going insane i swear

My ex told me he found out on twitter that Big Brother players make $8,000 just for making jury and now he wants to audition for next summer and since he knows nothing else about the show other than that, he will get casted.

My current partner is a superfan who is also auditioning for next summer and since he is an eye doctor and CBS STAYS ON THESE CHEESY liners like “~The eye doctor got hit with a blindside he didn’t see coming~” and thrives off casting doctors for some weird reason he will also get casted.

And I’m going to be here, watching these two living in a house together. 

A Little Stressed Out Kitten (Chris Evans x Reader}

Someone requested a Chris Evans x Reader who has anxiety so I am only going to do something subtle but hey, still kinda what you wanted I guess.

Warning: large age difference between Chris and reader. Like 16 years, cause Reader is in college at the moment and he is current age I guess.

Senior year of college is supposed to be a breeze. As if senior year of high school wasn’t a joke, who would have expected you would be here, drowning in your end of year research paper along with every other assignment the professors had thrown at you just before the last month of school. You let out a shaky sigh as you looked over your bed in front of you. Your laptop sat open, the screen dull as soft fireworks went off, your assigned screensaver giving you more of a headache than anything at this point. Stacks of papers and notebooks were littered around the cover, your bag and more textbooks on the floor beside your bed. Grabbing your calendar you began to try and organize, prioritize how you would be spending your weekend. Though your boyfriend had been planning to come to town for the next few days, work obligations had cancelled that, and honestly you weren’t too disappointed after looking over the work you had to do. Chris could come next weekend, this work had to be turned in within the next week, it was pretty obvious which one was priority.

“Who knew a teaching degree would give me such stress,” you sighed, scribbling down another assignment you had due on Tuesday. When you were done with the list you started to move into piles, figuring out what to work on next and how to keep all the papers in order. Just as you were finishing Friday’s stack which had to be split into two after attempting to fall into Thursday, you heard your phone go off behind you. Making sure everything was steady, you turned and grabbed the ringing device off your bedside table and answered without checking the caller id.

“Hello?” you asked, leaning over to pick up a textbook from the floor and a pack of sticky notes from your bag.

“Hey sis, how are you doing this lovely evening?’ you held back a groan as our brother’s voice filled your ear.

“Fine, a bit busy though. Do you need something right now because it would be better for me if I could just call you back later? Lots of-”

“Well actually I was just going to check and see if next weekend you wanted to come back home for the weekend. We’ve been missing you and everyone will be here for Mom’s birthday. Kara just needs to know if we should save you a seat.” For the next few moments a silence filled the room.

“Um, I’m not sure. Chris was going to reschedule to come down next weekend and -”

“Well he could come. You know we won’t like freak him out or anything and I’m sure everyone would love to meet him.”

“Listen, I just, I don’t know if-”

“It’s okay sis, just think about it okay. Ask Chris. Let me know before next Friday if you could. We would love to have you up here.”

“Okay, well I have to go so.”

“Okay sis. Talk to you later.”

“Bye big bro.”

“Bye.” With a heavy sigh you hung up the call, throwing your phone back behind you as you brought your hands up to cup your face. You knew it was soon, but God, it would always sneak up on you. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of your heart beat to hold back any potential tears that began to well up in your eyes.

Just as you were getting a hold of yourself, you heard a knock at the door.

Another sigh, God you are way too young to sigh this much you thought. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed you ran a hand through your hair before making your way to the door. With no peephole you were left to just open the door, expecting for perhaps the girl from your Education class who lived on the hall to be looking for notes or something, she rarely missed class but when she did she got very upset and refused to rest until she had her notes compensated. What you certainly did not expect was a scruffy, baseball cap wearing Bostonian to be standing outside of your door, his head down with a small bouquet of yellow flowers in his hand.

“Chris?” you questioned, the opening of the door causing his head to lift up so you could see his features more plainly.

“Hi baby,” he smiled, holding out the flowers. You couldn’t help the small grin as you took them, taking a step back so Chris could follow you into the room, closing the door behind himself.

“Thank you, but what are you doing here?” you asked, setting the flowers on the bookcase beside the door. Turning back to Chris as he came closer to you, pulling off his hat to reveal a messy head of hair.

“Well, a friend heard of how our plans had gotten cancelled and helped with getting me out of a couple things so I could come see you,” he smiled, that puppy dog smile as he reached out to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You didn’t have to do that Chris, I could have waited another week and I mean I have a ton of work to do and-“ you were cut off by a warm pair of lips as Chris leaned down to shut you up. Though you were frankly a bit annoyed, you couldn’t help but his him back, that horribly cute way he would smile against you causing you to giggle. “Seriously, I am in overload with all the crap I have to do for next week.”

“Come on, you can spare me a few hours, I have to head to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon, can you at least give me that much?” he asked, running his hands up and down your back as your own arms wrapped around his neck. You took in a deep breath, looking to your side at the stacks of papers before looking back at Chris with his beautiful puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine, I’ll put some of it off, but only because I know you are taking me to the Spider-Man premiere,” you compromised, causing Chris to let out hoot before grabbing your hips and lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist. As he turned he laughed at the stacks of paper before looking back at you.

