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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】BTS My Biography – Jimin’s part  

The middle school student who loves dancing became a member of BTS

My earliest memory is when I was 4 – 5 years old (nominal age) and we were moving to a new property nearby where we lived at the time. I held the rice cooker’s inner pot and helped my family to move. When I was a child, I loved to go outside to play with my hyungs and friends in the neighborhood every day. We often played football and hide & seek. Once I ran too far away and even ran to the nearby town (laughs).

In primary school, I loved to play with my friends. During the breaks, we often played football. Although I really liked drawing, I hated coloring. My future dreams changed constantly every day, I wanted to become a chef when I watched a cooking anime. When I watched ‘Galaxy Express 999’, I wanted to become the Galaxy Express’ driver, and I wanted to become a pirate when I watched ‘One Piece’.

I have a very good relationship with my young brothers, who’s 2 years younger. Sometimes, we play games together at home, or watch movies. I remember that we watched the anime ‘Dragon Balls’ and the movie ‘The Host’. We’re just like friends.

I got along with everyone in middle school. Although there’re 6 classes in my school, I pretty much knew everyone. I joined the football and table tennis clubs at school, I was happy every day back then.

I became interested in dancing during the 2nd grade of middle school. I used to go to practice punctually after school, and I started to attend a dance academy in 2010. I was also happy in the dance academy. Whenever I had time, I would go practice dance. I’ve also participated in big performances, but I was really nervous. Actually, even now sometimes I still get nervous when I stand on the stage.

A year before graduating from middle school, I started to think about attending an arts high school. I couldn’t even concentrate on studying when I was in the self-study room, I was worrying about “which high school should I attend? what do I want to do in the future…” While I was contemplating, I thought about having a job where I could stand on the stage. So, Busan Arts High school became my target. In dance majors, I wanted to learn dances that’s modern so I chose contemporary dance as my major. During high school, I spared no effort in dancing. At the time, my friends and I only knew dancing, we got together and practiced, messed around and then continued to practice. During high school, I also had to deal with the dance academy’s workload, but I worried about the tuition fees so I said: “I won’t attend the dance academy anymore.” However, the teacher said: “Jimin, you can attend even if you don’t pay.” The teacher took so much care of me, I wanted to repay the teacher so I practiced even harder. I learnt a lot under the guidance of the teacher. I’ve never thought about giving up dance, not even once.

During spring 2012, my middle school dance teacher contacted me so I auditioned and got accepted, then I decided to go to Seoul in May. The first member I met was Hobi hyung. Hyung welcomed me and said, “let’s work hard together!” Other members also came to talk to me, it just reminded me of the time when I arrived, I went to eat with everyone in the canteen. The happiest moment during the trainee life was when we eat and play together. I still have the amusement park ticket that we went together, I still carry that around in my wallet. It’s because it was the first time and first place that all of our members went together to play. So, it’s engraved on my memory. I’ve been carrying that ticket for about 5 years.

In Seoul, I got transferred to the same school as Taehyung. I was in Class 4 but Taehyung was in Class 2, the whole school knew Taehyung. Because Taehyung has a lot of friends so when he came to my class, he said to the students, “be nice to Jimin!” I’m really shy with strangers, but I gradually got close to my classmates thanks to Taehyung.

The most difficult part of the trainee life was the uncertainty of my future. I got anxious when I hear “you might get eliminated this time”, so I wanted to do my best with practicing. If I practiced until 3, 4am, I would sleep a bit and go practice singing at 6am for an hour and then go to school. This routine continued for about a year. At the time, I’ve never thought I could become a member of BTS, but I was chosen as a substitute member. The hyungs said: “we want to debut with Jimin”, and that became my strength. The feeling of wanting to debut with these hyungs grew stronger.

I was so excited when we debuted. The memories of when we had the showcase, we received a cake from our fans for the first time, after the showcase BTS members and staff members all cried, we went on music shows the next day, and Jin hyung cried. No matter how long it has been, I can’t forget those memories.

