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imagine them finding matt and bringing him back to earth. imagine an earth episode where they all see their families. imagine keith staying with lance.

oh trust me, i’ve already imagined this in depth. 

keith was seriously considering going back to his shack while the others saw their families. the odd thought passed his mind about maybe asking to go with shiro, but each time keith went to ask he kinda fell short and wasn’t sure what to say. shiro probably would have offered if lance hadn’t first. 

Lance: woah, woah – hey.. where are you going?

Keith: uh.. home?

Lance: back to that shack???

Keith: well, yeah. i’ve got some stuff i need to do anywa–

Lance: no way, dude. you’re totally coming with me. cuba has sand too, yknow - it’ll be just like home for you! just with more company.. specifically my company. which is the best company there is.

and that has keith smiling in soft amusement as he agrees. there’s this swell in his chest too when lance curls his fingers around his wrist and tugs him in the general direction, all while looking back at keith with the same smile lance reserves only for keith.

keith’s never been so red in his entire life. 

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A DEH tree bros fic where after Connor pushes him instead of just like being shook and then going into waving through a window Evan gets up and follows Connor and asks if he's ok because he knows he's not (because mentally ill people def recognize other mental ill people) ... That was a fic request/suggestion thing. You don't have to write it if you don't want to but if you do that's cool too thanks

Part of me wants to make this a multiple part thing. but I don’t know if anyone would want that from me. Anyway, here you go, thanks for requesting!

This turned into a chapter thing, so: [Chapter 2]

[AO3 version]

It’s anger. No, actually, that’s not quite what Evan sees. Yes, there’s anger there, pushing it’s way out in the “you’re the freak” Connor sends at him. Pushing it’s way out through the shove he sends Evan to the ground with. Yet, that’s not it. It isn’t anger that registers to Evan.


It’s only a second. Between the anxiety that creeps into Evan’s lungs and the cold of the ground, he registers pain in the words. Before he can think- and isn’t that how it always is- he’s stumbling to his feet and through the streams of students flooding the halls to follow Connor.

He’s sick too.

There’s this familiarity that he recognizes. Part of him argues, that he could be wrong. That he’s misunderstanding, that he’s just projecting. Hoping for someone to understand. Still, Evan follows.

A bell rings, signaling students to start heading to their classes, but instead of listening to the part of him that says he should turn around and do just that, he catches up to Connor. It’s only once he’s close enough to speak, that his mind catches up with what he’s actually doing and words catch in his throat.

“Are you okay?” Evan is more startled by his own voice than the snap of Connors gaze from a glare at the path ahead of him, to one at Evan’s face. Instinct has Evan curling in on himself.

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But You’re Our Girl

Here’s another part in “Our Girl”  : There’s only one more part after this.

Read “Movie Night”
Read Between The Sheets
Read Protection
Read Trust
Read “Come Home To Me”
Read “What The What”
Read “You’re Mine”
Read “Birthday Love”
Read “Poor Sammy”

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  888

Requested by Anonymous:   Can you do an “Our Girl” where either A. The boys get jealous of someone hitting on the reader and bc theyre in public they cant do anything or B. The reader gets insulted in some way and it really bothered?? Please and thank you!!

A/N: The part in bold is the request I’m writing for. The last part of the series will be the part B in the request.

A/N: No longer taking requests for this series.

           You needed to just relax after the hunt, so the three of you decided to go to the local bar and just chill for a little while. You didn’t do that often; mostly because the guys couldn’t do much in public when it came to showing affection. And you couldn’t just pick one to be your only boyfriend for the night. So the three of you had to be good.

           That didn’t stop them from looking at you their usual way or talking to you and ignoring the other girls in the bar. You didn’t mind that. You all knew that you were theirs and they were yours.

           “So, are we staying until we find another hunt or are we going home?” you asked, making conversation.

           “Home,” they both said without hesitation.

           You nodded without question, “Okay.”

           “Dean,” Sam got his brother’s attention and made some kind of signal that you did not understand.

           Dean’s head barely turned and then he brought his attention back to Sam, “He better not even think about it.”

           “What are you two talking about?” you asked, trying to look around and find out without being too obvious.

           “There’s a guy eyeing you,” Dean said.

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Maybe We Will - Theo Raeken

@justnormalgirlwithbigdreams So sorry for the big delay in posting this imagine! I’ve had a lot of stuff going on for months and had exams! I hope you like this fluffy and sort of smutty Theo imagine you requested! :) xx Thank you!

The wind was violently forcing my hair to fly into my face, my eyes and my mouth, distracting me from the book in my hands, making it virtually impossible to completely concentrate on my reading. I knew it would be easier to just sit inside and do my work, but the truth was I liked sitting outside on the bleachers during lacrosse practice. The fresh air cleared my head, and seeing my friends, Scott, Stiles and Liam practicing gave me a few laughs every now and then. By some miracle, every single time I looked up one of them fell over, or just made an ass of themselves.

I was usually accompanied by Lydia, Kira and Malia, but since Kira joined the team too, it was just the three of us.

And there, as always, stood Theo Raeken, leaning against the railing, acting all “bad-boy”ish.

Every time he was around, Liam and Stiles always sneered at him.

I mean, I never really understood what was wrong with Theo- I didn’t really know him, only what I had been told. He’s bad news, he’s a liar, he’s manipulative, he tried to tear us apart.

I didn’t really understand why they acted as if he had killed someone, like he was a criminal or murderer of some kind- he’s just a kid like the rest of us, right?

But apart from all that, I had simply made up my own mind to stay away from him. Even though what the guys had told me was most likely exaggerated, I knew that there must be some sort of truth at the heart of it, so I played it safe and stayed away.

“What’s on your mind?” Malia asked me with a concerned look on her face.

“Huh?” I snapped out of my daze and turned to my tall friend sitting next to me. “Oh, nothing, sorry. I was just day dreaming.”

“About Liam?” Malia laughed.

“What?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Well, you were staring at him that whole time…” she pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, sorry… I just zoned out.” I laughed.

“You apologised like twice just then. It’s cool.” she laughed with me.

I looked down at the book in my hands, realising I wasn’t going to read any time soon and that I should probably head home and actually do something.

“Hey, I think I’m gonna go home.” I said.

“Ok, well I’ll see you later! Text me, yeah?” Malia responded.

I smiled her way and began walking down the stairs, passing where Theo was before, realising he was gone now.

I reached into my pocket to check the time on my phone, only to feel around the material and realise that it was missing.

“Oh, crap.” I said under my breath.

I realised I must had left it in my locker before I went to the lacrosse field.

I turned myself around and began walking back to the school building, entering through the doors and making my way to my locker.

When I reached my locker, I unlocked it and immediately saw my phone lying in there. It had probably slipped out of my bag.

I grabbed it and closed the door, walking back at a fast pace.

The halls were deserted, silent and empty- seeing as school had finished and the only people that remained were at the lacrosse field… It was quite creepy when I thought about it, but I tried to ignore the eerie atmosphere and continue walking… until I heard a bang from behind me. It sounded like it had come from another hallway. I stopped in my tracks.

