going back to the motherland

Y'all, fuck it, I’m gonna apply for this Filipino immersion program! Ever since I tabled at that Filipino musical (lol it’s all fucked and problematic lololol), I felt like I could potentially be accepted in the Philippines idk hahahaha isn’t that sad that that’s something I have to worry about being queer + punk? 🙃 I looked way different last time I was in the Philippines 🙃🙃🙃

I haven’t been to Jamaica since I was 8
And I’m so excited
We’re going home
Like home home
To bush and country and goats on the street and children running barefoot
And good good food
And the waterfalls and clear beaches
I am so so ready to go back to my motherland
It’s been too long
Now that I have the funds
I want to go every other year if I am able

Non sims.....

As a 1st generation Cuban American whose grandparents fled Cuba (went to San Salvador and then fled there before winding up in Florida)……..

I will be watching with interest what happens this afternoon.

My grandparents always dreamed of going back home.  Cuba was their motherland, through the years it was what they wanted more than anything.  They’ve since passed on but I’ll never forget how they held onto those traditions.  How they always kept hope alive of the day that they would get to return to Cuba triumphantly and reclaim their island.

¡Cuba libre!

Dating a BTS Member Would Include: V

Dating BTS Series

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  • A lot of messing around
  • And giggles cause his smile is cute ffs
  • Tickling each other
  • The stupidest Christmas and birthday gifts
  • Not being scared at all of introducing him to your family but him being scared to death and a stuttering mess
  • But as soon as a topic he was comfortable talking about came up he would be all smiles and giggles
  • Your family would love him
  • Confused Tae
  • Park dates would be both a blessing and a curse
  • He would ignore you and play with the children

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Hi! i'm going to korea in a few weeks and wanted to ask for some suggestions pls! maybe we can even meet up if u are willing. love ur blog btw!

hi hi. i’m going in two weeks (so excited to go back to the motherland akdjw) and uhm i’m too shy lol. but there’s a ton of things you can do in korea. you should research before you go but overall, food is GOOD and relatively cheap. try the street food as well. there are SO MANY cafés (and there’s pretty much no such thing as coffee that offers milk and sugar. if you want coffee that’s not black, you should order a latte or macchiato, etc.), shops to buy clothes (most of the places have the same products for different prices so you might want to compare them if you got some extra/free time on your hands) BUT there are many stores on the streets that don’t let you try their clothes so that may be difficult for some ppl. there are also so many make up stores, stationary stores, dollar stores, corner stores, convenience stores, etc. also, if you want to look at traditional places, visit 경복궁, 한옥마을, etc. or even take 1 night 2 days trip to closer places that you can get to by train. there are also ton of museums (and bars/clubs if you’re legal and interested). have fun! (also, try to go to an every day6 concert 🤞🏻 )

Day 8 of #30DaysOfPunjab

I originally had this post queued for another day, but hearing that today is International Romani Day, I thought I would break the chronological order and post this today. Today’s post will be talking about the origins of the Romani people. Many of you may know them as “g*psies,” but that term is considered a slur by the Romani people so please do not use it.

One of the stories of origin for the Romani people goes back to the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1570 CE). The southern region of Iraq at the time, Sawad, was extremely fertile, and the locals didn’t want to do the agriculture. Therefore, the caliphate brought in slave labour of the Zanj (black slaves from Zanzibar), and the Zutt. Zutt is the Arabic pronunciation of the word “Jatt,” which was, and today still is, a very prominent agrarian people in Punjab. (Disclaimer, I am merely laying out history, and I am not condoning casteism and social segregation of clans/castes.) The Jatt were brought in by the rulers, but their longing to be back in their motherland did not go way. Archaeologists have found pottery with Arabic inscriptions and poetry written by Jatt slaves, expressing their longing to return to Punjab. Things got tumultuous, though, and the Abbasid Caliphate fell. To escape the political chaos, the Jatt fled to the northern frontiers of the caliphate (present day Turkey) and became a nomadic people that wondered through Europe and became known as the Romani people. Linguists can trace the Roma language to Punjabi roots, and many words are still in common with Punjabi.

If you are interested in reading up more on the Abbasid and other Islamic Caliphates, be sure to read “The Venture of Islam” by Marshall Hodgson.

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Hi!! I just wanted to make a sterek prompt based on something that happened to me yesterday that has me a little bit down...One of the exes of my current boyfriend just started following me on instagram and he doesn't like it, and said that he was going to talk to her, because that was just too much, and he showed me the chat where she said that she was going to get him back and that she wasn't gonna suffer anymore for him... If you don't want to do it I totally understand.. Love ya!

I’m sorry this is a few days late. My family have been ill so it’s been less Sterek and more running baths and all that jazz. This is pretty short but I hope you like it nonetheless! I also hope everything is okay with you and your boyfriend. You’re awesome and deserve nothing but the best, nonnie

It’s not that Stiles thinks Derek will go back to…her. It’s just, well, he has self-esteem issues okay? It’s not a crime. And believe him, he’s not trying to be jealous. He’s not trying to act like a possessive asshole bastard afraid to let his boyfriend out of his sight. But…can you really blame him?

It’s not that Derek is the type to cheat, but Derek had thought it was love. He got his heart broken. Stiles remembers, he’s been Derek’s best friend for years. He was around to pick up the pieces. When they finally got together, Stiles thought she-who-must-not-be-named- shut up, he’s allowed Harry Potter in his life- had long been got over, but lately he’s not so sure. Not with her back in town suddenly wanting Derek back.

At first, it was innocent. Bumping into her in the store while picking up some milk, seeing her at the video store, running into her at the park. Okay, Derek had called it innocent. Stiles had called it stalking. Still, Stiles went with it. He’s a good boyfriend after all. Or at least he tries to be. For Derek he does really fucking try. He may not trust many people, but he trusts Derek.

