going for adds

fun things to do during a car ride
  • put on your broadway playlist of all your fave tunes from all your favourite shows and *perform* along
  • add unnecessary badly-executed vibrato to every song you can
  • sing songs with the voice of the wrong character (ex: you and me (but mostly me) from the book of mormon as javert is a personal favourite)
  • if you’re going out just put out tonight from rent on loop
  • forget to sing some parts because the singer is doing that™ and you’re transcending your earthly body (mildly unsafe if you’re driving)

Naruto characters + Quotes about Sasuke
↳ 23.07.2017 | Happy Birthday, Sasuke! You are loved! ♥
Pixar be like

1995: What if toys had feelings.

2006: What if cars had feelings.

2008: What if robots had feelings.

2015: What if feelings had feelings.


Inspired from (x)

taako and lup start new memes every cycle. magnus loves it, but always uses them incorrectly. merle and davenport always somehow catch on like a year later. barry doesn’t quite get it but he loves both of the twins so he tries. lucretia claims to hate them, but one day taako saw her investigating a small species of invertebrate and heard her whisper “oh, worm?” and absolutely lost his shit.

things we were robbed of:

  • just can’t let her go.. why did they give it away
  • teenage dirtbag studio version
  • the acoustic version of happily should have been the original version
  • the bbc live lounge cover of torn should have been how they sang it always
  • the 900 hours of footage for this is us that they didn’t include
  • the mcdonalds drive-thru footage from carpool karaoke
  • the infinity music video?? where??
  • our freedom
  • our time