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I'm sure you've been getting this a lot lately, but with the release of dream daddy people have been torrenting it and saying stuff like "I don't wanna give money to the game grumps and etc." I just wanted to know if they did something horrible or something, because I have absolutely no clue what's going on. Thank you!

well tumblr in general loves to hate everything that becomes popular, so with the release of dream daddy people started digging back through old game grumps content to find a reason to hate them (including going back to arin’s newground days, which is literally over a decade ago), and seeing as how they’ve made over 5000 unscripted videos, there’s of course bound to be some ‘problematic’ stuff.

and look, i won’t deny that gg have said some ignorant things in the past, but they’ve apologized, and improved a lot. also, some of the stuff people are accusing them of is kinda fucked up, like calling them anti-semitic, or straight up nazi’s, when at least 2-3 of the prominent members are jewish

either way, even if you dislike game grumps, torrenting dream daddy is not going to hurt them. however, it will hurt the development team (which consist of mostly lgbt people), and our chances of getting similar games in the future. 

So I don’t want to reblog the post itself but that video with ‘news’ about da4 going around contains a lot of very old info, as in back from 2015. I’ve already seen people in the comments and tags disappointed about the information, but it’s just rumours, and old rumours at that.

Personally I would also love to have the Inquisitor back, even though it seems unlikely, but a video that’s full of realllly old information and some new rumours doesn’t confirm or deny who will be the protagonist.

Just remember that people who are in game journalism (be it on the big sites or youtube channels) need clicks to make money. They’ll grab every rumour, speculate a bit and make it sound like news to get you to click. (Also why Kotaku wrote so many speculation pieces using the same little bit of info again and again.)

I get that we’re all tired of waiting for DA news, but just don’t get your hopes up (or dashed)  based on all the speculation. It’ll only ruin the final experience for you.


OLD SONIC ART from my old sonic blog….boy i sure do love me some sonic the hedge. these are from 2013 i think…i was going to go back and re-watermark all of them with my current url but i only did the first one and then got too lazy. go figure. please dont repost!

Things from today's live show♡:

• phil: “There’s no DAWG… at the moment,”

• phil is keeping his bedroom aesthetic

• dan is changing is bedroom aesthetic

• he has a floating white bed ??

• he’s keeping all things silver !

•playing with cardboard boxes ,?,,

• chat: “when will you get a dog?” phil: “one day,”

• gaming video room has been set up !!

• mystery glass ??/

• dan in pink :))

• they touched the sydney opera house in AUS

• they watched fantastic beasts, lion, hacksaw ridge, nerve and snowden on the plane

• dan cried watching hacksaw ridge :’(

• had a little zoo trip

• the danisnotonfire desk is not in his bedroom and has been moved to the living room :?

• phil is still filming in his bedroom

• phil: “I requested a plant.” dan: “I bought a plant!”

• dan @ phil: “prepare inspirations for me,”

• SNUG (living room) !

• dan has a white piano !!

• “are you still trying to get revenge on me for the cereal?” “yes!”

• phil: “I know we can’t have a dog, but can we have a fish?”

• d&p talking about the science art museum and taking photos of eachother !

• dan cried at the show with the metal flower tree :“((((

• boomerangs at the aquarium !

• dan was given sparkley nail polish

• phil: “It just releases your pastely aesthetic,”

• phil: “I think I can probably get away with a fish or a hamster,”

• chat: “are you gonna curl you hair?” phil: “I think i’ll do it for a video at some point,”

• playlist live !

• phil is going to florida with the family

• harry’s new solo is phil’s favourite :))

• dan cried watching the last gaming video, back :’((((((

• some videos next week !!

• favourite room; gaming room !

• phil’s new room is “cozy and quiet” ♡

• dan: “I want to make the new danisnotonfire background, pretty” ♡

• dan has a bonsai !

• dan has an idea for a new dinof video (ooo)

• he has one final video in his old room

• dan said he purposely gave us hints about them moving in his last younow (we all knew lmao)

• phil called dans hair soft and poked it

• phil: “if i had natural curls i’d let them curl”

• the new apartment is called steve/dave/thor

• dan: “phil why won’t you paint your nails?”

• someone at phil’s university painted his nails and he didn’t like it :( (rip)

• probably a dinof video on monday and dans live show on tuesday !

• phil will try to do one in florida !

• “we’re just two irrelevant twits; dan and phil”

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Special characters pronunciation

Sæll (eða sæl), vinur minn,
(Hello, my friend,)

As per your request, I will go into some detail about how to pronounce the following special characters in Old Norse: þ, ð, æ, œ, ø, ǫ, and ö

If there are others that you would like to see discussed, please do not hesitate to let them be known.

þ (’thorn’) and ð (’eth’)

Both of these characters represent the English sound ‘th’ (a dental fricative), but ‘þ’ is unvoiced while ‘ð’ is voiced. When saying an ‘ð’, you should feel your vocal cords vibrating. Here are some English examples:

  • Þ, þ: thistle, cloth, thing
  • Ð, ð: bathe, clothe, they

In Old Norse, ‘þ’ can only appear at the beginning of a word (Þórr, þér, þing, etc.). There are, however, exceptions to this when considering compounds: Bergþórshváli = berg (rock face, geo.) + Þóra (a personal name, an gen. þórs) + hváll (hill). Yet, in this case, the proper name is actually Bergþóra (itself a compound), thus Bergthora’s Hill. Similarly, ‘ð’ never occurs at the beginning of a word, but rather in the middle or the end.

Here is a video by Dr. Jackson Crawford that may be helpful as well:

æ (’ash’)

This special character sounds like the ‘a’ in the English word ‘ash’ (this, of course, can change based on dialects). Here are some other English examples:

  • Æ, æ: ash, nap, trap, clash, cat

Although some of the English examples above contain a short ‘a’ sound, the vowel ‘æ’ is always long in Old Norse. See the video at the end of this post for an audio example (6:12).

œ and ø

These special characters have a bit of a special relationship with one another (as well as with the special characters below).

ø’ is very much like the sound of ‘e’ in the English word ‘pet’, except with rounded lips. Another way to explain this special character is that it is somewhat a combination of two sounds: ‘e’ and ‘o’. Thus, it is the ‘e’ sound in ‘pet’ with the rounded lips of an ‘o’. This sound should be made towards the front of your mouth. It takes a bit of practice, but you should be able to feel the front ‘pinched’ a bit, and your throat should open up a bit more. See the video at the end of this post for an audio example (6:36).

