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Dialogue Prompts

So, I really want to start writing on this blog, too. So I made a prompt list.
Not all prompts are mine, some are stolen from another blog. 

I will be writing for the following fandoms:

  • Harry Potter
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural
  • Shadowhunters/ The moral instruments
  • The hunger games
  • Divergent
  • The maze runner
  • Grey’s anatomy

Okay, that isn’t too much. I’m still catching up on other shows. Once I’m finished, I’ll add them. You can ask for any character x reader, or character x character. If you want a platonic one-shot, you should note that. You can ask for as many prompts as you want. 

Dialogue prompts:

  1. “I have always loved cacti.” 
  2. “You didn’t just say that.” 
  3. “Whoa-dude. Look at that!”
  4. “Just because I died doesn’t mean I’m really dead.” 
  5. “Just because I drove into that river doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver.”
  6. “You walked into a knife?”
  7. “How did you manage this level of stupidity?” 
  8. “You locked me outside!” 
  9. “I’ve always been there for you. And I will continue to be.”
  10. “Do you trust me?”
    “Not even a little bit.” 
  11. “Uhh, is something wrong?”
    “What? Hehe! Of course not, why would you think that?” 
    “Because I can smell something burning and you’re hiding behind a door. Now, let me in.”
  12. “Here’s a newspaper filled with all the love I can’t feel.”
  13. “You know, people may like you more if you didn’t smell like a dead body.”
  14. “Aww, sweetie. Where are your parents?”
    “I’m older than you.” 
  15. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child.”
    “Don’t throw the scissors!”
  16. “Here, take my jacket/blanket.”
    “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivers*
  17. “Why are you still awake?”
  18. “Come over here and make me.” 
  19. “The salad here is really nice.” 
    “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”
  20. “Please don’t leave me.”
    “I don’t want to.”
  21. “You can’t ride a bike?” 
    “Why are you whispering?”
  22. “We’re going downtown.”
    “There’s a strip club downtown.” 
  23. “You broke what?!” 
    “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
  24. “Come Inside. I’m sorry.”
    “Not until an apology.”
    “I just said i’m freaking sorry.” 
  25. “Are you jealous?”
    “You are changing your outfit right now.”
  26. “Why did I marry you?” 
    “It took a whole lot of convincing.”
  27. “Luck? Nope. Skills.”
    “If it’s skills then do it again.”
  28. “You said forever!”
  29. “Seven fucking years and that’s all you have to say?” 
  30. “I love you, but I have to go.” 
  31. “I hate you so much.” 
  32. “You were and still are my everything.”
  33. “I can’t love you the way you want.” 
  34. “Hey jerk.”
    “I mean… Babe?”
  35. “Admit it. That was the best kiss of your life.”
    “You always have to be the best at everything, don’t you?”
  36. “S/he just tripped and won’t stop laughing.”
  37. “Nice dancing you did there, how about you dance your way to my bedroom?” 
  38. “No, no. It’s okay. I’ll be your bridge. You can walk all over me.”
  39. “I’ve looked after coma patients more interesting than you.” 
  40. “Would you mind not setting my stuff on fire every time you get mad?”
  41. “This really didn’t go as planned.”
    “Is it the fact that everything is on fire that made you come to this conclusion?”
  42. “I can’t believe that worked.”
    “It was part of your plan.”
    “I know! My plans never work!”
  43. “You need to go! I’ll distract them!”
    “Do you think you can outrun them?”
    “If by outrun them you mean not getting caught… Probably not.” 
  44. “If you asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  45. “You’re too good for this world.”
  46. “I can hardly stand myself.” 
  47. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.” 
  48. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.” 
  49. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  50. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.” 
  51. “Who did this to you?”
  52. “If you kill them, you better kill me too. Because if you don’t, I will kill you.”
  53. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  54. “Do you ever follow directions?”
  55. “What happened?”
    “I got hit by a taxi. And it hurt.” 
  56. “She’s cute. But I’m pretty sure she can’t count to ten.”
  57. “I can fit a whole row of crackers in my mouth. Want to see?”
  58. “You said that if I went to bed early I’d feel better. You’re a fucking liar.” 
  59. “You’re late.” 
    “I’m glad you noticed.”
  60. “You made me cookies?”
  61. “You stole what?”
  62. “You aren’t pathetic.”
  63. “you looked at me different.”
  64. “I am not pregnant!”
  65. “You ever seen something as cool as this?”
  66. “I thought you were dead!”
  67. “I know you love me and all, but could you stop threatening the doctor?”
  68. “How. The fuck. Are you- so motherfucking tall?”
  69. “You? You know how to shoot a gun?”
  70. “You threw a tampon at him?”
  71. “You just kissed me.”
  72. “Hold up-just-just stop. just-what are you exactly doing? It’s two AM!”
  73. “I’m tired of being your secret.”
  74. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” 
  75. “You don’t need to protect me.”
  76. “Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn’t have married me.”
  77. “If I would’ve known he was going to die, do you think I would’ve done it?”
  78. “I know you love me, but I’m tired of lying when I say it back.”
  79. “When I look at you, I see my world. And that scares the living crap out of me.”
  80. “Tell me what they did to you, please.”
  81. “I’ll go home. But it isn’t home when you’re not there.”
  82. “I’m pathetic because I go to you for everything but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  83. “I wish I could hate you.”
  84. “I’ll let you down. I’ll always let you down. I’m not enough to keep you satisfied.”
  85. “I’m trying! Can’t you see? Isn’t that enough for you?”
  86. “I’m useless to you now.”
    “You’re a person. Not a toaster. You don’t have to have a use.”
  87. “i’m useless to you now.”
    “Oh please. You were always bloody useless. I love you anyways.”
  88. “I saw you roll skating, and I thought ‘that person is really cool’ and then you fell crashed and Jesus, are you okay?”
  89. “You had this big ass ice cream and you were so exited you dropped it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sadder person. Just please let me buy you a new one.”
  90. “We keep awkwardly running into each other and people have to ship us and I kind of like you. Hahaha, oh god, I need to stop blushing.”
  91. “This was a terrible idea.”
    “What are you talking about? There’s free nacho’s!”
  92. “Don’t do the thing!”
    “You already did the thing, didn’t you?”
  93. “Paint me like one of your French girls.”
    “… I paint fruit.”
  94. “Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”
  95. “Did you seriously run face first into a light pole because you saw a pretty girl?”
    “I’m gay.”
  96. “How dare you talk to me, peasant. I am your queen.”
    “You are wearing a blanket over your shoulders.”
    “Silence! Now, fetch me some substances.”
    “Pizza bites or mini quiche?”
    “Pizza bites, obviously.”
  97. “Quit your whining! I bet it’s barely even a scratch.”
  98. “That-that’s your blood?! Why the hell didn’t you say anything?”
  99. “This is going to hurt but you have to stay quiet, okay?””
  100. “Don’t pass out, we’re almost there.”
  101. “That’s it. If you throw up one more time, we’re going to the hospital.”
  102. “You didn’t feel that? This is bad, you should’ve felt that.”
  103. “I’m scared to move you. Just wait here and I swear I’ll come back with help.”
  104. “That’s a lot nastier than it seemed at first glance.”
  105. “Please don’t die. Don’t die in my lap, I’m begging you.”
  106. “Stop being overdramatic-OH!”
  107. “Just how I want to spend the night. Removing glass from my best friends head and strapping it up.”
  108. “She has internal damage. Sh’s couching up blood.”
  109. “Would it be cliché if we matched clothes a little?”
  110. “Could you hold my hand?”
  111. “Shh, shh. I’m here now. Now give me your hands, we need to clean the blood off. Don’t cry. -I don’t blame you. Don’t worry, Ill always be there for you.”
  112. “If you want to leave then-”
    “I don’t want to leave! I want you, you idiot.”
  113. “Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.”
    “I swear to god, if I didn’t love you.”
  114. “Oh my god! Go to sleep! It’s three AM!”
    “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
  115. “There’s a surprise waiting for you back home.”
  116. “The first time I met her, she was hiding behind the sofa.”
  117. “But this is our thing. Eating cereal and bitching about people.”
  118. “Just don’t let go.”
  119. “Come on, just one date.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I really like (character) and she asked me first.” 
  120. “Gosh! Why are you so cold! get off me, you icicle!”
  121. “Are you…. crying? You? Miss/mister ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell”?”
    “Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses.”
  122. “You did all this for me?” 
    “No, I did this for Jeffery from across the street. Yes I did all of this for you!”
  123. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere.” 
  124. “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”
    “Y/n, we’re in a prison cell.”
    “I was being sarcastic.”
  125. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
    “Yeah, I lied.”
  126. “Shit, you’re freezing. Let’s get you warmed up, alright?”
  127. “Shut up.”
    “I didn’t say anything.”
    “I don’t care. Shut up.”
  128. “Where are we going?”
    “I have no idea. You coming?”
  129. “Did you just try to banish me?”
