going for the ironic approach

Maybe this is just me but I think Iron Fist and Ghost Rider were introduced in the wrong areas of the MCU. Iron Fist should’ve been introduced in “Agents of SHIELD” while Ghost Rider should’ve been in Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with where they ended up. But personally, I think Danny fits SHIELD’s tone better while Robbie fits Netflix’s. 

Danny’s character and backstory alone makes you think of goofy, comic book shit. He’s got a glowing fist of energy, he was raised by monks in an ancient, mythical city, he’s the heir to a massive corporation, etc., etc. Plus, Danny is just the kind of character you’d see on AoS. He’s light-hearted, has a big heart, and you get the feeling that he’d be the type of person to say corny jokes here and there. One of my main problems of the Iron Fist show is that the show’s approach to the character was wrong. Going for the “grounded, realistic” approach just doesn’t work because a character like Iron Fist SHOULD be loud and goofy. He’s the one instance where it’d be fine if the show was more like SHIELD, with all of its loud, pulpy, comic book action.  

Meanwhile, Robbie Reyes would fit perfectly against guys like Daredevil and the Punisher. Yes, he also has a bizarre and colorful background. But the character in general fits the dark tone of Netflix MCU. He’s dark, brooding, has a depressing backstory, is known for being extremely violent, has questionable morals, etc., etc.. Although AoS did make it work with GR, he never truly fit on the show. You always had this feeling that he should be on a different program, one that allows him the freedom to be extremely violent and dark. And the times that he IS violent on AoS (like when he rips the Neo-Nazis apart), it sticks out like a sore thumb because the rest of the show isn’t like that. So with GR, AoS had a bit of an identity crisis. Did it want to remain a funny, quippy, cable superhero TV series or did it want to replicate the grounded, dark nature of its Netflix siblings? 

Just imagine if these two guys were switched around. Instead of GR, the first third of AoS season 4 would be titled “Iron Fist” while Robbie took over as the fourth Defender. I don’t know, I think it would’ve worked better. 

noplacelikebooks  asked:

Hi! Could I get some prompts where a person discovers their best friend has been kidnapped for a second time? Thank you so much!

Hey! I can try my best to help, here you go;

*phones rings*


“We have *characters best friends name*, if you want to see them alive again then meet us-”

“Are you kidding me? Again? Who the hell is this?”


(police officer opens knocks on the door of person A’s house)

“Good evening officer.”

“Evening, we are here to discuss the kidnapping of Person B.”

“Oh, pretty sure we already got them back?”

“No, this kidnapping took place two hours ago.”



If a comedic approach isn’t what you were going for (its too ironic not to make it funny) then having your character become completed paranoid would be a good response to the situation. Hope this helped <3

38W + 5D

Saw the OB today and she did an internal. Unfortunately there is zero dilation at present and bub is not at all engaged :(

He’s happy in there, but unlikely to come anytime soon. And here was me thinking I’ve only got a few days of freedom left!

We still have a couple of weeks for him to get sorted without needing to intervene, so just going to take a wait and see approach. I just find it so ironic that I’ve done all this work to think positively and prepare for a vaginal birth, and if he doesn’t engage within a week or so then we may be looking at a c-section afterall! Not gonna lie, I’d be a bit dissapointed…but the alternative if he doesnt engage would be an induction, long and difficult labour and potentially an emergency c-section, which has always been my least favourable option of the “getting the baby out” scenarios.

In the meantime I’m just gonna focus on my binge watching pursuits - have finished Broadchurch, two seasons of How To Get Away With Murder, and now onto Mr Robot. The only difficulty is balancing my need to stay hydrated with the frequency of which I find myself needing to struggle up from the couch…

Secretly Royal [Part 1] (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: I don’t know where this idea came from, but alas, I thought it up. Anyway, I felt like it was too long to fit into just one chapter, so… I hope you like it! :)

NOTE: This will also turn a little bit Christmas-y. 🌲

Enjoy! 😘

Have you ever kept a secret from someone, and that secret tore you apart? Not because of the secret itself, but because of the people who didn’t actually know about it.

That’s how Y/N felt. She had been with the Avengers for about 5 years. They had become like her family. She had been with them during the Battle of New York. She had been with Steve through the whole Winter Soldier incident. She had been there when Loki repented of his wrong doings. She’d been with everyone during the battle with Ultron. She had even been there when Pietro woke up in the hospital after nearly dying in the battle. She had also been a sort of mediator between Tony and Steve during that whole Civil War thing with the Accords.

I mean, she was pretty good at hand-to-hand combat, and she did have the power of emotion manipulation, which did come in handy. Despite all that, she didn’t really feel that great about the secret she had been keeping from everyone. She did have her reasons for keeping it though…

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