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Stop putting young kids down. Stop saying that they are too young for love. Stop saying that they are too young to feel suicidal. Stop saying that they don’t understand. Stop ignoring them. Stop saying that the things they feel are temporary and they will grow up from it. Because you know what? They are not going to grow up tomorrow. They are not going to understand tomorrow…

Their first love, so meaningless to you, is something they will never forget. First broken heart, first panic attack, first suicidal thoughts… They are not going to forget.. Never! And they will remember every single word you told them at that time.

What I want to say is… A little kid will grow up and he will look back at times when he was little. You weren’t there for him and now he is depressed with anxiety and suicidal thoughts just because you told him that he is just a stupid little kid who doesn’t understand anything! He is grown up now but what do you think? Is he better? No… Stop saying that the things they feel are nothing just because they are “just” kids!


remember when it was 2004 and you were a deeply closeted canadian preteen and you listened to this album b/c you thought it would make you look cool (and it DID make you look cool) and this song definitely resonated with your feelings of adolescent inadequacy and inexplicable alienation from your peers and your family but also the whole time you were kind of just like, man i wish the main singer in this band had a better voice :/, and then you would go back to listening to hannah montana and high school musical? but then when you were 17 and you’d been reading pitchfork for a couple years and you owned the first vampire weekend album on CD so you were a little more inoculated against indie singers with weird voices, you came back to it and you were like, “holy shit” and then for a solid year of your life you listened to funeral and neon bible and the suburbs and nothing else. and then you got really excited for reflektor but it ended up being kind of shit so you sort of fell off the wagon until it was time for album #5 and you initially didn’t care at all but then you put on funeral again and heard those first tinkling piano notes and you were like, okay yeah, arcade fire owns this ass and has owned it for 13-ish years? remember when

BTS reaction to you kissing girls to make him jealous and horny

Bts reaction to you purposely kissing a girl in front of them to make them jealous and horny?



He didnt think you was into the idea when he first mentioned it about a week ago, that of course was until you two went on a night out and you started getting close with the girls at the club. He watched from the couch as you smirked at him as a girl grabbed your waist and began to kiss you, you both made out for a good few moments, making sure you was in Jin’s eye line the whole time. 

When you looked back to him you could see his go a lustful dark as he smirked. It would be a long and fun night when you two got back home.

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Rap Monster;

He smirked as he watched you and another girl kiss in front of him. “my, my y/n you know just how to push my buttons” he said to himself as he sat and waited for you to finish enjoying every moment off it, waiting for his turn to take you home and have a very ..memorable night

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As much as you might expect this man to be a dominant, lustful mad mad man as soon as he sees you and another girl kiss you’d be wrong. He turns into a mess, loosing himself as he watches you two, biting his lip until he cant hold back any longer and you two go home early from that party but most definitely not for an early night.

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“You two maybe want to take this.. somewhere private?” He’d smirk, knowing full well you had no intention of a threesome and you did it just to annoy him, so he decided to make unnecessary comments to make you annoyed, and horny too.

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He would watch you two in front of him make out biting his lip, until of course you opened your eyes to make sure he was drooling over you. As soon as he saw you look he quickly averted his eyes pretending not to be so turned on by you.

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This poor bean!!! He wouldn’t know what to do with himself, so turned on and lost within his lust for you. 

As you made out on the with the girl at the bar for a few moments you made sure there was a lot of visible groping until you left the girl and walked back to Tae “You liked that..?” You smirked

“y-yeah” He stuttered still dazed. You smirked and kissed him, gabbing his shirt and gently pulling him up “Lets go home” You smiled taking him home for a very long and lustful night

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“Ah baby what are you doing to me!” He moaned to himself as he gripped the back of his neck in frustration almost unable to control himself right then and there. Eventually though he cant just stand there, he goes up to you and asks to go home in a what was supposed to be dominant passionate way but it comes out more begging and submissive. (No need to say when he gets back into the bedroom his submissive side is gone, especially after seeing you doing that)

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Wip - Cemetery/Church

Couldn’t stand it so I poked around at those walls from the Gondola set and they don’t have a specular so that’s why they are all shiny and weird. I gave them all a generic one and it seems to look better. I may go back in and make a bump map for them because they still look flat, but that’s a pain so not doing that right now. And I also need to make those flower ivy things from Murano to hide when the walls are down. Already changed the intensity of that red because it was killing my eyes but forgot to check the other flags. (Thank you Sandy for always doing your cc perfect)

I'm Not Okay But It's Okay.

