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Would love some Lance fun! Maybe a water fight, or the reader trying to bond with Blue (when Lance was still Blue's paladin) and lance walking in and watching secretly cause it just makes him so happy.

A/N: Stats seems to be a good writing time for me, because that’s when I wrote this…

Words Count: 511

I hadn’t seen Lance in several hours when I decided to go down to his lion’s hangar. Ah, the hangar: a place of intimidation and terror. Was I scared of the blue lion? Absolutely yes. Was there any particular reason as to why? Nope. So, when I got to the large, spacious room, I cautiously entered. and stared warily at the blue lion, which sat, staring with unseeing eyes to the large exit/entry door. 

 A chill ran down my spine as I up at the lion. I couldn’t explain why I was scared of the thing. Maybe it was because I knew it was important to Lance, and Lance was important to it. I didn’t want to get in the way of their bond. 

“Hey Blue,” I called awkwardly, rubbing my arms with my hands. “How are you today? Happy you finally get a break?” After laughing to myself to ease the tightness in my chest, I continued. “Have you seen Lance around? I can’t fine him.” 

Nothing. A cool, unwelcoming feeling came over my body. I kicked the floor with the tip of my shoe, causing a loud squeak to echo through the hangar. “How are ya, huh? Ah, I already asked that… Maybe we should get to know each other, since Lance is really important to the both of us…” I cleared my throat and sat down, then leaned back on the palms of my hands. “I-I want you to take good care of him. Please. I mean, you’re doing a really good job at it, so far, and I really appreciate it. But um… I don’t know what I would do without him, Blue. Somehow that crazy boy keeps me sane. He’s become my family. And I love him. A lot.”

A deep rumbling tilled my mind, so clear, deep, and comforting. It was like the lion was saying, “Don’t you worry. I’ll take good care of him.” The comfort filled my body with warmth, like I was being wrapped with a warm blanket and hugged my my mom. 

“So,” Lance’s voice echoed through the hangar. He stepped into my view with a soft smile on his face, his blue eyes half closed. “I’m your family, huh?”


“I think Blue responds to familial ties. Probably not. But she recognized that we care for each other a lot. You heard her, didn’t you?”


Lance nodded and drew his eyebrows closer together. He inhaled deeply before saying, “Y/N, I…” He took another deep breath. “You’re my family, too.”

“You heard that?” I was lowkey horrified. 

Lance just smiled widely, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. “Yeah. Sorry for invading your private moment. I was trying to find you, and-”

“It’s okay.” 

Lance extended a hand, which I took, and he helped me up. He smirked and said, “So… You love me, huh?”

I shoved his chest. “Shut up!” I laughed, walking away. 

“No wait! I love you too!”

So I tweeted Comcast earlier cause our net keeps going down and they tweeted back several hours later asking me to dm them, and I was about to ignore the reply cause, whatever, and then I saw their feed and it’s just people wailing on the Twitter account with insults and threats of violence and it’s just wtf, you folks realize the person running the Twitter feed is in actual fact a person?? They’re not the big bad corporate bogey man making your internet not work, they’re just some poor sod working at Comcast to try and pay the bills same as you and me, it’s a human being on the other end of the line, fucko, chill the fuck out.

you tell me you’re tipsy; i tell you you’re pretty

[jonxsansa, modern au; texting au, ~5k]

for @goodqueenalys, because i read in one of her reblog tags that she could use a pick-me-up this week

(title from “text me in the morning,” by neon trees)

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SANSA: I’m so sexually frustrated that I just annihilated my dinner.

MARGAERY: …with your vagina?

SANSA: No, Margaery, not ~with my vagina~

SANSA: I just stuffed my face because I have no other way to deal with my frustration. I’m eating my problems.

MARGAERY: did you do that thing where you insist on fitting a forkful of every entree and side into your mouth all at once?

SANSA: At one point I had half a filet and what I’m quite sure was a whole potato in my mouth.

MARGAERY: i can’t believe you’re single

SANSA: Single and ready to bone.

