going ice skating tomorrow

@xofemeraldstars requested: it’s the first snow since simon became a vampire and is back at the hotel. and he can’t wait to get out and play, build a snowman but doing it alone aint fun. how is he gonna convince raphael to join him?

Simon knew it was a snow day, not just because he checked the weather app that was now useless on his phone, or the distant buzzing of the news constantly playing the weather forecast on the televisions on the other vampires on his floor. 

It was the howl of the wind as it whipped along, he could picture it, the snow falling peacefully before being picked up off the ground by a gust of wind, spiraling and swirling before settling to the ground again, it was the occasional cheer that was loud enough to carry through the barren streets. 

He laid in bed and remembered the days where he’d hold tightly to his fathers hand as they shoveled the drive way. The hot chocolate he’d drink with his sister, stealing her mini marshmallows when she wasnt looking. He remembered he the day he sneaked out with Clary because she wanted to paint Central Park while it snowed. 

Simon had long come to terms that he had a new life now, new family. And though his new life was restricted he swore to make the best of it. 

As the sunset early that after, Simon found himself dressed in coats and hats he didn’t need but had to wear for appearance sake. 

He didn’t ask any of the night children to join him as he left the hotel, though he got along with most of them, he was a baby to them, someone naive that held on too much of their mundane life. 

His trek to Central Park was quicker now, with empty streets and his vampire speed to aide. It was much lonelier as well, no giggling Clary spilling her cocoa in the snow and sliding on ice. 

He sat on the bench and watched, people skiing, building snowman and having snow ball fights. Simon begrudgingly returned to the hotel in search of the one person he knew he’d be able to convince to go out in the snow with him. 

Raphael sat with his back to the door, facing the window, the curtains drawn back, the full moon and flurries on full display “what can I do for you fledgling?” He asked without turning around.

I’m another time Simon would demand Raphael explain how he knew who it was, demand to be taught how to do it himself but right he had more important matters at hand. 

“Hey Rapha” he began, chuckling nervously. Raphael always made him nervous, though he didn’t know why, now that Simon had came back to the hotel, the two have developed a friendship, Raphael laughed when Simon called it that -which caused Simon chest to feel tingly-but Simon knew they were friends. 

“No” Raphael turned around to face

Simon “it’s stupid and I won’t do it” Raphael had grown accustomed to Simon’s silly and sometime outrageous request. And though he eventually gives in, he loves the defeated pout the fledgling wore and his persistence.

“I haven’t even told you what I wanted"  Simon countered and Raphael smirked.

"Tell me then” Raphael gestured for Simon to continue.

“I want someone to go to the park with me so I can build a snowman?” The words sounded unsure to Simon as they left his lips, he was pouting before he’d even finish, knowing that Raphael’s answer would remain unchanged.

“It’s stupid and I won’t do it, don’t you have something better to do?” Raphael sighed. It’s been ages since he’d played out in the snow, maybe since his own turning, if he didn’t count that one drunken night with Ragnor and Magnus, stumbling and slipping on ice. A fond smile pulled on his lips at the memory. 

“Please Raph, it’ll be fun and we won’t need gloves or anything, I’ve always wanted to touch snow without gloves, I did it once but I got frost bites, Dot had to hide me and Clary in her apartment for an half a day until it wasn’t blue anymore, I might actually be able to make a proper snowman, I’ve ne-”

Raphael watched Simon rant on and on about the things he’d never gotten to do and Clary and blah blah, Raphael was too caught up with how cute Simon looked, pacing the floor, his hand tugging at his roots of his hair and then gesturing wildly to actual listen to whatever it was the fledgling asked for.

“Okay, dios just shut up” Raphael groaned. 

“W-wait what?” Simon gaped.

“I’ll go, for half an hour, don’t expect me to part take in your nonsense either, just shut up” Raphael glared because he wouldn’t be Raphael Santiago if he didn’t. 

Simon quickly agreed, he’ll see to the stipulations later. His stomach did that thing again when Raphael put on a soft wool beanie on to cover his hair.

Simon talked a mile a minute as they walked more slower than usual to Central Park. Raphael nodded along and added his bits and pieces as they went. 

They trekked there the park until Simon found the perfect spot of untouched snow to lay down on. 

“I won’t die of hypothermia now” he cheered as he moved his arms and legs in motion to make a snow angel. 

Raphael watched him, slightly amused by Simon’s antics. A fond smile forming on his face. 

“You’re really just going to stand there?” Simon questioned and Raphael nodded. “You’re not fun” he mumbled and moved on from making a snow angel to building a tiny snowman. 

“I am fun” Raphael countered. 

“Sure Rapha, keep telling yourself that” Simon smirked and turned his back on Raphael to make other tiny snow man to match the first. 

Raphael frowned his eyes and grapes at Simon, he’ll show that damn fledgling who he can have fun, Raphael silently bent down and scooped up a hand full of snow, rounded in off into a nice ball before tossing it at Simon.

“Still no fun huh?” He called as Simon shirked.

“Raphael Santiago did you just throw a snowball?” Simon looked at him with wide

Raphael responded by tossing another snowball, this one hitting Simon in the face.

“Oh, you’re on, Santiago” Simon yell and began to scoop up snow. Raphael broke out in a run and gathered snow ball as he sprinted around the park.

Central Park became their playing field and Simon was happy for his vampire speed and the darkness of the night. Raphael’s company was reassuring and comfortable and Simon was himself and he was happy. He paused for a quick second to gaze at Raphael, laughing and making snowballs.

Simon wonders if they will be like this again, or if when they return to the hotel, Raphael’s mask will be on again, static and unreadable, cold and distant.

“I didn’t think you were the type to give up easily, baby” Raphael called from where he was hunched over, his hair hanging in front of his eyes, snowflakes stuck to it.

Simon didn’t know if he believed in angels but goddamnit Raphael Santiago came close to being one. “I’ll let you catch your breath, Santiago” he yelled.

“We’re vampires idiota” Raphael said while he flung a snowball at an unexpected Simon “we don’t need to breathe”

“That’s dirty play Santiago” Simon ran after Raphael.

Raphael dropped the balls that he was carry and began to run from Simon “I trained you better than that Simon” Raphael turned to yell at Simon, ignoring the stomp of ice. “Whoa, oh” he yelled as he slipped.