Chronic stress (due to environmental factors and all the Awful Bullshit I’m constantly going through) and a bunch of risky behavior (due to Depression, Anxiety, and an Eating Disorder) are catching up with me. I don’t sleep well. Headaches every day. Back pain and nightmares and General unwellness. I might not be cutting but I am self-harming. I over-work and don’t slow down like I should. I spend too much time online and in front of screens, I stress-eat. I am treating my body and my mind like I’m mad at it, and it’s finally fighting me back. I stuck to the conviction that if I looked good, I felt good. If I put up a convincing front, it would all be fine. Honestly, I was on the fast track back to the hospital and if I hadn’t gotten an incredibly frightening wake up call last week, I would’ve ended up there.

I guess I’m writing this as a warning of sorts.

I preach about self-care and wellness and tell you all to be good to yourselves and I want to tell you that I’ve been hypocritical because I’m human. My transparency in my struggles have helped you in the past and I hope that this particular moment of transparency convinces you to examine the ways in which you aren’t quite being good to yourself.

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It's been a while, but could we get more of the deaged Obi story thats going towards obikin? We left off with Anakin finding out that Obi-Wan had been poisoned by old Palps... Does he go to confront his "friend" himself or let others deal with him as he stays by Obi's bedside?

“You should be more careful.” Anakin brushed the back of his hand over Obi-Wan’s stubble covered cheek as he held the other hand still tightly in his. “You should have told me the moment yo-”

“Your friend was poisoning me, the Chancellor of the Republic.” Obi-Wan’s voice was insufferably reasonably. “I didn’t want to make a scene in the office or at the Senate.”

“You are such a…” Anakin snorted before he leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to the others forehead. “Okay, look, I was going to take this later but you’re here now, we have time and privacy.” He sighed, standing up and settling himself on the others bedside as he watched the redhead.

That got Obi-Wan to raise his eyebrows as he nodded. “Okay, so its a serious conversation then. Lay it on me kind Knight.” He teased lightly with a small grin on his lips.

It was a sweet smile.

It made Anakin feel very nervous.

Deep breaths Skywalker, you can do this.

“So you know that I’m married to Senator Amidala.” He started and Obi-Wan gave a low hum, nodding. “Well the thing is that… that our relationship is an open one. And by open I mean that… Its open to you.” He squeezed the others hand in his as he stared at Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan blinked. “… I need you to run that by me again.”

Running his free hand through his curls, Anakin took a deep breath. “See the thing is that I’ve had feeling for you a long time. Both the older version and…you, this you. You’re…” He smiled a bit and squeezed Obi-Wan’s hand. “Wonderful, that’s what you are. And if you don’t mind polymore, then… I’d like to try and date you.”

Obi-Wan stared at him, his green eyes impossibly wide before he frowned slowly and looked away, lips pursing.

‘Oh Force, this is the moment he rejects me…’ Anakin swallowed.

“Can I have time to think about it?” Obi-Wan was looking at him again and oh Anakin’s spirit might have left his body from the fear he had experienced.

He let out a deep breath of relief as that was not an outright rejection. “Yes, yes of course. You can have as much time to think about it as you want.”

Obi-Wan squeezed his hand in return gently. “And whatever I say when I decide, it won’t affect our friendship?”

“It will NEVER affect our friendship, regardless if its a yes or no.” Anakin swore before reaching out and wrapping the pale redhead in a tight hug, rubbing the others back as he held him tight. “We’re always going to be friends.”

That got Obi-Wan to wrap his arms around the other in return, breathing out into the blonds shoulder. Anakin was honestly gorgeous but the idea of a poly relationship?

As Jedi that could be difficult.

One forbidden relationship was one thing, two were…

“And Senator Amidala is open to it? Can I speak to her?” He questioned quietly.