I was frozen, waiting to hear if the sound returned, and it did. I rapidly turned around and began to slowly walk in the direction of the noise, trying to convince myself that it was just some people that stayed behind, or even a teacher.

I turned the corner and walked carefully. “Hello?” I called out.

I felt like I was in a horror movie, and this was the scene where the girl that calls out “Hello?” gets killed by the masked murderer. I gulped, hoping that this was all in my head.

“Someone there?” the bang returned and I called out.

Then I heard something scurrying behind me. I turned around immediately.

Then I heard something from the other side again, so I turned to face that instead.

A shadow began emerging from around the next corner, behind some lockers, creeping out slowly…

I began to walk back slowly, because this was no ordinary shadow… it was big… bigger than a person.

I couldn’t help but stare as I walked backwards, curious at what… or who this shadow belonged to.

Then it came out- a giant, black beast.

I froze.

It let out a loud roar that I swear could have sent me flying all the way across the hall into the wall.

I screamed and ran, turning around.

“HELP ME!” I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me. “SOMEONE, PLEASE!” Then I was knocked off my feet and into the ground, sliding into some lockers.

The beast slowly crept up to me, roaring and growling in my direction.

I tried backing off as much as I could, but it was no use. I was cornered and this thing was going to kill me.

I pulled my knees to my chest and buried my face in them, before something else came into the room, releasing a loud roar from the entrance door.

I lifted my head up to look in the direction of the new sound, as did the beast…

There he was… it was him, Theo Raeken… but his eyes were golden, his face had morphed into something like an animal, he had fangs and he had claws… I stared in astonishment.

Theo ran towards the beast and launched at it, and at this, I once again covered my eyes.

After what felt like hours of roaring, hitting, slamming and fighting, I looked back up.

The room was silent, and the beast was gone. Theo was lying on the floor, lifting himself up, somehow still alive and seemingly in good enough condition to get up and walk over to me.

Theo bent down on his knees and placed a bruised and bleeding hand on my knee. “Are- are you ok, Y/N?” he asked, flinching, most likely from his own pain.

I nodded, not knowing what to say or do. I stared in his eyes, which had now returned to their natural state, as had the rest of him. “I didn’t know you knew my name.” I let out, before I could think.

He giggled weakly. “Of course I do.” he smiled.

“Theo, you just saved me…” I examined the wounds on his body and bruises on his face. I reached up and touched his cheek, gently stroking the dark purple mark on it. “Thank you…” I said.

“It’s no problem.” he smiled.

I looked in his eyes deeply, trying to figure out how the hell they had changed colour only moments ago… “What are you, Theo?” I whispered quietly, but loud enough for him to hear me.

Theo stayed silent and looked down.

Something inside me already knew the answer. From the animal qualities I had witnessed in him, I knew he must be… a werewolf…

“You’re a werewolf…” I said, in realisation. He looked up straight away, his hand squeezing my knee in response. I was right…

“Y/N, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” Stiles came storming in, spotting me and Theo in the corner.

Scott, Liam, Malia, Kira and Lydia followed him in, all staring.

“Get away from her, Theo!” Liam yelled, marching towards Theo, who got up and ran away…

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” I yelled, moving my body, lifting myself up.

“Because he’s dangerous!” Scott yelled back.

“He just saved my life, Scott!” I said. “How could he be dangerous if he kept me away from danger?” I argued.

Scott looked down silently for a moment. “Are you ok, Y/N?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” I crossed my arms. “I’m sorry for yelling…”

“No- it’s ok. I’m glad you’re alright.” Scott smiled.

“We are too, Y/N.” Stiles added in. “All of us.” he walked towards me and threw my arm around his shoulder so he could help me walk out. “Let me take you home.”


A week had passed since the beast had attacked Theo and I, and I hadn’t been back at school yet.

I had woken up with the intention of going to school, but when I reached the parking lot, I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the car to go to class, so I got out and made my way to the lacrosse field. There was no one there. I simply stood in the middle of the field and just looked around, taking in the fresh air.

I looked back at the bleachers I had always sat on, and at the railing that Theo always leaned on, and to my surprise, he was there at that very moment.

“Theo?” I asked.

“Hey.” he said. I walked towards him, stopping at the bleachers.

He had completely healed- there wasn’t a single scratch or even a bruise…

“How are you?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” I said. “Just not feeling up to going to class.” I laughed, taking a step closer to him. “What about you? You’re completely healed…” I pointed out.

“Yeah, I heal fast…” he laughed.

“Because you’re a werewolf, yeah.” I laughed back, still in disbelief.

“How are you going with all that?” he asked with a sympathetic look.

“It’s crazy. But I’m fine… I’m just glad to be alive after that- thing attacked us.” I said.

Theo stood still, his stare fixed on me. I slid my arms around his waist and embraced him in a hug. “Thank you, again…” I whispered.

Theo’s arms wrapped around me tightly too. I felt his chest rise against mine as he inhaled deeply.

“What were you doing there anyway? How did you find me?” I asked, pulling away slightly.

Theo, looked down with red cheeks.

“What?” I giggled.

“I may have followed you…” he said.

I laughed. “Why would you do that?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” he shrugged. “You intrigue me, I guess.” he smiled.

I looked in his eyes and before I knew what I was doing I had leaned in and placed my lips on his. He pulled me close to him again, sinking further into the kiss.

I felt Theo’s tongue slide in my mouth, grazing against my own as he let out a quiet moan, echoing through my whole body as he released it in my mouth.

Then we heard the sound of voices coming from around the corner. We both pulled away immediately. “It’s coach.” he laughed. “Run!” he took my hand in his and ran us away from the field and into the boys locker room, locking the door.

I observed this and took my chance to continue with what we were doing. I wasn’t usually like this, but something about Theo made me want to just be close to him, touching him…

Before I made a single movement, I stared at Theo, watching his chest rise and fall as he stepped closer to me, lifting a hand to pull a loose strand of hair out of my eyes, tucking it behind my ear gently, never breaking eye contact.

He leaned in and kissed me again, this time more gentle than before. I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach, there was a spark within me that ignited my whole being as we kissed, beckoning me to return his kiss with more passion… more feeling.

I slid my hands onto his chest, feeling him as they made their way slowly to Theo’s neck as our lips pressed harder against each other, forcing us to move to a more definite rhythm. His bottom lip was caught between my teeth and I pulled at it gently, earning a sexy giggle from him.

“Shh” I silenced him playfully, in case anyone outside could hear us.

“Sorry, you distracted me from being quiet.” Theo whispered flirtatiously.

“Did I?” I giggled softly and pecked the wolf once more. “How did I distract you, Theo?”

Theo’s arms then made their way to my butt, squeezing it lightly as he spoke. “By doing this.” he answered me, smashing his lips into mine, re-establishing the rhythm we had been moving to only moments before, this time pushing me against a wall. He lifted a hand to rest beside my head, holding him up.

I turned my head, disconnecting our lips for a moment as I began to place light pecks on his wrist, which was conveniently nest to my face.

