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The hotly anticipated first solo salvo from Columbia’s Harry Styles is a five-minute track billed as a pop-rock record some describe as a contemporary-sounding nod to British rock of the ’70s. Label execs have actually been requiring some who hear the track early to sign non-disclosure agreements. Part of the rollout plan’s big reveal is to withhold the single title until the drop date.

The song is expected to go for adds on 4/7, when it becomes available on all DSPs.

Key media gatekeepers who have heard the track say it’s unique-sounding in today’s tempo-driven Top 40 environment, and a bold move by the artist, who is expected by everyone to be a massive concert attraction.

Expect a very short window between single and album releases. New Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer, who inked Styles to a new deal last year, is said to be exceptionally hands-on in the rollout.

As we noted earlier, Styles has been bucking the pop-by-committee trend by working with a single producer—namely versatile writer/producer Jeff Bhasker (Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Pink!, OneRepublic, Rolling Stones, “Uptown Funk!”).

Styles will perform on Saturday Night Live on 4/15, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Coincidentally or not, Styles’ former One Direction bandmate ZAYN released a new single—featuring PartyNextDoor (of Drake’s OVO camp)—from his forthcoming, as-yet untitled album last week. Some say he’s experiencing Harry-related angst and looks nervous about being in Styles’ jet wake. But ZAYN’s first single was #1 record, as was his Fifty Shades duet with Taylor Swift. Still, critics say ZAYN has not yet realized his full potential yet as concert attraction or album seller.

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I’ll make a pretty banner for this later but I just posted my first story on Slavic mythology !!  It’s based on Kupala Night, an old holiday when young people would celebrate then get lucky in the woods. It actually has a plot though, just so you know, lol, along with a happy ending and nsfw stuff and long-haired Viktor & Yuuri. It also properly demonstrates Russian naming conventions & lightly explains the holiday throughout the story. It’s really not a complicated story, it should be just fine for anyone, & I added additional notes at the end just in case. So highly recommend because I put a lot of work into it and love it, lol.

The Specs:
Word count: 11k+
Rating: E
Genre: historical au, mythology au, fantasy au, soulmate au
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri, victuuri

Well, turns out I think Louis is an adult capable of making his own choices. Antis have no reason to believe Louis is being held hostage in some bizarre way, or still trapped in a contract that only applies to him, or god knows what excuses Larries make up to explain why his life doesn’t match their fantasies. This says Louis’s team still sucks even without Larry in the picture, but without Larry there is no reason to think Louis was forced into working with these people. So I think Louis chose this team as an experienced artist, and that if he has a problem with them, then he should take steps to work that out.

Obviously I’m concerned if Louis’s team isn’t doing a good job, but I don’t know enough about PR to get involved in whatever type of shade battle is going on, and I have seen absolutely no reason to think that Larries are any more knowledgeable despite various claims to the contrary. Many of the concerns raised in this post are issues made up by Larries that do not exist outside their blogs, like basing their entire sense of someone’s promo work on what they personally have tweeted, or the whole smear campaign/planting articles/god knows what.

I also don’t think it helps Louis at all if the people who work with him are subject to abuse and harassment from his fans, so even though Larries claim that they’re the only ones who care about Louis, I don’t think their approach to this issue is likely to help him at all.

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Do you know why some sentai shows get a 10 years later movie and others don't? Is it based on the availability of the actors?

I have a feeling that is a pretty big part of it.  Some actors either retire from acting, move on to other things or don’t want to go back to their beginnings or they have become too big for a small production to afford.

I also have a feeling it might be based on how well a show did.  I really wonder if we will get more 10 years after movies for shows like Tensou Sentai Goseiger or Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

I would also add that some series seem to be SO Popular they get not only a 10 Years After Special but also follow ups and crossovers such as Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger getting to be a massive part of the new Space Squad movie!

For the record, there are shows I would -love- to see a 10 Years Later special for.  I mean, yeah, we’ve seen what Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is up to 5 years later and I have a feeling they’ll be back in another five for the next Anniversary.

However, I would love to see a joke version of a 10 Years Later special for Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger!

can allistic people please shut the fuck up about “aspec”? if I hear one more allistic say “but other autistic people say it stands for autism spectrum” I’m going to punch a wall stop using autistic people as a fucking token it takes literally $0 to go “hmph well I’m not autistic so I’m not going to add my opinion on this” please just fucking s t o p

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WCIF from : A Not So Regular Morning (1/2) ~ 8:13 a.m. Kitchen- counters, hanging towel, stove, kitchen clutter Bathroom- toilet, counter, bathtub, vanity mirror, sink, cabinet thingy the sink is on, toilet paper, plant. THANK YOU!! Sorry it's a lot, I fell in love with that bathroom

Hello, thank you! Here we go: 

i can’t stop fucking thinking about my english prof talking about the queer historical significance of the word “sweet” as a deliberate indicator of homosexual love and how that relates to both edward ii and gaveston, as well as hamlet and horatio. so, because shakespeare was likely totally knowledgeable about codes that queer men were using (cos like duh obvs), the inclusion of “sweet prince” at the end of hamlet is in all likelihood a completely deliberate indication that hamlet and horatio were in love

i’m???? so gay for literature and history lmao


“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“


They are finally done! My 5x5 mini icon/print collection!!  。:゚(;´꒳`;)゚:。
I am very excited…. this will be my first prints ever! Hopefully the first of many to come~

As of yet I will still be figuring out how things work since I am very new at this, but hopefully have a shop with accompanying acrylic charms one day  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
(there are many more ideas in my head… buttons, lanyards… They are a lot of fun to create!!! [Also really excited for Atlantale 2018!!!!!])

Special thanks to @wildunderbeastly for commissioning four of these! I decided to add the rest and make them all super nice!!

I hope you guys like them!  ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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