only reaches up to my waist.”

“Who Robin? Did you get saved by Batman?!” She asks animatedly.

“No just the little one.”

“I think he’s new, a couple of years ago there was definitely a Robin that was older, used a staff or something. One of the girls at my old job got held hostage in a bank robbery and they saved her.”

“So,” you start as you pour the milk into the bowl and walk back to your couch. “You guys just have guys running around beating people? Do they have superpowers, like the guy in Metropolis?”

“Nah, I don’t think the Robins do, Batman though he might.”

“And he helps people?”

“Yeah for the most part,” she says nonchalantly. “I mean I’ve never heard of him trying to hurt someone that wasn’t a bad guy, but I have heard that he’s scary to see, even if you’re the one who’s in trouble.”

“How does he know when people are in trouble?”

“Sometimes, if you look, there’s like a light in the shape of a bat that comes from the GCPD building. Other times though I think he’s just, I don’t know, there. Like ever present ass kicking all black Santa, minus the presents.”

“GCPD?” You question as you put the bowl down and reach in your pocket to finger the card that Officer Sanchez gave you last night.

“Yeah, I think they got in trouble when they first put it up a few years ago, but everyone is used to it now.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, hey you aren’t going to work, are you? You should at least take the day off, call a therapist.”

“I’m going to call in, but I’m not sure about the therapy. I feel fine.”

“For now,” she warns.

“I know, I know,” you say shoving spoonful of the sugary breakfast in your mouth. “If I can’t handle it I’ll go.”

“Alright, just make good choices, ok?”

“I will, you go back to sleep.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you, too.”


The phone hung up.


“Master Damian, he-”

“I know Pennyworth I’m going,” the young voice of a green-eyed boy stated annoyed.

He didn’t understand why he was getting in trouble, he saved people.

Down in the bat cave he nearly rolled his eyes when he saw not only his father, but the tell-tale outline of a tall form leaning over the chair his father was sitting in.

“Grayson,” he greets begrudgingly.

“Damian,” Dick Grayson returns with a smirk. “Interesting night last night?”

“Interesting and fulfilling,” he says with his chest poked out.

“I thought we were over the sneaking out, Damian” His father starts, but he doesn’t move his eyes from the screen.

“I was restless, you know I don’t like being trapped in this house. Besides I saved two women last night. If I didn’t go out they could have been dead or worse.”

“I don’t think anyone is saying that you couldn’t have gone, Damian.” Dick says trying to make sure that things don’t get heated. “You Just have to let someone know, I could have gone with you since I was here.”

Damian looks between the two before he begrudgingly let out a, “Sorry, I guess.”

Bruce grunts and Dick rolls his eyes with a smile. Damian shifts his eyes to the Bat computer and examines the items that are up on the screen.

“Twenty people?” he questions. “I haven’t heard about any missing person’s cases.”

“I know,” Bruce says hitting a few keys. “Someone is keeping the disappearances a secret.”

Bruce opens a document and two images of the CEO’s of Carlisle and Preston.

“It’s like they just sprung up overnight,” Dick comments as he crosses his arms across his chest. “Any reported instances of abuse or suspicious activity?”

“None, and neither of the two have any criminal history. I’m running a background search on the Board of Directors now.”

“All of the people were from outside of Gotham, here for two years or less, no family ties, no one who’d notice or miss them.”

“Human trafficking?” Damian proposes.

“Could be, but there is no specific type. Young and old, all genders, all ethnicities.”

“So, unlikely then,” Dick adds. “Could they have just changed jobs? Moved on from the company?”

Bruce shakes his head, “From what I know the targets were unlikely to be poached, and even if they were they wouldn’t leave without informing someone.”

“How do you know that?” Dick questions.

“A source,” Bruce states flatly.

Dick stares at Bruce thoughtfully furrowing his dark eyebrows as the man continued to type. “It’s a woman.”

Bruce doesn’t pause at the statement, but he also doesn’t respond.

“It’s the one you left Liza for, isn’t it?”

Again, no answer.

Damian blinks at his father, “If it’s the same woman, doesn’t your file on her state that she has an admitted case of paranoia?”

“You went through her file?”