“Raphael” Simon raced over to see Raphael sprawled out of the floor laughing “are you okay?”

“Damn that was fun, tomorrow night we’re going ice skating”

Imagine staying up late to talk to Jhope about nothing. You tell him that you’re tired, so he nods and pulls you close to him. “We’ll just sit on the bed then.” You topple onto the bed next to him, making your hair fall over your face so you can’t see. He reaches up slowly and moves it away from your face. “I think you should go ice skating tomorrow.” He says. You watch as he talks about it so casually. He smiles and tells a funny story. You end up laughing so hard that you lean in to his chest to get some stability. He puts his arm around you as he laughs too. “He’d probably fall down again like he did last time.” He says making both of you continue to laugh. You grab onto his shirt and look up at him smiling. For some reason, he looks different than before. You tighten your grip on his shirt and pull him into an unexpected kiss. His eyes light up, but soften as he falls into sync with your body. His arms tighten around you and you both move closer to one another as the kiss deepens. How did he make you feel this way so easily? How had you fallen for someone at such a random time like this? Hobi had your heart now.


14/12/16 I am wroking so hard to finish off these assignments before I break up for christmas! I have decided to work in this study centre at my university which I havent worked in before and I absolutely love it. Upstairs there is this cafe which is inexpensive and does great food and drinks - I got green tea in a teapot with biscotti! I keep finding myself getting distracted by people watching, though, which is a nice way to get distracted if you ask me! I think next time I’m here, maybe when I don’t have so much work to be doing, I’ll bring my sketchbook. I miss drawing so much that I keep finding myself doing building and architecture design in my lecture notes notebooks! I’m loving working this hard on this assignment just because of the setting I’m in. 

I bought this new notebook for this kind of working, because I have a feeling there is going to be far more of these lab report things in the future. I love it. It’s grid lined, A4, and the paper quality is so great. I’m not loving my Rhodia notebook as much unfortunately. 

Tonight is our flat christmas party and we’re doing secret santa, and then tomorrow night I’m going ice skating with my boyfriend so I’m really looking forward to the end of this week - and the brizzle bears won their quidditch match on sunday! I’m going house hunting on friday before my mum comes to pick me up and take me home for christmas, and then I will finally be reunited with my bedroom at home and all of my London friends. xxxx Emily

Under the Falling Snow

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Request: by anon- Bucky and reader are really flirty, almost as friends with benefits but without the benefits and she wakes him up in the middle of the night to spend time outside in the snow? Fluffy and Bucky being a cocky tease and he is clearly smitten with her? Please?

Words: 1,687

Warnings: Bucky being cocky; sexual innuendos; wandering hands and teasing. 

GIFs ain’t mine.

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If it had been another person, he would have told them to fuck off. Specially since it was the middle of the night. But alas, it was you. What he did though was something that he always did when you woke him up. He threw a pillow at you, and then pulled you to him and wrapped his legs around you and went to kiss your neck.  “If you keep sneaking into my room people will talk.” He mumbled in his sleep.

“They already talk.” You whispered back as he dozed off back to his sleep. “Didn’t you hear what Tony told Steve?”

“No, because unlike you, I don’t eavesdrop.” He said as he started to tangle  you in his arms more than you already were. Was such thing possible.

“Bucky don’t— Bucky—Buck wake up.” You fought your way out of the deadlocking position he had you from.

“Darling, its the middle of the night!” He yawned.

“C’mon, it’s snowing Buck.”  You had been waiting for it to snow. You liked the snow. You liked the silence it brought.

“Perfect!” He said as he pulled you closer towards him. “Now we can cuddle and blame it on the cold.” He yawned while giving you a kiss on one of your shoulders.

“Let’s go outside.” You insisted, “I know it is childish, and that I should’ve already outgrown this at my age, but I want to build a snowman, Bucky. With you!”

He must have fallen right back to sleep for you had no answer. It wasn’t fair for you, not even at least six months ago you had to endure a series of old baseball games he wanted to watch almost weekly. And then there was the Star Wars series which was very hard for you to watch. With a little of a struggle you broke free from how he had your face buried in the right part of his chest.

“Where are you going?” He smirked in his sleep.

“Snow.” You said, “Bucky, I was serious when I said that at my age I want to play in the snow.”

Bucky opened his eyes and grabbed the his mobile that was charging in his night table. “It is 2:30 in the morning.”

“You have kept me awake for more than 24 hours, Barnes.” You said as you straddled him. He winced half in pain and half in pleasure as you brushed your sex against his.

He moaned your name.

You pressed yourself a little bit harder while you leaned over him to give him a kiss on his cheek.


“I believe that you are quite woken up now. Or at least some parts of you are. Let’s go outside.” You said as you got off him, “Now.”

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He tapped the light of his night table and it turned on. You laughed at the sight. He had a tent on his pants and he instantly knew that you were going to use this as an inside joke until the end of time.

“You said snow?” He asked with a smile while looking at his pants.

“It can be quite beneficial.” You said, “If you had just woken up when I told you, he wouldn’t have been awake. The cold might help him go back to sleep.”

“I’ll get up if you give me a kiss.”

You shook your head as you stood up from the bed. “If I kiss you, you will pin me down, and you very well know that you are not going to get inside my pants.”

“I haven’t succeeded yet.” He pointed out as you opened his closet. You took his snow boots out and his winter coat.

“Where are your gloves?”

With a little of pain he got up from his bed and walked towards you. He stood right behind you. He snaked one of his arms around you, pulling you closer to him while with his other free hand he opened a little drawer. “I keep my things in order, Y/N.”

“Unlike me. I need to use your gloves. I can’t find mine.”

“They are in the your room.” He said, “I left them there. You were sleeping—snoring in those little black pants that you call underwear. What a sight.”

You turned back at him and pecked his cheek. “If you want the other kind of kiss, you need to catch me first Barnes.”

He enjoyed this so much.

“I am going to count to ten.” He smiled under his breath, “One—”

You bit your lip with a smile before you took off.

As he put his winter coat on, he told himself to gather all the courage he had to make it official between the two of you.

