going and propositioning the whole of japan

anonymous asked:

Can we ask for Extra Game stuff? If so, how about Nash and Silver trying to flirt with a foreign girl in Japan, only for her to be totally disgusted with what they said about Japenese basketball and so they get totally rejected >D


Nash Gold Jr.: Even if you hadn’t heard the negative things Nash had said about Japanese basketball as a whole, his tactics were crude and his general facade extremely unattractive. You don’t see what a single person could appreciate about him, and as such, are quick to turn him down when he propositions you. When you go to leave you’re sure to run into him, not moving out of his way to show your strong opposition to men like him as a whole. 

Jason Silver: You cringe at his crude comments, refusing to look him in the eye as you wish that another person would come along and steal away his attention. When he gets a little too close you ball up your fist and strike back, knowing that with such a strong body there was only one part of this man that was susceptible to your punch. He grabs his crotch and staggers back, with you kicking him in the knee one last time before turning tail and continuing about your day.