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Clowns and Coffee Pots - Isaac Lahey

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Requested by: @actual-teen-wolf
Request: “[Scary Movies] with Isaac Lahey?”

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Synopsis: The reader convinces Isaac to watch scary movies with them, and drudges up past fears for Isaac.
Word Count: 1,024

Warning: Slight mention of abuse. ((Mild, mild spoilers of the movie IT. Just about the first scene.))

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Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, sit down with myself and explain that things were going to be okay, that everybody loses ground sometimes and it doesn’t mean anything. It’s the way life works. This is hard to understand in the moment. You get to thinking about the girl who rejected you, the job you got fired from, the test you failed, and you lose sight of the big picture — the fact that life has a beautiful way of remaking itself every few weeks.

monkeyjungle  asked:

Why the change from konkeydongcountry?

a couple of reasons

  • i’d been using konkeydongcountry for like three years, figured it was time to shake things up
  • my url had somehow become really well-known, which isn’t what i was shooting for with this blog - i figured that a complete url change would be a good compromise rather than deleting and remaking, as it’ll make the kdc url say “deactivated” on the few posts that keep going around
  • i just think that “mr. leveling thinner” is a hilarious name for a product, and that a weirdly-specific chemical product with a funny name is an ideal url

i still have the old url, and i’m not adverse to going back to it at some point in the future, but i like mrlevelingthinner and don’t plan to change any time soon

Touka Kirishima (Kagune)

So these wings were a trek and a half. It took me roughly 3-4 days to complete. This is a quick, cheap way to make it if you’ve got only a few days before a con. (I just finished them with only 1 day to spare…)

First, you’re going to need these things:
1.) Cardboard (Or anything that serves a similar purpose)
2.) A pencil
3.) Scissors or something to cut the cardboard
4.) Spray Paint (Yellow, Red, Black)
5.) Wire (Preferably something very sturdy… I used 12 gauge wire and just twisted it around itself several times to make it stronger)
6.) Elastic Bands
7.) A good-fitting bra (Or anything that serves a similar purpose)
8.) Thin metal rods.
9.) Industrial Stapler
10.) A rectangular piece of wood (This will make sense later)
11.) Also, lots of hot glue…

Okay, so take your cardboard and cut it into three pieces: one big one and two smaller ones.

Draw the shape that you want the wings to take and cut them out. 

Now it’s time to paint! I pained the yellow first. Only a tiny bit of the yellow shows, so don’t go crazy with it. You only need to buy a small canister of it. Then I covered it with red, and then painted the tips black. Let them dry between coats otherwise it’ll just be a mess. I painted both sides and even though there were markings on the back of the cardboard, the paint managed to cover it.

What I didn’t take a picture of is me shoving thin metal rods into the wings. The rods that I had were thin enough to fit through the two layers of cardboard. Be very careful with this step! You don’t want to puncture either side of the wings. I put one in the small pieces and two in the big piece.

Now comes the harness, which was by far the biggest pain in my butt. I really just figured it out by trial and error. Since I’m wearing her school girl uniform, I used my bra as a harness. I took the wire and formed it into a kind of curved oval shape and tucked it into my bra. (You will unfortunately need someone to put these wings on for you. I hope you have some good friends.) Make sure there’s a loop at the top. That’s very important to holding the wings in place.

Now you want to cut a piece of cardboard in a “T” shape. 

Now the top of the “T” is two pieces of cardboard and the bottom part is just one. This is where I wish I’d done things differently. Looking back, I would have used that thin, rectangular piece of wood and sandwiched it between the two pieces of cardboard. That way the base is much more sturdy, which is important.

I attempted to hot glue the three pieces to the top part of the “T”, but that didn’t work out so well. What did work out was using an industrial stapler and stapling the hell out of them. It worked great and I’m not worried about them falling now. 

Ready for the fun part? Now that “T” shaped cardboard goes into the oval shaped wire. It’s confusing and if you need me to clear anything up, feel free to message me, but I’ll try to explain it. 

The base of the cardboard part of the “T” goes behind the clasp of the bra and down into the part of the wire that’s curved upwards. This holds the cardboard in place, but you also need to fold down the piece of wire at the top to make sure it’s not going anywhere. 

And that’s it! They’re done! 
The difficult part is cutting the shirt wide enough so that the wings can stick through. It’s definitely not pretty from the back, so if you’re planning on making the back look good, I would find another tutorial. This was a very urgent few days and I didn’t have enough time to really make it the way I want it.