  130. “I swear to you, this is how I found him.”
  131. “No thanks. I don’t want to get arrested for the second time today.”
  132. “You handled that real professional.”
    “I know right? I’m so proud of myself.”
  133. “That was the worst night ever.”
    “Same time next week?”
    “Of course.”
  134. “I got to admit, you’re really sexy with that gun. Terrifying, but sexy.”
  135. “Just-just go away.”
    “I would! If we weren’t handcuffed together.! Oh, and whose fault was that again? Yours!”
  136. “And I thought we were going to have a last kiss.”
  137. “I don’t want you to leave.”
    “I don’t want to stay.”
  138. “When did you stop?”
    “Stop with what, darling?”
    “Loving me.”
  139. “Please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back.”
  140. “I wasn’t there for you when you needed me, and I’m sorry.”
    “No you’re not. You don’t care about anyone apart from yourself.”
  141. “Don’t hurt me, please.”
  142. “I love you so much. If anything happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
  143. “You only like me for my body!”
  144. “You wanted to talk? Well, here I am!”
  145. “I tried. I tried so hard, why couldn’t you?”
  146. “I bled for you. From every pore of my body, I bled. What more do you want?”
  147. “Nobody can tell me what to do.”
    “Well, actually they can.”
    “Doesn’t mean I’ll listen to them.”
  148. “Knock knock, I’m here. What’s for dinner fucker?”
  149. “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.”
    “I can chew a lot.”
  150. “You have blood on your hands!”
    “Oh really? Wow! Thank you so much for pointing that out! Really helpful to our current situation. Seriously, thank you so much for brining this to my attention!  I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  151. “I love your perfume. What scent is that? The scent of death?”
  152. “I always carry a knife in my purse in case we’re eating cake.”
  153. “You guys got a plan, though. Right?”
    “Yeah. Run.”
  154. “Maybe he’s afraid of me because I know how to use a knife.”
    “Well, I mean that’s why I’m afraid of you, so…”
  155. “Is violence always your answer?”
  156. “Remember how I said I already took care of that? Well, I lied and need your help right now.”
  157. “Please, help me. Just this one time.”
  158. “Did you break that glass on purpose?”
    “It offended me.”
  159. “I can explain!”
    “Alright then. Tell me.”
    “… I lied, there’s literally no explanation for this.”
  160. “Fight like hell.”
  161. “Do you realize how let it is?”
  162. “Can you please come and get me?”
  163. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
  164. “This is the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in!”
  165. “If we die, I am going to kill you.”
  166. “I love her.”
    “Her? As in a woman?”
    “No, as in a robot. Of course as in a woman you ding-bat!”
  167. “Are you drunk?”
    “No, you’re just blurry.”
  168. “I think we should run away now.”
    “Funny, I was just about to say that.”
  169. “I will not let you make me feel small. Back off.”
  170. “You’re great at dancing.”
    “I’m great at everything.”
  171. “You didn’t do the dishes, so I’m not doing you.”
  172. “Don’t give me that look.”
  173. “The way you flirt is just shameful.”
  174. “I love you, you asshole.”
  175. “What the hell kind of noise was that?”
    “I sneezed.”
    “That was not a sneeze.”
  176. “How is she?”
    “She’s fine. She has some ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.”
  177. “This is an apology pizza.Please take it or I’ll start crying right now.”
  178. “You’re stronger than you look.”
  179. “If you push me on the swings, I’ll buy you dinner. Don’t push to high, though. I don’t like heights.”
  180. “Wait, you’re gay?”
    “What gave it away? Constant flirting?”
  181. “You came back.”
  182. “Mom? I need help… I’ve made a mistake.”
  183. “So, this is haw it’s going to end. You’re staying with them?”
    “I have to.”
    “You don’t have to betray me. You don’t have to do anything.”
  184. “I’m trying to be less bitter, but your happiness isn’t rubbing off on me.”
  185. “Take of your shirt.”
  186. “You’re sweet.”
  187. “I’ve never felt this sensation before.”
    “Being loved.”
  188. “Do you not realize how much I care about you?”
  189. “I know I’m allergic to peanuts, but I could’t day no when you walked into the office with freshly baked cookies and that damned smile on your face.”
  190. “I like it when you smile.”
  191. “This isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s better.”
  192. “Nothing is wrong. I just really like the smell of your lotion.”
  193. “You’re never this quiet. What’s wrong?”
  194. “How long has it been since you’ve slept?”
  195. “You make a good pillow.”
  196. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you’re alright.”
  197. “I hate you. I hate you so much for making me love you. Why did you make me love you if you never intended on loving me back?”
  198. “When you think of me, if you think of me, remember how much I loved you.”
  199. “I almost lost you.”
  200. “Please, just please make the pain stop.”
  201. “Stop telling me you’re okay.”
  202. “I don’t even know who I am without you.”
  203. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  204. “You know, it hurt when I realized you weren’t in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”
  205. “You left without saying goodbye. I hate you for that.”
  206. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  207. “What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say that there’s no one else you could ever be with, and that you’d rather be alone than without me.”
  208. “You’re beautiful/handsome, and I’m not the only one who can see that.”
  209. “Twins?… We’re having twins?”
  210. “You are so tiny compared to me.”
  211. “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”
  212. “I want you body. I want your mouth. I want your laugh and your funny faces. I want your friendship and your inspirational thoughts. And I want you to come with me when I go.”
  213. “There’s a leaf in your hair.”
  214. “May I have this dance.”
  215. “This bath is too damn hot.”
    “This is why we can’t do cute stuff. You complain to much.”
  216. “One day you’ll learn.”
    “Learn what?”
    “That someone like me doesn’t get a happy ending. Those are reserved for people like you.”
  217. “That’s disgusting. You’re lucky you’re cute.”
  218. “If you don’t rest, you wont heal.”
  219. “ Why don’t they just kiss already?”
  220. “Is that a challenge?”
  221. “Here, let me see.”
  222. “How could anyone love me?” 
    “Don’t look at me. I married you for your cooking.”
  223. “So… Err, I noticed you’re kind of naked. Is that intentional, or…”
  224. “You forgot me.”
    “It was an accident.”
  225. “Drag your chair here, I can’t translate dead languages.”
  226. “Open this.”
    “Can you say please?”
  227. “Don’t say you love me unless you mean, it because I might so something crazy like believe it.”
  228. “Don’t you ever do that again.”
  229. “I was wrong. I thought I wanted him to look twice at me… Bit I don’t need him to look twice at me when you never stopped looking.”
  230. “I’m fine.”
    “You don’t look fine.”
    “Then stop looking.”
  231. “Things didn’t have to end like this.”
    “But we always knew they would, didn’t we?”
  232. “She’s dead! And it is your fault!”
  233. “Are you going to lecture me about how wonderful life is?”
  234. “They’d be better off without me.”
    “Do you really believe that?”
  235. “It’s okay to cry.”
  236. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  237. “The axe is a bit unsetting, but honestly, you look great.” 
  238. “You asked me if I had any ideas. Not if I had any good ideas.”
  239. “Remove your hand or I’ll rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.”
  240. “So, I just realized… I’ve been shot.”
  241. “Delete it. Now.”
  242. “Could you guys do me a favor?”
    “Could at least one of you look like you are ever going to see me again?”
  243. “Don’t make me smack you in front of these people.”
  244. “I’m not a bitch. Okay, I’m lying, obviously.”
  245. “Can you get the gun out of my face, please?”
  246. “I don’t scare easily, you evil bitch.”
  247. “She’s been in there for hours and I haven’t heard a sound since.”
    “That’s because she left through the window.”
  248. “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” 
    “Not until four.”
  249. “Your existence gives me a headache. Go stand over there.”
  250. “We have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?”
    “Actually, it’s more like eight.”
    “Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”
  251. “You passed out for like an hour.”
  252. “This is my ‘I don’t care’ face.”
  253. A: “When I’m not here, do you braid each others hair and debate who the coolest Jonas brother is?”
    *B and C glance at each other*
    B: “No… But it’s totally Nick.”
    C: “Definitively Nick. But Kevin is the talented one.”
    B: “Yes, but Nick is the cute one.”
    C: “What about Joe?”
  254. “Do you know how to braid hair?”
  255. “Babe, I’m sorry.”
    “Suck my ass.”
  256. “What’s your favorite lipstick?”
    *Rambles about lipstick*”What’s yours?”
    “The one you’ll be adding to my lips.”
  257. “You could at least pretend to be interested in what I have to say.”
  258. “I always blame others for my mistakes. Just kidding, I don’t make mistakes.”
  259. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you.”
  260. “Go to your room!”
    “First off, we share a room. Secondly, I am the older one. Bitch.”
  261. “I promised I’d safe you.”
    “I promised I’d kill you if you did.”
  262. “You did what?!”
  263. “I thought you were going to steal a boat?”
    “What do you mean, This is a boat.” 
    “No, no. This isn’t a boat, this is a motherfucking yacht!”
  264. “I wont die for you. I’d kill for you.”
  265. ^^^add your own! ;)

