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RFA members on Halloween

Help us now.

Jumin Han:

-”Oh. Halloween is coming up?”

-”What am I going to be? Am I required to be something?”

-You want him to actually try so he does…..but uh….

-At least he TRIED

-He’s actually proud of his pumpkin head idea and you just agree with him because you think it’s cute that he’s so proud of it.

-Refuses to acknowledge Jaehee when she says he should at least take off his pumpkin head during meetings

Jaehee Kang:

-”Can’t you tell by the ears? I am a mouse. A sad….working mouse.”

-”I didn’t have any better ideas.”

-”Mr. Han was dressing up so I assumed I should, too….”

-It’s literally her formal wear and mouse ears. That’s it.

-She obviously didn’t try very hard and usually doesn’t celebrate Halloween anyway, but hey they look cute on her though so it’s okay!


-Do I need to go any further than this gif?

-Seven seems to be having the most fun out of the entire group.

-”HALLOWEEN COUNT DOWN” (he starts the countdown before October even starts and already has the idea for his costume ready)

-”I thought about being a God for Halloween but what’s so fun about being something you already are lololol”

-Texts Jumin way too many costume ideas for “Elly” (all which are ignored)

-”Ok but Jumin hear me out–”


-Yoosung is completely dressed up


-It took him forever to decide on a costume because he kept going back and fourth between all his favorite villians and game characters

-He’s ready and he’s got his schedule planned out

-He wants candy so that for the rest of the night, he can play LOLOL and eat candy until he passes out and dies


-Didn’t plan on dressing up at first until he heard that Jumin would be

-It seemed like Jumin was challenging him for a costume contest (which he wasn’t at all; he could care less)

-”hmph I can make a scarier costume than Mr trustfund kid”

-Tries too hard to out dress Jumin’s costume and goes to the store to buy the ugliest mask he can find

-Since Jumin wears it to work, Zen wears his mask all day and it makes his day just a little bit harder

-Whenever someone points this out, Zen denies it even though he knows its way too true


-V actually likes Halloween so he tries with his costume

-Goes for one of his favorite horror movie killers

-Only problem is that he’s slowly going blind and the mask (which he made/cut by himself) has super small eye holes that do not help his situation

-Every RFA member, especially Jumin, repeatedly ask V if he can see with that mask when they catch him looking around

-”……I cannot.”

-”….I am scary though, right? The costume is good????”

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In relation to the UT headcanon post, could we maybe see what happens when the reader is either in trouble with such an "enemy" or harassed by a particularly not-nice somebody and UT's reaction, written out? OuO

I like this request so much! (^▽^)ノ

Undertaker was following him for some time. Heavy, thick mist rising over eastern part of London couldn’t prevent him for spying on that disgusting human creature which dared to make you cry in front of his eyes. Well, you didn’t really knew the grim reaper was there witnessing your argument but it doesn’t change that fact he couldn’t simply let him go.
Not after what he had told you.

Singular lampposts illuminated dim light on the empty, pavemented road. The fog was making it almost impossible to see the building’s roofs, damp air filling grim reaper’s lungs as he was calmly passing by tenement houses. It was the middle of the night, nobody was on the streets right now since most of the people were sleeping in their homes; dark windows reminding dead eyes in every building, staring at the mortal who was now quickly marching to his own safe place, unaware of the another one’s presence only few yards behind him. Even though Undertaker’s boots had heels, he stayed inaudiable, carefully taking steps, avoiding puddles on the road, which couldn’t be said about the man ahead. He seemed to be nervous, afraid maybe, desperately trying to reach his home as fast as possible, not knowing that the mistake he made only an hour ago was going to shove him right into the grave. Literally.

Undertaker smiled widely, observing as human turned right probably close to his destination. He could almost feel the sigh of relief he just made, hoping that soon he will be safe. Only if he knew…

He followed a man in the dark, narrow alley between two bricked houses and adjusted his hat so it covered his bright eyes more. Chuckling to himself, he backed away, long, black nails scratching building’s walls making bloodcurdling sound as he disappeared around the corner. It was enough to hear the man squeal like a frightened animal and Undertaker couldn’t help but giggle, covering his mouth with coat’s sleeve. Surely he was going to have some fun with this one.

The man went further, faster than before, steps echoing in the street making him an easy prey. The wind whistled and grim reaper chosed the perfect moment to use his nails once again, this time adding some more strengtht to make the sound louder. How amusing it was to hear your foe tremble and whine, ready to beg for sparing his worthless life.