  • Ø, ø: the ‘e’ in ‘pet’ with the rounded lips of an ‘o

œ’ is essentially a long version of the ‘ø’ above. In certain manuscripts it is actually written as ‘ǿ’. Like most other accented vowels in Old Norse, this just lengthens the shorter sound. So, with that having been said: œ = ǿ = a long ‘ø’ = e+o. See the video at the end of this post for an audio example (7:45).

  • Œ, œ: ǿ

ǫ and ö

‘ǫ’ is essentially a shorter ‘á’ sound, which we have not discussed here. Nonetheless, it should sound something like this:

  • Ǫ, ǫ: the ‘au’ sound in ‘caught’, but with rounded lips and shorter than the ‘á’ (which is the same sound, but longer).

This is another difficult sound to get used to, but with practice it can be done. It is very similar to the ‘ø’ above, but instead of being a combination of the sounds ‘e’ and ‘o’, it is a combination of the sounds ‘a’ and ‘o’. Instead of being a front sound, it is more of a back sound (a more open throat and a less closed mouth). See the video at the end of this post for an audio example (8:08).

By the thirteenth century, ‘ǫ’ had begun to merge with ‘ø’, producing ‘ö’. This sound was also represented by ‘au’, ‘ꜹ’, and even ‘ø’. It is not the same sound as ‘ǫ’, but it is fairly similar. The difference is that ‘ö’ is a front sound, whereas ‘ǫ’ was more of a back sound. 

  • Ö, ö: similar to ‘ǫ’, but more like the ‘u’ in ‘cut’ with rounded lips.

‘ö’ is more commonly used for modern Icelandic, but some scholars use ‘ö’ to represent the Old Norse ‘ǫ’ (such as Jesse L. Byock). There is debate around this, but it really depends on the time period of the text being looked at, as well as the orthography associated with it. Dr. Jackson Crawford notes that ‘ǫ’ is the standard for Old Norse. Go to 8:38 of this video for some audio examples from Dr. Jackson Crawford:

Here is another video by Dr. Jackson Crawford that may be helpful for better understanding these characters and their pronunciations. Go to the timestamps mentioned above for the pronunciation of æ (6:12), ø (6:36), œ (7:45), and ǫ (8:08) in particular.


As always, here are the sources that I have used (other than Dr. Jackson Crawford’s wonder YouTube channel) in the making of this post:

1. Jesse L. Byock, Viking Language 1: Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas. (Pacific Palisades, CA: Jules William Press, 2013), 330-331.

2. Guðvarður Már Gunnlaugsson, “Manuscripts and Paleography,” in A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture, edited by Rory McTurk. (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2007), 258.

DISCLAIMER (I am also not much of a linguist, so I may have explained a few characters incorrectly; corrections may be made in the future.)

Long Time No See // Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word count: 2,881
Warnings: fluff
Request: Nopity nope

A/N: I wanted to write something, so I went on my laptop and started typing. This was the product of my spontaneity. Hopefully it doesn’t suck too much. 

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Roblidon Fic Masterpost!!!

Since I’ve been out of the fic writing game for a bit, I’ve decided to make a masterpost of all my fics, for those that haven’t seen my stuff, or for those who would like to revisit some of my past works :) Enjoy! Also, please feel free to message me with any questions, comments, etc :)

(This is in order of popularity on my AO3)

Keepsakes - Egobang. Sexual tension, lingerie, non-canon mention of @keenveins Porn!Dan AU. (semi-smut) 2/2 Chapters

You Never Noticed - Egobang. Pet names, very short. My very first fic :’) (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Sleepover - Egobang/Rubberdoop. Havin’ a nice lil sleepover, with cuddles and Lord of the Rings. (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Ever So Gently - Rubberdoop. After secretly dating for awhile, Ross decides he wants to take things all the way. (semi-smut) 1/1 Chapters

Empty - Egobang. Arin hasn’t been feeling himself lately. Actually, he hasn’t been feeling much of anything. (ANGST, blood mention, drug mention, depression/dissociation mention. WORK IN PROGRESS) 3/? Chapters

Rainy Days, Warm Hearts - Egobang. Dan’s having a tough time, and Arin comes to the rescue. (Angst, depression, happy ending) 1/1 Chapters

What Were You Expecting - Rubberdoop. During a long car ride, Barry learns something interesting about Ross. (semi-smut, Big Dick!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

Just Peachy - Egobang. Arin and Dan go shopping for a new NSP video, and Arin’s outfit catches Dan’s attention. (fluff, lingerie, cross dressing)                 1/1 Chapters

Just What I Needed - Egobang. After Dan gets back from Austin, he gets terribly sick. Arin to the rescue! (fluff, Sick!Dan) 1/1 Chapters

Lilac Petals - Rubberdoop.  While trying to help him fix a problem in the kitchen, Barry finds out a surprising fact about Ross. (crossdressing!Ross, lingerie)   1/1 Chapters

Dirty Screen - Rubberbang (solo Ross).  The new Game Grumps Instagram video stirs up some old feelings in Ross. Old habits die hard. (masturbation, Fanboy!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

AYFSMN - Egobang. Arin is trying to play Dark Souls, but Dan would rather play a different kind of game. (teasing, grinding, Dan initiating)  1/1 Chapters

Come At Me Scrublord, I’m Sick - Rubberdoop.  Ross gets sick and Barry tries his best to help him feel better. (Sick!Ross)  1/1 Chapters

Bets - Rubberdoop.  Ross loves to make bets with Barry, and will try to win those bets at all costs. (first kiss)  1/1 Chapters

Little Red Dot - Rubberdoop.  Barry and Ross are setting up to record some episodes for Steam Train and Ross gets impatient.  1/1 Chapters

Something Crazy - Pepperjack (JACK READ THIS ON INSTAGRAM AND I DIED).  Jack gets drunk and decides the best thing to do is to call Vernon. (alcohol mention) Chapters 2/2

Dick Move, Bro - Egobang.  Arin decides to switch around Dan’s contacts in his phone. Dan doesn’t realize, and texts ‘Brian’ some information that he wouldn’t want Arin to know. (appxly 3 seconds of angst) Chapters 1/1

Late Morning - Razzashaw. A short exchange the morning after. Chapters 1/1

Thick Thighs - Ninjaraptor/Egobrian? (I actually don’t remember the ship name but it’s Arin/Brian). As the temperature starts to rise, so do Arin’s shorts. Brian takes notice. Chapters 1/1

Sweet Tooth - Rubberbrian.  Brian and Ross are in Florida on a business trip, and decide to make a quick trip to a candy shop that Dan told them about. (takes place in my dream candy shop. A sort of sequel to a ficlet @keenveins wrote for me during SIS) Chapters 1/1

Simple Gifts - Egoflapbang.  Dan has a few hours to himself, and decides to go buy a few little gifts. (lingerie, cross dressing) Chapters 1/1

Lost and Found - Rubberdoop.  Barry always comes into the office early. So when Ross gets there and can’t seem to find him, he knows that something must be up.