These are a lot! I hope you find one or maybe a few you’d like to request! 

anonymous asked:

can you make an imagine where Tim’s s/o is drunk?

Thank you for requesting and to my new followers, hi and thank you for following! Hope you enjoyed what I’ve put out so far! Thank you for making me happy! 

Tim had decided to stop by your place that night – he hasn’t been by in a while but to his surprise, you weren’t in your apartment. After a few minutes of panicking, Tim remembered that your girl friends had asked you to go clubbing with them that night. When the initial worry passed, Tim made himself comfortable on your bed.

He had been working through some cases when you stumbled in to your apartment, giggling to yourself. Tim looked away from your laptop only to see you wobbling on your high heels, one hand stretched out trying to find the wall to steady yourself.

“What the hell happen to the wall?” You demanded drunkenly, reaching out and only grabbing the air. Tim chuckled – you were always prim and proper when sober and he wondered what your friends had done to convince you to drink until you were this drunk. He closed your laptop and set it aside before heading towards you.

“Come here,” Tim tried to reach for you only for you to swat your hand messily against his. The frown on your face is adorable and kinda worrisome.

You staggered backwards, the frown disappearing from your face and is now being replaced with a huge smile. “I found the wall!” You giggled and leaned to the side, this time actually leaning against the wall and slowly slid down the floor. You gasped when you touched the cold floor. “Cold!”

Tim nodded his head. “Yes, it’s cold; come on now, let’s get you in to bed.” Tim told you and tried to help you up but you simply lifted one of your legs and ordered him to take off your heels because you suddenly couldn’t feel your fingers. “Your fingers are fine,”

You frowned. “Do I still have my fingers – they feel gone… Did I lose them?” You lifted your hand and Tim, ever the darling boyfriend, grasped your fingers. You looked at him with happiness radiating off of you. “You found them too! You’re so kind.”

Tim finished untying your high heels and placed them aside before he tried to lift you up to stand. It’s also unsuccessful because this time, you slapped his hands again, frowning.

“Don’t touch me – my, my, boyfriend will get very mad if you t, touch me inappropriately!” You scolded him but to Tim, it just sounded very adorable. Your words were slurred together and you weren’t even looking at him – you were scolding his stomach and Tim chuckled before he shook his head.

“But I am Tim.” He had already taken off his mask while he was waiting for you and when you heard him, you looked at him very closely before planting a kiss on his lips. “Hi,” Tim greeted you sweetly.

You gave him a smile in return but that smile is quickly replaced with a grimace. “I think I’m going to be sick.” You murmured but it was loud enough for Tim to hear and his eyes widen before he immediately lifted you up (as carefully as he could because he didn’t want to jostle or upset your stomach even more lest he wanted you to puke all over him) and rushed to the bathroom.

The moment Tim placed you near the toilet, you immediately dropped on to your knees and threw up. Tim is now wearing a worried expression and he slowly pulled your hair back and away from your face, using one of his free hands to slowly rub your back as you threw up everything in the toilet.

“I’m sorry.” You muttered, leaning your head against the side of the toilet when you finished puking. Tim frowned and flushed the toilet before tying your hair in a loose ponytail. He left you briefly and you were almost about to fall asleep when something cold is placed on your face. You winced at the coldness and opened your eyes. Tim is diligently cleaning your face.

“No need to apologise; I love taking care of you.” Tim assured you and you gave him a small smile; you’re seriously lucky to have Tim in your life. Tim pressed a kiss on to your temple once he finished cleaning your face and slowly helped you up.

You grabbed on to him, trying to steady your legs and Tim shook his head before lifting you up. “I’ll take care of you, babe.” He promised and walked towards your bed. He placed you on the bed and handed you your nightgown – sleeping in your dress probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable and true to his words, Tim did not stop taking care of you. He even told you to drink a glass of water before you finally settled under your covers.

“I love you.” You murmured to him as you feel your eyelids getting heavier and the last thing you heard before you fell asleep was Tim’s soft, “I love you too.”

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

Remus raising Harry AU pt. 3

part 1 / part 2

Note: I might’ve forgotten to mention but yeah Harry has Hedwig but she isn’t as major in this, also sorry it took so long but honestly I kinda forgot about this also I’m not covering every part of the books/movies just the general story and how it changes.

Lil bit about their summer together

  • Draco exploring Remus his whole collection of books
  • Harry planning pranks and wanting to get stuff for them and Draco scolds him for it because he should at least try to behave a little in the next year if he still wants McGonagall to eventually teach him how to become an animagus
  • So when they go to some wizarding stores with the twins and Ron, the twins are just visiting and Ron’s staying for a few days, Harry lets them pick out some stuff whilst he goes to a book store and buys EVERYTHING he can get on transfiguration because he was too busy with different things last year and almost forgot about it.
  • Just them enjoying their summer, Hermione sometimes visits and is surprised to see how much Harry is reading, she knows he likes to do it and is well educated but these are books she never imagined him touching.
  • During the full moon in their summer Harry tries his best to explain to Draco what’s going to happen because despite being pureblood he’d have no reason to know what would happen and Draco’s nervous at first but an hour after the transformation he’s fine.
  • Ron asking his family if some of them know something more about transfiguration or becoming an animagus because Harry is so dedicated to it and he wants to help him.
  • He asks Remus everything and tries to every day and eventually he gives in but doesn’t tell him everything both because Remus knows he’s too young even if he was gifted and because he didn’t know everything about the process anymore.
  • When it’s Harry’s birthday Draco, Ron and Hermione planned everything for him so it’s this almost magical feast with tons of food and the whole weasley family is there, some of their friends and even McGonagall and Hagrid popped in when they had the time.