MARGAERY: i believe the word you’re looking for is MINGLE, you lush

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Before Ram's party
  • Ram: Hey, so did you bring a condom for tonight?
  • Kurt: You brought a condom with you?
  • Ram: Yeah, I also brought a little bottle of spermicidal lube too. *holds up lube*
  • Kurt: But you laughed in my face when I said I'd be having sex tonight!
  • Ram: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't always be prepared. You didn't even bring a condom?
  • Kurt: No! That wasn't in the plan!
  • Ram: What plan?!
  • Kurt: I had, like, a general outline! I was gonna go down on Heather for, like, several hours! She'd love that, she'd be smitten by that, she'd go out with that! ....Or I would just dry hump the shit out of her leg!
  • Ram: I don't see the harm in bring one little condom and lube!
  • Kurt: And what? You thought Heather would be psyched that you brought a bottle of lube?! "Oh Ram! Thank you for bringing that lube for my pussy! I never would have been able to handle your fucking four inch dick inside my pussy without that gigantic bottle of LUBE!!!!"
silly old hunters;

i wrote these yesterday or something. have some cor/dave things.

  • They aren’t affectionate people. There isn’t time for it. But when Dave’s heart is so heavy after finding too many dog tags as the nights grow longer, there’s a moment when Cor will step close to him, and slip an equally scarred hand under his shirt and vest, to press against the small of his back. Dave stands there and absorbs that warmth and lets it spread through his skin, and he feels just a bit stronger than he did yesterday.
  • Cor buries his grief. The only time he’s let it truly scratch his often stone-faced facade is when he confessed his shortcomings to Noctis before the Prince left for Altissia. But there’s moments (sometimes Dave thinks his eyes are playing tricks or it’s just the dim lighting) when a shadow passed across Cor’s face, and his eyes seem a little shinier, a little red around the edges. It’s not the lack of sleep, Cor sleeps like a rock when he allows himself the rest; it’s the grief, and Dave will sit next to him, and press their shoulders together, and wait it out as Cor’s body trembles imperceptibly.
  • Whatever affection they do share is exchanged in the dark. It’s hands cupped around either side of their throats and fingertips stroking pulse points. It’s foreheads resting against one another and gradually, their breathing patterns syncing together until they breathe as one.
  • For ten years, Cor knew the outcome. For ten years after Ignis had informed him of the Prince’s fate; that the boy he considered his nephew, the son of his beloved friend and King, was taken by the Crystal back in Niflheim— Cor had put contingencies in place. So when Cor asked Dave if he would help him with his plans, if he would help him build something, he didn’t say know. He asked, “When do we start?”
  • Dave hadn’t shed tears for fallen Hunters in decades. But when he watched those three young men carry the body of their friend, their King, their brother out of the broken Citadel, he let a few fall. Cor was beside him, an indecipherable expression on his face, and yet, his hand reached for Dave’s, and entwined their fingers, and held so tight, Dave thought his hand would shatter. While they’d gained the dawn, they lost yet another King, another loved one, another Hunter, and another piece of their family.
  • The chains around their necks hold two tags each. One for Dave, one for Cor. The tags bear all the usual info, with one addition: a specific day, during a certain year, and a partnership that no one would expect of them.
The Truth (Final Rose AU Snippet)

“You mean to say that you actually have an older sister who looks just like an older version of you who somehow isn’t the crown princess that you’ve also never told us about?” Jahne drawled.

Elsa fidgeted. “Yes.”

“And you never mentioned this before, but you decided to mention it to us now after going to the professor’s lab and spending several hours down there.”

“Uh… yes.”

The blonde snickered. “Okay, I’m betting she’s a clone, possibly an evil one, given the professor’s tendencies.”

“Nah,” Claire replied. “She’s probably from the future or something.”

Averia rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous…” She trailed off as she realised that both Elsa and the older woman, who looked to be in her mid-twenties, had grown still. “Are you serious? Did my Aunt Vanille drag someone from the future into the past?” She sighed. “Yes, she did, didn’t she? Fine. Since it’s my aunt’s fault, and you’re obviously related to Elsa somehow, we’ll help you. But we need to know who you are.”

The woman smiled. There was something strangely familiar about the expression although Averia couldn’t quite place it. If she didn’t know better, she would have said it was the same kind of smile she had although that would be silly. Why would someone from the future who was related to Elsa - in other words, one of Elsa’s descendants - have the same smile as her?

“I suppose I shall introduce myself then. I am Her Imperial Majesty Averia VII, Empress of the Arendelle Empire, ruler of more than a million worlds, and Head of the Most Heroic Great House of Farron-Arendelle.” She paused. “I do, of course, have more than fifty other titles, but those are the most important ones, I think. Technically, I’m also Supreme Chieftain of the Clans and the Protector of the Cetra and, well, I’m sure you get the picture.”

“…” Averia was speechless. Elsa, however, seemed inordinately pleased.