You ran pass your room and remembered to grab your gloves. You ran and ran and could not help it but to laugh when you saw Clint, Tony and Steve awake playing cards.

“You are all still awake?” You asked them.

“Says the other one.” Tony said, “Where are you going. It is snowing.”

You left the living room in a hurry and then when Bucky came out running after you, Tony rolled his eyes at the sight. Steve smile meanwhile Clint looked like a little girl in love.

“Come on, she could be your great-grand child!” Tony complained.

“Fuck off, Stark.”

With that, he ran after you.

“Weren’t you supposed to make me run after you?” He asked when he saw you sitting in the snow.

“I am making it easy for you Barnes. 70 years frozen must have stalled your skirt chasing game.”

“I didn’t have time exact for skirt chasing.” He said, “Unless the target was a woman. Which then—”

You didn’t want to hear him talking about that. So you threw a snowball at him.

When it hit him, he looked down and laughed. He shook his head, shaking the snow away from his face before proceeding to walk towards you. You continued to throw snow balls at him, but this time he skipped them with an ever growing smile. When he was standing in front of you, he kneeled and pushed you back.

“You promised me a kiss.” He smirked, “And you threw snow at me.”

He tickled you just before he intended to kiss you. With his hand, he made his way to reach your neck. He then started slowly leave a path of wet kisses until he got to your earlobes.

From the window, Tony shook his head. The two of you were in plain sight if you bothered to look. “They are going at it right in plain sight.”

This made Clint quickly stand up from where he was sitting and join Tony.

Still on top of you he began to give you soft kisses on your lips.

You threw snow at him again.

“You are unbelievable. Is this what you woke me up for?”

“I wanted to spend some time with you.” You smile, ‘That it did not included us, in bed.”

“We’ll go ski tomorrow. Or ice skate.” He smiled.

Bucky rested his back against the snow and took your hand. He looked at you and blew a kiss at you. “Are you cold?” He asked you.

You shook your head.

“Liar!” He laughed as he touched your nose with his finger. “You are freezing. I know you.”

He pulled you towards him and cuddled you not taking his eyes from your face.

“Isn’t the silence so peaceful when it is snows? Isn’t beautiful?”

“You are more beautiful.” He blew a kiss again. Which you gave back by kissing the dimple on his chin.

“Date me.” He blurted out after a few minutes of silence.

You chuckled.

“I mean it.” He said sitting up. You mirrored his movements.

“Buck, don’t joke.”

“I am not joking. I mean it.  We are always together, and when we are not, we are on our phones, texting each other. When we are how we are right now, we end up kissing and wanting things to go further.”

“I understand that reason. We both know the why we haven’t.” You said, “We go on missions together. The distraction. I know that we can take care of ourselves when we are on our own. But together? What if you get hurt?” You asked, “How do you expect me to concentrate?”

“Isn’t it worthy? I mean, once you have something as special as we do. You have to cherish it.” His heart was going very fast.

You couldn’t help it but to smile and blush. That last part, you had said it to him a long time ago when you watched with him the movie Love Story, referring to the relationship between Oliver and Jenny.

“You are unbelievable.” You said feeling colder by the minute. “Jut kiss me, Bucky. I say yes.”

“Really?” He asked.

“With a condition.” You said shivering.

“Name it.”

“You wont baby me or worry about the missions I go to on my own.” You said.

“Same goes to you.” He said. “But I’ll still worry. That’s practically impossible. If I don’t have you physicaly with me, I will still feel that you might be in danger.”

“Then when we are working together. Promise me that you wont over protect me like you always do.”

He buried his face on your chest. “That I can’t promise..” He said against you before pulling his face up, “But I’ll try my best.” That argument right there made you know that it would be the main issue in your relationship. But you decided to worry about it later. “How about we get out of here. You’re freezing. And you know how I feel about it.”

“Then we need to start building happy memories around it.” You smiled. He lowered his face and kissed you right in your lips.

Tony who was watching everything instantly looked at Clint and then at Steve and shut the blinds. “They are going at it in the snow. Like bunnies. It is disgusting.”

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Steve stood up from where he was sitting and went to the window. He opened the blinds and laughed.

“Atta boy!” Steve smiled and then laughed when you threw a snow at Bucky’s face.

  • Person A: I really can't stay...
  • Person B: But baby, it's cold outside!
  • Person A: I've got to go away...
  • Person B: Well in that case let me call you an über. Do you want a bottle of water for the road? I'd drive you myself, but I've been drinking, too. Here, take my hoodie. Promise to text me the minute you get home? It's legit cold; put an extra blanket on your bed tonight. Want to get coffee tomorrow? Or we can go ice skating or some shit, whatever sounds fun to you. It's your call.
Otayuri short: Cat in the tree

(I wrote this short story to get a feel for the two, it’s just a cute fluffy story, no more, please don’t be mean)

Ship: Otayuri/Oturi (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Rating: Teen

They just went around the corner to the convenience store to get some sweets and junk food. It’s late; the street is nearly empty, only once or twice a car drives past them. A cold wind keeps people inside tonight.

Yuri and Otabek planned to just stay in and watch a movie or two in Otabek’s cosy studio flat. Yuri looks forward to that. His parents said he was allowed to stay from Friday to Sunday, because Otabek is “such a nice boy” and Yuri’s granddad even made Pirozhki for them. Yuri’s cheeks warm up happily at the premise to stay the entire weekend at Otabek’s place. Tomorrow they would go ice skating together… Oh and Beka also told him they’d visit the zoo! And Beka also has a PS4, so they can play games! It’s the first time Yuri has a player 2 and he’s giddy with excitement.

He happily looks up to observe the brilliant clear night sky. Millions of stars blink down at them, from a pitch black sky, and it looks amazing. Not even the lights from the city can spoil the view.

“Already any idea what we should watch first?” Yuri asks the older boy excitedly and Beka frowns a little in thought.

“Have you watched the Lord of the Rings?” Beka asks. “Or maybe you like superheroes?”

“Yes, I saw  Lord of the Rings, but ages ago! Haha, do you want to marathon it? But Marvel is fine, too!” Yuri laughs. Beka even has a great taste in movies, it seems. “We could marathon everyting!”

Beka smiles at him: “If you can stay awake that long?”