School year

  • So by the end of the summer break like the last week or two before school starts again Draco has to go back because he has to start packing his school stuff and that’s basically still at his parents and he needs to go shopping with them, although he mostly moved in with Remus and Harry
  • One night when Remus and Harry are just eating dinner there’s suddenly a house elf on their table.
  • Harry’s a bit sceptical of his warning, he knows chances are it’s a real danger but still it’s proven he has teachers always watching him and a ton of great friends, Remus takes it more seriously but knows he can’t refuse Hogwarts for Harry
  • So the two of them go shopping for school supplies and Harry makes sure they’re still enough Wolfsbane for Remus when he’s at school even though he’s allowed to go home every full moon, he’s just worried and wants to make sure everything is perfect.
  • They all meet up and decide eat something but Draco is dragged away by his dad and Harry noticed how concerned he was looking at something but Harry couldn’t place what it was, he made a note to ask him about it.
  • So they ACTUALLY GET ON THE TRAIN because Remus makes sure Harry is there on time and Ron is also on time
  • During the train ride Harry and Draco go out of their carriage, shared with Hermione and Ron, and Harry asks why he looked as concerned and Draco replies that his dad did something but he wasn’t sure what as he was basically excluded from everything because he was chosen as a Gryffindor.
  • Harry asks if it’s okay to share with the rest and Draco agrees and so they share it and they start to look out for suspicious things that maybe could be cursed or something like it.
  • Skipping the feast because they just eat and then sleep
  • Colin obviously continuously asking for Harry and pictures and stuff but also of that of his friends because they basically got him through the challenge last year
  • Lockhart annoying Ron and Draco to a maximum whilst Harry just kind of tags along with it and Hermione doesn’t get how they can be so annoyed with him.
  • When the pixies are flying around Hermione immobilises them because honestly the rest of them had no clue what to do and it becomes apparent to them no matter how much Harry focuses on transfiguration, Draco’s general knowledge and Ron’s Quidditch knowledge none of it matches Hermione’s.
  • Someone in the Slytherin Quidditch team still calling Hermione mudblood and both Draco and Ron immediately getting to her defence but Ron is quicker.
  • No one suspects Draco of being Slytherin’s heir because he’s a Gryffindor but he also knows better because if he was his father would be announcing it to the whole wizarding world.
  • Harry is more tense through the year because of the threat of Slytherin’s heir and the Chamber of Secrets but got his relief from pranking with the twins who always asked him if he was okay because they noticed he started to look tense.
  • Harry being the best kid in transfiguration by far and going after class to ask if he can get extra lessons more aimed at becoming an animagus, after a few weeks she agrees but does say she’ll take it slower because he’s still so young and it’s a hard process.
  • When Harry is hit by the enchanted bludger ( I think that was the one) Draco’s the first one next to him because he got so worried when he noticed what was going on 
  • So when Harry speaks Parseltongue during the duelling club Draco’s worried because he especially knows it’s not really a good thing to be able to and he starts to think how Harry might be able to do it because he’s a potter and those seem to be Gryffindors since the start of time and his mother was a muggle-born so that also wasn’t it.
  • So when Hermione comes with the idea of brewing Polyjuice Draco refuses to go with them because he feels uncomfortable and Hermione and Harry are surprised but Ron gets him because he also imagined it’d be hard if he was a different house than all of his family and trying to sneak into the house of his family because he knows the pressure that comes with some pureblood families and ever since the start of last year he was surprised how easily Draco accepted it.
  • So Harry still goes home a few days during Christmas break just because he wants to catch up with Remus and ask if he knew something but Remus knew nothing, still harry was very happy to visit him more than just once during a night to watch him.
  • When Harry finds the diary and Draco spots it Draco is very worried because that doesn’t look good and it might’ve been the thing his father hid in somewhere to be smuggled into Hogwarts but Harry says they at least have to try it but if it’s bad they could maybe turn it into Dumbledore
  • When Hermione is petrified they are devastated, first of all, and surprised at how keen Draco seems on catching whoever did it and giving them justice.
  • Draco is horrified and doesn’t understand how the man that’s his father and a few others are leading Hagrid away and he’s so angry but Harry keeps him from running at them and throwing whatever spell he knows because despite who his parents are and everything Hagrid’s only shown him kindness.
  • Once they start to follow the spiders ,after waiting for everyone to sleep, they’re lead into the forbidden forest and meet aragog and Draco was both surprised to see a spider this big but also terrified because spiders aren’t scary to him but make him feel uneasy especially if they’re this big SAME
  • Also the have negative hope in that Lockhart can actually do something because Harry’s also become really sceptic. 
  • And so they go down with Lockhart and Draco performs a disarming charm and offers to watch him whilst the two of them go ahead a bit further and explore. 
  • Ron offers to go with Harry but because Harry’s an idiot, a smart idiot, he refuses and says it’d be better if they both watch Lockhart and then they get separated.
  • Ron and Draco having a talk about different things and realizing, despite that Ron moved past his prejudice he was still slightly judging, they’re actually really similar.
  • Saving Ginny from the Chamber of secrets and Dobby being set free by Harry.
  • Also, Harry defending Draco from Lucius and they get into quite a heavy discussion which ends by Harry agreeing to have him over the whole summer because it was almost said like a dare that he couldn’t survive that.
  • Draco being happy to know he can spend the summer with them again but also growing worried as to how his father would eventually react to him because when he had to get home now it was already bad, he still had his mother though who supported him through and through.

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Hi, I was hoping you could do the hosts reactions of you challenging them to a pocky game (they have to say yes, cause otherwise there would be no writing lol :3) and could you possibly include Haruhi, Neckozowa and Kasanoda. ok thanks x!

Tbh I had no idea what the pocky game was I had to look it up lol thank you for such a cute prompt(and for including everyone, haha)(also so apparently you “lose” the pocky game by being the first to pull away after your lips touch)

Tamaki: “Tamaki! Will you play the pocky game with me?” You present the box and he nods happily, saying, “Absolutely, ____! I’ve always wanted to play buy Kyoya would never play with me.” He takes a stick from the box and settles it between his lips, “’Oo firsf,” which you assume is him telling you to go first. You take a bite of the cookie and Tamaki’s hands make their way up to your face, cupping it as he takes his own small bite. It continues in this manner, the two of you slowly inching forward as the cookie slowly disappears between you. You can see the blush rising on his cheeks as you get closer and closer together, and every now and then one of his thumbs will brush over your cheek. What seems like an eternity later, the last bite has been taken and his lips touch yours softly before Tamaki collects himself and really kisses you, soft and sweet. He pulls back and rests his forehead on yours, smiling. “Tamaki,” you say, still a little breathless, “I win.”

Kyoya: When you call out to Kyoya from where you’re standing in the kitchen, asking him if he’d like to play the pocky game, his first instinct is to say no - after all, it’s comprised of two of his least favorite things: sweets and public affection. But when you come into the living room, smile on your face and pocky in hand, he sighs and agrees to play - at least the two of you are at home. You sit down across from him, grinning with the pocky protruding from between your teeth, inviting him to move forward. Once the two of you are settled, you nod your head forward, motioning for him to take the first bite. You go back and forth, until only the smallest bit is left and suddenly all you can see is Kyoya’s smirking lips. You can feel the blush rising on your cheeks as he takes the last bite and crashes his lips to yours. He sucks at your bottom lip, his tongue shoving into your open mouth, tasting the remnants of chocolate. You remain like that, kissing passionately for a few minutes until your lungs are bursting and you pull back to breathe. You look up at him, the smirk on his face even more prominent. Panting, he says, “I believe that means I win.” You gape up at him, incredulous. Later while he’s reflecting, Kyoya decides that maybe the pocky game isn’t so bad after all.

Honey: “Honey, let’s play the pocky game! I even bought the strawberry kind!” Honey would bound up to you, eyes shining with excitement. “Yeah! Let’s play, ____-chan! I’ll go first!” You settle yourselves, the pocky nestled between your teeth, waiting for Honey to take his bite. Smile broad on his face, he takes his first bite - and only leaves but a small piece. Eyes wide, you take what’s left of the pocky and press your lips to Honey’s. He breaks away quickly, giggling, “You win, ____-chan! Let’s play again!” A little confused, you agree and pull out another stick and settle it in your mouth. At Honey’s insistence, you go first this time, taking a measured bite of the sweet. But then he does it again. He takes a giant bite, swallowing down the rest of the stick and pressing his lips a little more firmly to yours before pulling away. “You win again, let’s keep playing!” Eyes wide, you chide him, “Honey! You’re taking all the fun and the suspense out of playing!” He pouts a bit at that, mumbling, “I’m sorry, ____-chan, I just love pocky, and sweets, and your lips are my favorite sweet, so I got all excited. Can we please keep playing? Please, ___-chan?”