Maybe in the future, I’ll remake it…

Anyways, that’s all! Ask me if you have any further questions. I know I’m not great at explaining things.

I gotta say Sun/Moon has been really great! It feels so much different than previous gens. Just feels like it has more life and the routes you travel are short but much more interesting.

The characters are more alive and interactive. The Professor is more fleshed out (has an actual life outside research), the rival although still overly friendly is nice too. Unlike XY/ORAS which made me feel guilty for always winning, Hau is amusingly passive aggressive about filling his team with Pokemon strong to your starter LMAO.

Team Skull are THE BEST. So fun. There’s so many little moments with them that give them such personality. Mah boi Guzma.

It also seems to be a little harder. My Pokemon are actually fainting now. I don’t know if that’s because everything is slow as shit so always gets hit first, but it’s a thing i have to worry about!

I was initially kinda down on the games because of how few new Pokemon there were that hadn’t already been announced (seriously Game Freak, STOP THAT), but there are plenty of oldies to make up for it. Also, the game runs much better on OG 3DS than the demo did. Double battles are a damn slideshow tho with 7-8 models on screen.

If they do remake DPP next it’s gonna hurt going back to that after SM. Bring on the (rumoured) Switch version! It’ll look soooo nice~

I was posting impression whilst playing on my Twitter. My Alolan Champion team!

Coping Mechanisms

Nozomi’s always hated endings. She’s never known quite what to do with them; once things end, there’s no getting it back. Move after move, greetings and goodbyes always trailing one another, her life’s been a long string of endings and she’s learned how to ignore them. Say hello, smile, endure, then leave- rinse and repeat. No need to admire the scenery or the people; she wasn’t going to see them again in her life after a few months anyway.

Things can’t end if they never started in the first place, right? She can’t cry over leaving people she won’t miss. There’s no home to leave or have to remake- just her, and her books, and the streetlights passing overhead on the long drives across the country at night, each one lasting only a second and forgotten for the next.

And now she stands in the dark stairwell, her trembling hand on the door to the roof. She stands, at the end of her school year, her trembling heart refusing to move on.

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This Grimengast is, by my count, the 2000th sprite I’ve posted on tumblr.

Holy cow, that’s a lot of sprites.  That’s like… almost 67 PokeRaps.

The other thing is that this Grimengast is a remake of the first sprite I ever posted more than two years ago. And if you take a look at that original one, you’ll see that in reality I have basically no natural talent for this.  Any skill I’ve developed in splicing is strictly thanks to practice.

In commemoration of this milestone, I’m going back to revisit a few of my older splices, to see if I can do them greater justice now that I’ve gotten the hang of this thing.  I have a few candidates in mind, but I’m curious which of my older sprites you think are worth revisiting.  I’m not making any promises, but if there are any of my old splices you’d like to see me take another crack at, give me a shout!

Thanks for being here, all!