I moved my lips from his wrist to his neck, and I could feel Theo’s body relaxing against me as he let out a soft moan at the feeling of my lips on his collarbone.

“Y/n, aren’t you afraid that someone will come in?” Theo playfully reminded me that there was the possibility of someone walking in at any time.

I laughed. “Let them watch.” I kissed his lips again.

“I should save your life more often.” He kissed me, speaking between kisses. “Maybe we’ll end up in here again.”

I smiled at the werewolf, speaking before moulding our lips together once more. “Maybe we will anyway.”

Took you long enough

Request from Anonymous: May I request a smut where Christian yu Is your best friend you take him to a party and some guys decide to flirt with you & touch you and then Christian gets jealous and then confesses

I’m sorry this took so long D: And it’s a very long read so I hope it makes sense. 

“Christian, wanna be my plus one to a party?”

“Whose party?”

“One of my friends from my old work place is having a birthday party. You should come. I don’t know many people there so I want my best friend there with me”.

“Ahh so you want me to keep you company? Alright, I’ll go with you.”


The party was being held at your friend’s house so Christian suggested driving there instead of taking a taxi.

Christian was already at your house waiting for you. You were taking longer than expected.

“Why are you taking so long? I thought you picked an outfit already,” Christian called out from the living room. He flicking through the tv channels aimlessly but didn’t mind it too much because he was in your company. Christian and you have been best friends for quite some time. The both of you had gone through multiple breakups in the past but always got by it through your friendship.

You finally decided on an outfit. You have been working out so you were proud of your body and decided to wear something to show it off. After checking yourself out for the millionth time, you stepped out of the room. Christian saw you and he was speechless. You were wearing a tight black skirt which was just above your knees and a strappy floral crop top. The skirt was hugging your curves and the crop top showed off your toned stomach. To top the outfit off, you wore your strappy heels and a choker you just bought.

“How do I look?”

“Umm wow. I mean, you look very good. And what about me?”

Christian stood up to show you his full outfit. He was wearing a white tee and a pair of mustard chinos. For his kicks, he just wore his converse shoes.

“Nice and simple. I like it”.


“Happy birthday, Karen!!! Here’s your gift. I hope you like it.”

“Thanks [Y/N]! And you look so good. Wow girl, I’m jealous of your body. And who’s this?”

Christian was standing slightly behind you. He hands were in his pockets and knowing him, you knew he was nervous. 

“Oh sorry. This is Christian, my plus one.”

Christian gave your friend a hug and before she pulled back from the hug, she winked at you. You stuck your tongue at her and shook your head.

Karen introduced you to all her friends and in between mingling with her friends, you lost Christian. You looked around the place but still couldn’t find him. Giving up you joined the birthday girl with her friends. They were just sitting around the table playing some card game. There weren’t much room left to sit so you just stood awkwardly around them. You didn’t know what they were playing and you soon lost interest. You were about to leave and get something to snack on when a guy stood up.

“Hey, do you wanna take my seat?” 

“Um nah, it’s okay. You can sit, I’m going to get something to eat anyway”.

You then left him and walked over to the kitchen bench to look at the limited selection of snacks. 

“You know the good snacks are hidden in this cupboard”.

You turned around and saw the same guy who offered you the seat walking to the cupboards and opening it to reveal more snacks. He grabbed a packet of Oreos, chips and some lollies and put them on the bench.

“Dig in”.

“This is great, thanks. I’m [Y/N], by the way”.

“I’m Matt. I’ve heard you used to work with Karen?”

“Yeah we used too. So what were you guys playing? It looked confusing.”

“Ahh the game is like if Uno and Snap had a baby. Sounds fun but it’s actually boring and confusing. Do you wanna play games on the PS4? 

You nodded and followed Matt to the living room. He turned the PS4 on allowed you to choose the game. 

“Oooo let’s play Just Dance 2017!”

Matt laughed and didn’t disagree. He put the disk in and handed you the controller.  

The two of you were dancing and later on, other people decided to join. You let them play while you took a break. Matt saw you sitting on the sofa and he decided to join you.


“I haven’t danced that much in a long time. Look at you, you’re sweating so much”.

Matt laughed and you went to get a tissuebox. 

“Here let me wipe that for you”.

You proceeded to wipe his sweat. You started from his forehead, cheeks and then his neck. All the while, he moved closer to you and had put his arms around your shoulders. Once you were done, you didn’t even realised his hands were on your thighs. You could have sworn he may had given you slight sqeeze on the thigh. You didn’t stop him but just stared into his eyes. Matt took your silence as an ok so he moved his hand to your inner thighs. The other hand was holding onto your shoulders tightly. His face was moving closer to yours. 


You looked over and it was Christian who had called your name. You were startled so you brushed Matt’s hands away from you and stood up. Christian was looking at you confused at the same time he looked upset. Matt also stood up beside you.

“Who’s this?”

“This is Christian. Christian, this is Matt.”

Matt reached out his hand to greet Christian, but Christian just ignored it. Matt retreated his hand. 

“I’m not feeling too well, [Y/N] so I’m heading back home. Are you coming as well?”

“Umm. Yeah I’ll go with you. Let me say bye to Karen first”.

“Are you sure you wanna go, [Y/N]? I can drive you home later. Your friend can leave first if he wants”.

Christian scoffed and gave Matt his death stare.

“Um I actually need to be erm up early tomorrow anyway. Thanks for the offer, though. Um good night and Christian, wait for me in the car. I’m going to find Karen.”


You tried making small talk with Christian whilst in the car ride home but he wasn’t giving you much attention so you gave up and stared out the window. Once you arrived at the front of your place, Christian parked the car on the driveway still looking upset.

“So er thanks for the ride, Christian and I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Christian was sitting in silence.

“Ok, what’s on your mind? Why are you so quiet? And where did you go throughout the night?”

“Were you gonna kiss him?”


“if I didn’t called out your name, would you have kissed him?”

“You’re asking me if I would have kiss a guy who I just met tonight? Do you really think I’m that kind of girl. You should know better”.

“I’m sorry. I just….the way he had his arms around you and his hand.. you let him do that?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I just missed being touched, you know. It’s been far too long and I have needs, Christian. I’m sure you do too”. 

Christian laughed and nodded in agreement.

“I totally know what you mean. It has been too long for the both of us, huh?”

“Mhmm. Wanna go inside? Or do you need to go home to rest?”

“Inside. I need water. I’m so thirsty.”

You unlocked the door and headed to the kitchen to grab two glasses from the cupboard. Christian was eyeing you top to bottom as you were trying to reach the top of the cupboard to get the glasses. You turned around and saw Christian’s gaze fixated on you. 

“Like what you’re seeing, Christian?”

Christian broke his gaze and pretended to play with his hair. You poured water into both glasses. 

“You didn’t answer my question earlier”.

“Well..I would be lying if I said no”.

You moved closer to Christian and stood between his legs. You then placed both your hands on his shoulders. 

“What are you doing, [Y/N]? I think the alcohol is getting to you”.

“I didn’t drink a lot. You have really nice hair, why do you always playing with it?”