“Wait,” Jahne pointed out. “The House of Farron-Arendelle?”

“You currently live in what we refer to as the Age of Heroes. There will be a great battle, a defining battle, and those who have most distinguished themselves in this age will eventually come to be known as the Heroic Houses. There is perhaps no House more heroic and storied than mine.”


“Ah,” Averia VII replied. “Technically, the full name of the House is somewhat longer. It does, after all, encompass several other Heroic families such as the Nabaat’s, Villiers, and so on. However, the name Farron-Arendelle is used since the relevant families all married members of the Farron family.”

“But Farron-Arendelle?” Jahne pressed.

“Indeed. The Imperial bloodline from which I and the previous emperors and empresses of the mightiest faction in the galaxy descend was founded by a union between a Farron and an Arendelle.”

“A Farron?” Jahne and Claire shared a grin.

“A Yun-Farron to be precise,” Aeria VII replied.

Averia’s eyes narrowed. “When did this happen?”

“During the Age of Heroes,” Averia VII drawled. “Your generation to be precise.”

“I see…” Averia took a deep breath. “I… Elsa…” Elsa’s eyes widened. “I truly care for you, which is why I can’t think of anyone better to marry Diana.”

“…” Elsa gaped.

“…” Claire gaped.

“…” Jahne gaped.

Finally, Averia VII found her voice. “I had thought that the rumours of my ancestor’s obliviousness couldn’t possibly true. Now, I see they didn’t go nearly far enough.”

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OK I just combed through ur Garnet tag and I don't think you've addressed this in full but… what are ur headcanons for a Steven/Garnet fusion? u mentioned some in a post abt Steven fusing with Gems in general, and I really liked ur headcanons abt a Steven/Amethyst fusion.

I would actually imagine that a Garnet/Steven fusion would be very calm?

Because the relationship between Garnet and Steven is… Garnet is, in many way, the Crystal Gems’ stabilizing rock, and this is a role she actively strives to hold up, and this includes how she approaches Steven. Steven trusts Garnet and he looks to her for leadership in several aspects.

However, in a way that Amethyst and Pearl don’t quite do when they look up to Garnet, Steven is more privy to, and more accepting of Garnet as a person and not just as a monolith of strength. It’s something that we can see, as the series goes on, Garnet opens up more and more to Steven. The Answer was Garnet covering rather sensitive territory- her former loyalty to a Diamond, what fusion meant at that time, her initial formation and rejection by the court- even the fact that she initially saw Pearl as terrifying.

But Garnet had no hesitations about opening up in that way. If anything she was excited and didn’t want to wait. Because Steven has proven that he is someone who wants to share things with Garnet.

I think the two of them together would settle into a very deep sense of security. Steven trusting himself to Garnet and Garnet trusting herself to Steven. I feel like the resulting fusion would be very tranquil and comfortable, and achieve pretty good synergy more or less right off the bat. 

I also think that they’d feel very deeply. None of their individual shows of emotion are really that exaggerated (though don’t let the deadpan fool you, they are a total goofball and would probably offer a lot of really bad puns without breaking face until somebody else reacts) but when they feel something it tends to be very intense and for a long period of time.

While I think Steven and Garnet would overwhelmingly feel really good about being fused, it can get overwhelming. If something stressful happens they’ll be there for their friends and family tenaciously and very effectively but then it’s like “I need to go lie down for several hours.” Caring about people a lot and getting vague premonitions of how things could go really badly for all the people you care about is hard!

I also wonder if they’d be a little spacey and distractible- given Steven’s natural spontaneity and tendency to jump from idea to idea, sometimes to the point of getting distracted or interrupting (or trying to tune his ukulele mid-death trap) combined with Garnet’s heightened awareness, their fusion would be aware of so much that it’s hard to filter what’s important and what isn’t, which could also contribute to them being easily overwhelmed. They probably have to filter sensory stimuli, especially with hearing and sight, and have some variant of Garnet’s sunglasses that helps them stay focused by subtly dimming and muffling things.

In fake-space, no one can hear your core scream.

6 Movies That Put Insane Work Into Stuff You Never Noticed

#6. Gravity Is Even More Insane Than You Thought

Everything had to be meticulously planned from the beginning, so much so that they fully illustrated every scene before they started shooting. Director Alfonso Cuaron said that they could have released an animated version years before the movie was ever released, so just be thankful we never got our Treasure Planet version of Gravity. Second, it meant throwing the actors around on wires for really long takes, because that’s Cuaron’s jam. Sandra Bullock trained for five months to hang upside down without conveying the tension of the wires, and if that doesn’t sound incredible to you, go hang upside down from a jungle gym for several hours while pretending to be weightless and let me know how your abs feel.