Warm and Fuzzy - Razzaraptor.  Some good ol’ fashioned cuddling.

Oh, and as an added ‘bonus’…


reoccuring feelings - simon minter imagine

Originally posted by sidemen-gifs

requested; yes ( by @hoodminter )

warnings; nuppp

pairing; simon x reader

word count; 681 words

“what is up guys and welcome back to another video.”

to say that filming this video was going to be awkward, was an understatement. i was currently seated in the bedroom of my ex boyfriend, simon, filming one of the most awkward and uncomfortable videos to ever be filmed and put on the internet.

“today i’m here with a very special guest.” he stated before looking over at me.

“hi, its (y/n).” i introduced quietly.

the both of us paused awkwardly, letting the silence over take the atmosphere. the silence was broken but simon clearing his throat before he began to speak again. 

“and today we’re making a video to clear the air and to just… reminisce about the past and yeah.” 

i nodded along in agreement before taking over. 

“so basically, we’re going to have a ‘lightening round’ in which i’m going to ask some questions in the space of one minute that he has to answer. and then were gonna hop under the cover, cuddle a little and reminisce the good old days.” i explained, anxiously twiddling my thumbs around each other.

as i took my phone out of my back pocket, i could feel simon glancing at me. 

“are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

i simply nodded in response, watching him take his own phone out. i brought up; the questions i had written down earlier, waiting for him to start the timer.

“right, so i have around 12 questions.” i said to the camera, “so lets see how many we manage to get through and how many you can get right.” i smiled, licking my lips before Simon started the timer.

“right, what was my favourite flavour of ice cream?”

“chocolate.” he asnwered confidently.

“okay, settle down with the cockiness.” i teased. “what was the name of the plush pup you bought for me for out 8 month anniversary?”

simon stopped to think for a moment before a blank expression drew acorss his face. he’d forgotten.

i scoffed slightly, cocking my eyebrow as i looked at him. 

“it wasn’t even that long ago.” i said, tapping my phone impatiently. 

he looked slightly guilty, never the less he answered incorrectly. 

“nope, when’s my birthday.” i continued.

“oh thats an easy one. (y/b/d).”

the questions continued until the one minute timer went off, signalling to stop asking questions. 

“well, to say the least you did shit.” i laughed, looking up at him before realising he was already smiling down at me. my breath hitched in my throat, quickly looking away and hopping up from the couch. i could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks, turning to look over at his bed. 

simon picked up the tripod, fixing it to ange at him bed. i hopped onto his bed and slid under the covers, snuggling into the mattress. simon hit record before hopping in behind me and spooning.

“this was always our favourite position.” he whispered cheekily, causing me to gasp and turn my body a little bit to hit his shoulder. 

simon took the lead this time, explaining that we were now going to look through old photos and talk about why we broke up.

“althought most of you already know why we broke up, for those of you that dont, we broke up due to some rumours and shit that was going on. and the both of our schedules weren’t matching so we called a quits.” he explained. 

my heart sunk,i had almost forgotten why we had broken up. i can remember the day so clearly.

simon pulled up some photos on his tv screen, flicking through them with the remote.

“i remember that day!” i squealed, a large smile spread across my face. “that was the day you fake proposed to me just to get free desserts.” i laughed, his shortly following mine. 

“and then later we got free movie vouchers as an ‘engagement gift.’“ he continued. 

just as i looked up at him he looked down at me. his eyes flickered from mine to then my lips. 

“please kiss me.”

I swear to god, the people going “Everyone is whining about representation and romances and ruining my hype and I’m just trying to stay POSITIVE and RATIONAL and GOD can’t you just enjoy the game?!??!” are some of the nastiest, most privileged assholes who have no compassion or understanding and refuse to have any when given the opportunity. 

So are the people defending the poor innocent devs from the evil, nasty and “toxic” ess-joos who DARE to ask for a Sara Ryder trailer. “Those people are so hard to please!” they cry, despite the fact that apparently that fucking trailer is so easy to make that they threw one together in 48 hours after the “outrage” and would’ve easily pleased the majority of us if it was released at the same time as the “default” one with Scott.

Protect those pure, precious devs from the evil and completely valid criticism!

Hey, get this: Maybe if the devs hadn’t been bragging about how they would focus on Sara this time around to balance out the old Male!Shep marketing (then going back on that promise to say that they would feature Scott and Sara equally, then forgetting that promise ENTIRELY and shitting out some token videos where she doesn’t speak and her face isn’t even visible) we wouldn’t be demanding that they DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO. 

BioWare likes to talk big about how they’re all about representation and listening to fans, but when we actually try to be heard, we’re always branded as whiners and complainers who are impossible to please. That’s because we’re the wrong fans, the bad fans. They want our money but our opinions we can keep to ourselves.

“Can’t you just enjoy the game??!!”

No, we can’t, and that’s the point. Because we are not you. We want to “just” enjoy the game, desperately, but every time we try, the fandom, the devs or the game remind us that even in fiction, we’re still not as important as the default straight white cis dudes. Every time we tell the devs how they could try to make the game more welcoming for everyone and thus easier to “just enjoy”, every time we tell them how and why something was hurtful or offensive, we’re branded as whiners with an agenda. 

Fuck, we still have to remind them that women exist. We have to demand that they include a trailer featuring a white woman, which is seen by some to already be “too much” progress, too politically correct, too pandering. Those nasty toxic people asking too much of the poor, hardworking devs! The trailers have always featured a male lead, why should this be any different all of a sudden?

You assholes saying that we shouldn’t “whine” don’t realize you have the luxury of not whining. Because your needs are always, always catered to.

If you really wanted everyone to “just enjoy” the game, you’d help us and demand good representation. But you don’t: You just want us to shut up.

We won’t. Because this is how progress is made, by screaming angrily at idiots who only listen when their asses get burned.

Happy motivational monday! We have a MatPat quote for today! Im gonna add Stephanie to the bunch next week ;) 

If you guys want to submit to me some good tweets or send me a quote from a video, I love getting genuine real quotes for these. They care about you. I care about you. so please, forgive yourself every now and then and be confident in yourself. you are good.