“Your roommate gonna be around?” he asked, nodding to the bed on the other side of the room.

“Nah, she’s in France for the semester, study abroad. Hasn’t been here since January but you never remember that,” you smiled before he tossed you onto said roommate’s bed.

“Don’t tease if you don’t wanna be teased baby,” he smirked, lowering himself over you as he kicked off his shoes onto the floor.

“Maybe I want to be teased…Captain,” you grinned, watching as Chris’ smirk faltered for a moment before his hands shot out to grab your own, pinning them above your head.

“Oh baby girl, you’re just asking for it.”

——————————- Later that night

As Chris snoozed on the bed across your room you frantically typed on your computer, then turning to use the light to fill out another part of the worksheet you had been given in Math. Of course your professor would bump up due dates. You had desperately wanted to just snuggle into Chris’ side, inhale his scent you were scared off forgetting when he would leave for such long times, but with even more work piling onto Monday’s pile, there was no way you would be able to get it done in a day and a half even if you worked the entire time. You jumped as your phone went off again, another text from your brother.

Alex the Best Big Brother EVER: Please think about it Y/N. I know you had to miss last year, but we all miss you like crazy. I know Mom would want you to be here

You held back a sob as you saw the attached picture. It was a Facebook screenshot, one of Mom’s old posts back from a few years ago. Her standing over your shoulder, her arms around your shoulders as you held your high school diploma in your hands. It looked so different now. Now you could see the sunken way her eyes had changed the months before the picture. How her arms and her face were getting thinner and thinner. She had trouble walking around that day, said it was just dehydration and they all laughed at how stupid the school had been to do a graduation ceremony outside. If only we had known.
Letting out a choked sob you threw the phone down, that picture was too much, too soon. You looked between the phone, the work in front of you and Chris sprawled out over the bed. Suddenly the walls felt like they were getting closer, you couldn’t hear the ticking of our clock, just a pulsing behind your ears and you pulled your knees to your chest. Tears running down your face you felt yourself shake. Too much, too soon, too much, too soon, too much, too much, God it’s too much. Then he was there, his arms warm as they wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you against his chest, so soft and warm and smelling like home. He held you as you shook, whispering unintelligible sentences into your ear as his hands stroke up and down your arms.

By the time you stopped shaking, your computer had gone blank. Chris had stopped talking but he was still there, holding on, breathing in sync with you, his body enveloping your own. You swallowed thickly as you reached up to wrap your hands around Chris’ forearm which was set across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” you croaked, your throat dry as tears finally began to stop streaming down our cheeks.

“Are you okay baby? What happened?” Chris asked, staring at you with such concern you almost busted out into tears once again.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, snuggling against his chest as you cried.

“It’s okay baby, why are you apologizing? What is it huh? What’s wrong?” Chris asked, looking down at you as you finally looked up at him, the tear streaks running across your cheeks making you look so much more vulnerable.

“I just, my professor’s gave us a ton of work for the weekend and I want to spend time with you because I haven’t seen you or been able to touch you in almost two weeks and I swear I think I’m going to go insane when you’re not here and then Alex keeps texting me and calling about next weekend and he send me this picture, this fucking picture of me and mom and I just couldn’t I just, I just can’t go up there and see all of them but I have to because God it’s Mom. And then they want you to come as well and it just. God it’s too much,” you sobbed, wrapping your arms around Chris’s chest as you clung to him as though a hurricane was threatening to rip through the room and Chris was the only anchor you had.

“Just breathe, okay just breathe for me baby girl. Breathe and then we can talk okay. I got you baby girl, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”

Doppelgänger- Ch 1

Genre: Doppelgänger AU, smut, angst, fantasy, fluff.

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 5k

Summary: Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

The steady beeping of hospital equipment was the first thing you heard when you woke from what felt like the first proper rest you had in two whole years.

Your sense of perception was still hazy and vague when feeble limbs pushed you up to lean against the headboard of the bed, the thin sheet covering you slipping into your lap as wary eyes scanned the dimly lit surroundings, your mind trying to piece together why you just awoken in a hospital room.

You inspected yourself, looking for any telling signs of cut’s or broken limbs but when you came up short you were left even more stumped than before.

“Oh, you’re finally awake.”

It was a familiar voice, one you’d heard countless times and shared many memories with throughout your life yet it sounded so foreign since last time you heard it was over a year ago before you abandoned it without reason.

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 I still say he should get more trash cans.                                                   

It Hurts Prolouge (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Tumblr story. It’s weird for me to write in second person. So if it is in fact choppy, I do apologize. Thought I’d start it off with a Bucky x Reader! Hope you enjoy!

Summary: It’s been years since you’ve had social interaction or people who love and care for you. But you didn’t mind. The only thing on your mind was controlling the powers you never even wanted. That is until the Avengers come to you, needing your help. But only then do you realize how much you actually needed them.

Powers: Aquakinesis (Also known as Hydrokinesis) and Cryokinesis (Also known as Glaceokinesis). Essentially you control water and ice. I just wanted to sound sciency.