I don’t have anything new that I want to challenge in the future, I just want to challenge and see how far I can go with the things I’m doing now. I’m also diligently learning Japanese because I want to speak Japanese fluently!

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)
V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap MonsterJungkookJinJ-Hope
BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

throughout the past few years of high school, i’ve dealt with balancing all my extracurricular activities with my school work. doing it all might be hard, but it’s not impossible. here are some tips i’ve picked up from years of balancing it all!

first things first, know how to limit yourself:

1. understand your limits. if there’s yet another club you want to join, but you know you don’t have the time or capability to commit, you shouldn’t push it.

2. know what’s most important. above everything, even your school work, your mental health and sleep are the most important things. don’t compromise it for another activity listed on your college application. 

3. be truthful with yourself. just because your best friend can balance 10 different activities doesn’t mean you can. everyone’s different.

now for the actual tips!

1. make sure the sponsor/coach/head of your activity understands how much work you have. most of them will understand that school comes first, especially if the activity is through the school. if you feel like they are disregarding the fact that you are balancing school with the activity, try and talk to them about finding a compromise. 

2. try to do homework at meetings. this doesn’t necessarily apply to every club or activity, but use any time you have a break to do homework. in most activities that meet for hours after school every day, you will most likely have breaks or times where you aren’t necessarily doing much. use this time to try to read a few pages or do a math problem or two. 

3. spend all extra time wisely. going off of 2, all time you have off is precious. treat it as such. when you get home after practice/rehearsal/meetings, don’t go straight to netflix if you have a short amount of time before bed. try to get as much done as possible. if you have time during the day, like study hall, it may be tempting to use the time to talk to friends, but always try to get some work done. spare time is your best friend. 

4. study smarter, not harder. figure out what needs to be done first when you have a few extra minutes. don’t review information you already know. when you have limited time to study, figure out what study method works most efficiently for you, and study what’s most important first. 

5. don’t stress about making your notes look perfect. this goes for anyone with limited time. if you only have a short bit to study, don’t make your notes look perfect. this may be hard to do, considering the fact that this is studyblr, but we all know how long it takes to have perfect notes. understand that it’s more important to have finished notes than cute notes.

if you have anymore questions about this, or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message!

you can find my introduction post [here] for a little bit about me!



Imagine you own a flower shop and you always bring flowers to Happy’s mother, and Happy repays you with dinner (Part 1) (Part 2) (Last Part)

Imagine being Chibs’ daughter and you have a serious thing for Happy. (Part 1) (Last Part)

Imagine Happy getting you a puppy.

Imagine being Happy’s daughter and being a grifter like Sophie from Leverage.

Imagine being Happy’s Old Lady and your daughter from a previous relationship calls him daddy for the first time.

Imagine being SAMCRO‘S Sweetheart and they think you’re really dainty until you beat a crow up for running her mouth.

You embarrass yourself in the elevator in front of Happy. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Imagine your dad, Happy, teaching you how to drive.

Imagine you’re Happy’s Old Lady, and you two see who can last the longest without sex.

Happy Imagine Based on the song Nothing Without Her by Nelly.

Imagine meeting Happy on the side of the road. (Part 1)    (Part 2)

Imagine Happy finding you self-harming. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Imagine you get stood up for your prom and slow dance with Happy.

Imagine Phone Sex with Happy.

Imagine a crow flirts with Happy.

Imagine Meeting Happy in the Hospital While Waiting For Your Appointment


Having a daughter from a previous relationship and she calls Juice dad for the first time.

Imagine your daughter’s want to hear a story about how you met their fatherm Juicem for the first time. *After Juice Dies*

Juice seducing you while you’re playing video games.

Imagine you are Juice’s Old Lady, the daughter of Gemma and you find out they are all dead.

Imagine you give Juice a pair of your panties for a run.

Imagine you go with Juice when he tells the club what he did and then you all beat up Potter and Roosevelt.