Hikaru: “Hikaru! Come here so I can beat you at the pocky game!” He raises his eyebrows. “Oh yeah? We’ll see who’s beating who, gimme the pocky.” He seats himself across from you, pulling a stick from the box and setting in between his teeth. The both of you took small, measured, calculated bites, fire in your eyes. You noticed that every now and again, Hikaru’s eyes would dip down to glance quickly at your lips before quickly darting back up to look you in the eyes - each time, the blush on his cheeks got just a little bit darker. By the time there was only enough pocky left for one bite, Hikaru’s face was a cute shade of pink and you could feel heat rising on your own cheeks. Taking the last bit of pocky into your mouth, you pressed forward, connecting your mouth to Hikaru’s. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist as you reached up to cup his face in your hands to deepen the kiss. You feel him nip at your bottom lip, followed by a harder bite, and you pull back, surprised and a hand at your mouth, crying, “Hikaru!” He smirks and leans forward, taking your hand away from your mouth to kiss you again. “I’m sorry. But I told you I’d win.” Annoyed, you smack him on the arm before sighing and leaning into the kiss. You could get him back later.

Kaoru: “Kaoruuu, come play the pocky game with me, will you?” He looked up from his sketchbook before nodding and laying it down. You sit down across from him, legs crossed and pocky between your lips. He takes the first bite and you follow suit, going back and forth, the treat disappearing between you. When the stick is gone and your lips are touching, you and Kaoru sit there for a few moments, matching red splotches on your cheeks. Finally, finally, Kaoru takes your face in his hands and really kisses you, sucking your bottom lip and his tongue swiping its way into your mouth. It isn’t until he pulls away, gasping and face nearly the color of his hair, that you remember the rules of the game and giggle a bit around your own panting. “I win, Kaoru, what’s my prize?” 

Mori: “Takashi?” You ask, directing his attention away from the book he was reading. “Will you play the pocky game with me?” He nods, “Sure,” setting his book down and patting his lap, signaling you to take a seat. Settling yourself in his lap, you pull out the pocky and place it between Mori’s lips. “I’ll go first,” you say, taking a bite of the candy and loosely wrapping your arms around his neck and shoulders. You and Mori went back and forth, taking bites of the sweet, until it was finally gone and your lips rested on his. He puts his hands on your hips, pulling you closer and leaning his face down to yours, deepening the kiss. “Mmm, thank you,” he says after pulling away, placing a kiss on your forehead.

Haruhi: “Haruhi! They were giving pocky away at the store today, let’s play the pocky game!” She looks up at you from where she’s doing some work before turning back to it and shuffling some papers around. “I guess I could take a break.” She stood and stretched her arms behind her head before making her way over to sit with you. “Ready?” She asks, taking the pocky from you before settling it between her lips. You nod, setting the stick between your teeth and taking a bite. Haruhi does the same, and you go back and forth taking bites until the sweet is nearly gone. When Haruhi takes the last bite of the pocky, she presses her lips to yours quickly before standing. “I give up! That was fun but I have work to do. Maybe we can play again later!”

Nekozawa: “Ne, Umehito,” You say, lighting some of the candles in the room to brighten it up a little bit, “have you ever played the pocky game?” He looked up at you, eyes shining a bit even in the dark. “No, I can’t say that I have. Would you like to play? Is that why you ask?” You nod, taking the box of pocky from the counter top. “I suppose we could do that. Come, sit with me.” You sit down with him on the couch, pocky nestled between your lips. You’re glad that he’s gotten to the point where he can wander about without his hood and wig, so long as the blinds are drawn and only a few candles are lit. You run a hand through his hair, tucking a few pieces behind his ear as he takes a bite of the candy. You can’t help but blush - doing something so silly shouldn’t feel so intimate, but it’s hard not to feel so close to him when the only light is that of a few candles and he’s pulling you closer with every bite of the pocky. By the time the pocky is gone, you’re nearly in his lap and he’s kissing you sweetly. He runs his hand through your hair now, smiling against your mouth. He pulls away to move onto kissing your jaw but stops, then looks up at you with a smile on his face. “I suppose I’ve lost, haven’t I, dear?”

Kasanoda: “Hey, Ritsu?” You ask once he’s out of the shower after being in the greenhouse all day. “Mmm?” He answers, pulling his hair back. “I bought some pocky while I was out today, and I was thinking, do you wanna play the pocky game?” He turns to look at you slowly, face slowly turning several shades of red. “I…I suppose we could do that.” He sits down with you on the bed, barely able to look you in the eye. “Open up!” You say brightly, poking his lips with the pocky. He obeys, lips parting to take the treat into his mouth and face turning impossibly redder. You take your first bite, making sure to smile at Kasanoda so that he’ll relax a bit. He’s still having a hard time meeting your eyes, but he continues to take bite after bite of the pocky. The blush on his cheeks has gradually gone down, but once the pocky is gone and he’s met your eyes, it returns full force - but not before he places one hand at the back of your head, the other cupping your face, and kisses you deeply, his mouth moving against yours, tasting the leftover chocolate on your lips. When you pull back, breathless, you look up at him and smile. He looks away again, mumbling, “We…we should do that again.”

Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 6

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Paralyzer

Pairing: Danny x Reader, Markiplier x Reader

Word Count: 1,569

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | (6) | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: What? A HtH chapter???? No way! 

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You stripped down in your living room the second the door clicked shut behind you. You started to walk away from the pile of discarded clothing, but you thought better of it. It was Friday and you needed to at least pretend like you were going to start the weekend right. You scooped the pile of clothes up off the floor and dumped it into your laundry hamper. It was starting to look a little full, but you would put that off for at least another week.

You slipped on your silky house robe and tied it loosely at the waist. Tonight was going to be about comfort and relaxation. You slipped into a pair of comfortable (read: old) panties and started to make a mental list of the things you needed to get out of the way so that you could enjoy the weekend.

Your phone vibrated where you had thrown it on your bed and you pounced on it to read a text from Suzy.

You up for going out tonight? We miss our girlfriend! ^^

And then a text from Arin.

Dan is coming. ;) ;) ;)

You stood and slipped out of your comfortable panties and into a pair of cute (read: uncomfortable) panties that you had picked up last time you wandered past a Victoria’s Secret. Okay, so no comfort and relaxation. There was no point in pretending that you were going to start your weekend off right when you would be consuming copious amounts of alcohol in just a few hours.

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For the baekhyun vampire one you can put "you need to control your jealousy, your eyes were all red" Something like that I'm sorry i didn't add a line ❤️

it’s okay, don’t worry about it ^^

You didn’t go clubbing with Baekhyun that often, he hated the idea of clubbing. Before he met you, he was a monster, a real one.

The only thing he thought about was blood. He picked a random prey, seduced them through the whole night and asked them to go home with him. He would finish the business before his prey took a step into the building.

He didn’t want to remember the old Baekhyun, he was a new person now, that’s why he hated the idea of clubbing, especially when you were included.

Baekhyun didn’t know why he was at the club. It was your friend’s birthday and you didn’t want to go alone since all of your friend would be bringing their significant others with them. You had begged him to go and have a little fun. 

He was leaning against the bar, with a glass of whiskey in his hand while you were on the dance floor, having the time of your life with your friends. Baekhyun’s eyes didn’t left your dancing figure for a second. Even your smile was enough to make him hot and bothered.

He was so busy imagining what he was going to do to you when you two got back home, he didn’t realise a guy was talking to you, asking you to dance with him. He knew your body language well, he knew that you were uncomfortable.

Before you could look over at Baekhyun, he showed up right next to you, wrapping his arm around your waist protectively, bring your body closer to his. 

“I don’t think that she would want to dance with you when she has me, so why don’t you try your chance with somebody else, hmm?” Baekhyun said with a stern voice. He could feel his fangs coming out.

To your luck, the guy left as soon as possible when he saw how angry Baekhyun was or he could’ve been dead now.