“Sure I can!”

“Fufu, we’ll see about that…”

“Pfff, I’ll show you th-” Yuri stops talking and walking mid-sentence.

He just heard…is he starting to get hallucinations already? Because he’s been waiting for this weekend a whole month?

“Yura?” Beka asks, and he comes a little closer. “You ok?”

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Yuri freezes, his eyes widening – there it is again! A soft, sad meowing!

He just leaves Beka standing  and dashes around the next corner. The feeble meowing becomes louder. The empty, quiet street is lined with trees and Yuri lets his head fall into his neck to scan the trees. His hood falls off his head. He can hear it clearly, it’s close –

“Yura?” he hears Beka call out for him and he turns around to his friend.

“I bet a cat is stuck here somewhere! Can’t you hear it?” Yuri replies.

“Yeah, I can hear it n – there it is!” Beka says and he nods toward a tree a few meters to the left. Yuri can’t see anything in the darkness, but apparently the older boy can.

Beka gently nudges him and goes ahead toward the tree. Like all the others it’s a poplar, but no leaves are hanging there. It’s January after all. Yuri shivers as the wind picks up.

Now he can see the origin of the meowing – a small, dark grey cat is clinging onto a tree branch pretty high up. She looks at them with big, dark eyes, meowing in her misery.

“What a dummy,” Yuri breathes. “I bet she can’t come down on her own.”

“And what should we do now?” Beka asks.

Yuri blinks. He’s a cat-lover, he has one himself, and he would feel horrible just leaving the poor cat up there all on her own. He clears his throat. And then he gently sets the groceries down and ties his hair up.


“Can you give me a boost so I can grab that branch? I’ll help her down,” Yuri says, stepping toward the tree.

“Wait – Excuse me?”

“C’mon Beka, we can’t just leave her up there!” Yuri says with a pout. He taps against the bark of the tree. “It’s safe, no worries!”

“You’re gonna break your neck,” Beka says, shaking his head. “I’d rather call the police or so –”

“Oh, c’mon! Please!!!” Yuri begs with his most convincing puppy dog eyes and he can just see how the older boy is wavering. “Please Beka…I can’t do it without you…”

It really doesn’t take much to convince him, Yuri thinks amused to himself. Otabek goes to put down his own bag and then he comes to stand next to Yuri. He still doesn’t look convinced, but he has that faint blush on his face. And that tells Yuri that he won.

“So…how do you think this is going to work?” Beka asks. The cat meows impatiently.

“Lift me up so I can grab the first branch,” Yuri says, slipping off his shoes despite the biting cold temperatures.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Beka says.

“Don’t, it’s gonna work!” Yuri grins and the older boy readily bends down and forms a step with his hands. Yuri places his hands securely on Beka’s broad shoulders and his right foot in the boy’s gloved palms.

“Ready?” Beka asks, his warm breath tickling Yuri’s face.

“Hell yeah,” Yuri replies cheekily and Beka quietly counts to three, one – two – three - !!

And next thing Yuri knows is how he is catapulted upward and he frantically goes to grab the nearest branch and he hangs there for a second, struggling like a baby animal.

“Yura!” he hears Otabek call worriedly, but Yuri just frowns.

Damn, this is nothing; he hasn’t done this bloody training to get defeated by fucking gravity. With a curse he swings the rest of his body onto the branch and he slowly stands up, balancing on the branch that’s maybe as wide as his feet are when standing next to each other. When he looks up, the cat sits a few feet above him, looking at him with that pissed off look on her face. Almost feels like she’s asking him what the hell took him so long.

Yuri grins, his heart still pounding excitedly. This is more fun than he thought it would be.

“Like…just…be careful, alright?” he can hear Beka say, but Yuri doesn’t listen anymore.

He carefully moves toward the cat, one hand holding onto another branch, the other stretched out toward her to sniff him.

“Shhh…everything’s alright, I promise, nice and easy, you’re gonna be down there in no time,” he whispers and her ears twitch. “Just a bit longer and you can run around again…”

The cold wind drives some snowflakes into his eyes and Yuri blinks them away. He’s almost there, he’s close enough to grab her –

“Gyaaah!!!” he screams as his socks slip and his left foot suddenly doesn’t have any hold –

“YURI!!” Otabek yells in panic as he struggles to regain his balance, his arms flail around and his heart roars inside his ears.

From the corners of his eyes he sees how the cat screeches and dashes down the tree. Yuri lets out a long curse and then just lets himself fall and his arms wrap around the branch tightly. Holding his own damn weight like this actually hurts quite a lot and his arms already start shaking with the effort to hold onto the branch. He bets he actually does look like a monkey now, hanging with his legs kicking air, about two and a half meters above ground. But shit, it does look much higher –

“Let yourself fall, I’ll catch you,” Beka says calmly, he sounds very close and Yuri’s gloved hands start slipping from the branch –

“Bekaaaaa,” Yuri starts.

“I’m here, I’ll catch you,” Beka says with his usual calm and soothing voice and Yuri just blinks through the dark branches up to the night sky.

He lets go.

And instead of hurting his legs he feels how he is gently caught by two strong arms before he hits the ground. Yuri’s arms, like made for it, come to wrap around Otabek’s neck and the older boy just looks at him unimpressed, with his brows raised.

“Thanks for catching me,” Yuri grins despite his still heavily drumming heart. His cheeks are on fire, but not only because he just nearly fell off a tree, but mostly because Beka is holding him right now like a knight would hold his princess and the thought makes his ears burn with embarrassment.

Beka looks at him with his dark, quiet eyes and when their gazes meet, Yuri feels the older boy’s hands tightening around him for just a split second, but then he relaxes again.

“Told you I have a bad feeling about this,” Beka just says with a snort and he carries Yuri over to where he left his shoes. “That was dangerous.”

“I knew you’d look out for me,” Yuri tries to hide his burning cheeks and he carefully lets go off Otabek, so he can return to the ground and slip on his shoes.

“Still,” is all Beka says and Yuri looks down, suddenly feeling not only embarrassed but also pretty silly.

It was dangerous, after all. He’s a professional figure skater, he shouldn’t be so stupid and careless, Yakov would eat him alive if he knew about what he just did.