Warnings: Swearing

Note: This part mentions Bucky, but you will not see him until the next part. Okay? We cool? Awesome.

You wandered the busy streets of New York, a solemn look on your features. Music blared in your ears as you walked quickly wanting nothing more than to be back in the safety of your apartment.

Sure, there was a sleek black Desert Eagle tucked into the waist band of your black skinny jeans and you had a dagger tucked into your black combat boots.

Not to mention that you were essentially Elsa with the added ability to control water.

But that’s what scared you.

Being different.

Not being apart of the norm.

For all you knew, if anyone that didn’t already know about your powers, you’d be locked up and looked at like a science experiment.

Your apartment complex came into view and you visibly relaxed.

Stepping in, you pulled your earbuds out and smiled at the receptionist, Holly. Within the past few years of living in this apartment building, you and Holly had become good friends.

You don’t know how it happened, but it just did. She was the one person you trusted in this world.

“Hey Hol. How’re you doing?” You asked.

“I’m doing good (Y/n). Days been slow, as usual. And my bestfriend hasn’t exactly been around today so I could bother her.” She said, brushing a strand of auburn hair from her eyes.

You rolled your eyes, “Sorry, had to get some groceries.” you said, gesturing to the three plastic bags in your hand, filled with frozen pizza, milk and a few other items.

“Yeah, I can see that. But if you’d get a car or at least a bike, you wouldn’t have to walk for groceries.” Holly said.

“Well, if you’ve got the money to get me one, then sure.” You replied sarcastically, walking towards the elevator.

She chuckled. “Well anyway, there were a couple people who stopped by earlier and asked for you. I told them you were out at the moment.” Holly informed you.

First, your brows furrowed in confusion, then your eyes went wide. “T-they did?” Your voice was shakey and it was obvious her statement had rattled you. “Do you know who they were?” You asked.

“Um.. Not really. One guy had a metal arm though. It was pretty easy to remember.” Holly turned to clip a sheet of paper together, “He had a long sleeve on, like he was trying to hide it. I told him it looked pretty cool. Then he got all flustered. It was kind of-”

Turning back around she noticed that you were no longer in the lobby. “Well then. That was just rude.” She muttered, frowning.

You were originally going to take the elevator, but upon hearing this news, it was best to take the stairs.

Practically running, you reached your door walking up to it a little slower. You placed your bags on the ground, glancing around to see if anyone else was currently in the hallway at this moment. You put your ear up to the door, hearing hushed voices behind the painted wood.

Without making a sound, you pulled out your gun and flicked the saftey off. Inserting the key, you turned it to unlock the door. Gun held high. You held your breath and twisted the knob, slowly pushing the door open.

Grabbing the bags with one hand, you entered. Glancing around the living room it was just as you had left it.

You placed the bag on the coffee table a dragged a hand over your face.

“I swear to fucking god, I’m going insane.”

“No I don’t think you are.”

Jumping you turned towards the noise.

The infamous Tony Stark and Steve Rogers stood at the entrance to your kitchen.

“What the actual fuck is going on right now?” You ask to no one in particular.

Tony opened his mouth to speak but Steve cut him off. “Ms. (L/n), I do apologize for the two of us entering your residence without your permission, but we need your help.”

Your help? But wouldn’t that mean… “You guys know about me.” Panic rose in your chest. You kept to yourself, spoke to almost no one, and never even used your powers outside of your apartment.


Tony smiled, “An old friend with the ability to read minds and a machine that helps find people like you.”

You blinked incrediously not sure whether or not his statement was in fact a joke or true.

“As rediculous it sounds, Tony is telling the truth.” Steve said, his blue eyes filled with sincerity.

“O..Okay.” Biting your lower lip, “Why could you possibly need my help?” You knew you shouldn’t have believed them so quickly, but they were Captain Fucking America and Iron Man. People who have literally saved the planet more than once.

“Unfortunately we can’t discuss that with you here. We have no idea who is listening. So we need you to come with us back to our base. If you’d like you may pack a bag and take it with you.” Tony said being a bit more blunt than he should have in this situation.

“And if I say no?”

“You’d be putting more than a few peoples lives in danger. It’s imperative that you come with us.”

“Well then,” Drawing a shaky breathe. “What choice do I have?”

“Little” Red Riding Hood and the (not so) Big Bad Wolf part 1

On the run from your past, you find yourself in a little town on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. On the other side, your freedom awaits–but getting there might be more complicated than it seems. Between bandits, thieves, warlocks, werewolves and angry swordsmen, you might just die trying.

Reader x Yoongi x Jimin (but not in a poly way, in a love triangle way if that makes sense)

To be somewhere that no one knew you name, face, or what you had done, with no “WANTED” posters with unflattering pictures scrawled on them with unrealistic rewards was refreshing for a change–even if it was just a matter of time before it all caught up with you. 

You could walk around freely in the daytime, something you hadn’t been able to do for months. You were still a little more than paranoid, but you couldn’t afford to look suspicious–not when you were so close to escaping for good. All you needed now was a way through the Forest.

It wasn’t impossible, you knew that much. Just… Improbable. At least, if you went alone. But with a guide? Someone who knew the Forest could make their way through, undead and fairies or not.  