You brushed one hand through his hair.

“Seriously. What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just admiring your hair that’s all. Anyway I’m going to get change. Lock the door when you leave please”.

When you started to walk away, Christian grabbed your wrists. He pulled you in and wrapped his hands around your waist.

“Now what are YOU doing, Christian?”

He didn’t hesitate anymore and he kissed on your lips. You were surprised at first but then you slowly melted into his arms. He pulled back for the both of you to catch your breathe.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you so suddenly. You look very beautiful tonight and I couldn’t help it. And I mean, you look beautiful everyday not just tonight.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” 

“So beautiful”.

You smiled at his response and you put your lips on his. This time you took control but it wasn’t for long. Christian took charge and guided you towards your room. Once you reached the edge of the bed, Christian pushed you down gently and you watch him take off his shirt. You traced his upper body with your eyes. 

“Hey Christian, I thought you have been working out”.

“You really shouldn’t be making jokes, [Y/N]”.

You giggled at his harmless threat as he crept over your body. He positioned himself between your legs. You ran your hands along his arms while he kissed your lips and you pulled him in closer with your legs. He then moved his lips to your collarbone and you let out soft moans every time he bit over that area. You knew come the morning, you would have marks on your neck area but you didn’t care.

“Let’s switch places”.

You hummed out a yes and with one swift move he pulled you up and you sat on top on him. He continued to kiss your chest and then he tried to take off your top, but he was having trouble since it was a tight fit. 

“Seriously [Y/N], why do you wear this contraption? How do you take it off?”

“There’s a zipper at the back, genuis. Here let me do it”.

Once you took off your top and tossed it aside, you realised you weren’t as comfortable because your skirt was making it hard to sit. 

“Hang on, let me take this off as well. It’s so uncomfortable”.

“Leave the choker on, [Y/N]. I like it”. 

You got off the bed and unzipped the skirt but you also took the liberty to take your bra off as well. Christian sat up from the bed and his eyes were filled with lust as he watched you. Once the skirt and bra hit the floor, Christian grabbed you again and you positioned yourself on top of him. The both of you continued to exchange kisses back and forth and before you know it, you were lying on your back. You didn’t even remember how Christian moved you. His lips slowly moved away from your lips to kiss your neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach. Once he reached between your legs, he placed small pecks on the inside of your thighs. 

“[Y/N], your underwear is soaking wet”.

“Well take them off them”.

Christian didn’t hesitate and you lifted your legs up to help him out. He threw them aside and he continued kissing your inner thighs. You were kinda feeling frustrated so you moved closer to his face and he caught you in the act.

“Patience, [Y/N]. I’ll get to it”.

You groaned and stuck your tongue at him but he just laughed at you. Once he was done teasing, he began placing kisses on wet core. Christian looked up at you and your eyes met. He spread your core with one finger and licked it with one tongue movement all without breaking eye contact. Your head fell back onto the pillow and you let out a moan. Christian began kissing and sucking on your wet core. His hair was tangled around your fingers and you arched your back every time he hit the spot. 

“Oh god..Christian..yes..”

The room was filled noises of only your moans and his kisses. 

“Watch this, [Y/N]”.

You lifted you head up and saw Christian slide two fingers inside of you. You closed your eyes as his fingers entered you. He pulled them out and you noticed it was covered with your juices. He let out a smile and put his fingers in his mouth.

“You taste good, you know that”.

You blushed and before you could say anything, he began moving his fingers in and out of you as well as kissing your bud. Your moans were now louder and faster.


You legs were now out of control but Christian held you down with his strength. He continued doing his thing and the next thing you know, you reached climax and came. You let out a huge sigh and Christian sat up wiping his mouth.

Christian then took no time to take off his pants and boxers then reached for your bedside table cabinet to grab a condom.

“How did you know I keep them in there?”

“I was looking for a phone charger the other day and noticed it. And look, just my size, it’s meant to be”. 

Once he was done putting the condom on he straddle over your body and he began placing pecks on your cheeks and lips. You moved your body so that the both of you were aligned perfectly. Christian then moved your hair out of your face. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, [Y/N]?”

“Never been so sure in my life and it’s not the alcohol talking by the way. You?”

“I think we have passed on what I’m okay with by now”. 

You giggled as Christian then ran one hand up and down the side of your body. You legs began to spread further apart to let him in and you could feel his heat between your legs.


You nodded and Christian moved his arm so that your right leg was rested over his shoulders. He smiled and slide inside you. You let a small whimper. 

“Oh sorry [Y/N], are you okay?” 

“I’m fine, just continue”.

Christian obeyed you and he moved slowly in and out of you. You began lifting your left leg up and Christian re-positioned himself so that now both of your legs were rested over his shoulders. With each thrust, you could feel him going deeper and deeper and hitting your spot.


“Oh my god, this feels so good..shit [Y/N]….fuck”

You began to moan into his mouth and your fingers were dug into his skin. It was probably too hard but Christian didn’t complain. He began to move faster and deeper. You head was now beginning to bang on the headboard but you the pain didn’t bother you. All that mattered was you and Christian. 

“Ohhh shit..Christian..oh my god..”

Your eyes were now closed and Christian was kissing your neck. 

“Oh my god…yes…”

“Yes…come for me, [Y/N].”

Christian’s movements were now even faster and you could yourself reaching climax. You held onto his arms as you came. Not long after you came, Christian pulled out and he also came. He took off his condom and went to the bathroom to throw it away in the bin. He came back with a warm towel in his hands and he saw you were still in the same position he left you.

“Are you falling asleep right after sex, [Y/N]? I never knew you were like that”.

“Ha ha very funny. Why are you holding a towel?”

“I’m going to clean you up”.

“With my face towel?”

“Oh I didn’t know. I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow. Now sit up so we can get this over and get to the cuddling bit”.

You smiled at him and sat up as he wiped you down. You shivered every time he wiped over and around your core. It was still sensitive. After he was done, he threw his shirt at you to wear and he put on his boxers. You put in on and moved over so that Christian could have room. You turned around so now he was spooning you. 

“So..is this going to be a typical thing for us, Christian?”

“I wouldn’t mind it but let me take out to lunch tomorrow so we can seal the deal?”

“So all it took was for some guy touching me before you got the guts to ask me out? Took you long enough, Christian”.


Evak Childhood Friends AU

Originally posted by thelovelyisak

Ages 5 and 7

It was a Wednesday when he first saw him. Isak thought he looked like one of his mama’s angels. The kinds that live in God’s love. He didn’t know they could be little boys too. He tugged his papa’s trouser leg, pointing at the angel. He was pushed in his direction, a tired ‘just go say hi, Isak’ echoing behind him.

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Show Me Love 9

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader


When you’ve got to keep your relationship a secret, the holidays can be a bit stressful

Warnings: FLUFFFFF, mentions of smut but like barely, a teensy bit of angst, aaaaaaand your parents are here!!!  Do you recognize them? 😜

A/N: This one is massive, just FYI. Like and this is just half of it.  I had to cut this into two parts. I can’t control myself when it comes to weaving in our MCU favorites, so enjoy my little crack family I’ve given you!!  Also, just LOOK at Seb in this gif.  He makes my heart do funny things and I can’t with his perfect smile.  FUCK.