“If you want to, of course. I’ll arrange a meeting with her.” Anakin assured and nuzzled lightly into the others hair, not caring that the other smelled of sweat and sterile medical from the Halls. He only cared that he was holding him.

Perhaps Obi-Wan talking to Padme will convince her…

Anakin can hope.

If there is one thing to hope for in this war… its love.

Raptor Bughead Fic Rec of the Day #14

Direct Amends
Written by: glycerineclown ( @glycerineclown )
Rating: M
Status: On-going, 2/3 
Summary:  By the time Jughead Jones can legally drink, he’s almost two years sober—and Betty Cooper has been gone for much longer.He has some apologies to make.

Warnings: Mind the tags, always! 

Why You Should Read It:  This is an incredibly strong piece of writing. The story looks at the Betty and Jughead relationship a couple years down the line after Jug quits the Serpents and Betty returns to Riverdale and the two start falling back together. It’s emotional, it’s bitter-sweet and the tension between these two as it is written is delicious. 

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Jealousy - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Heey! Can u do one where they hang with the squad and Justin and YN are bestfriends but they like eachother and Justin is getting jealous bc YN is talking with Khalil?❤️

Warnings: language maybe…

A/N: IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG PLEASE FORGIVE ME. also, i’ve never been to disney so idk if these rides are legit or not, aka i look ‘em up on google LOL


The whole squad and I were currently at Disneyland because who doesn’t like Disneyland? Besides that, it was the only amusement park close enough to us and we weren’t going to drive for a half hour to have fun. Everyone else was on Splash Mountain, while Justin and I sat around waiting for them to come back. We had everyone’s belongings so it looked as if we brought our kids here to have a good time. 

Within 15 mintues, the whole gang was back and we were now moving on to a new area. Justin was behind talking with his group of friends, leaving Khalil and I the odd ones out. In all honesty, I didn’t mind chilling with Khalil. He was a chill, humble down to earth guy. Would I date him if given the chance? Possibly. But my eyes were on one person and one person only. That person was Justin. 

Him and I go way back for as far as I can remember. We went to grade school together and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. 

“Hey, want some cotton candy? It’s on me.” Khalil said. I agreed and went over with him to where the cotton candy stand was and waited for him to order it. He came back with it and I began devouring the pink cotton. “Damn, {Y/N}, you were hungry as hell!”

“That and the fact that I love cotton candy!” I replied, still eating the cotton candy. “You should try some and maybe you’ll like it.” I offered Khalil a piece in which he took a bite out of it. “Hey! I offered you a piece for a reason!”

“I bought it so I felt obliged to take a bite out of it.” He stuck his tongue out at me. I playfully shoved him away, hitting him in the arm. “Ouch! Stop assaulting me {Y/N}.”

“You’re an ass. Get away from me!” I laughed. I pushed him once more and within a blink of an eye, he grabbed my arm and swung me over his shoulders. “Khalil! Put me down! Now!” Khalil instead of putting me down, ran off somewhere, leaving Justin and the crew far behind us. 

Justin’s POV

I watched as Khalil bought {Y/N} cotton candy, something that should’ve been I doing. Khalil had no business with {Y/N}, so what the hell was he doing? Was he purposely trying to piss me off? Or was {Y/N}? Regardless, Kahlil always had a thing for challenging me. Everything was a competition with that kid and somehow, I always lost. Not this time though. I’ve been going after {Y/N} for quite some time now, I never had the balls to ask her out on a date. That’s why I figured that Disneyland would be the perfect place to ask her out. 

Just the thought of Khalil trying to sabotage my chances with {Y/N} was enough to make my blood boil. Just calm your nerves Justin, {Y/N} doesn’t even seem interested in him. This is fine, yeah, this is okay. I’ll be fine—just breathe and get a hold of myself.

“Yo JB! You good?” Ryan called to me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head in response and caught up to where everyone else was. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had moved on. {Y/N} and Khalil were walking back towards us, acting as if nothing had happened before. 

