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Rizzoli & Isles Questions!

Jane Rizzoli: Have you ever experienced something traumatic? 

Maura Isles: Have you ever been bullied for one of your quirks? 

Barry Frost: Are you good with computers? 

Vince Korsak: What’s your favorite animal? 

Frankie Rizzoli: Have you ever felt like you were living in the shadow of someone else? 

Angela Rizzoli: Can you cook? If so, what? 

Sean Cavanaugh: Have you ever been the boss of something? 

Susie Chang: Have you ever walked in somewhere and interrupted something/someone?

Charles Hoyt: Ever fool someone else? 

Tommy Rizzoli: Ever done anything illegal? 

Casey Jones: Ever felt unwanted? 

Rondo: Ever get a ridiculous adorable nickname from someone?

Stanley: Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

Paddy Doyle: Ever left someone’s life for good reasons but wanted to be there anyways? 

Jo Friday: Ever changed the way you look just because? 

Lydia Sparks: Ever gotten sympathy from strangers? 

Hope Martin: Ever make a poor decision that caused someone else harm (physically/emotionally)? 

Frank Rizzoli, Sr.: Ever walk out on something good? 

Gabriel Dean: Ever felt like a third-wheel? 

Giovanni Gilberti: Ever dated someone perfect and somehow messed it up? 

Cailin Martin: Have you ever been ungrateful for something you’ve gotten? 

Rafael Martinez: Have you ever made a mistake that cost you a friendship? 

Dr. Pike: Have you ever had a seemingly brilliant idea that everyone else thought was stupid? 

Constance Isles: Can you speak another language? 

Joey Grant: Are you still close to someone from your childhood?

Riley Cooper: Do you have any tattoos? 

Sister Winifred: Are you religious? 

Dennis Rockmond: Are you artistic? 

Garrett Fairfield: Favorite prized possession? 

Ian Faulkner: Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? 

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I made these up because we need some for our fandom! (Do we have any?!) Feel free to add to the list, though I think I’ve covered the majors. If you want to change the question for someone, let me know! (These are so random, but I tried to ask something that went with the character!)