One of the window shutters opened violently, crashing on the wall drawing man’s attention and making him drop the umbrella he was holding. It gave few seconds for Undertaker to pass by him without getting noticed and hide in the shadowed part of the alley. Foolish, blind humans, they wouldn’t see the god if he standed next to them.

The man picked umbrella up and turned around probably going to run to his home but freezed unable to move when he saw something moving in the shadows. He swallowed the lump in his throat trying to think what to do now. Maybe he was just having hallucinations, oversensitive after reading too much thrillers. However, when he took a step further, he could swear there was something hiding in the corner of the alley, bright, green eyes staring straight at him with such an anger he had never seen before.

Suddenly, he heard this sound again, as if there was a blade scratching on the bricked walls, but when he saw pale and skinny hand emerging from the darkness he understood there wasn’t a thief with a knife lurking for his goods. Moreover, the monster next to him didn’t even have a weapon.

Only his nails.

Wicked chuckle was the last thing he heard before pale fingers wrapped around his neck restricting the airflow completely while the pair of magnetizing eyes stared at him without a whit of mercy.

And then the hand squeezed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to @acountrygirlsfun!

Derek was raised stubborn. It was in his blood since the day he was born, and it was a trait that helped him and cursed him all the same. It’s because of that stubbornness that it didn’t matter what Laura told him, it didn’t matter what Cora told him, and it certainly didn’t matter what Erica told him, Derek was not crushing on the young guy in his Environmental Sciences class.

It wasn’t a crush. He just enjoyed watching him. He had cute little moles that painted his face, his eyes were a striking hazel colour that were frequently veiled by his eyelids (truthfully, Derek didn’t blame him, because he was half asleep most of the time too) and he had feathery, brown hair that bounced with the light movement of his head and Derek couldn’t stop staring at his face.

He’d spotted him around campus once in awhile. He was either with some guy, who had short dark hair and an extremely unsymmetrical jaw, or a petite redhead. Derek was confident that he had caught the two boys cuddling outside the dorms across from his, but that could have just been jealousy eating away at his mind.

He wasn’t planning making a move. He wasn’t even planning on speaking to him. He just wanted to enjoy what he saw. Sue him.

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  • New Good Omens fan: OMG eeee an adaptation is coming out it's totally been announced guys LOOK there's a link and everything oh GOSH OH GOSH OH GOSH
  • Old Good Omens fan: *silently passes around popcorn and beer to drown out the agony of cautious optimism cowering in the corner like a dog whose chain has been yanked one million times too often*

 submitted: Eeeee. I’ve never submitted anything before… I’m assuming this is how I send in a request, and if it is, I’d like to maybe suggest goth/pastel Tavros? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want, I just adore your style so much and wanted to suggest something.

D'aw, this is just about one of the sweetest requests ever. No problem! I hope you like it. (Aradia)

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What do you look for in an ottb dressage prospect?

First thing is always personality.
You can fix a lot of crap but you can’t change what a horse is fundamentally.
I would look for a curious, soft eye, and reasonably willing horse. A little spooky I think at first is fine as long as the rider is not a beginner, because I suggest throwing that thing in a pasture for a couple months to settle down anyway.

As far as athletic ability goes I always look at the back and hocks. For dressage I prefer a shorter back it’s going to make collection easier on the horse. Hocks should be straight under neath them. Sickle hocks are hard to deal with and you’re staring at hock injections. Also no wasp waist horses. If it looks like a greyhound I’d pass. The horses shoulder should be closer to horizontal than vertical.

FEET. Ottbs are notorious for pancake feet. If they have bad feet they will need a lot of shoeing and theres nothing you can really do about. So starting off with good feet is the best option.

Movement is a bit tricky if all you have is a video of them trotting up and down an aisle. But the important thing to look at is the walk. If the horse has a bad walk then you know they have a bad canter. Trot can be persuaded into looking really nice, but walk and canter are very stubborn. You want to see the walk long and free and over tracking into the front hoof print. Look up Beyoncé walking and then watch the horse walk.

For dressage you want a ground covering round moving canter. Which usually results in a slow racehorse. Not always but most of the time. Ideally you want to see w/t/c but the important gait is the walk. So if that’s all you can get it will give you an idea of what the canter will look like.

Also I can’t stress enough the importance of a PRE PURCHASE EXAM.
Never buy a horse without one, ever!
Almost no horse will pass perfectly but you have to decide what you are willing to manage and what you are not.
Slight arthritic changes? Not really a problem. Old fractured sesamoid? Could be a huge problem.

As far as conformation goes @muscle-horse-appreciation
Can go much further in depth than I can. But this was a fun question I enjoyed this one a lot!