Maintaining Your Independence

Harry: Girl’s night. It happened once a week, whether he was home or not. He had just gotten home from tour, but you were still going out. You lean over the back of the couch, pressing a kiss to his lips as he watched television. “Be back later,” you tell him before grabbing your phone and car keys. You were heading off to meet up with your girlfriends before heading out to The Roof Gardens. Harry hadn’t expected you to stay. You had fought with him tooth and nail the first time he asked you to stay behind, the two of you not having seen one another in months. In the end you had left in a rage, coming back more drunk than you’d ever been just to spite him. He never said anything about you leaving after that. “Ready for tonight?” Your friend asks, slipping into her pumps, checking her butt in the mirror one last time. “Cabs are here!!” You hear from downstairs. “Definitely,” you respond, applying another layer of bright red lipstick before following her out to the awaiting cabs. The club was packed when you arrived. “We’ll get the drinks, you all go check on our lounge,” one of the girls in the group says. “Yeah, I have a lounge reserved for (Y/L/N),” you say to the club manager that was manning the podium when you walked in. You could have gotten a better place simply by using Harry’s name but this was your night out, not his. Once all back at the lounge, the drinks are passed out and you sit back on the plush couch, pulling your legs up off of the floor and onto the cushion, sitting on them slightly. Not ladylike, but you were comfortable. “So what’s everyone been up to this week?” The general question to start the night’s conversations and gossip. As everyone answers, trailing off one by one on the drama of their lives, another round of drinks is ordered and everyone’s mood begins to lighten. An hour into the night and everyone was about equal in their alcohol consumption, the concern of driving on no one’s mind. “So (Y/N), how’s that boyfriend of yours?” You hear. You look up from your drink, straw still in your fingers. “What?” You ask. Here it comes. At a certain level of alcohol consumption they began to ask about him. Some nights were worse than others, some nights he was never brought up at all. Tonight it had come early though which bugged you. “How’s Harry? Isn’t he back from tour?” “Yeah? And he’s fine I guess.” “Yeah he is,” the girl across from you says to the one beside her, taking a sip from her drink. You didn’t recognize her, she must be a tag along. You didn’t like tag alongs, for this simple reason right here.  Your friends knew that girl’s night was supposed to be the night you got away from the life you had walked into with him. You let them get away with asking about him when they were drunk only because they didn’t bring him up any other time. “How’s the sex been? I’m sure he’s been crazy, not seeing you in so long and all.” You choke on the alcohol sliding down your throat. “Excuse me?” You counter to the tag along, the alcohol making your words harsher than you had thought. “Please tell me you rode that like champion the minute he walked through the door, I know I would have.” Was she serious? She didn’t even know you, what made her think a conversation like this was acceptable? You tip your glass up, drinking the rest and motioning for another. “His dick doesn’t really respond to sluts,” you counter. Everyone in the group stares at one another, unsure of what to do. “Oh, so you would know?” She questions. “No. I actually rode his dick this morning, you know how you want to? Yeah, I actually get to do that. I don’t have to pretend I am while I get myself off like you apparently have to do.” “OKAY!!!” Your friend says knowing this needed to end. You get up off of the couch. “Where are you going?” She asks, grabbing your arm. “Home.” You pull your arm from her hand, grabbing your clutch and finishing your drink before putting some cash down on the table for your tab. “It’s alright, she can’t handle it,” the smartass across the table continues, still unable to shut up. “You don’t want me to handle it.” You turn to leave, taking your phone to call a cab to come and take you home. “You’re back early,” Harry says as you stumble in through the front door. He’s up off the couch and by your side to escort you up the stairs once he notices your state. Once in the bedroom you wrap your arms around his neck, bringing him into you, your lips on his instantly. You walk him to the bed, turning him around, shoving him on the mattress. “What happened at the club tonight?” Harry asks playfully. You never came home acting like this. “Shut up,” you answer, climbing on top of him, your lips finding his once more as his hands pull you down to him.

Liam: You let yourself into his flat after returning from work. Everything was quiet, no loud music or games from the living room, he hadn’t returned from the studio yet. You slip your shoes off at the door before heading upstairs to change out of your work clothes. Since you didn’t know how late he would be at the studio you went ahead and decided to make a light dinner. You would have something else to eat when he came home, whenever that was. A bowl of cereal should hold you over. You had never taken into account at just how well you knew this place. You knew it better than he did and he was the one paying the rent. You knew where everything was, not having to think twice when needing something. You knew exactly where it would be. You had clothes here, half of the fridge was packed with food only you liked, and you never had to use the spare key at the front desk, having one of your own from the start. You bring your bowl of Cocoa Shreddies over to the chaise lounge, grabbing the remote from the ottoman before lying down. Big Brother keeps you occupied as you finish up your cereal, leaning over to place the empty bowl on the coffee table. “Filling your mind with great stuff, I see,” Liam says, as he walks into the living room. “What would you suggest?” You question, as he walks over, leaning down over the back of the lounge to give you a kiss. “I could suggest a few things,” he remarks and you push him back. “I’m sure you could.” You get up from your comfortable position, taking your bowl back to the kitchen. “I’m going to call in a pizza, what do you want?” “Get some of those chocolate cakes, I love those,” you say, the craving for cake coming on. “Okay and a mushroom and cheese thin crust?” He knew you so well. “Correct.” Cereal and cake not the greatest of dinners, might as well add some pizza. “What do you want to watch?” You ask after sitting at the bar listening to Liam talk about his day while you waited for the pizza to come. His day was full of drama but the pizza was here now, time to eat. “Find something.” That was a big help. You search Netflix, trying to find something the two of you hadn’t watched before settling in and having dinner, again. “You could just stay,” Liam says, pulling you closer to him. “I stayed last night.” “So?” “And the night before.” A grin stretches across his face and he places a kiss on your head. “One day (Y/N), one day you will move in.” “That day is not today, Liam Payne, that day is not today,” you say as you get up from his lap, the movie the two of you had been watching now over. “I’ll be over tomorrow after you’re finished with the studio,” you tell him, slipping your shoes on. “Why don’t you just come to the studio?” “I’ll be over after the studio,” you reiterate. “It was worth a shot.” He gets up off of the couch to stand with you by the door. “See you tomorrow, I’ll text you when I’m out,” he says, pressing a kiss to your lips. You smile, reaching up to kiss him one more time before leaving his flat. He hated when you left. He had tried for the last year to get you to move in with him but you had turned him down every time. You need a space of your own, a place that wasn’t always cluttered with his things. Not that you minded his things, because they were in your flat as well. You just enjoyed having a place you could call your own.  