“Why are you keeping a file on the woman your dating?” Dick asks as he rubs the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

“Should we really be taking the word of someone who may be making the whole thing up?” Damian questions.

“That too,” Dick adds.

“She’s not lying,” Bruce says flatly. “Aside from her word, the retention rate for the company is high. In the past five years only three people have quit.”

“So maybe there is some truth to what she said.”

Bruce opens his mouth to respond, but the vibration against his thigh catches his attention. Slipping the phone out of his pocket, his eyebrow raises at the coincidence.


“Hey, moneybags, do you have time to take me on an actual date today?”

“Right now?” Bruce questions looking at his watch which showed that it just turned noon.

“Around 1 if that’s okay?” Her voice, was a little off. “If that’s too much then it’s okay. I know we just saw each other last night.”

“Is something wrong?” Bruce questions astutely.

“Uh, no, maybe, I just need to get out of the house.”

“All right, you know this means that you’ll have to give me your address, right?”

“I know, I thought about that before I called you. I’ll text it to you.”

“All right, I’ll come as soon as I can.”

“Just don’t upstage me with your outfit, okay? Its embarrassing.”

“I’ll try my best,” he said with a chuckle. The call ended in empty silence, something Bruce was getting used too.

“I’ll be right over?” the teasing voice of his eldest son mused. Bruce looked at the boy was smirking at him with a raised eyebrow and an amused playful smirk.

“She sounded distressed,” Bruce reasoned.

“Uh huh sure, I’ll just pretend that your face didn’t light up when you saw her name of the phone.”

Bruce didn’t respond and instead pushed back from the desk, standing up to go change his outfit to something more appropriate.

“Father, make sure that you gather more information while you’re there. This isn’t just a date for frivolities sake.”

Bruce peaked over his shoulder to look at the young boy who was calling out to him. As his blue eyes met the boys green he couldn’t help but feell conflicted about the intense nature of them. The boy was so serious, so focused, and mission driven that it was hard not to feel proud of all of the things that Bruce knew he would accomplish if he kept on the right path. However, he had hoped his first biological child that he had would have been at least able to experience the childhood that he experienced when his parents were alive.

“I’ll keep an eye out.”

i have a teacher who literally pins her only two classes against each other like she’ll tally up our class averages and tell them to each class and my class’ average is lower than her other class’ and she always says “uh-oh fourth period is beating you guys” and she sounds so disappointed like it pisses me off does she realize how many students with anxiety and shit are in her class and all honors teachers always say “you guys are honors kids you can handle it” like no, fuck you, I’m not some mini adult I’m still a child who can’t handle certain situations and work loads and you using that “but your an honors kid!” excuse is gettin old because i have friends that aren’t in honors who could kick my ass intellectually and handle more than i can and it just makes me so fucking angry why do they treat us like kids and adults at the same time I’m literally a teenager and by the time I’m twenty I’m still probably gonna have an urge to raise my hand to ask to go to the bathroom what the fuck I’m so mad

A Mess of Gold : Boundaries

|Ch. 1|Ch. 2|

Summary: What was supposed to be nothing more than a learning exercise, ends up becoming far more complicated than what either Raven or Beast Boy had anticipated. With the dynamic of the team already in jeopardy, how much more damage could one little secret possibly do? BBRae, set in the DCAU, post Judas Contract.

Special shout out to @vixensheart for taking the time to help me edit this chapter after my confidence took a pretty big hit. Thanks, dear! <3 ^_^

3. boundaries

Things were quiet around the Tower for quite some time. The gang easily fell into a comfortable routine, and Beast Boy may as well have dreamed his encounter with Raven on the rooftop. The days crept along and turned into weeks, with Damian still barely around and Starfire falling into her natural groove as leader. Crime was low, and training was frequent. For all intents and purposes, the atmosphere was…normal – so normal in fact, it may as well have been boring. Not that anyone was complaining. This sort of lull came appreciated, especially after the fiasco they’d all been dealt only recently.

Losing a Titan had been hard on everyone, and although they’d each taken an immediate liking to Donna, it didn’t take her long to realize that she was no replacement.