Imagine Tig finding out you haven’t been enjoying sex anymore and he finds a way to spark things back up.

Imagine being childhood friends with Chibs and Tig instantly takes a liking to you for your fierceness. 

Imagine Tig accidentally hurts his Old Lady during sex.

Imagine the guys met you during a charity event where you  helps troubled youths, and Tig falls for you.

Imagine you‘re Tig‘s girlfriend and all of the guys go to see you fight.

Imagine dating the son of a Mayan and you’re the daughter of a SON.


Imagine you’re Jax and Tara’s daughter and they find out you have been sneaking out to see your boyfriend that they didn’t know you have.

Jax Smut

Imagine being Jax’s daughter and he finds out you’ve been drinking.

Imagine you dress up, just because you wanted to, and Jax yells at the prospects for flirting with you.

Jax Imagine based on the song I Know You by Skylar Grey.

You’re Jax’s unwanted daughter and the club treats you bad but after a shooting at school they see their mistake.

Imagine being Jax’s unwanted daughter, and there being a shot out but instead of living you die. That’s when everyone realizes their mistakes.

Imagine being Jax and Tara’s daughter and afraid to tell them that you’re pregnant so you go to Gemma for advice.

 Imagine being Jax’s daughter but never knowing since he passed before you were born, but you find out and confront your mom. (Part 1) (Part 2)  (Part 3)

Imagine beating up a crow, and when you go home you show Jax just who he belongs to.

Imagine being Jax’s 6 month pregnant Old Lady and getting kidnapped.

Imagine being mute and saying I love you to Jax on your wedding day.


Imagine being Otto’s daughter and you run back to Charming for safety were Kozik becomes very protective of you.

Imagine your Happy’s little sister and you have feelings for Kozik but your brother doesn’t approve, until he shows he can protect you.

Imagine you are Jax’s daughter and Tig’s god daughter and they catch you having sex with Kozik.

Imagine you catch Kozik’s attention because of your Chevy Nova and you two fall in love.

Imagine Birthing Class with Kozik.

Imagine being Bobby’s daughter and falling in love with Kozik.


Imagine based on the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes for Chibs.

Having a breakdown and Chibs letting you take your time to talk to him, then you both say ‘I love you’ for the first time. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Imagine shower sex with Chibs.

Imagine after things settle in Charming your Old Man, Chibs, takes you to Ireland and Scotland to see where he grew up.

Chibs feeling Insecure but you reassure him.

Suprising Chibs by getting a tattoo of his name.

You’re Chibs’ daughter and in an abusive relationship, everyone finds out and the guys have a ‘chat’ with your boyfriend.

Imagine having sex with Chibs using strawberries and whip cream.

Imagine being Chibs’ daughter who knows Gaelic and the others get mad because they don’t understand.

Imagine getting locked up and Chibs is always visiting, and writing you.

Chibs Imagine based on the song She Rides by Danzig.

Imagine getting pregnant after a one night stand with Chibs and you see him years later.


Imagine your first dance with Opie on your wedding.

Imagine Opie taking care of you when you’re sick.


Imagine Bobby bringing you to your first SAMCRO party and a hangaround bothers you because he doesn’t believe that you could be with Bobby.


Imagine spending a day with Half-Sack at the beach.

Imagine asking Half-Sack to tie you up during sex, but he is still super sweet.


You’re always nice to them but the guys forget your birthday and you snap, then they realize their mistake.

You’re a friend of the club and have a rude step father and the club sees the way he treats you.

Imagine having a girl’s day with Gemma and you see her hit Cherry in the face with the skateboard.

Imagine the guys only listen to rock ‘n’ roll but you introduce them to some N.W.A.

Imagine baking and the guys keep trying to steal everything.

Imagine you and your friend find a box of puppies, then the guys each pick out their own.

