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Hiiiiiiii admin! Im so happy you are willing to write a sequel of that cheating scenario yieeh! Please make a happy ending this time. They forgive their s/o something like that? It's up to you on how you want the story will go :'---) Grazie mille ♡

Hi dear! I’m finally here, sorry if it took some time! I don’t know if you’ve read my other post (you can found it under #cheating or something similar) but in the end I’ve decided to introduce a second s/o. I hope you enjoy it either way, because I’ve had a lot of fun writing this!


Kasamatsu Yukio


Kasamatsu was walking down a crowded street absentmindedly. It was winter and light snow fell from the dark sky, shining thanks to the city lights and giving everything a giddy and special atmosphere. Couples and group of friends chatted excitedly in their colorful coats and thought up plans for the near holidays; children squashed their faces against the shop windows pointing at toys and planning their letters to Santa.

He sighed, with the mouth covered by a blue scarf and took a small detour passing through a slightly less crowded park. It was then, that he heard an unusual sound. Looking around, he finally found where it was coming from.

You were seated on the roadside, curled up in your light jacket and with red cheeks. You were sobbing quietly and big tears rolled down your face, hidden between the knees. Next to you, there was an half empty plastic glass with…something in it.

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20 first lines

I just noticed that one thing got paste where It shouldn’t…. In my defense… It was 1am when I did this It’s not the first time that he is going to do this, but he knows it’s the first time in years. I was tagged by @mostlikelytofangirl​ to share the first lines of my 20 latest fanfics, this is going to be so embarrassing, it’s kind of a bless that I have focused only on Boueibu XD

Secret Santa

It is Christmas time, and the guys from the Defense Club and the Student’s Council have agreed to have a small gathering on December 24th, so after that they can go with their families.

Favorite Pillow

It’s been raining since early in the morning and that’s the perfect weather, well not really the perfect weather, but at least it’s nice to take it easy and not doing anything in all day.

My Own Pace

He has spent all his day drawing, writing, cutting and thinking about this chapter that needs to be published this week, but he knows that he can actually handle this better than having continued through college.


How could it be possible that their holiday coincide with their day off?

Personal Chef

En is getting worry, something he doesn’t like because it implies that in a near future he will have to look for a solution and looking for a solution only means that he will have to put some effort in to something.

Lost Glasses

They’ve been doing homework together since they got to Atsushi’s home, that means about two or almost three hours.

Warm me Up

Why has he accepted to come here? Why on Earth has he come to the coldest place in the world?

I thought I’d Lost you

Atsushi knows something is wrong with En, he can’t say exactly what it is, but when they are walking to the Defense Club room he’s doubts are vanished.


Sunday morning, it’s normal for En and Atsushi to go out and walk a bit around.


It’s the third time he vomits, he feels as his stomach contracts and his throat gets even more raspy, is that even possible?

Same Sky

It was a sunny morning, although someone was really gloomy for such a nice weather, En and Atsushi are at the airport right now, one of them has a small backpack and a suitcase, the other is holding his boyfriend’s hand and caressing his hair in a gentle way.

A Real Kiss

He is laying on his futon, it’s the first time sleep doesn’t knock him off as soon as he has got under the blankets.

I got your Back

It’s not the first time that he is going to do this, but he knows it’s the first time in years.

Cerulean & Epinard Week Compilation Fics, Chapter 1: Little Friends

He is bored again, every day is like this.

Say my Name

No one could have ever said if the relationship that they have started has any kind of logic.

Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt

The rays of light are starting to get through the window, En can feel them, but try to ignore them as he clings more into Ibushi, it’s too early, he thinks as he makes himself more comfortable.


They are walking to Atsushi’s place as they normally do after class.

I bet for you

This is the result of a damn bet.

For Your Entertainment

It is a quiet peaceful Saturday night, En and Ibushi are lying down, sharing lazy kisses and about to fall asleep at any moment.

30 Days

Life as it is, could it change?

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Let me tell you some extra information: Boueibu is officially the fandom for the one I have written moer fics… I’m so sorry Beyblade but when you get in magical boys hell you get in Magical Boys Hell

Basic Greetings

Basic Italian Greetings, from Ciao (6th Edition) - Primo Incontro

Ciao! - Hi or Bye (informal)
Salve! - Hello (formal)

Buon giorno - Good morning
Buona sera - Good evening
Buona notte - Good night

Arrivederci - Goodbye
ArrivederLa - Goodbye (more formal)
A domani - See you tomorrow
A presto - See you soon

Come si chiama? - What is your name? (formal)
Come ti chiama? - What is your name? (informal)
Mi chiamo _____ - My name is _____
Molto piacere - Nice to meet you
Piacere mio - My pleasure

Ti presento _____ - Let me introduce _____ to you (singular)
Vi presento _____ - Let me introduce _____ to you (plural)

Di dove sei tu? - Where are you from? (informal)
Di dov’è Lei? - Where are you from? (formal)
Sono di _____ - I am from _____

Come sta? - How are you (formal)
Come stai? - How are you? (informal)
Come va? - How’s it going? 

