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Video Game Review: DLC Quest

“What happens when DLC practices go too far? An indie developer makes a game that mocks the industry and its foibles, that’s what! Defeat the bad guy, save the world and get the girl! But first you’ll need to find coins to buy DLC to enable animation, sound and even pausing.

Thankfully this is just satire and all the DLC is purchased with in-game coins. But consider it a cautionary tale for the future…”

I literally just discovered this game this morning while browsing through the Canada Day sale on Steam. But, I can safely say that I would have bought it for the full price had I found it earlier.

This game is a HUGE satire. When I read the description, I knew I would be buying it. I am a gigantic fan of satire, especially when it is done as well as it is in DLC Quest. 

How many games have I played that have pointless fillers…….

In order to do anything, you must first collect coins to buy DLC. Even basic operations like moving left, pausing, and even jumping are all purchased with DLC. While it is all bought using in game coins, the scary thing is that this could be where the video game industry is headed. 


They even added pointless stuff that could actually be considered “real” DLC in other games.

The DLC gimmick is actually not the only thing about video games they satire.

In short, Going Loud Studios has created a hilarious game that I am pretty sure has more secrets to it still.

Yeah, you tell em player….

Final Score: 10/10