Nonetheless, they’d all done their best to make her feel welcome – even Damian. At least, when he was around. Thankfully, his absence was no longer affecting Raven like it had before. Either that, or she’d gotten better at hiding her displeasure.

Maybe that was why Beast Boy felt like he’d been blindsided on the evening she’d decided to pay him a visit.

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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What would happen if ut, uf, us and sf Sans got into a really bad fight with their s/o and in the heat of the moment told s/o to get out and don't ever come back? And what if s/o does come back a few days later (if skeles didn't go after them so far), hoping to continue the relationship?


Sans isn’t usually one to get into fights, or to say things in the heat of the moment. So if he’s really this mad at you? It’s probably a build up of a million other tiny little things that you’ve done to bother him without knowing. This time he’s so angry with you, so upset that you would share something he told you in confidence that as soon as he finds you at home, he’s telling you to leave. It’s so much worse that he had to find out from someone else, and now he just can’t stand the sight of you. “But, Sans–” “Look, kid, I don’t want to hear it. I just want you to pack up what you think you need, and to leave. I need to calm down, and I can’t do that when you’re right there. I don’t suggest you come back, either.” You left the house in tears, and the amount of remorse he feels at that is small. It’s there, he always hated seeing you cry, but he’s still so pissed that he can’t bring himself to stop you from leaving. When you come back a few days later despite his warning with an extensive apology and a promise that you won’t mess up like that again if he’ll just please give you another chance, he relents. Sans hasn’t completely forgive you yet, but he figures he needs to talk to you anyway about everything else that built up to feeling the way he did. Depending on how that conversation goes, the relationship between the two of you begins to heal.


Red is more likely to get irrationally angry about something insignificant. That’s just his defense against most of the worry he deals with for you on a daily basis. What the fight is about this time is beyond him, the two of you had been yelling at each other long enough for Edge to have left and the topic has gone way off course at this point. His breaking point is when you tell him that you don’t need him to take care of you, and as soon as the words leave your mouth, you know you’ve fucked up. “Ya know what? Fucking fine. If yer so damn insistent that you don’t need me, then leave. And don’t come back, either. I don’t wanna see yer ugly mug in my house again.” You want to say something, and for a second you almost do, but you decide that saying anything more will only make him angrier, so you gather your most important necessities and leave like he asked. Red regrets asking you to leave the next day, but he doesn’t go looking for you. You deserve better than him, anyway. When you show up four days after the fight, asking for a second chance without looking him in the eye, Red sighs. He knows he should turn you away, keep you from settling for someone that’s so obviously beneath you, but he’s selfish and he missed you. “Yeah, c’mere sweetheart.” He pulls you into a hug and he refuses to let you go for anything less than you needing to go to the bathroom.


Blueberry hates getting mad at you. He hates it, and so instead he reels in his anger and he tries to understand your side of things before deciding how he should approach the situation. And his normal method is what he goes with when he realizes that his brother avoids you and gets an expression of anger and dislike when you’re mentioned. He decides to approach his brother first, but when there’s no answer from Honey, he goes to you instead. You make the mistake of telling Blueberry that you had gotten into a pretty ugly fight with the taller skeleton about just how disgusting you thought his habits were. Blueberry takes a deep breath to contain his anger, and asks you to elaborate. Usually when you explain, his anger dissipates and he’s able to come up with a good solution to fix things, but the more you tell him, the angrier he gets. No one said things like that to his brother, not even his datemate. It’s not in the heat of the moment, but he does ask you to leave his home. You try to protest, but he only shakes his head and points towards the door. “If that’s how you really feel about my brother, then you can leave. I refuse to be in a relationship with someone who is so insulting and offensive just because they do not like such minor things another person does.” You try to ask if you can make it up to him, but he sighs. “No. I am sorry you misunderstood me, human, but I do not wish to see you again. Please grab your things and leave.” If you come back after that, no one will answer the door.