Baekhyun was still stiff. You poked his cheek trying to get his attention but he kept looking at the guy as he walk away. 


Still no answer.

You cupped his cheeks and placed a kiss on his lips, trying to get his attention once more. At least it worked, since his eyes were on you.

“You need to control your jealousy, your eyes were all red” you whispered, as he wrapped both of his arms around your waist.

“Really? I haven’t noticed.” He blinked until his eyes were chocolate brown again. “And me? Jealous? I’m just protecting my beautiful mate from dangerous people. He could’ve been a murdered or something.”

“Says Byun Baekhyun who used to kill people for-”

“Hey, hey! That was like 60 years ago. I changed when I met you…”

“Baekhyun, we met like 4 years ago, what were you doing until then?”

He was silent.

“Okay (Y/N), you win this time. Why don’t we go back home? Private fun is the best fun, right?”

Before you could answer, he was dragging you out of the club to his car. This boy would be the death of you…

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Dating Headcanons for Rebekah Mikaelson

-Being a vampire as well, either turned by someone before meeting her or by her when your relationship gets serious

-Always taking her side when the siblings are fighting

-Her not letting her siblings anywhere near you for the most part

-Klaus isn’t aloud to be in a 10 mile radius of you

-She’d risk everything for you

-Whenever she’s stressed you’d hold her for a long time

-She is jokingly flirty with you, the two of you stay up telling cheesy pickup lines together

-When you cuddle she holds you and plays with her hair while you nuzzle into her neck

-She admires you laying down with her before trying to sneak off to do something that’s probably dangerous

-She’s an Original and much stronger than you so you can’t exactly stop her

-Knowing she can take care of herself but you cant help but freak out

-Whenever she comes back she sincerely apologizes for worrying you

-Then you have a passionate kiss to relieve your worries

-Going out anywhere together

-Bars, clubs, fancy restraunts, etc.

-Her arms stay around your waist to scare off anyone who might think they can flirt with you

-Her kissing your neck when doing this

-Clumsily kissing at home after your dates

-She loves spoiling you to show you because she cant out into words how you make her feel and she wants you to feel like a million dollars

-Cooking together

-Being in love for as long as you live

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I'm going to a teen LGBT club today but im worried that I'm gonna find all of this Tumblr bullshit like, "uwu I'm stargender", "plz use my bun/bunself pronouns", "i have 18 different mental illnesses and i self dx", and last, but not least, "uwu i literally am [insert hip fictional character or celebrity], plz respect my identity". Like lmao, I just wanna make some new pals who don't still play pretend and shit.

i avoid sgas at all costs because most of the time theyre filled with “uwuwwuuu im so GAY” people 90% of the time

- Boi

{Part 7} I Can Save You // Jay Park

Originally posted by ygnj

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst // Fluff

Summary:After talking with Ashley, Jay gives tyou a ride home, but not before he makes a quick stop at AOMG - showing you his world.

This scenario contains slight mentions of abuse and manipulative behaviour - talks about whorephobia and stigma.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7} {Part 8}

The next few hours were spent with Jay and Ashley – you giving as much information on Key as possible while Ashley diligently took notes while offering you encouragement for the brave act that was speaking out against someone who abused you and other women around you for too long. You were scared, but you were also stronger than anything he had ever done or put you through. Jay watched you speak from across the table, looking into the ferocity that burned in your eyes as you dissected each and every missing detail of Key that the authorities couldn’t place their finger on before.

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To Talk

Joe knew that Jack liked guys and girls, the younger man never hid it from the first moment they met, and Joe never thought much of it. Because it didn’t matter. So what if Jack liked to look at both genders? He wasn’t any different because of it.

It got confusing when he would talk about his hook ups, at least when the person he was hooking up with had a name that worked for either a girl or guy, but Jack would just laugh at Joe’s confused face and tell him what gender it was.

Then they would carry on talking about.

Until one day, Joe realized that Jack didn’t tell him stories of who he met at the club anymore. And he began to worry, going through all their previous conversations, trying to see if maybe he said or did something to piss off Jack, or to make him think he couldn’t tell him stories.

When he came up with nothing, Joe turned to Mikey and Josh, asking the two boys if they thought he’d done something wrong towards Jack.

“Calm down, Joe.” Josh had laughed. “He just hasn’t brought anyone home in a couple of weeks.”

“Yeah, he goes through these periods where he stops hooking up with randoms.” Mikey explained, “Means he likes someone.”

“Really?” Joe asked, blinking in surprise. “He hasn’t mentioned anything to me. What about you guys?”

“Not a clue. Won’t even tell me if its a guy or girl.” Mikey sulked.

From that moment, Joe was determined to find out who Jack fancied, wanting to be able to help his friend.

But each time he tried to bring it up with Jack, the other man shut him out, saying there was no one.

And then Jack actually did start to act different around Joe.

It was subtle things at first, like how his eyes would dart away from Joe’s whenever he looked over at Jack. He wouldn’t sit as close to Joe in videos anymore, or even when they were all hanging out.

Then the changes began to become more obvious. And that was when Joe caught on.

Jack would blush a lot more around Joe, getting flustered under the watchful eye of the smaller man. He stumbled over his words, sometimes completely losing track of what his sentence was.

But it wasn’t until Joe was talking to Jack and Conor about a pretty girl he had met the other night at the club that Joe realized what was going on.

Because suddenly, Jack got incredibly jealous.

Jealous that Joe was talking with someone else, was going to take someone else out.

Joe realized that Jack had a crush on him.

After the Maynard brothers left that night, Joe sat on his couch for close to an hour trying to wrap his mind around the new piece of information.

One of his best mates had a crush, on him, and it made him feel…well Joe wasn’t entirely sure how he felt.

He knew he didn’t feel anything negative to Jack, and Joe considered that a good sign. Because he cared for Jack, they had grown close very fast, and he didn’t want to lose him from his life. But he still wasn’t sure what his feelings were towards Jack liking him.

Eventually, Joe dragged himself to bed, deciding to deal with it tomorrow.

Except tomorrow bled into the next day, and the next day turned into a week, and before Joe knew it, two weeks had passed since his discovery. His life had been suddenly filled with meetings, phone calls, videos, and editing, and he hadn’t had a chance to sit down and think about Jack and feelings he harboured for Joe.

Through those two weeks, he still talked with Jack. They texted each other nearly daily, mostly about pointless little things, and Joe was glad that things weren’t weird.

But now they were gathered at the Maynard/Pieters household, drinking before they went out for the night.

Joe was sat on the couch, bottle of beer cradled between his hands as his eyes followed Jack. This was the first chance Joe had to think about Jack and the crush, and he was taking full advantage of it.

His mind had already fully accepted that one of his best mates liked him, although Joe wasn’t entirely sure when that had happened, but he was glad it did, because now it left him time to think about what his reaction to it was.

And when Jack’s blue eyes darted over to meet Joe’s, a shy smile sent in his direction, Joe felt his breath catch, and his lips turn up in a returning smile.

What was that? Joe thought to himself, bringing the bottle up to his lips, his eyes still on the younger man.

Small moments like that kept happening throughout the night to Joe. Each time Jack looked over at him, he would feel his breath catch or his skin warm. And it seemed that Jack was loosening up around Joe, back to being his touchy feely self, laughing loudly at the stupid joke’s Joe was making.

As for Joe, his drunken mind was confused, because each time Jack touched him, his skin felt like it was on fire, and his heart was racing.

Instead of looking at any girls that night at the club, Joe kept feeling his gaze drawn back to Jack.

Joe’s mind went right back to being confused by that.

In the morning, with his head pounding and his mouth dry and tasting of something horrible, Joe tried to recall his thoughts from the night before.

But all he could remember was Jack.

The next few days were much the same, with all of Joe’s thoughts being of Jack. Of how much his face lit up when he smiled, how his eyes crinkled in the corner when he laughed, how he waved his hands in the air when he spoke, the light dancing off his rings.