“Pick me up like that again and I’ll kick your ass,” {Y/N} threatened Khalil. “And I’m being serious. Don’t think I’m joking.” Khalil’s plan was back firing on him, just what I wanted. 

“Hey {Y/N}, want to go on the Mad Tea Party?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes. To my luck, she said yes. Now everything was starting to fall into line. {Y/N} and I interlocked arms and waited on the line for the ride. There was a great amount of silence between us so I decided to break it. “So, how’s Khalil?”

“Annoying as per usual. I really don’t know how all your friends are annoying. Even you, you’re annoying as hell.” She replied, showing no remorse in her choice of words. Operation asking {Y/N} out was currently a no-go. 

“But I’m a good annoying, right?” I nudged her in the side.

“I guess.”

I let out a sigh of relief, maybe things weren’t looking so bad after all.

By now, it was the end of the night and before the park closes, they put on a display of fireworks. {Y/N} stood by my side while everyone kept their distance including Khalil. I turned around to see where exacty they were and Khalil mouthed to me, ‘Good luck bro!’ I smiled back at him and gave him a thumbs up. {Y/N} interlocked hands with me and rested her head on my shoulder. 

Alright Justin, you’ve been doing everything humanly right tonight. Time to pop the question. “Hey, {Y/N}. Can I, uh, ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?” She smiled up at me, awaiting what I had to say. 

“Okay, this isn’t scripted or anything and you’re not about to get punk’d but, we’ve been friends for as far as time could tell. And over that time, I’ve gotten to know you for the strong, sweet, funny, independent that you are today. What I’m really trying to say is, will you {Y/N} {Y/L/N} be my girlfriend?”

“Oh of course Justin! I thought you’d never ask!’ {Y/N} swung her arms around me and came in for a kiss. And as if the Disney staff were watching us, the fireworks started going off. This was a great way to end the night, after all the obstacles I faced today.

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A/N: me after finished this. Up next, Forbidden Love :)

Who did it first? - Bucky Barnes

Requested @taliajromanoff

Who said ‘I love you’ first? 
You, he wasn’t feeling himself, coming back to himself in the future didn’t help. He would often sit in his room and look out the window, watching everything go by, there was days when he didn’t move only stared. You came in one time.
‘Do you want to go and get food?’ You asked. He shook his head.
‘Why not? It’s only a five-minute walk.’ You told him calmly. He looked up with furrowed eyebrows.
‘I’m a monster, I…’ He said but trailed off when you reached up to his shoulder, rubbing it gently.
‘You aren’t a monster.’ You told him, he tried pulling away from you.
‘You only say that cause your making me feel better.’ He said harshly.
‘That’s where your wrong I say it because I love you and I don’t want you to waste your time staring when you could be out there.’ You said before letting go of his shoulder and headed out the room, you made it to the top of the stairs when you heard footsteps behind you, you looked behind you and smiled.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?
Both, he would take pictures of you when you were doing stuff. He had you reading as his screensaver. You had a picture of him and you, that Natasha had managed to take.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?
You, you’d tell him where you were going, and how long you would be. Just to make sure he knew as he didn’t always read his text messages.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?
Him, he’d come home with bouquets of flowers, or get them delivered to your work and he’d leave extremely cheesy notes on them, your co-workers would tease you about it but you loved it.

Who initiated the first kiss?
You, he was having a rough day. So, you were both sitting on the couch, watching documentaries, allowing him to catch up and to get around what happened after the war. He was holding your hand as you were reading a book, when you looked up he was so interested. You slipped your hand from his and stood up, you leant over going to place a kiss on his cheek but he turned around and you caught his lips, you pulled back before smiling and walking to the kitchen.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?
You, when you wake in the morning, you are always wrapped in Bucky’s arms, you would look up and smile, he looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, you would slowly sit up and look at the time, if it was early you would get up and go and make business but if it was a decent time to be woken up, you would place kisses along his jaw line, you know he was awake when his hand would pull you closer.