IMPORTANT: My tag list in changing.  Go here for further instruction or risk losing out on my updates!!!

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⬅️⬅️PART 8 ||| PART 10➡️➡️

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

To say the following weeks were a dream come true would be a grotesque understatement.

After grabbing coffee with Bucky that day the two of you defiled a classroom, you became practically inseparable.

You would hang out in his office studying when he was teaching classes, and when he wasn’t his hands and lips were all over you.  You’d had a rule, no sex in the office, but that went to shit after the stunt you pulled the day Tony walked in.  You lived for these private moments when you could love on each other without the fear of judgment from others.  Here you could be free to sit side by side, Bucky’s fingers grazing your arm unconsciously as the two of you worked.

Lectures were spent with two of you making bedroom eyes at each other - a fact that Natasha so excitedly pointed out on many occasions.  No one shipped the two of you harder than your best friend.  She would sigh dreamily whenever you told her of your dates, and the time he’d slipped a rose in your bag when you weren’t looking.  Of course, you made her and Wanda promise that no one else could know and you trusted them with your life.

Outside of these walls, you had to be more careful.  If you went on a date, it had to be a place that was believable where the two of you could just randomly run into each other and decide to catch up.  One of you would always arrive at a coffee shop or movie first, then the other would join, acting as if the encounter was completely unexpected.

These outings were stressful, with one of you always checking over the other’s shoulder anxiously.  Often, they would include some sort of small spat, but it was nothing that could derail the feelings you had for each other.

Contact was strictly off limits, as was blatant flirting, but you liked to push your luck.  If the table had a cloth that hid your legs, you would let your foot slide up Bucky’s legs, sometimes even being bold enough to kick off a shoe and stroke him with your bare foot through his pants.

The look he would give you would say it all, and you would find yourself looking forward to when he could get you alone.

The decision to move in together shocked both of you.  You were making coffee one October morning before class in nothing but one of Bucky’s shirts when strong arms wound around you.  “Good morning, handsome.”  A hum vibrated through your skin as he kissed your shoulder.

“Mornin’, gorgeous.”  He whispered.  “I could get used to this.”  You giggled as he grew closer, pressing his hard torso up against your back.  You press a kiss to his hair before wiggling your way out of his arms and making your way to the table.

“Yeah, well I’ve got to go home sometimes.”  You tease, sitting down.

“Well, maybe you don’t have to?”  You cast your eyes up to your shirtless boyfriend and smirk, knowing the article of clothing that he’s missing is currently adorning your otherwise naked body.

“Bucky, I do!  My clothes are there!  Plus Natasha would kill me, how am I supposed to do my part of the cleaning, and then there’s the lease, and -”

“What if this was your home?”  He spit out.

That rendered you speechless.

“What?”  The shock that you were sure was etched all over your face adorned Buck’s as well as the words registered in his own mind.

“What…if this was your home?”  He asked again, more sure this time.  His firm figure moved closer, but you remained rooted in your chair.  Chills erupted over you as he leaned down to your level, thick arms caging you on either side of your body.

“Buck, what are you saying?”  Your question lands upon the lips that are so close to yours.  A beat passes as you breathe each other’s air.

“Doll…I guess I’m asking if you’d want to move in with me.”  An answer isn’t spoken allowed, but the kiss you gift him with is answer enough.  It’s a sweet, sensual gesture that takes your breath away.

Never having enough of each other, Bucky drapes you over the table where you christen your now shared furniture.

Natasha certainly wasn’t pleased at first, but after promising that you’d sleep over all the time calmed her down quickly enough.  As did Wanda volunteering to pick up your lease and move in with the red head.  Many a girl’s nights were had after that, resulting in Bucky whining comically that the point of moving in was to actually live together.  

The nights alone shut him right up.

You realize very early on in your secret relationship that the holidays were challenging.

When Halloween rolled around, you were a little disappointed that you and Bucky couldn’t match. It would be a dead giveaway. You’d both agreed.  So instead you attended the campus Halloween party for the first time since your undergrad years just to spend some time with him.  You had to bide your time, making sure not to spend too much time alone what with Tony’s watchful eye and all.

For Thanksgiving, he gently turned down your invite to the Friendsgiving celebration at your apartment with Nat, Wanda, and their men. I already promised Steve and Sam I’d celebrate with them.  I’d invite you, but…  Dead giveaway.

You’d frowned at him, explaining that Natasha knew, so why couldn’t Steve?  The fight that followed left you crying alone in Bucky’s room while he spent the evening on the couch.  Friendsgiving was tough too as you were the only friend there alone.

Your wine was great company, though.

As Christmas rolled around, you realized two things. One: Your classes would be ending very soon, and you would no longer have a class with Bucky.  Two: You were going home for Christmas.

After what happened at Thanksgiving, you were nervous to broach the subject of holiday plans.  The two of you had let your families know you were going to be staying in town this year but didn’t tell them why.  Your mother was less than pleased, but you loved Bucky enough that a quiet Christmas in with him would be enough for you.  That didn’t quell the heart ache when your brother called and asked when you’d be coming home.  And it seemed that everything you and Buck did together only brought it to the forefront of your mind.  It was when the two of you were decorating the Christmas Tree that Bucky asked.

“So what’re we doing for Christmas, babe?”  He asked nonchalantly as if the last time the subject was brought up didn’t end in your biggest fight to date.

“I…I uh, dunno.  We could make hot chocolate and rent a movie or something.” You mumbled, continuing to hang ornaments.  “I didn’t think we’d do anything too big.”

“Why wouldn’t we?”  He chuckled but was silenced when you only glared in response.  “Right…Thanksgiving.”


“Look, Doll…I’m really sorry.  I just don’t want to lose you.”  You glanced at him, sighing when you saw him putting down ornaments and turning his attention to you.  Seemed the decorating would be abandoned for now.

“I’m not going anywhere, you nut.”  You teased, poking his nose.  When his serious demeanor didn’t drop, you knew he wasn’t playing.  “Why would you lose me?”

“Y/N, you know why.  Tony is very clear on his stance on student-teacher relationships.  I could lose both you and my job.”

Well, you certainly didn’t want that.

“How do you typically spend Christmas?”  He asks, quickly moving the conversation on from your terrible moment of reality.

“Uh, I go home.  Spend it with my parents and brother.  Sometimes more of my family comes over if weather and work permit.  What about you?”

“I spend it with Steve’s family.”  He mumbles with a soft smile.  “My parents died awhile back, so Steve’s mom has opened their doors to me and mine.”  He says, punctuating that last bit with a heated glance toward you.  

You ignore the shiver it sends down your spine.

“This year it’ll be Sarah, Steve, and Sharon.” You both giggled at the way he overexaggerates the S’s in each name.

“Oh?  Where’s that at?”  You ask, returning to the task at hand.  Chuckling at the perfect timing, Bucky turns the ornament in his hand to face you.