Niall: “Leaving in five!” You hear from the other side of the hotel door along with a loud knock. You hear Niall rustling around the room as he prepares to leave for the stadium. “We go on at eight forty-five,” he reminds you, leaving a kiss on your forehead. “I know,” you moan, not wanting to get out of bed just yet. “Just making sure,” he says with a smile before heading out the door. You had made it on time to every show so far, what makes him think you would suddenly forget to show up? You roll over away from the light coming in from the window, hoping to fall back asleep. With no such luck you curse Niall as you slowly sit up in bed. What to do today? Sophia had been begging you since you had arrived in America to join her, Eleanor and Lottie for a day in the city. That RSVP was still pending. The boys were at different hotel’s which meant you never even saw the other girls, helping your hermit-like attitude towards their invites. “Yeah, can I get some blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon please,” you order, having picked up the phone to order breakfast. You mull over ideas of what you were going to do with your day. You had gone sightseeing yesterday, enjoying the day to yourself to just walk around New York to see what the city had to offer. Today would have to be something different. After breakfast, you take your time getting ready. The best part of not going to the stadium with Niall was being on your own schedule. You spend more time in front of the mirror than necessary simply because you had it. You check the time as you walk out the door, slipping the room key into your bag, it was noon. With no clue what to do you walk over to the front desk, the attendant on the other side all smiles. “Good afternoon,” she greets. “Any idea of what I should do today?” You ask, hoping for a real answer in return. “I played tourist yesterday,” you inform her, trying to narrow her options. She knew who you were, so she also knew you weren’t familiar with your surroundings. “Um, let’s see, it’s noon, hmm.” You watch as she goes over everything in her head. “They tape The Tonight Show at two, they usually have reserved tickets, but I’m sure they would let you in to watch,” she tells you, referring to your obvious connections. “Where do they tape?” “The GE Building, Forty-Ninth Street.” Her offer was a tangible one. You loved Jimmy Fallon and knew what a fan he was of the boys, Harry Styles in particular. “I think they rehearse before the show so maybe you could head on over there.” You nod your head, agreeing to take her offer. “Thanks.” “My pleasure.” You head out of the hotel, in an attempt to flag down your first taxi. “Forty-Ninth Street, please,” you say sliding into the backseat of the cab. “GE?” The driver inquires. “Yes.” “Where’s that accent from?” He questions, pulling back into traffic. “Wicklow,” you answer. “Ireland,” you continue, seeing his confused face in rearview mirror. “Ah. What brings you here?” You need to be careful here. Telling too much could easily come back to bite you. “Visiting my boyfriend and some friends.” “Where’s he at?” “At work.” “So he works over here?” “Sometimes,” you answer, hoping your stop would be soon. With your luck the cab comes to a stop. You slip the man cash for your ride and climb out, ready to see where the day took you.