And then the thoughts turned to how Jack’s gaze made Joe feel. How he squirmed under the feeling of Jack’s eyes on him, but in the best way possible. Joe thought of how whenever Jack touched his arm, or patted his shoulder, or when Jack slipped past him, his hand on his lower back, Joe craved more. He wanted to know what Jack’s hands felt like on his skin, all over his body.

The first time Joe thought that, he had blinked up at the ceiling, surprised by that. Because he liked girls.

Or, he thought he did.

But now, now it had been weeks since Joe had looked at a girl and thought, yes, she’s pretty, I like her.

Instead, it had been, Jack’s eyes are bluer, or how Jack’s laugh was nicer.

That was when Joe realized that maybe, just maybe, he had a crush on his best mate as well.

“Hey.” Jack nodded as Joe opened the door, stepping to the side to let him in. “Is it just us filming?” He asked, walking into Joe’s flat, looking around.

“We aren’t filming.” Joe replied nervously, letting the door click shut.

“Then why did you invite me over?” Jack looked over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

“To talk.”

“Talk?” Jack repeated, letting himself fall onto the couch, an easy smile on his face. Joe felt his heart flutter at that, and he bit his lip as he crossed the room, sitting down on the couch as well, a bit of distance between the two.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about something. Without the others here.”

“Well, it’s just us. What’s up?”

Jack’s eyes were staring into Joe’s, and he could feel his heart racing as his hands twisted together.


“I know you like me.” He finally blurted out, watching as surprise flitted across the other man’s face before a wall came down, and Jack straightened up, forearms braced against his knees.

“Right. And you don’t want to be friends with me any more. I get it.”

“Wha-“ Joe watched with wide eyes as Jack stood from the couch. “No! Wait! Hold on!” He scrambled to stand from the couch as well, tripping slightly on his feet and towards Jack, who was quick to catch Joe from falling. Noticing that his hands were on Joe’s arms, he snatched them away quickly, a frown still on his face.

“Don’t try and keep this going just to be a nice guy, Joe. I get it, it’s weird.” Jack’s tone was harsh and cold sounding, and it broke Joe’s heart, because clearly someone had hurt the man standing before him before. But he didn’t want to hurt him again. Yet he couldn’t get the words out as Jack crossed the room, heading for the front door.

Just as Jack’s hand touched the door handle, Joe finally managed to say the words he hadn’t said out loud yet.

“I like you too.”

A heavy silence fell across the room, and Joe felt his cheeks turn warm as his words echoed inside of his mind. But he knew they were right and true. He felt a smile tug at his lips as Jack turned around to look at him, stepping back into the room.


“I like you too.”

“Don’t just say that to be nice, Joe.” Jack’s voice was timid, fearful.

“I’m not.” Joe shook his head, stepping forward. “I don’t know when it happened, but it did. I like you, Jack.”

“Like me as in…” Jack hesitated, eyes wide as Joe stopped in front of him, Joe’s arms moving around Jack’s neck. Even though his heart was racing, Joe knew it was right, everything about it felt right.

“As in I really want to kiss you. And I want your hands on my body. And you’re all I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of weeks.”

“Oh, like that.” Jack smirked, his own arms winding around Joe’s waist, a small squeak escaping the smaller man’s lips as Jack pulled him closer, their bodies colliding.

“Sorry it took me so long.” Joe mumbled, his breath dancing across Jack’s lips.

“As long as you’re sure about this.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever been more sure.”

And then Joe closed the small distance between them, and it turned out, that kissing Jack was so much better than what he had dreamed of.


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You’d done absolutely everything to get your boyfriends attention today. But if there was one person in the world more stubborn than you it was Sunghwa, and he was refusing to give in until you admitted that you were wrong and apologized.

Honestly you couldn’t even remember what you fought over in the first place. All you knew was that you weren’t sorry. It was probably his fault anyway. You huffed watching Sunghwa make his way into the living room, setting down his laptop on the table.

This wasn’t even about apologizing anymore. This was about getting him to give in.

You sat beside him, cuddling against his shoulder as he kept his eyes glued on the tv. You cleared your throat trying to get him to at least glance at you. But nothing. Reaching over him you grabbed the remote, you could hear the slightest intake of his breath. Smirking to yourself you turned toward him; Eyeing him. Your lips just over his as you whispered. “You don’t mind if I change the channel right?”

But nothing.

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headcannons for that post you made a while ago about lena being a cheerleader and kara being a space nerd?

okay, so this ended up slightly darker than intended lmao. disclaimer i’ve never been to an american high school, my understanding is based off tv. it got kinda long, too

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Maybe, Maybe Not.

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Featuring: Hoseok (Jhope) and Jimin, with a cameo from Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Teasing with a bit of smut
By: Admin S

An example of what happens when I write while I’m sick. And also because these two are ruining me. It’s also 1am and I need to sleep, because work, and this is not edited. I’m sorry for mistakes~

In which you, Hoseok, and Jimin enjoy trips to the club.

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Would you happen to have any deaf/HOH AU's?