But…ever since Yuri has met Otabek, he’s felt the need…to, well…kind of…impress him…?

As silly as it sounds, but…that’s just the way it is. Yuri doesn’t know where this weird sentiment even comes from, but…whenever he’s with Otabek, these strange feelings come to surface inside of him, pushing aside any other reason and logic.

It confuses him, yes, but…it’s not like he dislikes it. Not at all, to be honest.

Yuri still doesn’t dare looking up at his friend when suddenly Beka’s hand moves into his sight. And he feels how the elder’s fingers slip under his chin to gently lift his gaze. He holds his breath.

Yuri’s heart does a leap when he sees the radiating warmth glowing in Beka’s eyes and the dark blush on his face.

“It was dangerous. And really brave,” he says quietly. “And very selfless, Yura.”

Yuri only stares at him, his heart drumming inside his chest at the simple words that have the impact of a damn hurricane.

Beka blushes even deeper and then he clears his throat and turns around to grab their groceries.

“Let’s go, I am hungry…”

Beka starts walking and Yuri needs a second to actually command his legs to follow the older boy and when he catches up with him, Yuri lifts his gaze to look at Beka’s profile and at the same time, Beka turns his head to look at him.

They look at each other. And then they smile.

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Blurb about how they'd surprise visit you??

I think Ashton would make a plan like, he would call your best friend and she would help him with his plan and your best friend would be like “Y/N lets go ice skating tomorrow” and you would accept bc you had nothing to do and you liked going there bc the food there was really yummy, and when you were there with your best friend you two would sit on a bench before going ice skating and she would be like “brb I’ll buy some food” and you would be sitting alone at the bench and then someone would cover your eyes and you thought that it was your best friend and you would be like “I don’t smell food so go back there and bu-” and you would turn around and see Ashton behind you holding a rose and you would be shocked bc you though he was in sydney, and you would be like “OMG ASHTOOONNN” and you would hug hum and he would give you the rose and kiss you and whisper “I missed my princess so much”  

I think Michael would sneak into your house at night when your parents were not in the house. You would be listening to some music of 5SOS and dancing around your house wearing one of Michael’s shirts and when you heard someone giggle you jumped and turned around “MICHAEEEEEL” and he would laugh and hug you and he would kiss your head and say “Hii babe, I didn’t knew you could dance like that” and you would just laugh and hit him in his arm “you didn’t told me you were coming!” “I wanted it to be a surprise” and he would look at your eyes and kiss you softly but then passionate FUCK FUCK FUCK 

Calum would be romantic and he would make a plan and everything. He would buy flowers and stuffed animals bc he knew you loved stuffed animals and he would first send you a teddy bear without a note, and then later he would send you another teddy bear but bigger and it had a rose, and then at night he would send you a big teddy bear with a bouquet of flowers and when you are about to grab the teddy bear Calum would jump behind the teddy bear and yell “SURPRIIIISEEEEE!!” and you would jump bc he scared you but then you would be like “CALUM!!” and hug him and he would lift you up and kiss you

Luke knew how much you loved to go to the park and walk, the park had a little lake  and you would sit on the grass and look at the ducks in the lake and a few minutes later you would recieve a text from Luke that says “Enjoying the view?" and you were confused bc how the hell did he knew that you were looking at the ducks, and then you would see a reflection in the lake and you saw Luke standing behind you with flowers and you would turn around and he would be like “SURPRISE BABEE!!!” and you would stand up and kiss him and you would be like “Luke what are you doing here??” and he would be like “I missed you so much, I had to see my princess”  and you would look at him and smile bc you couldn’t believe that you were so lucky to have him 

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Bad Dates [Bucky Barnes]

A/N: I went ice-skating for the first time on Sunday. It was a terrifying experience but @psychicghostninja , kept me from falling on my ass way too many times. She is the most amazing person I have ever met and was my inspiration for this one-shot, so I’m just gonna go ahead and dedicate this one to her because I don’t know what I’d do without her. I hope you guys enjoy this.

The loud bang of the bedroom door shutting in on itself startled Alex. She nestled comfortably in cocoon of blankets on a single armchair at the far corner of our shared bedroom. I unclasped my necklace and slammed it onto the dresser in annoyance. Alex didn’t bother to look at me from behind the screen of her laptop, instead she just removed her earphones and gnawed at the fingernail of her thumb.

Another bad date?” She asked with a smug smile. I glared at her through the mirror but she didn’t notice and continued tapping away at the keyboard. I removed the pins holding my hair in place, allowing the dark strands to shower all the way down my back. I beat through the locks with a hairbrush, filling the apartment with the static sound of hair-snapping. Alex lowered the screen of her laptop. “That bad, huh?” I didn’t need to answer her for her to know that it was much, much worse. “What did you expect, Adriana? He looked like he walked off the set of a Christina Aguilera music video.” This was the third bad date I’d been on in the month. Alex shook her head in disbelief – she couldn’t understand why I went out with so many different guys – but she didn’t want to ask either. I sighed in exhaustion and collapsed onto my bed.

“Hey! Bad dates are better than sitting at home with a tub of ice cream and… Netflix.” I gestured to the empty tub lying on the foot of the couch. She had deliberately placed it there with the hope that I wouldn’t see it. “If I die alone… at least I’ll always have you right, Lexie?” I joked and she rolled her eyes before turning her attention back to the screen. We enjoyed a few moments of comfortable silence when her phone vibrated on the pedestal. I was about to toss it to her when she leapt over me and grabbed it. She had her back to me and I couldn’t see the stupid grin on her face until she turned around and walked back to her armchair. She twiddled her thumbs against the screen furiously, accidentally bumping into the side of my bed before she sat down again. She placed the phone – faced down – on her lap before looking back up at the computer screen. I sat up and eyed her suspiciously. “Okay, I only have one question.” She avoided eye contact and pretended to be busy but her goofy smile gave her away. “When did you turn into a fucking Olympian? I’ve never seen you move like that, ever!” I was still shock over how gracefully she had moved.