Louis:  “I’ve already told you I can’t make it,” you tell him over the phone. “You’re only missing one class,” he whines over the phone. “Two.” “Okay, two classes, but come on, it’s the opening Rover’s match and they want me at the press conference.” “Okay? So they want you, that doesn’t mean I have to go.” “I want you to.” “Louis, babe, I have to stay here, I cannot miss class.” You hated telling him no, but missing classes in the summer was not a smart idea; the pace of the class was just too fast. He had been annoyed with your decision to stay in school since the day you moved in. “You can always go back,” he had said, trying to justify his opinion. “I’m not just quitting school, Louis, I have to think about myself,” you had counted him with. Education was the only thing you had for yourself, everything else was provided by him. He would never understand it though. “Why would you want to stay in school when you could travel with me?” Your friend’s had backed him up on this as well. “Maybe because I actually like proving that I can do something on my own, without your help or influence?” He still fought your decision. Every time you said you couldn’t do something with him because of school, you fought. You had transferred schools for him, that being the only leeway you had given him in the matter. He had agreed to lay low about school if you moved in with him, he had lied. So much so that every time you went into the study to get some work done you had to lock the door; he wouldn’t leave you alone about it. He was too used to hearing ‘Yes’. Too many people around him giving him what he wanted. You were not one of those people, you never had been. You were very insistent on him knowing you had a life on your own, that your life didn’t begin and end with him. Yes, you loved him. No one had ever loved him more than you did, but there was nothing wrong with maintaining the freedom you had before he came around. “Whatever,” he responds. “Louis, please don’t act like this. What happened to you saying you would lay off when it comes to me being in school?” “It’s bullshit,” he retorts. “It’s not bullshit. School doesn’t last forever and this is something I want to do for myself. I really wish you would just understand Louis, I really wish you would.” “You haven’t made it to any of the shows so far because of your stupid homework and even when I’m actually home you won’t even come to be with me.” “Louis I saw you yesterday before you left to head up there, I’m still around. I live in your house.” “It makes no difference where you live. The problem here is that you are putting school before our relationship.” “You can’t be serious Louis?” “I’m very serious. I’m sick of always being told no because you’re too busy with homework or classes.” “You’re serious aren’t you?” You comment, surprised that he thought the points he was making were valid. “Louis I’m not quitting school just because you think I’m too busy to hang out with you. I enjoy college and it takes my mind away from you being gone all of the fucking time.” He falls silent on the other end, and you were unsure of how your small rant would go over. “Louis, it’s all I have.” 

Zayn: You knew how this would end, but you brought him along with you anyway. You had just moved into a new flat, one that was closer to Zayn’s. Furnishing it was a must seeing as most of the items in your old flat belonged to your roommate. So here you were in HOMEBASE ready to get everything over and done with (fight included) before having even started your shopping. “What’d you think about this one?” You say, standing in front of a white compact sofa. “White?” He questions. “Yeah, you wouldn’t be allowed to eat on this one,” you remark, thinking about all of the times he had dropped food on the old sofa. “Good thing your new kitchen is so big,” he adds, shoving his hips into yours, a smile on his face. ‘Why couldn’t he just keep that smile?’ You ask yourself, reminded of what was to come. You had been handed an iPad at the beginning of your shopping trip to keep track of all of the items you were going to purchase that needed to be delivered. So far not much ending up in the trolley Zayn was pushing around. A few decorative pillows and some bathroom and kitchen rugs made it in, as well as plates, mugs, and a few kitchen appliances. Everything else would be shipped to you within the week as promised by the man at the check-out deck. “Forty-five ninety-five, sixteen,” the clerk says after ringing in everything from the trolley and the iPad. You weren’t surprised by the total, you had purchased a lot. You reach down to grab your wallet, Zayn getting there before you. “Absolutely not,” you say, your hand quickly moving to grab his. “Do not take his card,” you threaten the clerk as he slowly puts his hand back down. “Yes, take it,” Zayn orders but the man doesn’t move. You reach down with your free hand to grab your credit card. “Don’t take her card man,” Zayn continues. “Zayn please just let me do this,” you beg, handing the man your card as he makes no eye contact with either of you as he swipes it. Zayn breathes in deeply trying to not erupt in front of the store. You knew this was how it was going to be once you made it to the check-out. It always was. He was so headstrong in always paying for you but you were just as equally stubborn in making sure that things that were strictly for you were paid out of your own pocket. “Why can’t you just let me take care of you like I’m supposed to?” He questions once the two of you are free from the stares of the employees and customers. “I can take care of myself Zayn. I don’t need you always throwing your money around for me. I make my own.” “That doesn’t mean you have to spend it. How do you think it makes me look when everyone knows I have money yet you’re the one paying for things?” “I don’t think it makes you look any way. Zayn, this stuff is for my flat, the place that I live in, therefore I should be the one paying for it.” “Why do you have to be so stubborn?” He spits. “I could ask you the same thing,” you counter, unlocking your car door and opening the hatch to put your purchases in the back. He walks over to the passenger side, ignoring the help he could be giving you, slamming the car door shut once he’s in. You know it is out of love that he acts like this. He only wants to take care of you. But when will he learn that you are fully capable of doing things on your own? 


I may have gotten super inspired after talking with more-aoe about her wonderfully done Asian Inquisitor, Aeveth, and proceeded to make my own after finishing my math homework instead of sleeping.

So, meet Lillian Trevelyan, based off of… well, me. I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out, but I’m still really proud of her. I might go back and remake her, to change a few more things. We’ll see.