Thing is, there is only so much a guy can take before he snaps. Instagram, as it turned out, was that breaking point for Stiles.

“She followed me,” he says, trying to keep his cool as he waves his phone in front of Derek’s raised eyebrows. “Derek this isn’t good. She’s trying to intimidate me.”

“Then don’t let her,” Derek says.

Which, wow. Stiles is so lucky to have such a helpful boyfriend.

“Don’t let her?” his eyes widen. “Derek, you do realise what’s happening, right? Right? After a while, I’m going to get clingy. I love you and the thought of losing you-” He closes his eyes, turning away, terrified of the desperation is his voice. “Look, the point is you’re going to get tired of me freaking out and guess who will be waiting to give you a little breather? Her, Derek. She’ll be waiting. And I just can’t- I can’t-

He takes a breath, pushing down the panic attack he can feel coming on. Don’t do this, Stiles. Don’t do this now.

“Hey,” Derek says, taking his hands in his, stilling him. “Stiles, you’re my best friend. Please tell me you realise there is no-one that could ever take me from you.” Something must show on his face because Derek’s own eyes widen in surprise at what he sees there.

“Logically, yeah, it’s a nice thought-” Stiles starts, but for once he doesn’t know how to go on. Can’t quite find the words to say how much that thought really means to him. What it means to him. That Derek’s the first person who’s ever made him feel like he’s first choice. It’s hard to process most days, let alone right now.

“Stiles,” Derek says again, pulling Stiles close to him, wrapping his arms around his waist. “I think about you constantly, okay? I think about you when I’m at work. When I’m shopping. Shit, I think about you when I work out. I dream about you even though you sleep right beside me.” He ducks his head, his cheeks colouring slightly as he finishes, “I don’t even fantasise about anyone else but you.”

“Oh,” Stiles answers, dumbly.

“Yeah, oh,” Derek rolls his eyes, pulling Stiles even closer. “She was my first love but…you were the first person outside my family I ever loved. Even before I met her, Stiles. You were already it. I just didn’t think I ever had a shot.” He smiles, like the fact Stiles is even here surprises him. The idiot. “And if you want to be…you’ll be the last person I ever love.”

Stiles’ heart thuds in his chest. It’s making very unusual sounds. He knows. “That sounds very serial killer of you.”

Derek rolls his eyes, smacking Stiles’ arm. “You know what I mean, jerk face.”

“Oh, I’ll jerk on your face,” Stiles winks, relaxing, causing Derek to groan and bury his face in Stiles’ shoulder.

“I take it all back. Go back to your motherland.”

Stiles snorts. “There’d be no point, dude. You’d just follow me.” He pauses, looking down at his feet. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Derek smiles, tilting his chin back up. “I’d follow you anywhere. Movie style.”

“Movie style,” Stiles repeats, grinning. “I like the sound of that. Makes me feel important.”

Derek shakes his head fondly, kissing Stiles’ cheek. “That’s because you are.

Story time

In 2007, I was in college with my friend and we were sitting around not doing anything right…(he was 16 and I was 18, now he’s 23 and I’m 25) we were just quiet and then he goes to me “Christian, I wanna learn how to shoot videos and I wanna open up a production company” to which I said “really? I never thought of that before” and he said “yeah I can do it, and you’ll be my partner” we laughed and carried on talking about whatever it was

Fast forward 8 years later, from 2 people, now there’s 8 of us with skills ranging from editors, colourists, photographers and a bunch of directors and im glad to say we’re all from the same place (DR Congo), we never planned it, it just kept happening. We’re also about to open up our first office in June 2016 (fingers crossed we get it) and since the year started, we did videos for manly afro beats acts, some rappers and rnb artists as well but also we shot well over 25 weddings, 5 short movies, a couple adverts etc… this year and we’re booked for the first half of next year JUST in weddings but our ticket was managing to shoot for an artist called “Mohombi” (search him up 😊) which is making a lot of noise on our Facebook page. Our next goal is to go back to the motherland (DR Congo) set up shop and go from there. The main thing there is to provide things that aren’t available to everyone and ultimately start fixing up the country then the continent (we have big plans)

I just wanted to say, don’t give up on your dreams, whether it’s yours or your friend, make sure you support them and yourself. I was the biggest sceptic of myself and others for the longest time but I believe today, I know you’re going through some stuff, I know you feel like giving up but let me tell you… I know because I’ve been there more times than I can remember but let me say its gonna happen, keep at it. It If I can do it then you can and you will too I speak it into existence.
I love you my people ❤❤


I don’t get why African Americans are so hellbent on going back to the motherland and connecting with their roots instead of trying to fortify our own community in the US & protect ourselves from outsiders. Like do y'all not know that Africans generally have just as much if not more disdain and vitriol for us like every other racial group in the world?? (I know sweeping generalizations suck but it’s a majority of them) It’s also hilarious because they’ll shit on us WHILE using our vernacular, say we have no culture while they’re fucking partaking in it. Idk it just upsets me that AAs can’t catch a fucking break anywhere. Like Black peoples really have NO friends.

The only ones we can blame about the refugee crisis in Europe are ourselves, our inactivity, our ignorance about the Assad regime in Syria. We closed our eyes for years and years. Not only do we need to open our borders for refugees who are struggling to save their lives, but also we need to create safe zones in Syria. We need to create livable environment for Syrians who want to go back to their motherland. We need to start creating conditions for refugees so that they can be able to choose whether will stay or go back. The problem is not solved just by accepting the refugees, our shame is too big, our ignorance is too large and now it is time to take responsibility for our actions and in this case not taking any actions.