“Brooklyn.”  The city stares back at you as the Brooklyn ornament dangles between his fingers, and you can just feel your face light up.

“Wh-no way!  My parents live like 30 minutes out of the city!”

“No shit, doll?” He muses with a smirk as his face mirrors your own excitement.  You nod enthusiastically before choking the question down.  There was no way you could ask him.  “Well…if you wanted…maybe we could spend a couple days with your family?  And a couple with Steve?”

“You…you want Steve to know?”

“Doll, I want the world to know.” He breathes, sweeping you into his arms and pressing his lips softly against your own.  “We just have to wait a couple of months, just until you graduate.  How could I face my best girl if I lost my job?”

You feel like you can hear the ‘I love you’ begging to fall off his lips, but before he can say anything else, he bites his bottom lip and looks down at you.

“Doll, I want you to meet my family.  And I want to meet yours.”

“Then I’ll call my mom tonight and let her know.”  And with that, you press a kiss to the lips he had just been worrying at with his perfect teeth to bound off and fetch your phone.

Suitcases: waiting in baggage claim.  

Flight: landed. 

Family: awaiting your arrival.  

Nerves: on. fucking. fire.

The call home had been rather painless, and your mother was overjoyed that you would be coming home after all, though she had a funny way of showing it.

“Oh, so now you want to see your mother?  What makes you so sure she wants to see you?”  You groaned loudly into the receiver, dropping flat onto the bed.

“Oh my god, mom.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it at first! I’m sorry.”

“Uh-huh.  Why wouldn’t you have been?  You’ve always come home for Christmas, even the year there was that blizzard.”  You bit your lip, feeling your heart pick up as you neared your confession.

“Well I wasn’t sure, my plans have never been split before.”  You can almost see the way you know she’s squinting her eyes suspiciously.

“Split?  What do you mean ‘split’?  Are you bringing Natasha down?”  You’re almost hesitant to squash her hopes when she brings up Nat.

“Mom, I’ve, uh…met someone.”

The line is absolutely dead for a few moments as you bite your lip.


“You’re bringing his ass down here, right?  I get to meet the man who’s stolen my baby?”  The short clipped down has you barking with laughter, and you can just see the look on your mother’s face.

Originally posted by nyonglupita

“Yes, Maria, he’s coming with me.  And I’m not your baby!  I’m the oldest!”  Bucky chuckles as he passes you, catching only this line of banter with your mother.  She ignores your quip and moves on.

“Well good, maybe now Peter will stop moping around the damn house all day.  You really upset him, you know?”

“I know.”  You sniffle, fighting the swell of guilt.  “But could you not tell him?  I want it to be a surprise.”

“Sure, why not let him suffer some more?”  You both laugh loudly at that, shaking your head.  “Your dad’s gonna shit, his little girl bringing a man home.  So I’ll see you when you get in?  Do you need a ride from the airport?”

“Nah, we’re flying in on Christmas Eve, we’ll just grab a cab.  Love you, mom.  Can’t wait to see you.”

“Love you too, be safe Y/N.”

You drummed your fingers on your thigh as the cab entered your neighborhood.  You still had about five minutes, but you simultaneously anticipated and dreaded the moment that Bucky met your parents.  They would pick up on the age gap quickly, there was no doubt about that.

You also dreaded the moment that your brother would get his hands on Buck.  He could be such a little twerp when he wanted to be, and he had an uncanny way of getting under your skin…but you loved him, and you honestly couldn’t wait for him to meet the love of your life your boyfriend.  Aside from Nat and Wanda, he was your best friend.

When he finally decided he couldn’t take it anymore, Bucky reached over and squeezed your hand.

“I can hear you thinking.”  He chuckles, pressing his lips to your knuckles.  “It’ll be fine.”

“I know…I just can’t help but worry.  Besides, my family can be…a lot.”  His low rumble of laughter fills the cab.

“So  can mine.”  Your eyes find his, and instantly you feel the butterflies in your stomach dissipate.  You knew that everything would be alright.

“This is it.”  You alerted the cabby, fishing out your wallet.  A large hand on yours stilled your actions as Bucky handed his cash over.  With a wink, he stepped out into the cold New York air and busied himself with retrieving your bags.  You glanced up at the house, noting both cars were home.  A large smile broke out over your face as the door opened and out stepped your mother.  “Mom!”

“Y/N!”  She cried, open arms catching you as you practically tackled her to the ground.  Behind you, Bucky approached.  When you pulled away from her, you gestured to Bucky “Mom, this is my boyfriend, Bucky.  Buck, this is my mom, Maria Hill.”

At the sound of his nickname, you were gifted with the signature arched brow of Maria Hill.

“James Barnes, ma’am.  It’s so wonderful to meet you. If you don’t mind me asking -”  He began, gesturing to the two of you.  “Your last names?”

“When you run a major organization, Mr. Barnes, you don’t want to get into a name change.  Believe me.  Hill’s the maiden name and the Mr.’s inside.  C’mon, I’ll introduce you.”  Two sets of hands stooped down for the suitcases, but before your mom could even hope to help, Bucky was scooping them up all on his own with a smile.

“Lead on!”  The look your mom passed you could only be classified as nothing short of delighted.  Stepping inside, she gestured for the two of you to follow and shut the door behind you.

“Babe!”  She called out. “Come here, YN’s home!”  Before you could take two steps inside you heard the heavy footfalls of your little brother.

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“Mom? Did you just say-”  Peter shouted, coming to a skidding halt at the top of the stairs.  “Y/N!!”  Before anyone could react, the lanky teen bounded down two steps before launching himself over the banister only to land right in front of you.  Strong arms wound around you before hoisting you into the air.  “I thought you weren’t coming home?”

“Peter!”  You cried, throwing your arms around your brother.  “Surprise!”  The two of you were all smiles as he set you down, his eyes suddenly meeting Bucky.  When he cocked an eyebrow at you, you introduced the two.

“Hey, sorry Hillie, I was in the garage.  What did you-” Wide eyes caught yours from behind thin glasses, and you couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face.  

“My daughter’s home.” Your father mumbled quietly, taking a moment to process the fact that you were standing right in front of him even after you told him you wouldn’t be home this Christmas.  “Hillie!  Y/N’s home!”  He shouted, the shock finally catching up to him as he lunged for you, his arms wrapping around you immediately.  “Oh, how’s my girl?”

“Hi, Dad.”  You huffed as the air was squeezed out of you.  You were not gonna tear up, nope.  Not gonna tear up.  “Uh, Dad, there’s someone I want you to meet.”  You began, pulling away from the much-needed Dad hug.  “Dad,  this is…my boyfriend.”

It was like the very air had been sucked out of the room as your dad turned to the man in question.  As your dad approached him, Peter scooted his way to your side, taking your father’s place.

“Bruce Banner.”  He offered shortly, extending his hand.

“James Barnes, sir.”  Beside you, Peter snickered until you elbowed him in the ribs and shushed him with a finger against your lips.  Bruce grunted in acknowledgment, glancing between the two of you.