My eyes fell on the phone. She gave me a warning looking as I crawled over to the end of the bed to grab it but she quickly moved it out of the way. I rolled onto my back and pouted. She just laughed. “Is it Steve?” I asked suggestively, wiggling my eyebrows. Steve was Alex’s other best friend. She had met him once while on a morning run and they’d become good friends. I had never met him but heard a lot about him from her. Alex straightened her expression at the mention of his name. “Omg! It is Steve!” I cooed excitedly as I sat up and bounced on the bed.

“No, Adriana. It is not Steve.” She groaned irritably. Her phone began to chime loudly and I quirked an eyebrow at her. She let it ring a couple more times as she made her way out of the room and shut the door behind her. I pressed my ear to the door and listened, hoping to catch a name to tease her about. “Hi…” She said shakily. The shadow of her feet under the door kept shifting back and forth; she was pacing nervously. This person was very important to her. “Tomorrow night? I don’t know. Don’t you think it’s too soon? She’s very…” Alex fell silent. After some time she let out a sigh of defeat. “Fine. I’ll tell her. No, I promise. I will! Bring Steve along then, he can keep her company. Yeah, whatever. Okay, bye. Stop that! Ugh, you’re so annoying. Goodnight, Nat! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Alex’s voice was giggly by the end of the conversation and I quickly ran back to bed when I heard her coming. Alex climbed on to the bed and crossed her legs underneath her. She rested her chin atop her knuckles and smiled, thoughtfully. I cleared my throat to pull her back down to Earth.

“So… who was that?” I probed curiously. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had a million questions for her. “Nat? Is that short for Nathaniel or a nickname for…?” A pillow smacked me in the face before I could finish my sentence.

“I knew you were listening!” Alex laughed when I tried to throw the pillow back at her but she caught it, effortlessly. “I have been seeing someone for a while…” She held up her hand to stop me from asking any questions as soon as I opened my mouth to cut her off. “…Tomorrow night, we’re going ice-skating and I would love it if you could come along.” My smile faltered. I hated ice-skating. I was awful at it. “If you don’t want to skate, it’s cool. Steve and his best friend are coming along too. You could just hang out with them.” I shrugged nonchalantly before getting under the covers.

“Fine. Only because I want to meet Nat. Is he cute?” Alex pursed her lips before getting into bed as well.

“Yeah, really cute.” I smiled excitedly before she turned off the side lamp, shrouding the room in complete darkness. I stared up at the ceiling for a couple hours before finally falling asleep.


It was safe to say that I was more excited about Alex’s date than she was. I followed her around our apartment, bombarding her with questions about Nat which she only answered in simple, one-word answers or that I should wait and see for myself.

“Ugh, yes. You can choose my outfit!” Alex groaned after half an hour of pleading. I jumped up from the bed and raced to the closet. She looked up at the sky and prayed for some divine assistance as I began holding different sweaters against her slender frame. She lasted about five minutes before she stalked back over to the bed in boredom and began texting. It took me a while but I finally settled on a pair of black jeans, a red flannel shirt and Converse sneakers.

“Wow… you look great!” I clapped when Alex emerged from the bedroom. She had her hair fastened into a tight ponytail and only wore a light lip shade. She rolled her eyes at the compliment to hide her smile. I stood up and she examined my outfit. I wore a short grey skirt with a matching capelet, white leggings with rose pink Jeffrey Camp Lita boots. She opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed it again. I grabbed my car keys from the counter and she gave me a questioning look. “What? How am I going to get home if you decide to… not come home.” I grinned wickedly at her and she smacked my arm. I yelped in pain and massaged my arm as we made our way to my car. It was frostier than I expected and was glad I had a coat in my trunk. “Which rink we going to, anyway?” I asked as I turned the key in the ignition and unwound the window, allowing some of the cold air inside the car.

“Winter Village and for God’s sake close that bloody window!” Alex’s teeth were chattering as she rubbed her hands together to warm them. I laughed at her reaction before turning out of the parking lot.

Winter Village was only ten minutes away but it only took us five. When we got there, the street was already lined from end to end with cars. I cursed under my breath as a car sped out of nowhere and cut into my lane. Alex grabbed onto the dashboard as I slammed on the brakes just in time to stop us colliding with the car. She was breathing deeply as I found an opening near the entrance and turned into it. “Never. Ever. Again.” She complained as I climbed out of the car. “You drive like a maniac!” She shouted over the noise.

“Yes, but did you die?” I shrugged disinterestedly and she sighed in defeat. “How are we going to find anyone in this crowd?” I asked looking down at the sea of people gliding over the ice. Some held hands and twirled around to the beat of the music while others were more reserved due to their inexperience. Alex looped her arm through mine and led me over to the skate shop where she could rent out a pair of skates. I kept my arms folded across my chest and looked around at the excited faces passing us. Alex held a pair of ice-skates in her hand when she brushed up against me.

“There, they are!” She beamed when she saw a tall, blonde-haired man waving in our direction. He was really cute and he looked like a Nathaniel. I hated when people didn’t look like their names. He pushed his way towards us and I bit my bottom lip and surveyed his appearance. He was muscular, blue-eyed and good looking. I approved.

“Hi… you must be…” I stretched out my hand to greet him. He realised what was happening and quickly interjected,

“Steve. Steve Rogers.” Okay. What? Suddenly, a dark-haired man and a red-headed woman joined him. I looked at Alex who was grinning from ear to ear at the sight of them. The red-headed woman kept her eyes on Alex the entire time and when she was finally within range wrapped her arms around her and lifted her off the ground. I felt a small smile tug at the side of my mouth when they finally pulled apart. Alex was blushing and the woman – Nat – looked pleased with herself. She kept her hand laced in Alex’s and turned towards me.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Natasha Romanoff.” She gave me an awkward, one-arm hug because she refused to let go off Alex. I nodded in acknowledgement and was about to introduce myself when she spoke again, “I know who you are Adriana. I love your shoes. Jeffrey Campbell. Winter Collection.” She observed when she looked down at my shoes. Alex was gazing up at Natasha who was about a head taller than her. She had a sparkle in her eye. When she finally looked at me, I gave her a thumbs up to signal I approved. “Okay, I am taking my girl for a skate. You guys can hangout for a bit.” Natasha didn’t bother waiting for our reply when her arm snaked around Alex’s waist and steered her towards the rink, leaving me standing nervously next to Steve and his mysterious friend.