All you had to do now was find someone who could (and would) help you. But first, you decided to stop in a little bakery that the most heavenly smells were wafting out of. There was a group of young girls outside the window, looking in, giggling and blushing, and then looking in again. 

“I think he’s a prince, left here for safe keeping until the time is right.” One girl said dreamily. 

“Or maybe he’s here to find a bride?” Another giggled.

“I’d marry him even if he isn’t a prince.” This girl was actually drooling a bit, and you silently judged her from afar as you made your way to the entrance of the small building. “He can just be a handsome, broke baker, and I’d still marry him in an instant.” 

“Who?” You asked, not sure if you wanted an answer. But curiosity got the better of you, and you were speaking before you knew what you were doing. 

“Seokjin.” The three girls all sighed in unison. 

“He’s beautiful.” The first said helpfully. 

“But can you imagine? Being sister in law to…” The second girls voice trailed off as she saw something over your shoulder. 

Beatrice.” A male voice said from behind you, and you turned to see a young man about your height wearing a bright red cloak glaring at the second girl. 

“Jimin.” She replied curtly. You looked between them, the two of them obviously had some history together. 

“You’re looking particularly annoying today.” Jimin sniffed. 

“It isn’t possible to look annoying, you imbecile.” Beatrice shot back. 

Jimin narrowed his eyes at the girl. “I don’t know, seeing your face always puts me in a bad mood.” Jimin turned to you. “You’re new here. I’m going to do you a favor and tell you not to talk to Beatrice. She uses fancy words in a desperate attempt to sound smart, and her waist is not that small, she wears a corset.” Jimin thumbed his nose at the girl before walking into the bakery.

“How rude of him to absquatulate like that.” Beatrice huffed. You weren’t entirely sure what that word meant, but you didn’t particularly want to ask. 

“Uh, right. That.” You agreed. “I’m just… Going to go…” You followed Jimin into the bakery, away from the strange girls outside. The smells of bread and fresh food overwhelmed your senses, and you took a deep appreciative breath. 

“Hello! What can I get for you today?” The man behind the counter was indeed stunning, and greeted you with a bright smile. His hands were covered in flour, and there was a streek of it across his face, yet somehow it looked good on him. Jimin was sitting on the counter to one side, happily munching on a muffin. You couldn’t remember the last time you had fresh food, and you looked around at it all in wonder. 

“I don’t know…” You said distractedly. “What can I buy with five gold pieces?”

“You have how much?!” Jimin said, his mouth still full of food.

“Leave the customer alone, Jimin.” The man behind the counter warned. 

“I’m not bothering her, Seokjin. We’re friends, right?” He aimed the last remark to you, and you raised your eyebrows. 

“Are we?” You asked, and Jimin hopped off the counter and made his way over to you. 

“Of course we are.” He smiled at you, mischief in his eyes. 

“I apologize for my brother.” Seokjin said, dusting his hands off on his apron. “He’s just a bit…” He glanced at Jimin, seeing that he was eating another muffin. “Quit eating the merchandise!” He snapped. “I swear he’s going to drive me insane.” He muttered, and the air felt colder suddenly. There must be a draft you decided, though it wasn’t particularly cold outside either. 

“Calm down.” Jimin waved a hand dismissively at his brother. “It’s just a muffin and we’re not making a very good impression by bickering like this.” 

“Jimin, go in the back and check that the bread isn’t burning.” Seokjin said. When Jimin whined and didn’t move, you could have sworn it got even colder. “Now, Jimin, or–”

“I know, I know.” Jimin grumbled, taking his time walking around the counter. “Or you’ll turn me into a raccoon. Again.” 

“Raccoon?” You looked between the two confused. 

“Figure of speech.” Seokjin smiled. You had never heard it, but you were a long way from where you grew up–maybe he was telling the truth. “Now what can I get you?” 

You didn’t bother leaving the bakery to eat, too hungry and impatient. There was a small table to one corner where you sat, and Seokjin watched you curiously.  “How long do you plan to stay in town?” He asked. He had cleaned the flour from his face, and several other customers had come and gone while you were there.

“Not long, just until I find what I need.” 

“Do you have a place to stay?” He asked, leaning against the counter. You could still see the group of girls through the window, and you wondered if they always had so little else to do.

“Not as yet, but I’ll find somewhere.” You said around a mouth full of food.

“There’s a spare room upstairs, Jimin and I rent it to people passing through. It’s currently empty if you’d like to use it.” You eyed Seokjin for a moment, assessing him. Not only was he handsome, he was kind and polite as well. Something was definitely off about him, there had to be. No one was that perfect. 

“What is it that you’re looking for?” Jimin asked, emerging from the back where Seokjin had banished him. “Maybe I can help?” 

“Probably not, Jimin.” Seokjin sighed. 

“I’m looking for a guide to get me through the Forest.” You said to Jimin. “Do you know anyone?” 

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Jimin grinned at you. “Park Jimin, at your service–for the right price, of course.” 