“Oh, Bruce, knock it off.”  You mom finally cuts in, smacking his hand away from Bucky’s.  “You’re not nearly as scary as you think.”  She winked at you and your brother, causing the whole family to giggle.  Bucky, bless his soul, was standing there looking lost.  “C’mon tough guy, let me show the lovebirds to their room.”  Raising an eyebrow at your mother, you followed, not daring to ask the question in front of your father.

“You two will stay in your room.”  She said as she opened the door for Bucky.  “I would put one of you in the guest room, but my sister’s coming in.  Besides, we’re all adults here.  You two can do whatever you want.”  She pinned Bucky with a hard stare, and at that moment she was far scarier than your father had been.  “Just not under my roof.  Clear?”

“Crystal.”  Bucky choked out.

“Wait, Pepper’s coming in?”  You asked eager to move on from the tension hanging heavily in the room.

“Yup!  She’ll be in sometime this week, probably after Christmas.  She’s swamped at work.  Anyway!”  She clapped suddenly, causing the two of you to jump at her sudden shift in mood.  "Dinner’s at 8!  Don’t,”  She warned, eyes finding your boyfriend once more.  “Be. Late.”  And with that she was out the door, leaving it open behind her.

“…I think they like you!”



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Ignore Him

Notes: Hey guys! I’m only posting this late (it’s late for me) because I just got back from a road trip so….yeah. Anyways, I hope you like it! This was a requested imagine. I need more requests! I love getting them and making them, so don’t hesitate to send some in! 

Requested: Yes

Ignore Him

Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Word Count: 1,420

Character Count: 7,574

Warnings: fluff, angst, etc.

You walk into the glee club room, ready for action. 

“Hey, (y/n)!” Blaine greets you. 

“Hey, Blaine.” You smile and hug him. 

“What’s going on?” You ask as you pull away from the hug. 

“Oh, we’re just getting ready to go show the Warblers who’s boss!” Santana smirks. 

“Great. What are we waiting for?” You ask, heading over to your violin case. 

“Well, we were waiting for you. But now that you’re here….” Kurt trails off, smiling. 

“Let’s do it, then.” You grin, taking your violin out of its case. 

Truth is, you’re an amazing singer, dancer, and violin player. The New Directions even called you a Triple Threat. As you and the rest of the New Directions are walking towards Dalton academy, you smirk. They didn’t know you could play the violin yet. 

You walk into the Warbler’s practice room with the rest of the New Directions. 

“Hey, look, guys! It’s the pathetic New Directions. Why in the world would you come here?” Sebastian walks up to you. 

“You know, Sebastian, I’m jealous of all the people who haven’t met you.” You retort. He smirks and rolls his eyes. 

“Lay off him, (y/n). He brings joy to some people, sometimes. Like when he walks out of the room. Everyone in that room basically jumps for joy!” She scoffs. He rolls his eyes again. 

“Yeah, keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” You smirk. He shakes his head and laughs with no humor. 

“If laughter is the best medicine, then your face must be curing the world.” Sebastian looks you up and down then smirks. 

“Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, but what happened to you?” You give him a sarcastic look. He laughs sharply. You and him always had good comebacks for each other. 

“We’re here to show you who’s the best, Smythe.” Santana crosses her arms. 

“Really? And how will you do that?” He crosses his arms, too. 

She snaps her fingers and the rest of the New Directions walk in. You get out your violin from behind you and rest your chin on it. The Warblers look a little surprised at the violin, but you knew they would be. You start to play, and they look even more surprised that you’re so good.

Song: Radioactive
By: Imagine Dragons (Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling cover in the video)

I’m waking up

To ash and dust

I wipe my brow

And I sweat my rust
I’m breathing in the chemicals


Blaine starts singing.

I’m breaking in and shaping up

And checking out on the prison bus

This is in the apocalypse


I’m waking up

Everyone starts singing together now, except for a couple of people who are singing backup.

I feel it in my soul

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m Radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m Radioactive


You start a little solo on your violin. Then Blaine comes in again.

I’m breaking in, shaping up

And checking out on the prison bus

This is in the apocalypse


I’m waking up

Everyone comes in again except for the few people who are still singing backup.

I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Artie sings a little solo now.

All systems go

The sun hasn’t died

Deep in my bones

Straight from inside

You have another solo on your violin before Santana sings again.

I’m waking up (everyone else: welcome to the new age - to the new age

Welcome to the new age - to the new age)

Then everyone joins in.

I’m waking up

I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


(Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE2GCa-_nyU)

You end and put your violin down. Little did you know, Sebastian was staring at you in awe the whole time, but he didn’t show it anymore. 

“Wow…that was….surprising.” Sebastian smirks. 

“What does that mean?” You roll your eyes. 

“It means that I thought you guys were better. Now we’re definitely going to win. Right, guys?” Sebastian grins evilly. 

“Oh, whatever! You’re just afraid of us.” You smirk. 

“You know, (y/n), you would join the Warblers at Dalton Academy if it weren’t for the boys only rule.” Sebastian looks you up and down. What he said was true, but you didn’t want to admit it. 

“In your dreams.” You scoff. 

“Actually, it’s in yours.” He smirks. Okay, that was a pretty good comeback. 

“Are you sure you don’t want me to join because you know that if you had me there’d be no way anyone could beat you guys?” You push him backwards a little. He smiles. 

“No, I know that everyone would beat us then, because you suck at singing. Your violin skills aren’t much better, and your dancing is horrible.” He pushes you now. 

“Listen up, Sebastian,” You say his name with disgust, “You’re just too jealous that I’m a triple threat and you’re barely one at all.” You sneer and turn around, walking off. The rest of the New Directions follow you.

Later, you head over to Dalton Academy. Sebastian had asked to meet you there. Alone. 

“What do you want, Smythe?” You growl as you approach him. He was alone, just like he promised. You had trusted him enough to come alone, too. Even though he was supposed to be your arch nemesis, you couldn’t shake the thought of how attractive he is. 

“Just wanted to see you, (y/n).” He answers with his signature smirk on his face. You wanted to slap it right off. 

“Yeah, well, you’ve seen me. Can I go home now?” You roll your eyes. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. A sign of stress or anxiety. You’ve never seen him do this. What could he be stressed or anxious about? You have no clue. 

“No, not quite yet. I need to talk to you about something.” He sighs. 

“Well, what is it? I haven’t got all night, you know.” You cross your arms. 

“I’m trying to be serious here, (y/n).” He rolls his eyes. 

“I’m serious, too! I need to get home soon, or my parents will freak.” You argue. 

“Fine, fine! I wanted to meet you here because i wanted to tell you thatithinki’minlovewithyou.” He slurs his words together so you can’t understand them. 

“What?” You ask, clearly confused. 

“I think I’m in love with you, okay!?” He yells. Your eyes widen in surprise. 

“What….? Are you serious, Sebastian?” You ask, surprised. 

“Yes! I wouldn’t lie to you like that, (y/n).” He sighs and runs his hand through his hair again. 

“What made you think you’re in love with me?” You ask. 