Who starts tickle fights?
Him, he would trail his metal fingers along your waist, the cold contacting makes you break out in goose bumps but then you giggle, he would look down with a cheeky smile before, doing it again. You would think he was accidentally doing it but then he continued doing it you looked up and he gave you an innocent smile.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?
Him, he’s a gentleman, so he’s going to ask before he does a lot of things with you. You would find it adorable when he would go red even when he had already asked before and you agreed. When he first asked to join you in the shower you were grabbing a towel and he was watching you whilst rubbing his hands up and down his knees.
‘What’s wrong?’ You would ask him, he would look up and open his mouth to say something but he would close it again, you’d bend down in front of him and raise an eyebrow.
‘Is it okay if I join you?’ He said, you smiled before nodding, standing up and reaching your hand out grabbing his, and leading him towards the bathroom.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?
Him, he would walk into your work holding a selection of your favourite foods. When he came up behind you he’d wrap an arm around your waist and press a kiss to your cheek, you’d smile and turn around before placing a peck on his lips. You would then go outside to the tables there and sit and talk about what you had both done today, and decided what you were doing for dinner wether it be in your house or out.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?
Both, you were both nervous as it had been his first date for a while, he didn’t know if he still had his charm that the ladies liked. You were nervous since it was a blind date your friends had set you up. Once you met him though, all the worries and nerves disappeared.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?
Both, you aren’t scared and he isn’t scared. It only depends who is the one to see them first, neither of you would kill them though, you trap them and then release them outside.

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I feel like the paladins would totally go with lance's shenanigans in most situations. Like the paladins all sitting in the common room relaxing, lance comes in "if anyone asks, I wasn't here," then goes through another door or hides and 15 ticks later allura comes through, "has anyone seen lance anywhere, I can't seem to find him." The paladin all look at each other and go back to what they were doing "No" "Not since lunch" "Check his room" "Nope".

But once they are on a planet they need one person to keep their eyes on him at all time. They call it lance duty like “Can I be on lance duty this time?” Or “I just went on lance duty someone else do it.”

AHHHHHHH I love this so much!!!!!! Like I feel like the team so would tbh 

Lance duty is such a cute name, I love it! 

Thank you for blessing me with this <3


BoS vs NCR pr1 Ft: @tessamaree

After afew NCR troopers went missing afew days passed as a distress signal from one of the troops suddenly activated and already short on troops, NCR Veteran Ranger Jaylyn was called from the NCR headquarters in California to help find the missing troopers.

After afew afew hours upon his arrival he wasted no time carrying only what he had brought along with pictures of the missing troops and headed out into the waste lands after afew hours past the signal suddenly stop as he traced to this old empty run down dinner in the middle of now where with reports of past troopers going missing within the area, as he seen a women alone standing behind the counter with a strange collecting or random junk and raider body’s display like a trophy case. her voice was soft and pleasant as he responded back to her words as she walks out.

As she walked out he took this time to look around turning his helmet on to help him see better in the messy rundown of a dinner as he looks around he notice blood here and there not thinking much of it till he took a second look at the pip-boy on the wall as he took out the picture looking at one of the troops who had a pip-boy on as he looks closely at both noticing both were the same as he stood up instantly as he heard the women call out loudly as he jumps behind the bar, he was trapped as a rain of 5mm ammunition pumps into the side of the bar grazing past him as he shouted right back at her clinching tightly to his hand gun.

~ To Be Continue 

Special thanks to our partners @dragonproductions and my gorgeous model @tessamaree for helping me, Idea inspired by her Fallout Model post.

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Scenario of Akashi when his s/o is kinda sick or in some kind of physical pain and refuses to eat or even talk due to discomfort, but when Akashi checks on her later on she's trying her best to eat the food he brought her because she feels guilty for making him sad about her condition or smth, I hope that wasn't too detailed lol thanks ;)

woah that was rly soft fam my heART

“Please, at least take a few spoons.” he begged. 

You’ve been going through a hard time ever since the surgery you got and as much as he wants to give you your time and space, you weren’t making it easy for him. 

Not when you won’t even drink or eat anything to help yourself get better sooner. You weren’t taking care of yourself properly and he hates seeing you like this. You looked tired, frail and weak.

As happy as he was you were finally out of the hospital and back home, he wished you wouldn’t slack on yourself but make sure you’re getting and doing everything you need to become better.