Motivational Stephanie Version here

So some years ago when they still existed I was working at a video store. This mom comes in, typical white lady soccer mom with two kids probably 7-8 years old. We’re a small store, I’m the only one at the counter/on the floor and my supervisor is in the back office doing paperwork and stuff. So I give her my typical “If I can help you find anything let me know.” with a smile and go back to checking in the returns.

I’m kind of keeping an eye on her because her kids are running around and being really loud while she browses our family movies section, and she finally comes back to the counter with a few movies in hand and complains at me “There was no on on the floor to help me so I guess I’ll have to ask you what your thoughts on these are.” in that annoyed soccer mom voice. I didn’t bother to try and tell her that I had already offered my help if she needed it because I could tell it was pointless. I gave her my impressions of the movies because I had, in fact, seen them all and liked them all.

The next day I’m working again and this lady comes back alone. She sets down The Golden Compass and demanded a refund. I asked her why, because that’s our policy, and she promptly stated that the movie was not in fact appropriate or her boys because it contained ‘demonic fantasy elements’ and violence and whatnot. It’s a PG-13 movie, and if you’ve ever seen the cover of that movie or read the back or anything then it’s super obvious that it has fantasy elements.

I told her, as kindly as I could, that I could not give her a refund. We offered refunds on 3 conditions - the wrong movie was in the case, there’s no movie in the case, or the movie was damaged/wouldn’t play. She gets angry and promptly asks to speak to my supervisor. Okay fine, I have to go in the back and get my supervisor and tell him what’s going on and he comes back out and tells her the exact same thing. We can’t give her a refund because she disagrees with the contents of a movie, she should have looked it up online or pre-screened the movie herself if she’s so worried about what her kids are watching.

So she asks if he’s the manager. He’s not, he’s just my shift supervisor. She demands to speak to the manager. My supervisor calls our manager because he’s not in the store, and he tells her pretty much word for word the exact same thing. Once that’s done with she throws her hands up in the air and screams that we have bad customer service and she’s never coming back to our store and she’s going to tell everyone she knows not to come to us either.

I found out the next time I worked that she also apparently called our district manager and complained about it, but the district manager spoke to my manager and supervisor and then to me to ask what had happened and we all had consistent stories so we got praised for not giving in to a pushy customer. 

And we never did see her again for the remainder of the time I worked there, which was until the store closed a few months later. So at least she kept her word I guess?

trust me

this is hella fluffy, I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 1,600+ 

Rating: PG

“Hey gorgeous, have you seen my laptop anywhere?” Joe called out to you from the bedroom.

“It’s out here!” You called back, zipping the final bag that you had gathered by the door. It was very convenient for you that Joe was just about the deepest sleeper you had ever met. It had given you plenty of time to pack his bag and yours and edit his main channel video for him all last night before climbing into bed beside him.

“Can you bring it to me?”

“Nope, you’ll have to come out here and get it.” Your answer was met with a groan, followed by the creak of the bed and a shuffle of feet. Your boyfriend emerged shirtless, rubbing sleep from his eyes before seeing all the bags. You could practically see the gears turning in his mind, running through all the possibilities.

“You didn’t forget anything. It’s a surprise from me!” You explained with a grin, but you knew his next response.

“Love, that sounds amazing, but I’ve got meetings today,” he looked almost guilty. He hated when he was too busy to spend time with you.

“Cancelled. I can be pretty persuasive when I want to. I also edited and scheduled your main channel video for Sunday.”

“We’re gonna be gone on Sunday? It’s Thursday!” You rolled your eyes at him, coming over to give him a kiss. He relaxed at your touch, hugging you close. His skin was warm against you as you ran your nails gently on his back, one of his favorite things.

“Will you quit worrying and let me do something nice for you? Everything is covered and planned out, you just have to trust me. Now, go get dressed, we’re leaving in twenty. And pack your vlogging camera!” With that you backed off of him, heading to the kitchen to pack some snacks.

“This is actually incredible,” Joe was practically beaming as he drove. You’d taken it upon yourself to rent one of his dream cars; a jeep wrangler. You’d simply put the address into your phone and decided to let him drive while you told him where to go. He was like a child on Christmas behind the wheel, the wind blowing through both of your hair, seeing that the top was down and the doors were off.

“Are we going home?” He asked as you continued to drive. You just shook your head – even though you weren’t going back to Wiltshire, you weren’t going to give him any hints. He had his vlogging camera secured on the dash, and you were both jamming out to some of your favorite old songs, holding hands on the center console. You couldn’t help but smile – it wasn’t often that you got alone time with your boyfriend. Between all his events, his work responsibilities, meetings and videos, the only time you really truly got together was the mornings and the evenings. It made this whole getaway that much more exciting.

Joe got worse as the drive went on, trying to coerce you to tell him your final destination, with puppy dog eyes and little pleas. By the end it was quite the triumph for you to be able to say you didn’t break.

He had fallen quiet as you got closer to your destination, admiring the forest around the two of you. The road narrowed and his awe grew with each turn you took. The wildflowers were blooming all around, shaded by massive, ancient trees. It was like something out of a fairytale. And nestled away amongst the trees was a tiny little cottage (an air b&b that you had managed to snag for four nights).

“No way. Is this where we’re staying?” Joe’s face lit up when you nodded. He parked the car and was out of it before you even had your seatbelt off. He ran to your side of the car, pulling you out and spinning you around.

“Thank you for this,” he murmured, kissing you slowly before putting you down.

“You’re very welcome,” you smiled, and though his hair was already messy from the ride, you ruffled it anyways and planted another kiss on his lips before taking his hand and leading him inside.

The cottage was cute and rustic, with a small kitchen and a cozy couch in the other room. The bedroom was just big enough to be comfortable, but it fit a king size bed that you knew would be enjoyed later, alongside the claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom.

The two of you spent the rest of the day settling in, and then exploring the forest around you. Joe even managed to convince you to climb a few trees, and the two of you sat on the branches, his hand on your hip reassuring you that you wouldn’t fall as you chatted about anything and everything. You made a quick dinner later on (you had packed ingredients for some simple meals to bring) and ate at the tiny kitchen table with glasses of wine and pink cheeks.

It wasn’t until you went back outside in the warm spring air, sunset falling, that things got interesting.

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Grandpas Of KPOP #The1stMeeting #AreYouMyDaddy?

(Shout out to @infinitebabymonsta for suggesting this a million years ago and me finally getting around to it!) 