A/N This is ridiculous but I’m not even sorry. Can you guess who the big bad wolf is? –Boo

One Day at the Nordic's House
  • Iceland: *stretching in front of stairs*
  • Finland: Whatcha doing?
  • Iceland: Stretching
  • Finland: I can see that. Okay, why are you stretching?
  • Iceland: You gotta stretch before you exercise.
  • Finland: Okay then, what kinda exercise?
  • Iceland: Watch.
  • Iceland: *walks up the stairs*
  • Finland:
  • Iceland:
  • Finland:
  • Iceland:
  • Finland: ...
  • Iceland: See? Exercise.

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god yep sometimes words just aren't enough, that's why i've taken to spamming hearts lmao :') anyway uhhhh prompts!? ...... enjolras getting a recurring kind anon on his ridiculously hard-to-find venting blog (bc Of Course he has a venting blog, but none if his irl friends know about it) but the anon is like weirdly specific so he knows it's someone from irl and so he embarks on his own secret adventure trying to find out who it is, while not letting anyone else know about it??

oh this sounds fun! let’s begin shall we? I haven’t been to a vent blog before so this is just my idea of what it’s like. also this got really long so i will be dividing it up into multiple parts as i work, mainly because it’s late here and i’m tired from crying

Enjolras sighed, taking his computer out. It had been a long day at the Musain. It seemed that summer break meant that all his friends had gone completely insane. Even Combeferre seemed to be a bit more reckless than his normal professional self. 

That’s what Enjolras liked about the internet. It was a place that you could be rash and impractical while still keeping up you personal life as balanced as possible. Enjolras didn’t like being hasty, even on the internet. He personally didn’t believe in being reckless or wild, he preferred to be practical and collected. His speeches, though seeming passionate and full of emotion, had gone through stages of editing before they were brought out into the world.

That was how he started a vent blog on Tumblr. He had started the blog to create a conversation about issues, but the internet was not one for a rational debate. He turned his blog into a vent blog when an anon started ranting about a current political issue. Enjolras relished in learning the other side of the story, not just the view he had. At first, it was mainly political anons, but then some would come talking about their personal lives.

Day in and day out, Enjolras would listen to people’s problems. It wasn’t what anyone expected of him, no sir, but there was something comforting about it. Enjolras would look at the anons and see that even people who seem to have their life together could be at a place of despair. 

It was this fateful day when someone came to Enjoras that seemed awfully familiar. He opened his inbox and read through the messages. There weren’t many, Enjolras never expected more than three a day, but there was one that caught his eye and he knew he would have to post it first. 

oh my god this guy that i see almost everyday is both infuriating and wonderful. he’s very passionate but it seems like he doesn’t have any emotions. like, the only thing that matters is his end goal and not anyone who is helping him. like god, let us have some fun for once. don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing and i do love him, but sometimes i just want him to shut up. i know ways i can get him to shut up too ;)

Enjolras frowned, reading the ask. It just sounded so… relatable? He felt like he understood the person that this anon was talking about. Enjolras sighed and posted the ask. He read the others, posting them in turn and closed his computer, thoughts racing.

The next day played out in a similar fashion. Enjolras payed extra attention in the meeting, looking for any wandering eyes. He also tried to be more empathetic to his friends. Part of Enjolras scolded himself for letting an anonymous user, that he didn’t even know for certain was one of his friends, get to him. The other part hoped for a reaction. 

He couldn’t stop thinking of the mix of anger and lust tied to the words. The user seemed to be spiteful and enraptured at the same time. Enjolras sighed slightly, unsure how two clashing emotions could be contained in one person’s mind. 

As soon as he got home, Enjolras opened his computer. There were only two messages today, and one was from the user from the day before. Enjolras leaned forward, even though he knew it wouldn’t help his vision, preparing himself to read the comment. 

(anon from yesterday about the passionate guy) i don’t know what was going on today, he seemed off. i can’t place my finger on it and it’s driving me crazy. i had to spend the entire meeting restraining myself from going up and asking him what the fuck was happening. i swear, he’s making me go insane. one day he’s all stoic and the next he’s trying to be some sweet guy. what the fuck

Enjolras stood stalk still, trying to take in all the information. So it was someone he knew. Enjolras posted the two messages, and closed his computer once more and took out some paper. He wrote down all his friend’s names, leaving some space in between each name. He knew he couldn’t contact this anon personally, so he would have to take matters into his own hands. 

The next part will be posted tomorrow! stay tuned and thank you so much

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if you dare draw william going insane and turning into wilford i swear ed you will catch these hands




 "It wasn’t even weird. In my opinion I thought it was fucking hot, like the way you moaned when I wrapped my hand around your throat almost made me come,“ Calum confesses and I feel my cheeks heat up and I shake my head.

Originally posted by justinscalum

Words: 2000+

Rating: R

Request: No

"So Y/N, how is the relationship?” Emily ask me. I knot my eyebrows in confusion while taking a sip from the delicious wine that Emily brought when she came to visit me. “What do you mean, ‘how is the relationship going?’. Calum and I have been dating for a year, of course it’s going great.”

“Ugh, Y/N you know what I mean. How is the sex, you never told me.” Emily huffs out and I roll my eyes at her.