You were the one person he’d do anything for, literally. He just wants to see you happy and healthy in life.

“I know you’re going through a hard time right now, but you cannot keep doing this. As much as I wanna see you become better and help you, you’ll need to wanna help yourself first.” he sighed.

You didn’t say anything but instead avoided looking him in the eye.

He put the food he had brought for you earlier on the table in front of you and stood up.

He gave you a kiss on the head and whispered “I love you.” before leaving the room to give you some time alone. 

You wanted to cry for having such a sweet and wonderful boyfriend. You truly did appreciate everything he’ve done and keeps doing for you. You wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

You know you haven’t been the greatest to him lately, you barely even said a few words to him. You just hated being like this, not being able to do everything together like you used to. You hated feeling weak and unable to have as much fun as you used to.

You knew it was only a matter of time until you get better and become your normal self again, but right now it was a bit hard to act like your usual self.

As much as you hated feeling this way, you hated seeing Akashi worried a whole lot more. 

You grabbed the food he got for you and started eating it.  

Little did you know Akashi was actually standing there all along. It’s true he did leave but not too far away, just enough to check up on you where you couldn’t see him. 

The minute he saw you reach out for the spoon, his lips formed into a smile and his heart felt at ease once again. 

He was so lost in his thoughts until he heard your voice. 

“Owwwwww. Ahh, ouch!” you groaned. 

You were sitting on the couch as he ran to you and bent down, cupping your face in his hands.

With his face full of worry, “What’s wrong? What is it? Where does it hurt?” he asked.

You started giggling and cupped his face back. 

“Did you really think I had no idea you were there all along Sei?” you laughed.

You jumped onto his lap and hugged him as tight as you could. 

“I’m really lucky to have you, you mean the world to me Seijuro.” you whispered.

They’re fighting again. It’s disrupting my concentration. I grit my teeth and try to ignore the argument, but it steadily gets louder until I can’t hear my own thoughts anymore - they’ve started legitimately fighting, not just arguing.

I don’t have enough energy to deal with this the usual way. Too bad for them.

I open the door, giving them an irritated look. They completely ignore me, preferring instead to attempt to punch each other’s teeth out.

I grab the nearest one by the collar and drag them off the other one. They kick me in the leg. Swearing, I let go but get a better hold on their leg. I drag them back into the other room with me and shutting the door.

I push them against the wall, stunning them and roughly pinning their arms to their sides. I swallow them quickly, so they don’t have time to fight it.

I gasp for air, unbuttoning my stretched shirt. They’re heavy, but I’m used to it. Nothing I haven’t done before. They’re not motionless anymore, struggling and protesting.

“What the hell?! Let me go!” I sigh in irritation as they continue squirming.

“Settle down. I’ll let you go later once you’ve calmed down a bit.” They start to berate me with a tirade of insults and cussing but I ignore them.

They’ll calm down in a bit. Probably.

[find me] in the shallows (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 10. in memoriam/death

A/N: title from Daughter.


[find me] in the shallows

She looks up from her desk and notices that most of the SIOC bullpen has emptied. Glancing at the clock on her computer, she realizes it’s later than she thought.

She had been going through some old files, trying to see if anything would trigger a memory or a lead and must have lost track of time.

Her eyes look over to his office and she sees him at his desk, also going through some files. She looks back down at the files, at the section of her old statement that she’s landed on. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

hi dads my best friend texted me recently saying that i’m flaky, and that i’m hurting her feelings by cancelling plans all the time. i cancel because of social anxiety and because i have a back disease that makes me bedridden some days. we haven’t spoken since then, and i’m really nervous that when we go back to school in a month it’s going to be awkward because it feels like we aren’t even friends anymore. what do i do?

Oof, looks like you’re in a bit of a tricky situation there, kiddo. Balancing the wants and needs of both yourself and others can get exceptionally difficult when the venn diagram of what you want to do and what you are able to do becomes anything more than a circle. Now as to what you should do:

Honestly, your old man is a little split on this one. Part of me wants to say that a friend who isn’t willing to understand your disability is not a friend worth having. As your dad, I feel like you deserve better, like you shouldn’t have to deal with people who make your life more difficult than it already is. The tough thing here is that while your friend doesn’t seem to be behaving fairly, it doesn’t seem like you’re setting whatever boundaries are best for you either. And that isn’t a judgement, by the way- setting boundaries is hard. But don’t worry, you can do this!