Blackberry seems really easy to anger, but really he’s more likely to anger others. He is capable of keeping a level head during any frustrating situation and as a result, you pissing him off to this caliber is a shock to everyone who hears the two of you fighting. You tell him you think he’s too damn controlling, that you need your space sometimes because you’re running out of arguments with Blackberry logically countering everything you’re saying, and the statement hurts him so much that he snaps at you to leave and not to come back if you want your freedom so damn badly. You hadn’t wanted that reaction, but you’re still furious, so you leave. You wait a week to let him cool down, and you come back to apologize and ask for forgiveness, but when Blackberry opens the door, you are greeted with a duffel bag full of your clothes and a box of items that wouldn’t fit in the bag. You look at Blackberry in confusion and hurt, and he only stares blankly back. “I’ve realized that you are correct, I have been too restrictive of your freedoms in my attempts to protect you. So, I have decided that in order to keep you from feeling suffocated, we are to no longer be dating. Goodbye, human.” You stand at the door several moments after he closes it before taking your things and holding back your tears.

The signs at a festival

aggressively challenging anyone who accidentally bumps into you to a dance off
stealing sodas when the concession people aren’t looking and then giving them to people for $2 each
screaming the wrong lyrics to a song to piss your friends off, then getting mad when nobody will go to the bathroom with you
eyes closed, swaying to the music, and meeting new people all around you and dancing with them
holding hands with two strangers and then, in one swift motion, connecting their hands. you did it, you lil matchmaker.
chugging drinks with alcohol in them with the most determination anyone has ever seen, you’re drunk
making friends!! lots of friends!!! also finding any excuse to dance, music or not
probably something illegal. something. anything. everything. who knows.
probably high and doing some exploring of the shop tents and stuff
feeling the satisfaction of rehabilitating drunk strangers, anyone who looks like they’re messed up
only there so that their siblings/friends can enjoy the scenery and music. taking care of them and is only focused on getting home safely
laying in a field of grass with their friends, listening to the music and saying what object the clouds look like.

Hey babe! Congrats again on 600!! Could I get some possibly smutty but also fluffy Jared on this one? <3 @td122609 / @impalaimagining

“Babe, you are killing me with these interviews!” I pulled Jared behind a closed door after he finished his last interview of the day. We finally had a break and I was going to take advantage of it. I launched myself at him, his strong arms catching me and hiking my thighs up to wrap around his waist. Within seconds, I had fisted both hands in his hair, pulling his face to mine. The kiss was hot, needy, and sloppy. After the way he had been teasing me all day, I couldn’t wait another minute to have him all over me, in me.

Jared finally pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, both of us breathing heavily. “Taylor, we can’t do this here. I want you so badly, but we need to get back to our room first.”

“Then do it, take me there and make me yours. Now.” I panted in his ear, hoping he was feeling the same urgency I was.

The elevator took forever, but we finally reached our floor but I couldn’t keep my hands off him for as long as it took to walk to our room. He managed to unlock the door, but before it was even shut I was taking my clothes off. Jared just watched me, eyes wide, palming himself through his jeans. I lay back on the bed, open for him and he didn’t miss a step. In three long strides, he was on me, ravishing my pussy like it was the last thing he was ever going to taste. His tongue and fingers drove me to heights in record time, my lips screaming his name as I came for him. I wanted to return the favor.

I summoned him to stand and stripped him of his jeans and boxers. I had never been this hungry for him before. I needed all of him and I needed him now. I sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take the whole thing, but I took as much as I could until the tip hit the back of my throat. And that was all it took. I let go of him and in a mad rush, ran to the bathroom and emptied the contents of my stomach into the bowl.

Jared rushed in, held my hair and rubbed my back. When I was done, I leaned back against the tub. He wet a washcloth and ran the cool rag over my face and neck.

“Babe? Are you okay?” Jared asked me, his eyes not leaving mine.

I was mortified, but it’s now or never. “Um, yeah. I am great. I am so great.” Like I was trying to give myself a pep talk. “I just need some water.” I got up and walked out to the kitchenette, pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge. As I did that, I reached into my purse and handed him an envelope.

“What is this?” Jared just looked from the envelope to me.

“Just open it, please. I’m, ah, I am going to go brush my teeth.” I pleaded with him before returning to the bathroom.