“Yeah, I know.” I state, before finishing the last of my wine and pouring some more into my glass, sculptured like seductive curvy woman.

“So you knew, that I never knew, and you still didn’t tell me?” Emily says in shock and I giggle at that before nodding my head.

“That is absolutely rude,” Emily huffs out, her bottom lip popping out like a little child that didn’t get the candy that they begged for.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you?” I say in a sad tone, Emily lips begin to perk up in a smile and excitement is beaming in her bright sapphire eyes. I let out a laugh before taking a heavy sip from my wine glass, the alcohol soothing me into relaxation

“You can make it up to me by telling me about your sex life,” Emily beams and I let out a laugh before running my hands through my hair and moving my vision to the gradient black and white counter top that I always fall in love with it when ever I look at it.

“It’s great. Sex with Calum is always great and exhilarating,” I say, shifting my gaze away from the swirling pattern of black and white and to Emily’s cobalt orbs.

“Did you tell Calum about your kink?” Emily ask, her eyebrows moving up and down and my head shaking from side-to-side. When I had a boyfriend, Emily would always assume that I’ve told them about my kink, and since my relationships didn’t even last that long, I found no reason not to. And then I met Calum, and when I found out that he was in a band, I thought that we wouldn’t last that long but surprisingly we did, for a year. And for a year, I still didn’t tell Calum about my kink.

“How come? You know you have to. Is your sex life even that great if your kink isn’t involve.” Emily states while pointing the curvy wine glass in my direction. “My sex life is perfectly fine even if my kink isn’t involve.”

“Oh come one Y/N, total bullshit, you know that you want his hands wrapped around your neck every time he sticks his dick into you!” Emily almost shouts, I quickly feel my cheeks heat up as I make my way over to Emily and slap my hands down onto her mouth.

“Are you fucking kidding me Emily, can you please not shout out my kink, God forbid Calum is listening,” I say and release my hands from Emily’s mouth and she shakes her head before giving me a devious glare.

“I hope to God he is,” Emily says before taking a sip of her wine and I let out a long and heavy sigh before looking at the counter top once again.

“How the hell do I possibly tell Calum that I want him to choke me while having sex with me. I just can’t, he would find it so weird. I just can’t.” I state and Emily lets out a long heavy sigh of annoyance before rubbing my back.

“Haven’t you told any of your ex-boyfriend’s before?” Emily ask and I quickly shake my head. “No I haven’t, the relationship never lasted that long for me to tell them about my kink. And now I’ve been in a relationship with Calum for a year and I still don’t have the courage to tell him.”

“You know what you should do Y/N. Sit Calum down and ask him about his kink’s and then say your own and then you guys try out your kinks together, and there your sex life is perfect because of, Emily Marie Smith.” Emily states and I shake my head quickly. “Calum already told me his kinks and we already did them,”

“Shit,” Emily says with a sad tone.

“You’re telling me Emily Marie Smith is out of ideas?” I ask and Emily lets out a slight laugh before saying yes.

“Listen Y/N, I have to go home and watch the newest American Horror Story episode, but I will text you if I have any ideas to help you with your situation.” Emily says and I nod my head before walking Emily to the front door and watching her leave. As soon as I see her Honda pull out of the drive way, I begin to make my way back into the kitchen and picking up the dinner dishes and the wine glasses, setting them into the sink.

“Have I told you that I love your ass?” I hear Calum’s voice say from behind me before I feel his hands begin to rub my ass cheeks through my tights. “At least a billon times,”

“Well, guess what? I love your ass,” Calum breathes against my neck before I feel Calum grasp my ass cheeks in his hands. I giggle before drying my hands off and turning around in Calum’s grip. “Well sometimes Calum, You need to take your hands off my ass, especially when we are around my parents,”

“But your ass looks lonely without my hands not on it,” Calum huffs out and I giggle before I feel Calum gasp my ass in his palm one more time before bringing his lips to mine. Our tongues swirling and dancing onto one another, and God does it feel good.

“Calum, I need you right now,” I moan into his mouth when I feel one of his hands grasp my heat into his hand, my back immediately bucking off the counter top and into Calum’s broad chest. I feel Calum smirk against my lips before he breaks the kiss and lefts me up and off the ground, making his way to our bedroom.

Gently placing me on our bed, Calum dives right in to what he was doing previously. His hands are roaming up and down my body, cupping any part that can give me any type of sensation, and his mouth, just working incredible wonders and God does it feel good.

 "Calum if you don’t touch me right now, I swear to God I will go insane,“ I moan when I feel Calum rub me over my tights.

"Baby, you gotta be patient,” Calum says against my neck before peeling his face out of my neck. I watch as Calum sits on his knees and is pulling his shirt off, I will never get tired of seeing Calum’s tone body in front of my eyes, it just gets me even more excited.

As Calum throws his regular black t-shirt across the room, he then leans down and leaves little sweet kisses down my neck, but every once in a while will swirl his tongue against my neck, only making me whimper in response. As Calum continues to cascade down my neck with kisses, I feel his fingertips playing with the hem of my green tank top before rising it up inch-by-inch, before tugging it over my head, my plain black Calvin Klein bra on display.