Sunggyu: Hello everyone I would like to welcome you the very first meeting of the Grandpas of Kpop or the G.O.K. as some of the younger kids suggested I should call it.

Suga: Aren’t you suppose to be in the Army?

Suho: Why does he have to be an Army? Gahd aren’t there still some Exo L’s in the world??

Taeyong: Wow

Jaebum: Is he serious?

Woozi: Did anyone bring alcohol?

Sunggyu: *sighs* I am in the army, but I got out early for good behaviour.

JinJin: I’m pretty sure that’s not how it work-

Taeil: I’m pretty sure no one asked you. I have a question. What is the point of having all of these “old at heart” idols here? It feels like I’m at a Future Funerals Anonymous meeting.

MJ: Wait, is that a thing?

Sunggyu: No it’s not, and Taeil I just wanted us to be able to gather in one place and offer support to each other.

Jaebum: Can we all agree that the only support most of truly need is Life Support?

Xiumin: Well think there’s nothing wrong with having some group meetings. I think we all do need an outlet to express our true feelings and emoti–

Suga: Pardon me for interrupting, but this is boring and I want to go home.

Woozi: Father?

Taeyong: ….This is getting weird.

Suho: Fine! I’ll start off! As many of you may know, I’m in a lot of these support groups. And every time I attend a meeting I make a friend and I come to a realization that even though I may be old at heart I am young in min-

Shownu: *snores*

Jaebum: Oh wow, I didn’t even know someone from Monsta X was here.

Taeyong: To be fair, no one ever notices when Monsta X is here.

MJ: *chuckles*


Sunggyu: Honestly Suho, If a little snoring at the old folks home is going to bother you so bad then maybe you should consider retiring as a grandpa and as a leader.

Woozi: WAIT I FOUND THE ALCOHOL!  Rewind everything back then repeat!

Jaebum: I also feel like I should take this time to tell everyone to buy Never Ever on Itunes. It’s a soulful upbeat song that expresses a man’s true feelin–

Suga: I’m going to the bathroom *leaves*

Shownu: *wakes up* Woah! Can we promote here too?! Everyone Monsta X is coming back and if you could all at least watch the video and I don’t know stream the song then maybe I can get a cell phone one day.

Taeyong: You don’t have a cell phone?

Taeil: Better question, Do you even know how to use one?

Shownu: Well no, but I was talking to Jooheon earlier and he was trying to tell me about some apps he heard about like “The Instagram” and “The Snapchat”.


Woozi: I may be an old grumpy son of a gun but to be honest I really can’t relate to half of you old timers.

Sunggyu: So why did you come?

WoozI *takes a deep breath* Mostly because for a long time I had been searching for someone. My whole life I had thought my parents were the people I grew up with but not to long ago my mother told me that my father was someone else. Someone who would be here toda-

Suga: *walks back in* Um so you may want to invest in some air freshener and probably a new faucet too Sunggyu….no real reason, but um you probably should.

Sunngyu: Oh God.

Taeil: This feels like one of those trashy tv programs where people go to find out who the father is…except this is boring, unentertaining and no one is screaming “Jerry! Jerry!”


Xiumin: How is that even possible?

JinJin: The math doesn’t  actually work at all guys.

Sunggyu: Sorry, I’m still stuck on the fact that my bathroom just saw WW3

Taeyong: *whispers to Taeil* That movie came out already?

Suga: Can someone explain to me why the short kid from Seventeen is looking at me?

Woozi: Because you’re my dad Yoongi








Suga: Um JB, What’s the name of your new song again?

Jaebum: Never Ever?

Suga: Exactly.

Shownu: Anddddd I think that I’m going to go back to sleep.

Woozi: B-but

Sunggyu: I think we should end the meeting and call it a night.

Taeyong: But it’s 6:30pm

MJ: Woahhh it’s late! Come one JinJin we need to get back home!

Suho: I still have time to go make dinner for the guys. This is great.

Taeil: And we can swing by Ten’s dorm and see if he’s still alive Taeyong! Let’s go!

Jaebum: I guess I’ll just go back home too then, Come on Shownu I’ll drop you off. We know your group can’t afford a car.

Xiumin: Brutal

Shownu: But true

Suga: Bye everyone, I can’t guarantee that I’ll come to the next one-

Sunggyu: *under his breath* Or that you’ll even be invited.

Suga: But it wasn’t a bad as I thought. Catch you all some other time….um except for you Woozi. I kinda think we should stay apart and avoid the awkwardness….and the child support payments.

Woozi: I understand.

JinJin: Again, the math doesn’t work out guys.

Sunngyu: Bye everyone! Have a goodnight! I’ll be turning in and calling it a night too after I clean my bathroom!

Suga: *from parking lot* USE THE GOOD BLEACH!


Sunggyu: God.