Newborn Princess

Newborn Princess Masterlist


  • “Wanna skip class with me?”
  • “This is too much memorization!”
  • “Wait, we have to write how many pages?”
  • “My favorite period? Lunch.”
  • “Why are you so late?”
  • “My alarm didn’t go off…”
  • “Want to make a study group?”
  • “I can’t wait to fail.”
  • “I forgot my homework at home.”
  • “That whole entire lesson sounded like a foreign language.”
  • “Stop procrastinating!”
  • “This assignment is due tomorrow. You know that, right?”
  • “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.”
  • “Are you staying after school?”
  • “I have clubs after school!”
Musings About Japanese School Life


I have survived my first week of Japanese high school! These past five days have been an adventure; my emotions have never fluctuated in a such a short period of time before. On Monday (Sept. 7th- my first full day) I got really overwhelmed by everything- it wasn’t a bad day at school, but it was a difficult day. I missed home a lot, and there was a little bit of doubt in my mind if I could actually make it through the entire exchange year here. However I got mad at myself for thinking so negatively before things had even begun. So on Tuesday I gave it my all, and from there things got better. Here just an overview of the past few days, and some random thoughts I’ve had, or things I’ve noticed (these are things about my school specifically- every Japanese school is different!):

  • My school is both a middle school and a high school (which probably explains why it’s so big!).
  • I don’t really have a schedule- at least not yet. Even though I am in class 1-A (first year high school, group A), I don’t share all the classes they have. Sometimes I am randomly pulled out and escorted by one of the sensei’s to a different classroom. These other classes have been with the middle school students.
  • I don’t have to do homework except for English, but that’s just reading and book reports so I don’t have a lot. There are many different English classes here- I can’t keep track of them.
  • Sometimes for gym class you have to wear a skirt on top of your shorts. I hate gym (because I’m terrible at sports), and wa so happy to have finished it forever in America. But then I came here, and guess where I am? The gym (T//n//T)
  • Also about gym; my school doesn’t have locker rooms. We all change in the classroom- and there are windows in the doors so everyone in the hall can see right inside…
  • Japanese teachers write everything so fast, since each class is only about 45 minutes long. And then they erase things almost immediately after they write them! I don’t take notes (mostly because I can’t due to Kanji), but I feel sorry for al the other students who have to write things down!
  • My school has these awesome moving chalkboards- you can adjust the height as you’re writing. All of the whiteboards in my American school are fixed to the wall. This Japanese school also uses a lot of technology; we have Smartboards here (interactive white boards), and unlike in my American school, they actually work quite well.
  • Speaking of awesome school things, there are two types of drinking fountains at my school- water fountains and breath fresheners. They actually have fountains with mouth wash, and you can leave with minty clean breath. We also have vending machines throughout the school, so during lunch or in between classes you can purchase drinks. The 6th floor of my school is a cafe- you can by more drinks and snacks.
  • Every day before class starts, homeroom sensei comes around with a bag and collects all of our phones. We get them back at the end of the day.
  • I finally received all the parts to my school uniform- I actually have indoor shoes now! No more climbing stairs in slippers that keep falling off my feet. My shoe locker is the lowest one on the shelf, so last come last serve I guess. Also there is no spot for me to keep my umbrella in the umbrella stands, so I have to take mine up to the classroom and keep it in the corner. I’ve come very close to forgetting it.
  • Japanese girls are loud and rambunctious- not at all quiet like I was told. Even though the students speak during class, the teacher just keeps on going with the lessons. In America the teachers would either stop talking and wait, or they would get upset and raise their voice to get everyone’s attention.
  • Textbooks here are so thin- it would take about seven or eight Japanese textbooks to make one of my old textbooks in America. Also all of them are paperback, and you are allowed to write/highlight/make marks directly in them (I guess that’s because you have to buy everything here).
  • Everyone is still confused on how to spell my name in Japanese. Seriously, if you have a “th” in your name, it’s all over for you. My gym shirt has my name stitched into it in English (everyone else has their names stitched in Kanji), and all the girls think it’s the coolest thing ever.
  • One of the girls in my class got a fake Red Notice from F4 (Hana Yori Dango reference). It was beautifully made- looked like the one in the TV show.
  • Took a chemistry test- realized that all the names for the elements are different in Japanese, and remembered that I can’t read the complex Kanji- so I ended up getting a 34%. Not to mention we had fifteen minutes to answer 108 questions. But it’s ok, because my grade doesn’t count for anything- Sensei is just glad I’m trying. I got a special chemistry book in English.
  • Tried Japanese calligraphy for the first time- it’s a lot of fun! The Sensei said he wants to hang my piece up at our school festival (sometime in early October). Joined the calligraphy club today; my first meeting is next Thursday. Then I was told by two of my friends in the club that there is one girl who is really mean- she’s in a higher grade. We shall see how this goes…  Normally if you want to join a club, you have to fill out all this paperwork- but I have exchange student privileges, so I just had to ask the teacher and I got accepted. She was so happy that I chose her club.
  • I don’t have to attend Saturday school (YAY!), and I don’t have to do the homework: (1) because I don’t understand anything, and (2) because I don’t have any of the textbooks.
  • My school has a rule that after school you have to go directly home; no stopping anywhere or going out with your friends. That’s so depressing because on the way home we pass by so many amazing food stores!!!!
  • Nobody here knows where Pennsylvania is… I pretty much have to explain the location by saying, “It’s the state left of New York”.
  • In world history class we were talking about India; specifically South India (the part of India my family is from!). The textbook said something about “Tamil”, which is one of the Indian languages I speak- but I don;t know what the rest of the lesson was about. Sensei asked me to say some phrases in Tamil, so I did, and my class applauded very loudly.
  • Next Monday there is a new student coming- she’s Japanese, but has been living in South Korea for the past six years. She speaks Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. Finally, I’m not the new student anymore!
  • We are getting ready for our school festival. My group is decorating one of the boards in our classroom- every group gets 1,000 yen to spend on materials. That’s about 10 USD, so I guess we are shopping at the hyaku yen store (equivalent of the dollar store). This year’s theme is “Under The Sea”.
  • During cleaning time (when all the students are cleaning the school), they broadcast the song “Under The Sea”, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Don’t understand why they choose this song, but it’s still fun to listen to!
  • The air conditioning is never on, so we are pretty much melting all the time. Why is there a sweater vest for the summer uniform?!
  • Starting next Friday, every 6th period I will have private Japanese lessons- hopefully I can improve quickly because of the extra help!
  • Today I took the train home by myself for the first time; I made it back successfully! Slowly getting used to the Tokyo train system, but it’s still a bit scary (especially the crowded stations).