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when the protagonist of something moves to a new town you know shit’s going to be going down in that place within like. the next day. or several hours. someone’s probably going to die

One Shot: Twenty Six

For @osnapizhannah x

- - - -

He had a 14 hour flight ahead of him, a 14 hour flight filled with noise, talking, excitement, high-pitched squealing. They were on their way to Australia, her last show of the 1989 tour was tomorrow and her 26th birthday the following day. He’d been planning this trip for weeks - the stress building day by day. Adam wanted everything to be perfect. All her friends would be there; Karlie, Selena, Haim, Ellie, Cara, Martha and Lily were seated in front of him. More excited chatter came from behind. They were talking excitedly, animatedly - glancing back at Adam every now and again to smile.

He closed his eyes, thinking back to the last time he saw her.

Adam was sitting on the bed, his surly mood completely obvious to Taylor. She was buzzing around the room grabbing clothes and cosmetics ready to pack. She was leaving for New Zealand in a few hours. He had woken up in a bad mood and he knew exactly why. They’d be apart for 3 weeks, the longest stretch since they’d really got serious. He was working flat out and there was absolutely no way he could fly to her - he’d tried and begged his management but there was no way his schedule would allow the flight there and back. He was focusing on his phone, trying not to let his bad mood ruin their last few hours together. 

‘Babe?’ her voice snapped his attention away from his emails and he turned to look up at her. 'Did you not hear me? Are you even listening?' 

He hadn’t heard a word she’d been saying to him, instead opting to shut the noise out and try to forget how much the thought of being without her was killing him. 'Sorry Tay, I wasn’t paying attention. What did you say?' 

'It’s fine, doesn’t matter.’ she paused. 'Are you ok? You’re acting strange.' 

He sighed and she moved over towards him. He immediately reached for her and pulled her on to his lap. He nestled his face in her hair and breathed her in. He whispered into her neck. 'Please don’t go.' 

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close to her. 'You know I have to.' 

'I know, it’s just, I’m going to miss you. So so much.’ he paused before continuing. 'You don’t seem sad to be leaving me.’ He knew he was being ridiculous but he couldn’t help it. She looked at him, comically rolling her eyes. She kissed him, softly at first but he quickened the pace and force. 

She broke apart, breathless. 'You know I’m going to miss you! I’m going to miss you more than anything. The only reason I’m doing ok right now is because I’m not scared about this distance and this time apart. I know we’ll be fine and that I’ll be coming straight back home to you.' 

He smiled at her, he felt the same. The way he loved her sometimes scared him but it was a good kind of scared. It reassured him that this was right - if he was this scared to lose her then she was it. He’d never felt that way before. 

He was pulled out of his daydream by the air steward handing out drinks. Everyone had settled down and it was a lot quieter. By the time they’d arrive Taylor would be taking the stage for her last show of the tour and he’d arranged with Andrea for them all to surprise her backstage when she came off. The anticipation of seeing her filled him with butterflies, his skin practically ached for her. They’d been texting non-stop, sending videos and photos. FaceTime and calling each other had been a problem sometimes what with the time difference and their schedules. 

He couldn’t wait to hear her voice, breathe in her scent and hold her against him. It had been too long and he knew he never wanted to go this long without her ever again. 


The plane touched down several hours later. Adam had slept, as had the rest of them, and the excitement and noisy chatter descended over them again. Adam was nervous. His hands slightly shaking and a feeling of nausea washing over him. Fleets of cars were waiting to whisk them to the arena. The sick feeling getting worse the closer they got. Karlie reached over and touched his arm, giving him a reassuring smile. 

'Don’t be so nervous! She’s going to go crazy at this surprise.' 

He smiled back, not quite ready to speak yet, merely nodding. All her friends had been shocked and pleased about his plan when he’d told them a few weeks ago, they’d pulled out all the stops helping him to arrange everything. The drive was thankfully short and before he knew it they’d arrived at the arena, the lights from Taylor’s concert shining out. He could hear her voice ringing out through the cheers of her fans. He wanted nothing more than to run to her right now but he’d been planning this for too long not to see it through. 