My advice would be to talk to her, and to start off by thanking her for being so patient. Even if she hasn’t been, it’s important to make sure she knows that you recognize how you needing to cancel sometimes makes her upset. That said, try not to apologize quite yet; you haven’t done anything wrong in putting your health first. Once that’s done, see if you can’t find a compromise. Are there any activities that you can do together that don’t risk your well being? Think things that you can do while bedridden- watching movies together online, playing a game you both enjoy, or anything else that will keep you two connected without putting you at risk. 

If she isn’t willing to compromise, then it might be best for you to take a break from her. You don’t have to end your friendship with her forever, but you have to make it clear that if she values your feelings and not just her own your friendship, she needs to work with you here. Now remember, there’s still a whole nother month of summer around the corner. If you don’t start talking to her right away, you can still bring it up after a week or two of taking some time for yourself. If you don’t talk to her, that’s also an alright choice- but that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for. 

Oh, and honey? We’re proud of you for caring about your friend and still trying to find ways to have a good, healthy friendship. Take it from us, people aren’t easy. But that’s okay, cause you’ve clearly got a big heart, and we’ll happily stand by you as you navigate your way through whatever difficult situations you find yourself in. 

-Dad Alexander

I'll always find my way to you

Here have fluff I guess
She is still not used to the new room Sharon is making her use, which means that whenever she feels the slightest sound, the smallest crack of wood, the tiniest echo of the wind she jumps three thousand feets into the air and her heart starts beating faster that she thought it was humanly possible before she makes herself as small as she can and hides under the blankets one or two seconds before she realizes how ridiculous she is being , takes a deep breath and tries to go back to sleep like a normal person but this time she swears she heard someone outside her window, she like one hundred percent sure so she stays hidden under the blankets and looks blindly for her phone on her night stand while she hopes that whoever is on her balcony is not planning on murdering her before she manages to let her parents know there’s someone out there.

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) I guess the reason why the mishcourse is happening is because while everyone roasts Misha, misha hardly ever roasts them back? I'm not saying he doesn't. But he doesn't do it as much as the rest of the cast, which causes a sort of imbalance and makes him look like he's 'bullied.' I am in no way saying Misha should speak back, maybe that's just his nature to selectively burn someone. But what makes it so hurtful to the fans is that Misha just takes it. And the cast keeps going on and on.

(2/2) maybe that’s why it seems like Misha’s being bullied, because he just takes it. we all KNOW that he has multiple times in the past teased the cast, so we know he’s capable of some legendary burns. He just chooses not to. So maybe the cast should take a hint, bc where’s the fun in banter if misha isnt joining in and roasting u back? ur comments may come off as mean spirited. So it falls on them to reign it in, and make jokes sporadically the way misha does, in order for there to be balance.

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rafael may be a famous fighter, but does he ever fight outside of the ring? our inside sources have found out that there’s an outstanding arrest warrant for our dear raf in italy of all places. the reason? assault. and not just assault of anyone. here’s the real scoop: word is, rafael assaulted his own father. that’s right, you heard it first here, folks. looks like our favorite pasta eater won’t be going back to his homeland anytime soon, not if he wants to avoid time in the slammer

wonder if his rumored girlfriend scarlett thinks of this? or his other rumored paramor lacey? surely neither one of them would want to be anywhere near a man who nearly killed his own father

you heard it here first, from your number one source for the most scandalous and newest drama in hollywood: PRHQ.

So I went to Target today...

I go there like 50 times a month right? So I know it like the back of my hand. My sister and I passed by the photo printer stuff where you can print pictures and like there are some photography pictures of happy people on the walls right? There’s one in particular of like a married couple and I suddenly stopped and go ‘hey! That looks like Laura Harrier! and I’m pretty sure it’s her and I never noticed until now…