Criminal Minds Headcanons/Character Descriptions
  • Emily Prentiss: not-so-secretly a spy, pretends to be past her emo phase- is actually still really emo, speaks 458379803854 languages, lowkey ninja, super chill, the older sister, drives with the windows down, straight up eats ice cubes for no reason, listens to emo music in her room, quiet in a loud sort of way, her laugh is actual magic, wears too much black to be considered healthy, always just a little bit angry, really bad at being the designated driver (always ends up being the most drunk), always up for a good party, cats are her spirit animal, deepest desire is to be a crazy cat lady, knows how to hold her licquor freakishly well, turns 21 every year, cooler than everybody else
  • JJ: eats cheetos like oxygen, little sister/middle child, hair is always perfect, can eat all the junk food she wants without gaining any weight, can kill you with his ninja hands, smells really nice, somehow knows everybody's secrets, good listener, smiles a lot, just really wants to fall in love one day, the popular cheerleader that everybody actually likes, listens to indie music, never not fabulous, wants to have a ton of kids, brings home strays without telling anyone, always the first to volunteer to take care of the class pet
  • Penelope Garcia: that weird neighbor kid that's just always around, nicknamed "the baking grandma" because of the inexplicable way she has of always having baked goods on hand, "Garcia's the name, and witty comebacks are my game", perfect ray of sunshine, an actual human rainbow, everybody has to have at least one pefectly peculiar nickname, will kill you with her ninja-hugs, has a gigantically beautiful sparkling smile, bright pink lipstick, wears too many colors at once, really good at helping you through a breakup, butterscotches in her purse, might be a grandma, computer nerd, can beat anybody at video games, afraid of guns, tries to be tough but doesn't know how, would wear pure glitter if she could, doesn't have a favorite color because if she chose then she would feel bad for all the other colors (it's actually pink)
  • Hotch: the undeniable dad, loves everybody equally, shows people love without words, you know you're in trouble when he gives you one of his famous "hotch glares", only really laughs when he's with the people he loves, his smile will make your knees weak, likes to spoon, strong and silent type, always wears suits for no reason, works too much, secretly a sinnamon bun, will kill you if you mess with the people he loves, cares too much, the proud dad, shows up to ALL recitals and shows, equally passionate and compassionate, crazy good at his job, nobody knows his secrets, secretly amazing at throwing surprise parties, can not bake to save his life, his smile is like the moon and the stars combined, tries to make dad jokes and fails
  • Spencer Reid: king of the dorks, the precious little brother, must be protected at all costs, obsessed with Halloween, plans Halloween an actual year ahead of time, drinks coffee through an IV, book worm, facts, books make him feel safe, refuses to play video games, thinks he's tough but is actually a precious cinnamon bun, owns too many sweaters, purple is definitely his favorite color, apologizes too much, drinks a lot of water, lost count of the number of PhDs he has a long time ago, awkward, never knows what to say, bad social skills, social anxiety, chess tournaments make him happy, eats a lot of cake, owns a scooter
  • Derek Morgan: the amazing big brother, looks out for everyone else before himself, kicks the bullies in the nuts, burgers and fries all the time, captain of the football team but also organizes fundraisers for the needy, likes working out, shovels neighbors' sidewalks/ mows neighbors' lawns without asking, loves and appreciates dogs, lowkey believes that cats are the anti-christ, helps old people cross the street, grocery store runs are always his job, goes on long bike rides just to think
  • David Rossi: aka Captain Sass, the weird uncle, nosy but he's rich so it's okay, DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO STAY IN HIS LANE, always offers to babysit but he has no idea how children work, has so many stories that just can't be true but actually are, thinks he's cool and hip- might actually be but tbd still, somehow knows all, shows up at random times, can cook REALLY REALLY WELL, super Italian, thrives on pasta
  • Jason Gideon: crazy bird guy that lives across the street, makes pecan squares that he thinks are amazing but actually aren't, secretly paints in his basement (like Bob Ross-level paintings), people watches from his front window, awkward pats on the back, doesn't always understand social cues, throws A+ garage sales, yells at other people for not raking the leaves off their lawn in the fall, raises chickens without telling anyone
  • Elle Greenaway: can stab you with a knife, a gun, a chainsaw, and a machete all at the same time, mean older sister, WILL call you on your shit, thinks about death too much, everybody is afraid of her, skipped the emo phase, somehow came out of the womb a traumatized adult, 100% feminist, steals your food when you're not looking, doesn't like hugs, says it like it is, wears a lot of necklaces, confusing, has a thing for a guy in a uniform
  • Kate Callahan: has a lot of friends, seems really badass until she starts gushing about baby animals, volunteers at animal shelters, sorority sister, infinitely loyal, loves everybody until she hates them, knows how to appreciate the simple things, 5'2" of rage and fury and love, pure emotion, loves to cuddle, sometimes people confuse her, just wants to make the world a better place, hates vegetables but eats them anyway, drinks a lot of chocolate milk
  • Alex Blake: reads a lot, blue is her favorite color, went to college earlier than normal, a beautiful nerd, a rare species, deserves the world but gets a cup of coffee instead, underestimated, knows how and when to pull out the sass, ends up being the babysitter on all occasions, more mature than she should be, extremely level-headed, knows how to read between the lines really well, accepts everything thrown her way, underappreciated, needs to be told she's loved more often, breakfast is her favorite meal of the day, makes a lot of sandwiches for no reason at all
  • Tara Lewis: the cousin that everybody always forgets about, gets left behind on family outings and everybody has to go back to get her- she's strangely okay with it, just wants some kettle corn or cotton candy, puts ketchup on everything, shows up at colleges she's never been to just to party, okay with anything as long as she has a say, will talk to anybody, likes getting to know people, would totally speed-date, likes to watch old stand-up comedy and slam poetry videos on YouTube
  • Erin Strauss: won't admit that she's the mom, proud of all her children, owns 8 million sweatshirts from her alma mater that she constantly wears, kinda lonely but will never admit it, hates cooking with a passion, loves wine a little too much, seriously appreciates a good towel, would sell her soul for a massage
Goodbye Internet - Part 3

Summary: After Dan dreams of Phil, he finds it harder to let go and is suprised by an unwanted visitor. 

Genre: Angst 

Warnings: Alcohol use

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: Well here it is. Honestly this is shit because there was an emergency in my family and I rushed this to finish it. Maybe there will be a part 4, I dunno yet.

Part 1 , Part 2

“Dan you have to take care of yourself,” Mrs. Howell spoke softly as she filled a kettle full of water. Dan sat at the table half asleep with a tear stained face.

“I-I’m trying mum. It’s so hard,” Dan sniffled. “I see him everywhere, and he’s not even here anymore. Even in my dreams he’s there.” Dan kept dreaming of their wedding night after night for the last week and a half. It’s been a month since he moved from his flat in London and he thought this would get easier but it hasn’t.

Phil haunted him no matter how hard he tried to forget him. If a fan ran up to him despite him asking not to anymore they usually mentioned Phil. Sometimes he ran into that one fan that would tell them no matter if he comes back to YouTube or not they were proud and hoped he would be happy one day because he deserved to be even though he didn’t.

“Dan, honey,” she started, coming and sitting across the table from him, taking his hands in her own. “I know you miss him. Things happen for a reason. If you were that scared to marry him and you did this then, it was never meant to be sweetheart.” She sighs, her own heart heavy at the sight of her son so heartbroken. “I bet you’re on his mind all the time. You and him have been at the hip since the first time you went to see him. There’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t miss you to. The love that you two had doesn’t just go away in a couple weeks.”

Dan bit his lip and looked down a moment. His mom was right, there could be a chance that he missed Dan even if Dan never let himself believe that. “I doubt that he does after what I did to him. But what do you mean by the love we had?”

“Inseparable. That simple want and selfishness of keeping that one person to yourself even if you can’t have them. And when you would fight you would feel as if you’re falling back out of love didn’t you? But then by some miracle that feeling would crash back into each of you and it would be like you fell head over heels all over again.”

Dan sniffled, and laid his head on the cool table. He could feel his mom staring sadly at him, just as everyone else did when they saw him lately. It’s only been a little over a month since it all, since Phil found out and left, since Dan uploaded his last video. “It’s thinking your own world is over, once they’re gone. Dan, you’re making this so much harder on yourself. You’re allowing your own thoughts and feelings to take over, you have to try and control it. You can’t put a halt on it because you let someone you love slip away.”