More desk doodles from Marina- she was bored during math:

I’m genuinely rly tired of my ap bio teacher acting like she’s my only class

If you’re still thinking about Genosai teacher au….. Saitama lending his sweater to Genos and him having trouble focusing in his classes because he can smell Sensei all around him.

Saitama getting it back, now having it smell like Genos, and not wanting to admit that’s why he’s insanely riled up that night.

Saitama going out to a club with Mumen and Sonic the same weekend that Genos gets a fake ID to let him in… It’s dark and they’re drunk and they start making out with the first person that catches their eye, not realizing it was each other until they got to a better lit corner of the club.

Neither knowing how to face the other that Monday.

Both meeting up long after school is out that Friday.

The awkwardness of trying to figure out excuses for why Saitama missed dinner with King that night, and why Genos didn’t go home until the night after.

The two of them sneaking onto a playground at 2 AM, and just….talking.

The two of them staying on the phone until 4 AM, just…talking….

The guilt they both feel for putting the other at risk, and knowing they won’t stop.

The relief when Genos’ 18th birthday finally hits, and the following shame when they have to explain why they’re so close already.

Waiting through college.

Waiting through first jobs.

Genos cleaning his wedding band as they sit at the dinner table, thinking back on how exhilarating and terrible and odd the start of their relationship was, only to have Saitama blush, and nod, and mutter into his tea, “It was all worth it, though…”

Genos putting the ring back on, smiling to fight the flutters he still gets sometimes, and answering back, “Absolutely, Sensei.”