With a mouthful of toothpaste, I stared at myself in the mirror, not believing what just happened. Well, I can, but I am still mortified. Within minutes, Jared was standing behind me, his hands on my hips. He bent down to rest his chin on my shoulder and met my eyes in the mirror. “Are you serious?” He asked me with a huge smile on his face.

I spit and cleared my mouth before speaking. “Jared, this is about as serious as it gets. This is why I have been so horny. I just didn’t know your monster cock was going to make me projectile vomit. I am so sorry.” I couldn’t meet his eyes any longer.

“Are you kidding me? I don’t care. I am the happiest guy in the world right now! We’re gonna be a family! I am going be a dad and you are going to be the best mother in the world. I love you Taylor.”

Tfw ur parents are still asleep and it’s 3:15 pm B^)

“Before I was a parent, I was the perfect one. People told me my life would change. People told me I would be tired. That parenthood would be the greatest and hardest thing I would ever do. 

Yeah yeah yeah.
I know. I know.
I knew everything. 

My family would just smile and nod at my ignorance, and I wonder now if they were scared for me.

I recently sat in a friend’s baby shower. I was surrounded by women making light hearted jokes about new parenthood, about sleep depravation, and pregnancy cravings. They exchanged recommendations for swaddle blankets and butt creams. Underneath the small talk and "oohing” and “ahhing” over tiny gifted baby clothes, sat the realness, the hardness of motherhood. I could feel that every mom in the room, behind their sleepless sunken eyes, knew what that meant; they had felt that weight, but they only had the heart to give gifts and hugs and congratulations. I sat there in silence, when all I wanted to do was talk and talk and talk about how new motherhood really can be. To let her in on all the real secrets of being a mother.

I wanted so badly to prepare my friend somehow for the wave that was about to wash over her.

I was there too, belly rounded with life, yesterday. I had the iPhone app, the “Welcome Baby” books, the nursery that I had pinned on my Pinterest. I had the trendy pacifiers, the over packed hospital bag, the pretty dresses my girl would probably never wear. We toured the hospital. I googled birth stories while rounding my hips on a yoga ball. And I learned all about how you breath a baby out of your lady parts.

I remember eating whole pineapples, and choking down giant Evening Primrose Oil pills by the handful to will my baby out of my uterus. 

I was ready.

It took what felt like seven years for her to arrive. More specifically, 41 weeks and 1 day. That extra eight days made me extra prepared. I remember sitting, ecstatic, in the hospital, after the epidural had been administered. I was too giddy to sleep. 

Oh, the time had finally come, and I was so ready.

Then in a blink, she was here. She was tiny and marveling. She was so incredibly beautiful. She was perfect.

But wait.
I am not ready.
This is so hard.
I am so tired.
Why hadn’t anyone prepared me for this?

I. Know. Nothing.

If I was sitting across from that very pregnant, very eager and naive version of myself, I would tell her this:

The love you will feel is nothing like you have felt before. It will be foreign and familiar all at once. It will fill you to the very top of your heart, nearly spilling over. The thing about this kind of love, though, is that it can feel heavy. Disproportional. You may feel like you will nearly break in half from the top-heaviness. You will not be able to tell the difference between exhaustion and depression, and that darkness will rob you from what should be the most tender months of your daughter’s new life. 

Your baby will cry, a lot. Your days will both begin and end with the saddest screams you will ever hear. Your body will respond the way that it is programmed to - with panic. You will google everything from “dissecting baby poo” to “newborn who hates life.” And you will come up short. You will always come up short.

Your baby will only sleep in ten minute increments.
In a plastic rocking chair. (Don’t buy a plastic rocking chair.)
In the bathroom.
With the bath water running. 

You will feel like you are going mad, day after day, alone in that bathroom. Between the sound of the water running and her screams, you may feel like your nerve endings will be permanently frayed. 

At the endless ER trips that you take you will be written off as “The Paranoid New Mom.” (Press on.) They will give you pamphlets on “Colic,” and that just will not cut it. For awhile, nursing will be excruciating, and your baby will fight it, hard. Contrary to the laws of nature, Anabel will not come out knowing how to siphon milk from your body. Also, panic will flood your body when your milk lets down the majority of the time. Yes, breastfeeding induced anxiety attacks are a thing, and it will happen to you. (Hormones are jerks.)