Dan sighed and listened to the rain pour down as Mrs. Howell got up to take the kettle off and make some tea for them. Dan had been spending so much time here it was like he lived here again. “I-I’m going out.”

“Dan, honey, it’s raining.”

“It’ll hide that I was crying again.” He mumbled before getting up and walking out. Mrs. Howell sighed sadly again, watching him go.


Dan had been walking around for hours and ended up by a small lake. The lake was surrounded by small rocks which Dan spent 20 minutes skipping rocks, but stopped because he ended up remembering the small cheesy dates the two used to go on a long time ago. Trees had also surrounded the area. There was a shaky boat dock that led to the middle, where Dan was now.

Staring at the grey sky all he could do was think.

I’m sorry Phil.

Come back.

I miss you. I need you.

You were right to leave me.

Another tear slipped from his eyes. “I’m trying so hard Phil. Why can’t you just go away?”

Days go by. Days turn into weeks. Weeks eventually turn into months and Dan is worse than ever. He moved back to London and back into the same flat he shared with Phil. he didn’t want to but he missed the place. It was his home, whether Phil was there or not now.

Dan had one rule with himself, since no one bought the flat after he left, the place was still how it was, and that was he wouldn’t allow himself to open the door to Phil’s old room. It was empty, but the memories in there haunted him, just as Phil’s face haunted his dreams.

Dan heard his phone go off again as he now sat in the lounge, watching an anime he’d seen 50 times. Looking down his heart dropped for some reason.

Youtube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: I’m Back!!

Dan stared blankly down at his phone, just thinking of how he couldn’t come back. He was scared and he doesn’t know if he ever won’t be. Turning off the anime he switched it over to YouTube, clicking on Phil’s new video.

“Hey guys!! So I’m back! I couldn’t do it. YouTube is just such a big part of me, as you guys are that I just had to come back.” Dan noticed how Phil’s smile was genuine, there were no hints of sadness anymore just happiness.

The video went on and Phil just talked about what happened once he moved back to Manchester. He showed his new apartment and Dan turned the video off.

“I hate you so much Phil,” he started crying. He wanted to forget Phil, but he couldn’t, he just couldn’t. The older boy was everywhere he looked, even in the songs he listened to. It was torturous almost. Dan had no grasp on it in order to stop it. Phil was everywhere and he just had to accept it. Dan cried and cried for hours, until he finally fell asleep.

“We did it,” Phil whispered and pulled back from Dan.

Dan shot up again, almost in tears. He wanted Phil to stop haunting his dreams. They were never getting married. It had been over 6 months since Phil left him and he left the internet. He needed to get over this and soon, but he couldn’t.


Phil came back two weeks ago to YouTube and Dan knew he uploaded regularly now. Dan was a bit happier, he could go a day at most without remembering Phil somehow.

He took another swig from the bottle in his hand, feeling the burning sensation as it traveled down his throat. His mind was cloudy and his heart was racing. The world spun around him as he layed down onto the floor and stared at the ceiling. A knock echoed the room and Dan ignored it. Whoever it was they would go away right? Wrong.

The front door opened and footsteps filled the air. Maybe whoever it was was a killer and Dan could finally forget.

Love was a strange thing. It took mere minutes to fall into, but what seemed like a lifetime to fall out of. Dan was falling back in and out. Once he thought he was okay with everything, he fell right back and was trapped in his mind and thought about Phil. It was something he hated but couldn’t control it. At least now, drinking he was numb and couldn’t feel a thing. Then he didn’t have a grasp on reality anymore.

“Dan?” a voice called out, muffled. Dan closed his eyes, hoping whoever it was would leave while hoping it was someone who would end his pain. “Dan?!” The voice yelled again, the footsteps getting heavier and closer. “Dan what are you doing??” the voice seemed to yell from above him.

Dan opened his eyes only to wish he hadn’t. His dull brown eyes were met with ones he’d never wish to see personally again. The cerulean blue eyes with swirls of green and yellow hovered above him. “P-Phil?” Dan noticed how his eyes were blank and tears filled his own. Squeezing his eyes shut he let the tears fall freely. His body no longer numb and his mind unclouded.

Part 4

Not Mad, Just Annoyed


The sound of another alarm jolted you out of the sleep you were just about to drift back in to.

“Joseph Graham Sugg!!” You groaned as you pulled the blanket over your head hoping the sound would turn off by itself. 

When it didn’t, you tossed the duvet off of your body and left the room, not even bothering to find and turn off the source of the alarm. 

“Where you going love?” Joe asked once you made it into the hallway, his vlogging camera in hand. 

“To bed. Turn that off.” You said pointing towards your shared room as you made your way down the stairs and to his guest bed room. 

The time was currently 5:45 in the morning and all you wanted to do was have one day, just one day, where you could sleep in and cuddle up next to your boyfriend like the two of you had done when you first started dating, but recently he has found a new target for his pranking which involved him not leaving his own flat. 

“Joe quit it please.” You said after you had snuggled into the guest bed hearing his footsteps on the wooden floor. 

“Oh come on love, its only a prank.” 

“Yeah a prank that involves waking me up on my day off.” You said tossing a pillow at him. He had ditched his camera so he was luckily able to catch it.

“Not a very successful prank.” You heard him mumble as the bed dipped down beside you. “You know, you’re not very fun to prank.” 

You laid in silence for a little bit, your back turned to him as you tired to drift back to sleep. Once again, you were moments away from blissful sleep when his voice brought you back to reality.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, just tired.” You said quickly, hoping he’d get the message and leave you alone. 

You felt a hand run up your back before moving up to push the hair that had fallen out of your messy bun out of your face. A pair of lips came in contact with the now exposed skin and you snuggled into the bed even more as you were finally able to drift back off to sleep. 

You woke up to an empty bed a few hours later. You weren’t sure if you Joe had even fallen back asleep next to you or not honestly. You sat up in bed as you stretched and redid your hair before starting your quest for Joe. 

That quest didn’t last very long as you caught a glimpse of him sat at his desk looking at his laptop in the next room. 

“Did you not go back to bed?” You ask as you made your way into his office. 

“No, I tired but I couldn’t. I decided to film a few gaming videos and now I’m looking through some old clip I can upload for tomorrows video.” He said spinning around in his chair, opening his arms up for you to sit on his lap.

“Sorry about that.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“No love, I’m sorry. Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t broken up with me with all the shit pranks I’ve pulled on you.”