“Aren’t you going to skate?” Steve asked and I shook my head ‘no.’ I couldn’t help but notice his friend peeking at me from behind his long hair. “Oh right, Adriana was it? This is James Buchanan Barnes but you can call him ‘Bucky.’” Steve gestured to the man beside him. Bucky averted his gaze and tried to step into the shadows but Steve grabbed his arm and dragged him forward. When he stepped into the light, I saw how handsome he was. My heart doubled over.

“N-nice to meet you.” I stammered, I wanted to extend my hand to him but it was frozen at my side. I looked away from his blue eyes and back at Steve. The noise levels began to rise and I could barely hear myself think. “You guys should go skate. I’ll be okay here.” I called to them as I made my way towards the deck but Steve and Bucky refused to leave my side. I sat down on a vacant chair and watched as Natasha kept her hands on Alex’s waist as they glided across the ice. They looked so happy together. Every now and again, Natasha would look at the expression on Alex’s face and she would smile in contentment. I had my eyes fixed on the beautiful couple that I hadn’t noticed the silent argument between Steve and Bucky. They were prodding and pushing each other to sit down on the seat next to me. Suddenly, Bucky blurted out,

“Adriana, Steve wants to sit next to you!” I was startled by his voice and looked up at the two men. Bucky was smirking and Steve looked uncomfortable. When I sat down, I hadn’t noticed that there was only one seat next to mine. I patted the seat next to me and motioned for Steve to sit down. Bucky leaned against the railing of the rink and crossed his arms, even through the leather jacket I could still see how muscular his arms were. No one said anything until Natasha and Alex skated over.

“Are you three really going to sit here silently, all night?” Natasha laughed. “Come on! One skate, Rogers.” Steve shook his head and remained in his seat. “What about you, Barnes? Why don’t you ask the lady to skate?” Natasha nudged his arm and Bucky glared at her. Alex whispered in Natasha’s ear and her eyes widened in horror. “Adriana! I can’t believe you don’t know how to skate.” I looked away shyly. Steve and Bucky exchanged glances when the lights dimmed and the upbeat music changed to a mellow tune.

“Sorry, guys but this is our song.” Alex grabbed Natasha and dragged her back onto the ice as Meghan Trainor’s I’m Gonna Lose You played overhead. A purple spotlight was the only light scanning the room as couples swayed along to the song. It stopped on random couples along the way until it made its way towards Natasha and Alex. They were holding hands and were gazing into each other’s eyes as they slow-skated.

“Wow…” I smiled at the sight before the spotlight shifted again. The song ended and the lights flickered on again. Bucky had just returned with three pairs of skates. He handed one to Steve before kneeling down in front of me and unlacing my boots. “What are you doing?” I asked, laughing over the top of his head. He slipped on the skates and laced them up before doing the same thing for himself. He held out his hand and helped me up from my seat before leading me over the ice.

“Steve and I are going to teach you how to skate.” I looked nervously between the two of them as Steve stepped onto the ice and helped me onto it. Natasha and Alex were watching on my amused curiosity as my legs wobbled underneath me.

“I’m scared.” I whimpered as struggled to find my balance. Bucky placed his gloved hands on my side and held me up as Steve took both my hands in his.

“I will catch you if you fall, just keep your eyes on Steve.” Bucky assured me. My heart was racing in my chest.

“I think Bucky likes Adriana…” I heard Natasha whisper to Alex but I was too terrified to reply. Natasha took Alex’s hand and watched as she skated around her in a circle before they joined us. I shrieked as Bucky let go off my waist and Steve pulled me towards him. I grabbed his hands tightly and he groaned in pain. Natasha burst out laughing at Steve’s expression.  

“Okay, I think it’s time to take a break. I’m gonna go get some popcorn, Adriana?” Steve asked before dragging me towards the exit. I nodded in relief and waved at Natasha and Alex who showed no signs of wanted to leave each other’s side. I removed the skates and pulled on my boots again. Bucky was smiling to himself as I handed the skates back to him.

“You alright there, Bucky?” I nudged him playfully as we walked back to the skate shop. He just nodded, he didn’t speak much. Steve went off in the opposite direction. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a man watching me with narrowed eyes. I jogged to keep up with Bucky’s large strides before turning around again. The man had disappeared. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. “Why don’t you wait out here? I’ll go in and return those?” I suggested as I took the skates from his hands and felt his fingers brush against mine. They were extremely cold. He quickly let his left arm fall to his side as he nodded in agreement. I walked into the shop and handed the skates back to one of the assistants. She smiled graciously at me before setting them back on the shelf.

I turned to exit the shop when the man from before appeared in front of me. He was bald and had a toothy grin on his face. Tattoos stretched up his flabby arm and up his neck. I moved to the left to step out of his way but he stepped in front of me again, obstructing my path. I glanced out the shop window and could see the back of Bucky’s head. I thought about screaming for him when the man parted his jacket to reveal the butt of a pistol lodged in his belt.

“Scream.” He dared, before grabbing my forearm and dragging me out of the store. I was hoping Bucky would turn around but the man pulled me out of sight before he could see. “We don’t wanna hurt you. We just want Captain America and Black Widow.” Okay, what? “Where are they?” He shouted at me before pulling the gun out and burying it into my stomach. I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I-I don’t…” I cried as two more men appeared and pushed me onto a steel chair. They tied my hands behind my back before doing the same with my legs. “Please, let me go!” I begged with tears rolling down my face. One of the men whispered in the bald guy’s ear and his face twisted into an evil grin,

“Oh, you were holding out on me… The Winter Soldier is here too.” I furrowed my brow in confusion as they turned on a bright light over my head.

“The W-winter S-soldier? What is that?” I looked around the room trying to get some kind of idea as to where I was but all the walls were unmarked. It looked like some kind of boiler room. A furnace burned in the middle of the room and beads of sweat dripped off my back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Please, let me go!” I sobbed hopelessly before hanging my head. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain spread across my cheek from where he had struck me.