A Very Polite Anon Comment About Brolin Shipping and My Response

Anon said

P1: I think it is a good idea to keep people’s real romantic life out of gossip, however in reality gossip about celebrity relationships will always be rife on fansites, gossip mags etc… Almost every celebrity has rumours and speculations about relationships from fans/journalists, at least half of which are false and can be explained away. Colin and Bradley aren’t above that and I don’t see how speculating about Brolin is different from speculating about Bradley/female or Colin/female.

P2: My point is, even just focusing on Tumblr, this site is absolutely full of speculations about both heterosexual and homosexual between real people relationships - yet most people only seem to complain about the latter, when in reality they should be treated the same. I think the vast majority (save the odd 1) Brolin shippers know they are not together and are just having a bit of fun/gossip and would never let it go further than Tumblr. The same as almost any other real-life shipper.

P3: Gossiping about people’s real lives, especially relationships, is probably not a great thing to do in general and is something I try to avoid. Yet people do it all day every day both in their internet lives and their non-internet lives (work/friends etc…). Most of it is just rumours and speculations. It certainly isn’t specific to Brolin shippers, yet time and again they get picked up on it and singled out.

As Anon sent three separate asks, I went ahead and posted them all here together in order to respond.

First of all, thank you Anon for engaging in polite discourse about where we don’t see eye to eye. I mean it. Seriously, this is how to debate an issue; calmly and with respect for the other, sticking instead to the issues in question. 

Point 1: Okay, as I had commented on earlier, while rag mags and yellow journalism are an unfortunate fact of life, I don’t see why their existence should give us the right to act the same about people’s private lives. And speculation about, say, Colin and the girl he went to the Cloud Atlas Premiere with is one thing because it was talked about and discussed for about a week and then people moved on from it. It’s another thing entirely to “speculate” about the possibility of a romantic Colin/Bradley relationship for six and a half years, act like it’s the truth and make near-constant online comments about it! Where is the point when you draw a line in the sand and say, “Enough”?

Point 2: Okay, in principle, I agree that all real-life shipping incidents should be treated the same (as in, prolonged real-life shipping really shouldn’t be done with any couple, regardless of sexual preferences of the parties involved.). In a perfect world, this should be the case

However… We don’t live in a perfect world. I do personally believe that slash real-life shipping is more harmful than het real-life shipping in the imperfect world we inhabit. As I’d commented on before, if, for example, Colin were to be labelled as “gay” (regardless of the claim’s validity), it is a sad but true fact that his acting options could be limited. Even in this day and age, there are certain prejudices and myths that persist about gay actors: that they cannot convincingly play a heterosexual with a love interest, or aren’t “manly” enough to play an action hero like Captain America or Jack Ryan. 

Tumblr does not exist in a vacuum. One only has to think back to that article from a few months ago about how “Colin Morgan fans like the new Testament of Youth trailer”. Where did they get the information for that story? From Tumblr and Twitter, that’s where. Believe it or not, what is said here and on other public social media sites like Facebook or Twitter do matter and they are seen by lots of people: media, agents, casting agents, directors.

It may seem like just a joke between friends, but that “bit of fun” that Brolin shippers are having has the potential to adversely affect the careers of the men that they admire. Once you put a post out there in the ether of the Internet, it’s there for everyone and anyone to see and interpret any way they like, regardless of whether it was intended as a joke or not.

Point 3: Yes, it is probably human nature to speculate. I’m not going to say that I haven’t speculated about Colin/Bradley or about the men separately. However, I contain my comments and speculations to private forums where they won’t harm the people in question, and that is the key difference.

I refuse to go along with the “herd” mentality of “Oh well, other people are doing it, so it’s okay for me to do it.” Again, just rumours and speculations can harm the real-life people they are about. 

It was not my intention to single out Brolin shippers as opposed to other real-life shippers. The fact of the matter is that I cannot speak with any basis of knowledge or frame of reference about other fandoms’ real-life shippers, but I can about Brolin because this is my fandom

If you really feel that this real-life shipping does Colin and Bradley no harm, then I suggest you go to Bradley James’ Twitter account and read the entire list of questions that were directed at him during his #AskBradley event a couple days ago. Go ahead and count the Colin-related (or Colin hinting at) questions and tell me that it’s appropriate, that it’s “just a harmless joke”. Ask yourself why Bradley has to hide the fact he’s gone to see Colin’s performances while his other Merlin co-stars do not. Ask yourself why they no longer make any public references to the other when they used to be so ridiculously close.

Perhaps if you do that, you’ll see that it’s not all so innocent and harmless after all.