Did I mention how depleted you will feel? 

Eating, and sleeping, and showering are not a part of this season (not often anyway), and right now, in the thick of it, this season will feel never ending. While others’ newborns are napping sweetly in their stylish organic leggings via Instagram, yours is miserable. There are over 2 billion mothers in the world, yet you will feel deeply alone. Compared to everyone else, you are failing. No matter how many hands you have on deck, you will be deserted.  

This love will crush your ego. It will destroy your capability to trust yourself. The fear that creeps in the shadows of this love will paralyze you. Strangers will call your newborn “mean.” Loved ones will say you are giving your baby too much attention. (Neither of those things exist.) You will feel guilty for not measuring up. You will feel guilty for feeling guilty. You will feel guilty for feeling guilty for feeling guilty. You will cry over absurd things, like not being pregnant anymore. And over massive things, like the way your body has transformed because of pregnancy. You may never feel like you will get the hang of carrying this love.

But what if I told you that one day your daughter would smile? That she would even laugh? And so will you. Her intestines will eventually develop and digest food, and she will not scream excessively anymore. You will find answers to everything you questioned. I would even tell you that your doctor will admit that you were right all along. Saying, “you guys owe me an ‘I told you so’ on that one.” That will feel pretty great. 

I would also tell you that it gets better. Oh, how it does. She will learn how to sleep and nurse. And I would even tell you she gets really great at both.  I would tell you to find the hope in your daughter’s eyes. As they lighten, so will that weight. 

Though you may never have parenthood all figured out, there will be a day when you will find a way to wrap that love around yourself, instead of being buried in it. 

And though it is hard to believe, one day you will have a vivacious, smart, and unbelievably happy little girl. A girl that absolutely adores the world. And you will have clean hair, and time to make breakfast for yourself in the morning. 

You will.

Hold on to that truth. There will be a day that you will marvel over the fact that the girl in front of you is the same baby that was so unhappy before.

You will be better. You will grow. You will adjust, and settle, and adjust again. That is what motherhood is, I think. Finding ways through the good heartbreak to fit more love inside of you. There will always be something that stretches your capacity for more. You will learn how to balance the goodness with the heaviness. 

And, I beg you, embrace that things will always feel unfinished. Let unfinished be okay. Let unfinished be enough.

It is enough.
It is enough.
It is enough.

And forget what you see on Instagram,
You are one hell of a mother. 

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Hi Hal! Fic request: Nico flirts with will. (It's always Will flirting with Nico. I want the other way around) Please and thank you!

Nico flirts all the time. 

Will just doesn’t get his smooth moves. 

What a fucking idiot. 

The stammering should have been the first clue. Or maybe it was the fact that Nico let Will talk to him however he damn well pleased. Not many people on God’s green earth could get away with that. Not that many try. 

“I’m not sure how I can make it anymore obvious.” Nico said to Jason as they stood outside of the dinning pavilion sweeping the white granite stone. Jason shrugged as he picked up a discarded juice box from one of the younger campers. 

“No offense Nico, but you’re from 1930′s. You’re version of flirting is just about as innocent as opening the door for somebody. And don’t forget that Will is a guy. Most men aren’t as in tune with being flirted with as girls are.” Jason reasoned awkwardly. Nico scowled. He hated being reminded that he wasn’t from this time period. As if the outdated lingo and ignorance on any kind of technology didn’t scream “I don’t belong” loud enough. 

“So what? I should make it more obvious? Maybe I should just drag him by thee ankles into my cabin.” Nico set the push broom down. 

“Yeah, man. I mean, not the whole ‘surprise sex’ thing, but make it more obvious. What did they do back then? Court? Try and like, court him.” Jason scratched his head trying to get the words out. Nico had never courted anybody before but he has seen older couples go on dates through the streets of Venice when he was a child. Always hand in hand. The girl would have a bundle of flowers tucked into her arm and the man would go out of his way to show his potential to be a good mate. 

Very cut and dry. Nico could certainly do this. And when he proved his value as a partner, Will will understand his intentions. Nico grabbed his sword and shouted a farewell to Jason. He had to visit the Demeter cabin. 