“When I saw you today with the New Directions, I saw how passionate and amazing you were with the violin and it sparked something inside me. I don’t know….I shouldn’t have told you this. I’m sorry. I have to go.” He turns around and starts to walk away before you grab his shoulder and turn him back around. 

You immediately kiss him. He’s surprised at first, but then he soon kisses back. Once you pull away, he’s grinning from ear to ear. A real smile, not his usual sarcastic one. 

“I think I love you, too.” You blush. 

“Why?” He asks. You sigh. 

“Ever since I saw you, no matter how much of a sarcastic jerk you were, I could never get you off my mind.” A small smile appears on your face. 

“Aw, you’re so sweet.” He teases. 

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” You joke and kiss his cheek. 

“Why were you so mean to mean to me if you thought you were in love with me?” You ask, curiously. 

“I didn’t want to be in love with you, and I thought if I ignored it and was mean to you instead of pursuing it, I could shake the feeling off.” He shrugs. 

“Now you know how I felt about you!” You tease. He laughs. 

“I don’t know how I’m going to tell the Warblers that I’m dating the girl that they thought and I thought I hated.” He shrugs. 

“I don’t know how I’m going to tell the New Directions that I’m dating the hated arch nemesis Sebastian that almost blinded Blaine and hates our group. But hey, maybe I can make you nicer.” You suggest, as if he’s actually going to go along with it. 

“Maybe.” He agrees. You smile and pull him in for another kiss. 

Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all.

A/N: Tell me what you think! I hope you guys liked it :) Request/Ask box is open!! Feedback is encouraged, just no hate. Bai!

Deleted lines from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  • Abe: Go to her...!
  • Jacob: Yeah, might as well. I'll probably never meet anyone else. And I have this genetically-handed down job now. It's almost as if I was pre-destined for a life role I have no agency in choosing.
  • Emma: Ew, no, I can't date my ex's grandson
Who Are You?

Pairing : SamxPlussize!reader
Word count : 943
Author : Mel

Part 4 of the ‘Who Are You’ Series.

Wiping your cheeks, you pulled out your phone to send a text.

Who are you?

“You need to stop doing that Dean!” Sam tossed the weapons into the trunk.

“Doing what?” Dean tossed his in as well.

“You know what.” Sam ground out as he slammed the trunk and turned to his beat up and blood covered brother.

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Snowed In

Pairing:  Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,762

Summary: Dean and the reader get snowed in on Christmas Day. 

Christmas Request by: @winchestdiaries

“You look like you’re trying to melt the snow with your mind.” You joke looking at your boyfriend.

“They said we’d get four inches tops. There’s over a fucking foot right now.” Dean growls staring out the window.

“You should write a strongly worded email to Channel 7.” You say mocking him.

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titty-now-titty-later  asked:

hey bruh it's been a while since you've been on!! :O I don't wanna be the Annoying One™ so like feel free to ignore/correct me or w/e but like is everything going alright? idk u just seem a lil bit under the weather. idk what we'll all do if our favourite meme loses the will to meme. heaven will fall and satan will rise from the pit bro. anything could happen ;--;

It okie friendo!!! Thank you so much for the concern <3 <3 <3
I had to prepare for med exams so that’s like 90% of my soul gone lmao
I’m super duper okie :’) the memes are infinite not to worry ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

Also I was procrastinating with a personal project

(Disclaimer: This is a completely self-indulgent personal project and since I’m using copyrighted official art edits I’m not gonna be releasing this at all unless I suddenly have the time to draw out every single character instead. And the course I’m doing is pretty much one with the least amount of free time possible _(:3」∠)_ . Well, the second busiest at least. I haven’t seen my architecture friends since forever lmao)

Cartman: well I appear to be lost
Cartman: oh I know
Cartman: (yelling) Eric Cartman sucks!

Voices from distance

Kyle: he’s fat to
Wendy: sexist prick
Stan: I don’t care
Kenny: Eric Cartman you mean Trumps son
Jimmy: He-ca-can-can’t take a joke
Butters: Well Eric is a big old meanie
Bebe: He’s ugly
Red: and fat
Hidie: he smells bad too
Token: he’s a racist son of a bitch
Craig says nothing and flips the camera of

Cartman has heard everything and comes running over extremely pissed.


Cartman leaves and the children are clueless to what they’ve done to piss him of.

Stan: Dude what did we do?

Kyle: I don’t know maybe he just has to much sand up his vagina. (Kenny bro fist Kyle while black shades appear on his head)

Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Two

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


PARTSintro | 1  | | 3  | 4  | 5  | 6  | 7 | 8  | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

DISCLAIMER: Any GIFs, external images, etc. used are not mine unless specified otherwise. Credits go where they rightfully should. The GIF below is mine

AUTHOR’S NOTE: well, this part’s not really exciting, but trust me friends, a shitstorm is awaiting these beloved characters, and I am excited to bring it to them! Oh, and my Mom caught me Googling Korean names (you’ll find out why soon enough) and now she’s convinced I’ve lost my mind. Yay. I guess “it’s for a story!” isn’t a believable excuse anymore. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“NOW, NOW, DARLING,” Namjoon staggered, smirking at the woman in front of him. “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” He quickly dodged a punch she threw and grabbed her arm, twisting it to her back. The woman cried out in pain, but Namjoon simply laughed. “I did warn you. You’ve been quite naughty, haven’t you? Trying to let out prisoners. Giving away our exchange locations to the police. Holding a gun to my brother’s head.” He growled towards the end of the sentence, and she whimpered.

“This is wrong! I didn’t think it would be this bad, but they’re all in pain!”

“And they deserve to be. Do you think we imprison people for fun? Because we have nothing to do with our lives? I’m a very busy man, baby, and this has completely ruined my mood. Come now, I know what to do with you.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to hear that your day hasn't gone so well. I hope your sister has a speedy recovery and that you'll get to go home to your family soon.

Yeah well, I’m the only person Harry’s got, besides some casual drinking friends, so I sort of have to take care of her.  And I mean, she is my sister too.  She’s family, I love her.  But yeah, I’m looking forward to getting back home.  

stevebucky  asked:

a possibility for your gorgeous middle america star wars au: poe as cross country truck driver

oh no this is so good

Just Movie Night

REQUEST: @blumarvel: Accidental Hand Hold with Peter Parker? ;) (prompt list can be found here)
PAIRINGS: Peter Parker x Reader
WARNINGS: some cursing
LENGTH: 782 Words

Accidental Hand Hold: “An Accidental Hand Hold occurs when Alice and Bob reach for the same item and find themselves holding hands instead.” – TV Tropes

“Shit. Sorry Mr. Stark but I gotta get home.” said Peter, glancing at the clock.

“Peter it’s a Friday. You can do schoolwork tomorrow.”

“It’s uh not schoolwork.” said Peter, blushing. 


“It’s not like that! Y/N is just my friend. We have movie nights on Fridays around 5:30.” he said, his leg bouncing anxiously. 

The clock said it was 5:15. It took Peter about 30 minutes to get home from Stark Towers, about 20 if he was using webshooters. 

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