“Me to.” You said sarcastically.

“You are mad aren’t you?” 

“Annoyed is a better word. I really don’t like it when you mess with my sleep schedule.” You said sitting up to look at him. 

“I know, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t sound too sorry. I’m sure in a few weeks you’d decided to wake me up early on a Saturday and shove a camera in my face.”

You watched Joe frown at your statement, catching the sadness in his eyes before he moved to look down at his keyboard. You hadn’t meant for it to come out so harshly like that but when you first started dating Joe, you realized that the only way to get through to him was to be honestly and sometimes blunt.

“I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, its just this constant pranking is exhausting and my reactions are getting more and more harsh. A prank here and there is okay and I know thats what everyone wants to see but its a bit much dontcha think?” You said trying to bring his attention back to you. 

“Yeah I saw that this morning so thats why I decided to stop filming. Ugh, I’m sorry Y/N really. Please don’t hate me.” He said as his eyes flickered up to meet yours before moving down to watch his fingers aimlessly traces shapes on your leg.

“Joe I don’t hate you, and I’m not mad.” You said lifting his chin up so you’re eyes met again. “I’m just slightly annoyed” You smiled. 

You leaned in to kiss him, letting your lips linger for a moment before pulling away. “Okay, come on.” You said getting off of his lap and taking his hand in yours as you turned towards the door. 

“What are we doing?” He asked as he let you pull him away from his desk. 

“Going to get changed so we can film a video, a proper video.” You said looking over your shoulder. 

“Can I do your makeup?” You heard Joe’s voice shift back to its normal cheery tone as you made your way up the stairs. 

“Only if I can do yours!” You turned around and smiled knowing that he won’t be up for it. 

“Looks like we’re doing a Q&A then.” He said rolling his eyes as he finished climbing the stairs.

A Sister’s Wish (TG/AP)

It was around 10pm when Jacob’s father made Billy and Jacob begin getting ready for bed. Billy was spending the night at Jacob’s house while his parents went to go see a movie. The boys were no older than 12 and spent the majority of the night playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew. As the two boys began getting ready to go to sleep, they went into separate bathrooms to brush their teeth. Unbeknownst to them, Jacob’s little sister was sitting awake in her room fumbling with a small glowing rock she had found on her way home from school. The rock was warm in her hands, and as she looked at it, she felt something urging her to make a wish or two. Firstly, she wished that her older brother would spend less time with Billy and more time playing with her. Secondly, she wished that her recently divorced mother would be a part of her family again. The rock pulsed twice, then vanished into a puff of smoke. At the exact same moment, Billy felt a warm tingle emanate from his stomach.

Billy looked down, toothbrush in mouth, and put his hand over his stomach as the tingling began to get warmer. A jolt of energy suddenly ran through him as he heard some soft pops coming from his joints. He looked himself over to learn that he had rapidly grown nearly a foot in height. Before he could process his growth spurt, he felt the warmth spread across his upper body and down to his groin. He heard more slight pops and cracks as his arms and hands lengthened to adult proportions, though he noticed that his skin was becoming even softer than it was before. He moved his new limbs down to his crotch as he felt what could only be described as a vacuum in his lower abdomen. His genitals were quickly sucked inwards into his body, filling the void with new organs and leaving behind a tight, fleshy clit. Touching his new clit sent shivers up his spine and down his legs, and he began to coo in curiosity. As he felt his hair tumbling down his head and into his face, he suddenly remembered that he was a 12 year old boy sleeping over at his best friends’ house.

“Jacob! Something’s wro- ohhhhh…” he half-said/half-moaned from the bathroom. Jacob heard his friend saying something from the bathroom and walked up to the door to knock.

“Billy, are you alright?”

“Jacob, get help - ah!” Billy cried as he felt new sensations coming from his nipples. He put his hands over his chest in a vain attempt to keep his newly forming breasts from growing, only to stimulate his larger, more sensitive nipples and cause his breasts to grow even faster. His blue shirt began to loosen and grow longer, covering his mature new midriff and giving his new breasts room to move. His Batman underwear transformed into a white pair of women’s briefs, hugging his new clit tightly. As the new underwear rode up his ass, he felt his asscheeks expand to enviable proportions. Finally, Billy’s legs began to thicken around the thighs while his feel grew smooth and petite.

Billy looked down over his new body in shock. He wanted to call out to Jacob again, but was too stunned to say anything. Billy then looked himself over in the mirror in horror as his face began to morph. A few more small cracks and pops could be heard as Billy’s face morphed into that of Jacob’s mother. As Billy stared into the mirror, into the eyes of the adult woman he’d become, he felt alien thoughts growing in the back of his head.

“Billy, what’s happening?” Jacob called.

“Jacob, I…uh,” Billy stammered as his vocal chords tightened. “I need you to get James.”

Jacob looked at the door confused. He could’ve sworn that he heard Billy’s voice become that of his mother. Still, Jacob ran to get his father before trying to open the bathroom door. Billy stood and stared at his new reflection, trying desperately to retain his personality. He kept trying to think about video games, but every time the topic came up he instead thought about what video games to get her son for his birthday. He tried to think of all the times he and Jacob hung out, but instead could only remember the night Jacob was conceived. The silk sheets, the warm tropical breeze that blew threw their honeymoon suite, the sweaty, muscular man who was passionately locking lips with her while he moved her closer to climax with each thrust of his hips. Billy wanted to cry, he didn’t want to be his best friend’s mom, and yet the more he thought of Jacob and their family, the more her new motherly instincts took over.

Jacob and James walked to the bathroom and knocked quickly before opening the door. Inside, they only found Madeline, Jacob’s mother, brushing her teeth in her pajamas. Upon seeing James, Billy let himself be taken by lust and fully gave in to the motherly transformation. James greeted Madeline with a warm embrace and a kiss on the forehead. “Jacob, why did you want me to check on your mom in the bathroom?”

Jacob was speechless. He seemed to be the only one to remember that his parents got divorced and that Billy was brushing his teeth in the bathroom only minutes ago. Jacob wanted to say something, but for some reason he couldn’t. He wanted to call his mother Billy, but it just didn’t seem right. He shrugged towards his father and turned to go to his room and play some video games, but not before seeing his father subtly rub his mother’s clit behind his back. Madeline began to blush as James swept her off her feet, kissing her passionately and carrying her to the bedroom. Madeline laid flat on her back with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed, perching her new pussy right on the edge as James began to go down on her. She moaned in ecstasy as her two children drifted to sleep in silence.