Meanwhile, half an hour had passed and the line outside the store had shortened. Bucky glanced inside and could not see Adriana anywhere. Perhaps she wanted to get away from you, his mind taunted him cruelly, andshe was probably freaked out by your hand. His chest rose and fell in one heavy breath as he walked back to where she had been sitting before. He found the seat empty. Steve had Alex on his back with her legs locked around his waist as he glided around on the ice while Natasha watched on with a broad smile. Their carefree faces was in direct contrast to his. He couldn’t see Adriana anywhere. Steve was the first to notice and skated over with Alex still on his back.

“Buck, what’s wrong?” Steve asked when he noticed his friend’s distressed expression. Alex climbed down from his back and came round to where he was standing he avoided eye contact with her as he asked if she had seen her. Alex glared at him.

“I thought she was with you…” Alex kept her voice low. “Where is she, Barnes?” She demanded more furiously after a moment and Bucky looked down at his feet. Steve and Natasha exchanged worried looks. “I swear to God if something happens…” Alex was ready to punch Bucky but Natasha locked her hands around her waist and held her back.

“What happened, Buck?” Steve questioned and everyone listened as he explained how she had went in to return the skate shoes and didn’t come out again. Alex had already killed him five times in her mind. “Okay, you and Nat go check the store for any clues about where she went and Bucky and I will around look for her, Alex?” Steve proposed, Alex wanted to look for her friend too but she had to be rational.

“When this is done… you and I are gonna have words, Barnes.” Alex growled at him before Natasha grabbed her hand and dragged her away. Bucky was riddled with guilt as he and Steve checked the concession stands and restaurants. Steve watched as his best friend tirelessly, checked every corner they passed for her.

“She’s gonna be okay, Buck. She looks like a strong girl… someone perfect for you.” Bucky stopped in his tracks and gave his friend a look that said ‘don’t go there.’ Steve was having none of it. “Buck, it’s not wrong if you like her.” Bucky did like her but he couldn’t think about that, he had to find her first. Steve and Bucky met up with Natasha and Alex outside the skate shop.

“Some bald guy with tats dragged her out of here.” Natasha explained. She exchanged a silent look between the two guys and Alex rolled her eyes at them. “They went this way. The camera managed to catch them going down the staircase. They’re probably in the basement.” Bucky unzipped his jacket to reveal a black t-shirt underneath. He pulled it off all eyes fell on his left arm. It was made completely out of metal. He clenched his hand into a fist and strutted off in the direction Natasha had pointed.


“It’s been an hour, boss! Maybe, she isn’t the one.” One of the lackeys stated in a bored voice. He was playing with a butterfly knife. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye before looking up at the bald guy again. He was memorising my face, comparing it to the image he had in his mind.

“No, I saw her with him. She’s the one.” He ran his tongue along his bottom lip. Did they mean Bucky? There was a loud clang and the door flew off its hinges. I jumped out of my skin as the man with the knife tossed it straight at the person at the door and I was sure they were dead but, they stepped inside with the blade pressed between a metal palm. The knife flew back at the guy who had thrown it but he couldn’t catch it. It lodged into his shoulder. Bucky stepped into the room and the bald gun lunged at him. Steve and Natasha followed. Natasha swiped at the guy’s fight making him fall on his back while Steve ran over to check if I was okay. The other guy took his momentary distraction to point a gun at him but Bucky ran over and slammed his leg into the guy’s chest making him drop the gun. Bucky picked up the gun and pointed it at the man clutching his chest in pain. Steve untied my hands and legs. Alex ran into the room and hugged me tightly. I buried my face into the crook of her neck and sighed in relief. I thought I’d never see her again.

“Alex! I don’t know why they took me, they were looking for Captain America and Black Widow and…” I trailed off before burying my face in her hair again while Natasha, Bucky and Steve took care of the three thugs. I slowly pulled away from Alex and watched as Bucky hauled the guy to his feet and punched him in the face. “Wait… are they?” I whispered to Alex who nodded in confirmation.

“You knew?” Steve blurted out before looking worriedly at Natasha. Alex broke into a cheesy smile before turning to Natasha.

“Oh hell yeah… Black Widow.” For the first time, Natasha blushed as she welcomed Alex into her embrace. Bucky came over and stood awkwardly at my side.

“So… on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to say yes to a second date?” I turned to Bucky in surprise.

“This was a date?” I teased and he furrowed his brow and let a strand of hair fall over his face. “Do you always let your dates get kidnapped?” I poked my finger into his metal arm and he quickly moved it away. “Relax, Bucky! That was a joke. Believe it or not, this was not my worst date this week.” I chuckled softly before noticing Natasha pecking Alex sweetly on the lips. Steve covered his eyes and Bucky and I groaned. “Seriously, get a room!” I complained and Natasha grinned at us.

“I think you should give Steve and Bucky a ride back home.” I gave Alex an ‘I told you so’ look as I winked at her and whispered,

“Have fun,” in her ear as I walked past with the two guys, leaving the lovebirds alone.

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Honeymoon Holidays - Chapter 18: Regret

Klaine, 1780 words, A03
Read from the beginning here

Kurt and Blaine’s first winter holidays together as a married couple fall so quickly after their wedding that sometimes they almost seem like a continuation of their honeymoon.  But not always.

A story in the “Season 7” series that looks at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine, written in connection with the Klaine Advent challenge.  The name of each chapter is the prompt.

December, 2014

Blaine is curled up on the couch, dozing with his earbuds in his ears, when he feels Kurt sit down next to him.

“Hey husband,” he says, blinking his eyes open.  It’s barely dinnertime but it’s dim in their apartment, their holiday  lights casting a soft glow over the room.  

Kurt smiles fondly at him.  “Was your rehearsal with the kids that tiring?  I thought you might hang around and go to that yoga class downtown with me.”

“Oh, um, no, no yoga for me today.”  Blaine pushes himself up to sit next to Kurt, grimacing.

“Blaine?”  Kurt is looking at him curiously.  “Are you okay?”  

“Yeah, just a little bruised.”  The “little” may be an understatement.

But Kurt jumps to the wrong conclusion and his eyes widen.  “Blaine, what happened?  Are you hurt?”

“No, nothing bad, not really.  I just… fell.”

Kurt presses his lips together.  He can always tell when Blaine isn’t giving him the whole story.  “Fell?  Where?”

“On the stage.”  Sort of.  At least at first.  Before he went over the edge.

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