Kamigami no Asobi InFinite - Thor

Thor was very quiet in the first game so wasn’t sure how his route would turn out. The Norse gods had a lot of drama going on in the first game but Thor’s turned out to be a lot less painful and dramatic. Whether that is a good thing or not depends I guess. He is more expressive in the game, which is good. Thor turned out to be quite sweet and I like one of his love ends heh. 

*spoilers after the cut*

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Hakuouki SSL: Okita

Of course I went for him first. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I loved his route but it wasn’t enough (´;ω;`) On one hand, I think Otomate should stop making Hakuouki games but now I really hope they’ll make an FD. Haha damn Otomate y'all got me. If they do end up making an FD, it better not have these annoying-ass mini games.

Below is a summary and my thoughts about his route and the game. I only included the parts that are relevant to his route.

Seeing as how long it took me to write this, I don’t think I’ll do summaries for the other guys unless someone wants me to.

EDIT 7/4: added something to the Christmas chapter

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[Translation] Kurobas Cup 2015 Pamphlet: Kiyoshi, Hyuuga & Izuki

It’s Seirin’s very own senpais’ turn to shine ! o(*^▽^*)o Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Not for profit. Fan for fans. Please do not use my scans or translation without permission.


Questions for the Casts:

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
Q4. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!!
Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.


Hamada Kenji: Voice of Kiyoshi Teppei

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. I say this every time, but first of all I am feeling really relieved that the series has finished without a hitch. I think it’s really amazing that we’ve managed to transform all the chapters of ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ manga series into anime within these 3 years. We were only able to do that because of the support from all the fans, so I am honestly thankful to everyone.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. During my days as a high school student, I was in the go-home club. However after being a part of this series, I really feel like entering a sports club! But, I think I’ll probably end up spending the 3 years in a go-home club …..

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. ‘KUROBAS CUP’, it’s been 2 years ! With the ‘Kurobas’ passion that cannot be cooled down, I want to enjoy this (event) with everyone.

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘The Five Uncrowned (?) Generals’
It’s quite lame but since we have to make a team including the character we’ve played ourselves, it resulted in this team (rota). Also, some says that they’re not really ‘uncrowned’…..


Hosoya Yoshimasa: Voice of Hyuuga Junpei

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. If I have to express this in a few words, it’s ‘thank you’. I just feel very grateful (for this series) since it has taught me many things. Since performing as Hyuuga Junpei, I have been able to learn new things about myself and experience so many emotions that I’ve never known before. In my opinion, I honestly think that this experience has been a great fortune.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. If I were to go back to being a student, I’ll probably study …..

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. Again, I am very happy for another chance like this to stand and perform in front of all the fans with the ‘Kurobasu’ casts. Please enjoy! And please give us your support!

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Very Personal Taste’
I ended up with this team after choosing the characters I like. I’m not really thinking of whether we’ll be able to work together, or whether we’ll make a strong team.


Nojima Hirofumi: Voice of Izuki Shun

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. I’m filled with many emotions. I’m really happy for the chance to have been a part of such an exciting and long-running series, and once again I’m very glad to have been given the role of Izuki Shun. Of course, the same goes for Tetsuya No.2. I cannot thank the fans enough for all the support they have given us!

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. I don’t see myself playing basketball (laugh). But I really do like (playing) sports, so I think I would like to play something. Maybe baseball. I mean I really like the passion of (students playing) high school baseball !!

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. ‘KUROBAS CUP’ is happening again! Last time, it was really fun to get excited and crazy (about the event) with all the fans and casts alike; so this time too, let’s raise the voltage more! and more!

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Dajare wo iu no wa Dareja (Who said the pun?)’
Decided ! It’s a team of members who enjoy puns, and possibly who looks like they’ll laugh at them ! Because I think it’s important for a team to get along with each other ! With this in mind, (this is a team where) Izuki’s puns will help to set a good atmosphere, it’s this type of ‘basu (basketball)’! And then, we ‘pasu (pass)’ (to win points)! Kitakore (I got it)!