“Will.” Kayla said from behind curtain five. Will was wrapping bandages for later use during his off time. He liked to be prepared. Will looked up, giving his sister his undivided attention. 

“Somebody is here for you.” Kayla stepped aside and ushered Nico into Will’s office. If you wanted to call a desk by the supply closet an office. Nico had something behind his back and a look of determination on his face. Will flashed a smile at Kayla and she gave him a knowing wink. She knew her brother had his sites set on Nico di Angelo. However, given everything that has happened in the past few months, he was taking it slow. Very slow. Best not to pressure Nico into anything. 

“What’s up, man?” Will asked leaning back in his chair. Nico flinched at the ‘buddy, buddy’ nickname but held fast. Like a true warrior. Take that dad. Nico stuttered out a small answer before shoving a bouquet of tiny sunflowers and Nightshade into Will’s surprised grasp. 

“Nightshade and Sunflowers.” Nico said looking at the ground with interest. Before Will could answer Nico turned on his heels and marched out of the infirmary. Will was pleasantly confused. 

It kept happening. Will was a bit happy at first but now he was confused. Nico would stomp away from him after each kind deed. It wasn’t that Will’s feelings were hurt or anything. He was just confused. 

The other day, he pulled Will’s chair out for him and than stalked off to his own table. 

Than he opened the door for Will when he was walking up to the Big House to deliver the weakly report. But after Will was ushered inside, Nico let the door close and walked away. Not even entering through the door he insisted upon opening. 

Nico also have Will his dark chocolate cupcake at dinner the other night and as Will ate it, Nico starred at it with longing. If he wanted the cupcake why did he give it to him? 

And every day the past week, the Demeter cabin would bring a single rose to him in the infirmary. Addressed to Will from his secret admirer. 

“Nico has been acting strange. Always doing nice things, but running away afterward.” Will mussed to Kayla during a late shift. Will stretched out bandages and Kayla cut them with a large pair of sheers. 

“He’s getting more comfortable around you that’s for sure. Maybe you can ask him on an ‘official’ date now.” Kayla placed the sheers back in the medical tools box and began putting their prepped bandages in the supply closet. 

“You think? When should I do it?” Will asked as he began taking off his surgeon shirt and putting on his jacket. 

“As soon as possible. Why wait? You’ve been waiting for weeks!”  Will couldn’t argue there. Than it was decided. Tomorrow night, at the camp fire, he would ask out Nico di Angelo. 

Nico stood. Mouth agape. Will Solace stood in front of him, and the camp surrounded them while watching the scene unfold in silence. The only sound was the crackle of the fire and a few stray whispers. 

He couldn’t believe this. Will’s words echoed in his head. 

“Go on a date with me?” 

Finally, Nico’s shock turned promptly into anger.

“Oh no.” Nico said angrily and Will looked taken back by his sudden tone. “I worked for two weeks to court you. I get to be the one to ask you out. Not the other way around. I worked for this!” Will blinked. And suddenly, it all made sense. The sweets. The flowers. The odd behavior. 

Will threw his head back and laughed. Nico still looked a bit angry, but a smile tugged at his lips. 

“Okay darlin’.” Will said loudly. “Go ahead and ask me.” Will waited with a goofy smile on his face and Nico’s face turned bright red in an instant. His eyes shifted around to all the camper’s eyes watching them and strangled squeaks were the only sounds that left his mouth. 

“I’ll uh-I’ll do it when I’m good and ready!” Nico protested with embarrassment masked as anger. “Not when you tell me to.” Nico folded his arms across his small body and stalked off toward his cabin for the night. 

Will watched him with a goofy smile. Not even mad. 

Got up to go to the bathroom after this and saw my own reflection in the mirror by my desk. 

Scared the shit out of me. 


One time in middle school my teacher said she would tell us a story but only if I agreed that my mother, who was also a teacher at that school, would be laid off first if there were budget cuts. And she had all the kids in the class gang up on my so I would say my mom would be fired first. But I never did and I ended up going to the bathroom and crying because everyone was mad at me since the teacher didn’t tell the story.