They were led through a back entrance towards the stage so they could slip in behind it and move to her dressing room. Andrea had started setting up for the surprise the second Taylor had left the room. Streamers and balloons were everywhere by the time Adam and everyone walked through the dressing room door. 

'Adam! Lovely to see you, how was the flight? All ok?' 

He moved over to Andrea taking her into a huge hug. 'It was great thanks. This all looks amazing!’ he said, glancing around the room at the 26 themed decor.

'My pleasure dear, it means the world to us that you’ve arranged all her friends to be here and for the birthdays lunch tomorrow at the hotel. Thank you for being so good to my baby girl.' 

He beamed at her, hugging her again. 'It’s my pleasure, Andrea. I can’t wait to see her.’

They had a bit of time before Taylor was off stage and so continued sorting everything they needed for the party. Adam knew she’d be tired so this wasn’t going to be anything too crazy, he planned something with the hotel for tomorrow as well. Andrea was soon giving everyone the signal that she’d be leaving the stage. Her and Austin rushed off to meet her and delay her for a few minutes whilst the dancers, backing singers and band could make their way to her room for the surprise.


Adam could hear footsteps approaching down the hall as he held his ear to the door. He rushed back to his position, hushing everyone in the process. Nervous excitement spread through them like wildfire, they were all itching to see her.

The door handle began to move; Taylor walked in, her head angled backwards towards her mother. The second her head titled around a deafening shout almost pushed her again.


Taylor’s eyes widened in surprise as she took in her surroundings, Her friends, her dancers, her backing singers, her family and there right in the middle, impossible to miss - Adam. She was so overcome with emotion, so surprised that she burst into tears. She suddenly felt strong arms enveloping her in a tight embrace. She looked up at him.

‘Is this real? Are you really here?’

‘Yes, babe. We’re all really here.’ he kissed her on the forehead and moved to her side, a supporting arm glued to her side. 

She began to move around the room, greeting and hugging everyone; still in a state of shock that they’d come all this way. Adam moved from her side to get them both a drink. Karlie, Abigail and Selena stood before her. They were asking her about the show, about her birthday plans once they got back to LA until their conversation moved to Adam and his execution of the surprise.

‘Taylor, your man over there. He’s a keeper.’

‘Yeah Karlie is right Taylor - this was all him. All his idea. He’s been obsessing over this for weeks.’

Selena agreed adding in her own tales of Adam’s constant worrying, they all continued gushing over Adam. Taylor was still in another world, still on cloud nine. She looked over at Adam, chatting with her brother, and thought back to the last few birthday’s she shared with boyfriends and the disappointment they so frequently involved. But here, right now, Adam had come to her. He’d travelled 14 hours to be with her for less than 24. She didn’t think she could love a person more; she was wrong. She excused herself from her friends, still chatting about how great Adam was, and made her way over to him. She grabbed his hand and practically dragged him from the room.

The second she had him alone in the room across the hall she pushed him up against the wall, kissing him hard and fast. Her hands suddenly all over him. He didn’t waste a second in following suit. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He moved over to the nearest surface to put her down and they momentarily broke apart to look at each other.

‘I love you so much, do you know that?’ she breathed out, moving her hands up to cradle his face. ‘I can’t believe that you’re here. That you brought all these people here…for me.’

He kissed her softly and quickly. ‘It’s your last show of the tour, it’s your 26th birthday and I love you. Taylor, where else would I be?’ He looked her straight in the eye, blue to green; seriousness and pure love on his face. She pulled him in for a deeper kiss, moving her hands down to lift at his shirt.

‘Babe, don’t you want to go back to your party?’

She was kissing his neck, at anywhere she could reach. ‘Mmm, no. This is right where I want to be.’

Returning to the party half an hour later they couldn’t be separated from one another. Holding hands, leaning against each other, laughing, whispering, dancing - nobody around them could deny how perfect they were for each other. Being 25 had been the best year of her life but as she wrapped her arms around Adam’s waist she thought 26 might be even better.

A friend in Raleigh, NC sent us the above picture of tonight’s snow traffic mayhem. It doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt.

An excerpt from her email:

“I was then trapped for several hours as cars attempted to go down and back up a hill and were sliding all over, then one must have done something crazy because it CAUGHT FIRE while sliding backwards sideways down the hill. At that point everyone who hadn’t yet abandoned their cars jumped out and ran across the median to the other side of [the major highway] and watched as this car turned into a fireball before a firetruck could get to it.”

It caught fire
While sliding
And sideways
Down a hill