Lol hosoyan, you have a strange taste in characters indeed ( ´ー`)

And damn it would be awesome to see hamada’s team in action, image the awesomeness of 5 uncrowned generals vs. the rainbows (╯✧∇✧)╯

Haha poor nojima, don’t worry senpai, I like your puns and I laughed at them too. Although translating them is a different issue…..

If you’re interested in other translated parts from the pamphlet, you can find them here at my {Translation Master List}.

Anon Submit: Creepy, Crazy Weeaboo

I don’t see many stories on here about full Japanese people’s encounters with weeaboos, so I thought I’d share mine. This one is really scary so be advised. Sorry if my English sucks.

K = Me

W = Weeb

F = My hero (and now my girlfriend)

tw: stalking, harassment, violence, and creepiness.   

So I was about 12 when I moved to a new area and a new school. I didn’t make any friends my first day but on my second day I met W. W was tall and had long brown hair. The moment I met her I knew I was in trouble. After my second class on the second day she ran up to me and hugged me and started saying how how ‘kawaii’ I was. Keep in mind I was very, very short so she was almost crushing me. Being to polite to tell her off I thanked her and tried to go to my net class, but she wouldn’t let me. She asked if I was Japanese. I said yes because I was. W ‘squeed’ and said she would let me join her anime club. I didn’t say anything and just nodded and hurried away to my class.

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Let me just saying something about the American school system

Or at least about the school system where I live.

There are 24 hours in a day. The school day for me starts at about 8am. In my district, there are 7 hours of school and hard learning before we can go home at 2:12. But some people stay after for sports or clubs. Sports go until 5:15 which is 10 hours out of the day and if you take the Afterschool bus you’ll get home around 6 so that’s 11 hours, which is almost half your day. High school students need at least 8 hours of sleep, if not more, so going from the minimum that’s 19 hours gone. This leaves 5 hours that are usually spilt to 3 at night afterschool, and 2 in the morning to get ready. But instead of unwinding and relaxing those extra three hours Afterschool, students have to turn this into time for homework which, if you have as much as my district gives out, it can take 2-3 hours with small 5 minute breaks. This leaves no time to shower or relax after a hard day, so you have to cut into sleeping time so that you can fulfill your other needs and de-stress. However, when taking away sleeping hours you end up going to school groggy and your mind isn’t awake enough to learn. As an alternative to sleep, students who are as young as 13 will drink caffeinated coffee every morning to stay awake, but it doesn’t always work. And when you complain about being tired to your friends or close your eyes for two extra seconds during a lesson the teachers will go
“Oh you should’ve gone to bed earlier last night and you wouldn’t be tired! Sleep on your own time, not mine.” But is there even “your own time”?
Do with this information what you want, I just wanted to bring this up.

anonymous asked:

were you always so devoted/productive in your work? I guess what I mean like in college did you dive right into what you wanted to do or did you gradually start working harder? im in my first year and im worried i need to be more involved but im not comfortable with it yet. i just can't wait to be steadily creating with other people and living a life i can be proud of you're literally so inspiring to me it amazing!!! hope you have a great day!!

after every post i make i wish i could make so many disclaimers like how i literally didn’t get to walk my high school graduation bc i failed algebra 2 and had to go to summer school all because i was lazy or how there were so many semesters in college where i just did enough to pass bc i was too depressed to go to class or how i didnt start interning in fashion until after ! graduation or how i had to move home with my parents after said internship because i was having a mental breakdown

literally dont worry! dont compare! i’m not saying dont make efforts- what gave me such drive during college was i joined a huge club on campus that i eventually became president of/got an on campus job that took up 3000% of my time and i got to do with my friends. but i am saying go at your own pace, try to set little goals for just putting yourself out there. you’ll get to where you wanna be if you just keep working on it!!