“You’re gonna be the the death of me,” Calum says to me before reaching behind me and unclasping my bra, as soon as my bra is thrown across the room to lie with Calum’s shirt, I feel Calum’s warm swollen lips, envelope my perky cold nipples. His warm tongue swirling and twirling my nipple around in his mouth and it doesn’t make me shut up, it just lets whimpers and moans slip out of my mouth.

Once Calum is done trending to both of my nipples and giving them both the attention that they deserve, Calum begins to press small kisses down my body, his chocolate brown eyes stuck on mine as he continues to make his way down my body.

When Calum reaches the band of my tights, I watch as his tongue runs along my hips. His tongue moving from left to right, but his eyes still stuck on mine, making me whimper with satisfaction. When Calum is done running his tongue along my hips and making me whimper uncontrollably, he finally begins to pull down my leggings, leaving me in my black lace thong that I threw on this morning when getting out of the shower.

“You really are going to be the death of me.” Calum says before dropping his head between my legs, his breath hitting my clothed core, but it is soon naked when Calum nearly tears it off of my body. I let a moan slip past my lips when I feel Calum’s finger rub gently up and down my heat, and fuck does it feel so good.

“You’re so wet.” Calum says, and that’s all he says before I feel his tongue dive into my heat. His tongue swirling, twirling, dancing inside of me and it feels so good that my eyes roll to the back of my head and my hands are gripping and grapping at Calum’s raven locks but he doesn’t stop me, but instead he looks at me with those coffee coloured eyes and his cheeky smile, knowing that he is ruining me.

The pleasure is already too much for me to handle and then I feel Calum push in one of his slender fingers, my head lolling back, my body feeling like Jello. As soon as his index finger enters me, it still isn’t enough satisfaction for Calum, so he adds another slender finger inside me, this time my back is bucking up and off the bed, my fingers tugging on Calum’s hair when I feel my orgasm take over me.

 All I hear is loud slurping sounds and I can feel Calum running his hands up and down my body before I see his head pop up from between my legs and kneel in front of me, once again.

“Now Y/N, I think we’re gonna try something new today.” Calum states before he leans in and presses his lips against mine, I gently bite on his bottom lip which only makes him groan response. Calum begins tugging off his tight black skinny jeans and boxers, leaving them to lay on the floor with our pervious clothes.

“Fuck, baby,” I moan, when feel Calum rub his member up and down my folds, teasingly rubbing my clit a few times before he finally slips his member into me. A moan slips past my lips as I feel Calum’s thick member thrusting inside of me, and god does it feel good.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Calum whimpers in my neck, and I will always fall in love whenever Calum whimpers. Him sounding so innocent but so hot at the same time, and I also love the fact that I am making him whimper, nobody else. Just me.

 "Baby,“ I moan, when I feel Calum’s thrusts beginning to pick up speed.

"You like this, don’t you?” Calum says before moving his left hand away from my head and gently placing it around my neck and squeezing gently before his other hands trails down my body and begins to rub fast figure eights on my clit.

“Fuck,” I moan, and I feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head from this pleasurable sensation. I feel it, shake my whole entire body, my legs quivering, my eyes clamping shut, and my hands tugging roughly on Calum’s back. I whimper when I feel Calum spill inside of me, before leaning down and pressing a long and heavy kiss on my now bruised lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Calum ask, once he lies himself next to me, his eyes staring into mine with worry. “Because you would have thought that it was weird,”

“It wasn’t even weird. In my opinion I thought it was fucking hot, like the way you moaned when I wrapped my hand around your throat almost made me come,” Calum confesses and I feel my cheeks heat up and I shake my head.

“So you don’t think it’s weird?” I ask and stare into Calum’s caramel coloured eyes. “Nope, I think it’s hot. Don’t worry baby, we will definitely be doing this more in the bedroom.” Calum says before pulling me into his chest and pressing is lips against my forehead.

New Scream
New Scream

Turnover | New Scream

Can I stay at home? I don’t want to go
I don’t want to wake up till the sun is hanging low
Stay up through the night, sleep away the light
Just another dream I had that’s better than my life

Adolescent dreams gave to adult screams
Paranoid that I won’t have all the things they say I need
What if I don’t want a pattern on my lawn
All I know is somethings wrong because everyday

I’m craving that new scream lusting for more than just, old dreams
I’ve been dying to feel alive
And I’ve been wasting all my time, chasing the high

Can I reset my brain? If not I’ll go insane,
I swear to God that I don’t think I can go another day
Am I the only one? Is this in all of us? I hate the thought that I’m alone
But I hope that you’re not