  • Character A has been a painter for the majority of their life because they’ve found that they, a member of the deaf community, can almost feel the sound vibrating through the most vibrant of images they capture, making them feel like a conductor of an orchestra in their own right. Character B is enthralled with their passion.
  • Character A is a storm hunter who has traded their ability to hear for something so much better. Their heightened senses make them a human tracking device for electricity, directing their team towards the eye of every storm they come across.
  • Character A has always aspired to be a Broadway actor, but they have never had the correct insurance to help them afford proper cochlear implants. With the help of Character B, they are able to join a Theatre Company that combines the arts of Music, Dance, and Sign Language to create the most dramatic and heart-warming performance ever seen.
  • Character A’s school doesn’t have a proper ASL club, so they set off to create one with the help of their partner, Character B.
  • Everyone’s usual assumption when they first meet Character A is that they are a very pleasant person of the deaf community, but what they don’t know is that they are a part of the infamous bank robbing duo, “The Silent Sutures.”
  • Character A works as a therapist to aid those who have suffered from an accident in which they have lost their ability to hear.
  • Character A is working with the state to create the first bilingual school, but rather than with a foreign language, one that is close to heart: Sign Language.
  • Character A is out on the town one night when they go into a night club with a friend who continually signed “Don’t worry, loosen up a little and have some fun!” They enter the club and one thing led to another, bringing A onstage for a DJ competition. What do they do?
If any of my followers are incoming freshmen, I want to tell you a few things:
  • Keep and open mind: This is a perfect and ideal time to reinvent who you are, and/or find who you are, there is so much potential, but potential is so easily blocked if you are closed minded about classes, teachers, school events, clubs and especially peers. You are going to meet so many new, amazing people and make such amazing memories if you keep your mind open.
  • Keep books that you won’t need in your locker: During my freshmen year, I kept have my books in my locker and half in my bag, and usually worked pretty well. I recommend switching out books and class materials before lunch, as lunch is usually half way through the school day. This will save your back.
  • Be courteous to the janitors: don’t leave lunch garbage or any garbage for that matter for the janitor to clean up. They already have to vacuum and mop all the floors (also they have to clean the probably-disgusting bathrooms), they don’t need extra garbage. Also, talk to them, smile at them, say hello, a lot of times they’re kind people.
  • On that note be kind to staff members: they are there to give you a good education and make sure your day runs as smooth as possible. Teachers (in the US at least) are very underpaid; they wouldn’t do this job if they genuinely didn’t care in some way, even if that way is completely abstract). Also, always say thank you to the servers in the cafeteria and the custodial staff, they are extremely under appreciated.
  • If you have school security, which you probably do, be extra kind to them: This can be a very beneficial acquaintanceship if you’re ever running super late to class for whatever reason.
  • Do your homework: just do your fucking homework, you’ll thank yourself later for putting off watching hat television show until the weekend. Trust me, I am a procrastinator and I 100% regret every fucking time I put off my homework too long, or just didn’t do it, not a single second of it was worth it.
  • Use your counselor: If you find yourself feeling sad, or anxious about anything talk to them, they are absolutely there for you. I’d say counselors in schools are probably the most under-utilized resources. They can help you with anything. Also if you struggle with a mental illness or you’re just struggling and see your grades falling because of it they are great at getting you extra help and finding a solution that works with you and your teachers. Them and your teachers are your number 1 resources.
  • Communicate with your teachers: For the exact same reason as above, they want to see you succeed.
  • If you don’t like a teacher don’t let your grade suffer for it: As crazy as this may sound I took a class earlier this year and it was called Theory of Knowledge (TOK). In this class we discussed the effects of emotions as it pertains to our ability to attain knowledge, and what happens in school is a teacher says or does something that pisses you off around the first couple weeks, and then because you have negative feeling towards then you will likely subconsciously write-off everything they say. Be hyper aware of this.
  • Be involved: I know this advice ahs been exhausted, but it’s true, it’s a great way to make new friends. Also, if there’s not a club you like at all, make one, you probably have an asb who decides on this. So go to your principals or speak to a teacher about it, found out the proper way to go about it, make your god damn own club.
  • Don’t worry about students in higher grade levels: They might not even be able to tell you’re a freshmen. Just don’t stand in the middle of the fucking hall and be courteous, and they’ll likely leave you alone unless they’re complete assholes. If the latter is true ignore them, if that doesn’t work, report them, like there’s no reason to feel harassed at school.
  • Don’t worry about not having what everyone else has: Whether it be a laptop or clothes or a phone don’t worry. Most people (at least the nice ones) won’t care. Think of the quote, “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” the greatly applies here. ( Also I didn’t have phone until the middle of my junior year and I never ran into trouble with that, just make sure you have a way to be contacted if you have a group project)
  • You’re going to probably embarrass yourself once in awhile: it’s alright, everybody else will too, and if they don’t they’re probably not having a good time.
  • Football games are actually fun: Like, I hate football, but it’s more about the community than anything, especially if your school is super into football. I had some great memories from my first football game.
  • If somebody offers you drugs just say no: Like, they probably won’t even get mad because then they have more drugs for themselves.
  • Take different classes: If you have absolutely no idea what you want to do take a variety of classes. Find what you love. I would have never known that I enjoyed script writing and creating films as much as I do if I wouldn’t have taken film.
  • Make the best of it: You’re going to be stressed, you’re going to have sad moments, you’re go to have moments of absolute joy, you’re probably going to be pissed off at those four guys that sit in the row behind you in 3rd period biology who literally won’t shut up - ever in that one specific class (on a side note, don’t be those guys). Anyway, it’s going to be okay.
  • If you can: I’d recommend, if you can investing in a yearbook in your freshmen year and one in your senior year, that way you have one from the start and one from the end of a chapter of your life.  
  • Make study groups: I didn’t start doing this until my Junior and man do I regret not doing it before that because not only do you get to be socially active, if that’s something you’re desiring, but you can  learn so much just from bouncing ideas off of your friends. Just make sure you and your friends work well and focused together. 
  • Use a planner and/or whiteboard: Now for me, planner never worked because I’d forget to write things down, and even if I did write them down, I’d forget to even look and I’d just goo off of what I remembered mostly anyway, but what did do what get a whiteboard for my room and write out a to-do list immediately after I got home on it. No matter what find a way to organize the work you need to do (with the whiteboard thing I added a specific amount of stars as it pertained the the growing importance of getting certain work done in accordance to it’s respectful due date).
  • Don’t be disruptive: It ain’t cute, nobody likes you when you do this, and the teacher will probably eventually yell at you for it. Literally please don’t, you’re not only ruining your learning experience but everybody else’s learning experience when you do this. 
  • Don’t date seniors: This point is also made in nearly every advice thing but I’m going to reiterate it, don’t date seniors, just don’t. I promise you it is not going to be worth it. You’re probably not going to agree with me, but you change so much even just in between your sophomore year and freshmen year, it’s uncanny. High school is a time for growth and figuring out what you want, and also they’re probably going too college or to work a full-time job in a few months, and more times than not, it just does not work out. 
  • Don’t let anybody tell you community college isn’t a good choice: It saves so much money, and is a good choice, people who tell you it isn’t (in an overall sense I know some people do different things) are lying. 

You are an ethereal being and deserve such an amazing high school experience. Don’t forget you’re important and never let anybody you meet tell you you’re not.

With an over-abundance of love,

A Senior (I’ll probably add onto this if I think of more things)

P.S. Quizlet is a babe of a study tool that you should utilize, especially if games and flash cards fit your learning style well. Also if you make your flashcards public and share it with people in your classes they will probably love you forever 

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Overprotective 5sos 4/4!

yeah okay, so Ashton wouldn’t be that kind of boyfriend who never could leave you alone, he trusted you, a lot. the only time when he actually got really overprotective was when you guys went outside, especially with the other boys tagging along. basically, Ashton loved his fans to death, but he hated seeing the terrified look on your face when the fans got too many, the screams got too loud and when you guys basically got trapped in the middle of a sea with people. he’d hold your hand so tight, his jaw clenched as he dragged you towards himself, pressing you close to his chest while following his body guard. he’d smile at the fans, trying to have a small chat with the most calm ones while stroking the top of your hand with his thumb. and if you guys had to stop again, people getting more physical in a way to get the boys’ attention, he would grab your face, forcing you to look at him while leaning his forward against yours, “you’re okay? just breath baby and we will be at the hotel soon, yeah? I’m here, just stay close” and he’d kiss your forehead, staying close to you while starting to move again. and you guys would finally be able to sneak into the hotel, Ashton still holding tight to your hand, and you’d chuckle and tell him that you’re okay now, but after an incident like that he literally wouldn’t leave your side all day.

I don’t really see Michael as the protecting or controlling person. at least not as sober. so he’d be kinda drunk, now clinging to your hand, his head snapping your way as soon as you moved next to him, and if you’d try to stand up he would grip harder around your hand, and ask where you’re going with a worried voice. he’d follow you around the club, the bar or wherever you are like a lost puppy, his warm hand never leaving yours. and as soon as someone even looked your way he dragged you as close as possible, softly kissing your temple, not because he was jealous, mainly because he just knew how a dude thought when drunk and horny. because he recognised the way they smirked while eyeing you up down, and idek of course you’d think he was a bit too clingy as drunk, but at the end he just did it all to protect his girl.

OKAY SO CALUM IS THE MOST OVERPROTECTIVE LITTLE SHIT OUT THERE DON’T EVEN FIGHT ME ABOUT THIS HE WOULd always need to touch you in some way, just to reassure you that he was close. like he’d hand out death glares to every single person who even glanced at you, snaking his hand around your waist to bring you closer. and like you guys could be out on a walk, enjoying the nice weather when like three fans comes up, asking for a picture, and Calum nervously glance at you but agrees, and after they’re done he’d tug you close and kiss your lips and mumble “you okay?” and you’d just push him away with a raised eyebrow because there was literally three calm and polite fans??? and like as soon as one of the other guys joked with you he’d take it so seriously and angrily snap something in reply. and he’d always have his hand on your thigh if sitting down, always, always, placing a kiss on your cheek while asking if you’re okay and you could be in the freaking supermarket as he asks that and you’d be so done with his shit because “for gods sake, Calum I am a grown up woman, I won’t die going alone to get some cereals!!” but honestly he wouldn’t care about what you said because what if you slipped or a stranger approached?? so he’d happily walk next to you all the time, making the trip to the supermarket an hour longer than it had to be sigh

okay so Luke would be kinda protective as well, just in the shy way like he wanted the best for you but didn’t want to annoy you or something and aw baby he’d just always hold your hand, holding you close no matter what the situation was. like he’d be the kind of boyfriend to hold your hand extra hard while crossing the road, or the one who refused to start driving until you had your seatbelt on. and idk man during concerts he needed to have you on a safe place where he could always see you, like he’d have a security guard keeping an eye on you and he’d place you on the side of the stage in safety away from the wild crowd, and he’d always glance to the side, a smile on his lips as he sees you standing there, and like if you had disappeared to go to the toilet or whatever he would freak out and mess up the lyrics because what if someone kidnapped you?? or what if you met that guy working at the venue who Luke saw glancing at you several times earlier that day and he’d be a worried mess until you came back, waving softly at him aw