Bene, grazie, e Lei? - Good, thanks, and you? (formal)
Bene, grazie, e tu? - Good, thanks, and you? (informal)
Molto bene - Very well
Non c’è male - Not bad
Così-così - So-so

Per favore - Please
Grazie (mille) - Thanks (a million)
Prego - You’re welcome!

Scusi - Excuse me (formal)
Scusa - Excuse me (informal)

How to seduce an ENTP

-Caffeine! Give them caffeine! Coffee, energy drinks, you name it. As long as it has caffeine in it the ENTP will be grateful if you give it to them. Caffeine is what keeps their engine running.

-Show them new stuff. Introduce them to new siency discoveries or fascinating theories. Blow their mind with things that they didn’t know.

-Be honest and straightforward with them.


-Speak your mind. If you agree with them on everything and bring no new perspectives to the table they will quickly grow bored.

-Save them if they’re alone and going extrovert grazy because of it! If you don’t know what this means you’re probably an introvert.

-Don’t talk to them like they’re stupid. This one is pretty obvious to me… but some (men in particular) have a habit of talking to you like you’re an imbecile and it’s kinda fucking disrespectful.

-Even if the ENTPs appearance makes them seem sweet/young/whatever don’t assume that they’re naive or innocent.

-When the ENTP is excitedly talking about something don’t ridicule them or joke about it. Lots of the the time ENTPs are genuinely interested in the subjects they bring up so it gets tiring when people briefly listen to you and then laugh and say “lol you’re so deep XD"and then move on to another topic.

-I repeat: don’t underestimate their interests. If they wanna tell you about their thoughts on Platos republic they aren’t kidding. Be a decent person and hear them out.

-Good grammar.

-Don’t be hateful, disrespectful, whiny, hopeless, narcissistic, clingy or make other peoples lives harder on purpose.

-Stare them in the eyes. Hahahaa…

-Push them to do new things when they’re hesitating or procrastinating but don’t tell them what to do.

-Don’t act passive-agressive. If something is off: call them out.

-Have a firm handshake (don’t ask… but this is important).

-Don’t idealize them too much. All though a certain level of admiration is flattering the ENTP will be put off if you act like the ENTP is a some sort of god.

-Don’t act hysterical.

-Be cool and well mannered.

-Ask them thought provoking questions. Make them question their beliefs.

-If dealing with an ADULT ENTP… give them alcohol and see what happens… At your own risk…


-OHHH and none of this will work if the ENTP isn’t naturally curious about you… So be their dream person… And I mean BE don’t pretend to be.

Disclaimer: this is a somewhat sarcastic post… although accurate :)

In my opinion the best songs of they year were: Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang), Something (Girl’s Day), Go Grazy! (2PM), Red (Hyuna) and Good bye bye (NU’EST, MV also really good). I know many won’t agree with NU’EST just because they’re from a shitty company but I don’t care, they did an awesome comeback (they’re not my bias group)

Amore - Part 3


Summary: Dan’s Italian and can’t speak English, and Phil’s English and can’t speak Italian, and they have to figure out a way to communicate. 


“No, no, that’s the bathroom…” Phil gently placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder, guiding him away from the door and down the hall. “My room’s just down here.”
Although Daniel obviously didn’t understand a word of whatever Phil was on about, he obediently followed him, his curious eyes delicately trailing along every painting, photograph and ornament decorating the walls they were surrounded by.
“Grazioso…” He mumbled under his breath, but judging by his soft smile, Phil reckoned it was probably a nice comment.
“Er…” Phil desperately flicked the pages. “Grazie.”
Daniel gave him a little grin, obviously appreciating the effort of Phil’s phrasebook. So far the “’Daily Mirror - ‘Get By’ In Italian’” had helped him out while thanking Daniel for what he hoped was some kind of compliment, helping them up the stairs, and translating Carina for him.
Well, it was certainly a start.
“Here we are.” Phil twisted the handle, gingerly pushing the door open and letting Daniel in first before him, while he took the duty of being the bag-carrier of the two.
Daniel’s eyes widened as he absorbed his surroundings of Phil’s room, from the messy pile of clothes on the floor he’d forgotten to get rid of, and the forgotten mugs that once held late-night coffee, to the band poster covered walls, unmade sheets and shelf after shelf of framed photos and souvenirs of ornamental value.
Daniel flashed Phil a quick smile, his eyes wide with enchantment which Phil found almost slightly humorous; that something he overlooked from day to day could be of such an extreme interest to anyone else.
Phil sat himself down on his bed, patting the space beside him. Daniel gingerly settled himself down on the messy duvet, neither of them particularly knowing what else to do other than communicate in tentative glances and smiles.

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