Come Closer

*Chris Motionless smut pls? he is very rough and dominant.*
A/N: Here it is, Anon! Hope it’s enjoyable 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Today was the day, the day that I’ve been waiting on for months. Chris comes home from tour, not only that, it’s our year anniversary too.
We met at a Halloween party my best friend, Ash hosted last year. Once she introduced us, we hit it off. Not to be too cliche but, It was like we were two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.
Half the reason we fit together was because of our weird sexual fantasies, Chris loved to be dominant, and I don’t mind being dominated one bit. So it’s pretty accurate to say that we have some fun in the bedroom, especially when he gets off of tour.
So with that said, I knew tonight was going to be an eventful time.
I looked at the clock, 5:52. He is supposed to be here by six, and I couldn’t stop looking at the clock every four seconds. It felt like the minutes moved by like hours.
But finally I heard a car door shut, I perked up and saw the front door open. With all the speed I had, I bolted towards Chris, knocking the air out of him and probably scaring the shit out of him.
He started to chuckle, “miss me?”
“Fuck yes! Of course I did!”
We let go of each other and he smiled down at me
“Since it’s our year anniversary, I present you with this gift.” He spoke like a olden time knight, which made me giggle. But then my giggles were soon shut up by my own gasp, as he got down on one knee and pulled out a little burgundy felt box.
“(Y/N) I’ve loved you since the first day I met you, and I knew that I never wanted to see you get hurt. When I was on a day off on tour, I went out and saw this and had to buy it.” He opened up the box and inside was a beautiful black gemstone ring.
I covered my mouth with my hand as he put it on me,
“It’s a promise ring, and I’m promising that I’ll never hurt you or let another guy hurt you. I want you to be happy and I want to always be there for you,” he stood up and kissed me, “I love you”
“I love you too” I responded
“Now for my present!” I told him, he laughed and followed me as I grabbed ahold of his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom.

“Holy shit…” He spoke in astonishment as he looked around, seeing the candles I had lit and the wine bottle and two glasses I had set out, along with the roses on the bed. On his bedside table, I had put the MAC makeup products I had bought him too.
“This is perfect” Chris spoke, with a look that read ‘I’m planning something’
“I hoped it would be. Now do you want to use it or just talk about it?” I asked, which was the thing that set him off.

He pulled me into the room more and slammed the door, then pushed me up against the wall.
“Awe kitten, are you eager to be alittle naughty?” He whispered in my ear, I could feel the heat growing in between my thighs.
“Yes Chris.” I replied to him, knowing he like to be called Chris because it made him feel in control.
“Good, now let’s get started, shall we?”
Before I could answer he melted his mouth onto mine, and shoved his tongue into my mouth, exploring and occasionally biting my lip. I let out a little moan, making him growl in response.
“Moan for me, make me know you love it.” I nodded and kept that in mind.
He picked me up by my thighs and threw me into our big bed. Then climbed on top of me and started to kiss my neck, finding my sweet spot instantly. I let out a breathy moan, and he started to bite the spot, surely leaving a huge hickey.
“This has to go” he spoke, and pulled my shirt up and over my head. I took his shirt off and threw it onto the floor. He began to massage my breasts, seeing as I had no bra on.
He took me right boob into his mouth and continued to massage the other one.
“Chris!” I moaned out
He just kept going and got me to be a moaning mess, begging for attention where I really needed it.
He finally stopped and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, along with my underwear. Then pulled his jeans and boxers down. We kicked our clothes into the floor and without warning, he slammed into me making me scream.
“Ah shit! (Y/N) you feel s-so good” he groaned out and continued to ruthlessly pound into me.
As he kept going I felt the knot in my stomach grow, “Chris! Ah! I’m close!” I moaned out
“Hold it, cum when I say”
Hold it? He’s insane I swear.
He kept going and making noises that made me want to just ignore his command and release.
I was a whining mess by now and Chris knew I needed to release and was using that to torture me.
“Chris!” I yelled out, as I couldn’t hold it any longer
“Just hold on for alittle more kitten, for me”
I moaned out in response and tried to ignore the pain of holding this feeling in.
Finally he spoke the words that sounded like sweet music to me.

“Come for me kitten”
My back arched and I felt a wave of bliss wash over me, all of the moans I had to silence came out and my body felt like it was in heaven.
Chris moaned right when he saw me do that. He released inside of me then pulled out.
“Holy shit that was hot” he spoke.
I laughed and nodded.
“Round two?” I asked

“Fuck yeah” he spoke
And round two began

🌸I hope it was okay, feedback?🌸

I swear im going insane, I can’t do anything without checking social media/the tumblr tags every few mins in case I miss something, Post notifs are on for pretty much all of Jack’s social media.

But honestly, this is probably what Anti wants, he feeds off the attention and we’re just helping him win

He made us dig a hole, and now we’re too deep to climb back out of it

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SAME SHOUTY ASK PERSON Who’s going off caps lock because I swear I’m not insane. Marinette knows. You better not destroy this.

*shoving dynamite under Chapter 28* Who told you I was going to destroy anything? They’re a filthy liar. *douses dynamite pile in gasoline*

So I was just talking to my brother about Tokyo Ghoul and he was like “Wait a second, if ghouls can regenerate with Rc cells, when they get hungry, why can’t they just munch on their leg or something and it’ll just heal again?” So I explained the kakuja thing and about how it fucks up their minds and his response was “You know, ghouls need something like Weight Watchers but it’s like Rc Watchers. So it monitors their Rc cell intake and they can just munch on their legs but like just enough not to go insane.”

Okay, long story short, @greerian wrote me the loveliest ficlet- read it here

Merry christmas everyone!