going all the way back to the time war

The Signs and Revenge

**Check moon, mars and lilith signs**

Aries: If you irk an Aries, their reaction will be instant. They’re not really the type to take time and plan out revenge on someone who hurt them, because everything they do is with impulse, not to mention they get over things very quickly. If they were to get revenge on someone, it wouldn’t be the strategic kind. They are known for their explosive temperaments and will not care about blowing up on someone in the middle of a crowded room. Whatever they wind up doing, they do it immediately and openly. For them, revenge is instant and they’re not the type to sit and ponder over things. It may not even count as revenge for them because they’re over things so quickly and can never really stay mad. You can probably expect days of them not talking to you but then they’ll pretty much forget it ever happened. They’re basically the definition of zero to one hundred and then right back down again. They’re very much like flash fire and you really don’t want to piss them off because their anger can be nasty, no matter how long it lasts.

Taurus: Unlike an Aries, a Taurus will carefully plan out their revenge and will take as much time as they need to ponder and then strike when they think the time is most right. Taureans are naturally loyal to the core and they care for their loved ones deeply; but the second you happen to hurt them in a way they can’t forgive, you better watch out. Taurus is a sign that never truly lets go of things until they get the person back. It takes a lot to get them angry but they can be just as vicious as a fire sign when fired up. They will often strike you where they know it hurts the most, too. They will take you to war whenever they feel the time is right and they’re not afraid to get quite vicious and cruel. For them, it’s all about not being able to let go of things. They can be just as unpredictable as a Gemini, they just take their time to strike until they’re happy with their plans. They will strike where it hurts the most and they’re definitely not a sign you want to piss off, especially because they make such great, loyal friends; but if you do them wrong once, you’re most likely done for. They don’t have time for peoples crap.

Gemini: Gemini’s are certainly the most unpredictable sign, especially when it comes to revenge. They are normally very forgiving, laid back and aloof people but it really just depends on the situation and person. Gemini’s are unpredictable in the sense that they’ll do whatever it is they want to do; and by that I mean they may get revenge or they may not. It’s all up to how they feel. This witty sign will always give you mixed signals and you will never know what is truly going on in their head. They will behave as if nothing has happened but don’t be fooled by their cool expression. Most times they will plan their revenge and then change their minds at the last minute. Remember that the Gemini’s mind is often their greatest weapon; they will always have more information on you than you may realize and they can often use this information against you as their revenge. They really are the most unpredictable sign and they’re always, always prepared. They may not be bothered by what you did in the moment and it may take months for them to react on it. It really just comes down to how their mind is working that particular day and what twin comes out to play; the more forgiving and laid back twin or the vicious one who always is prepared with information to use against you. 

Cancer: If there’s any sign who knows how to properly hold a grudge, it’s definitely cancer. They’re the kings/queens of getting revenge on people who do them wrong. They will simply set out to make the persons life miserable in any way they can, especially when it’s someone they deeply cared for in their life who happened to hurt them. Ruled by the moon, their mood swings can change in the blink of an eye and so will their revenge plans. Their once loving and nurturing nature can change drastically once you hurt them. As much as they can love someone beautifully, their revenge and personality can be just as equally ruthless towards someone who wronged them. They’ll simply feel no remorse for their actions and wont get over the situation until their revenge is carried out. They will do it in the most simple, yet hurtful way possible and will turn sour and spiteful. Never ever harm these peoples loved ones or them because it will definitely take a turn for the worst.

Leo: Like cancers, the proud and egotistical leo will hold grudges just for the hell of it. Because they’re a fire sign who mainly relies and acts on impulse, don’t expect to them sit and ponder on ideas to seek out revenge; they will act on their hurt right then and there on when it happens and they’ll most likely let everyone know about it. They’re incredibly loyal people who love deeply and most times, they will end up forgiving you for what you’ve done but it really depends on who you are. They are very proud beings who tend to ignore you out of revenge instead of discussing what happened. They can be very dramatic in the sense that they will do things to piss you off on purpose while still being able to ignore you. Since their ego is bruised so easily, they will never show their pain and normally they will withdraw to think of it on their own. Depending on who you are, they will most likely forgive after a while and they may not directly approach the situation but they’ll gradually make their way back into your life. The culprit may beg them for forgiveness but it’s all up to the leo to decide whether or not they want to trust the person again.

Virgo: Virgos can actually be quite ridiculously vengeful and stubborn when someone has wronged them. They can have a very huge God complex about themselves and your best bet would be to apologize in the sense where you tell them they’re always right. They can be very finicky and they may not take revenge immediately but there’s no doubt that they will avenge their wrong. They’re definitely a sign that never forgets and they will grow vengeful and cold towards a person who did them wrong. They will make you feel so pathetic about yourself because of what you’ve done and they’ll become insanely critical. Their revenge is never a dramatic show, it’s quite simple but they make sure it hits the person in the deepest spot. They can manipulate the person in such a way to get them to beg for forgiveness, as this sign loves to feel in control of others. Their tactics are more verbal than physical but their words cut deeper than wounds and will leave a person regretting it every day.

Libra: Libra’s are normally seen as just and haters of conflict but once it comes to someone wronging them, they can actually take lots of joy in creating drama. They’re not angered easily and it will take a lot for you to get on their bad side but if you hurt them in such a way where they’ve been humiliated in front of others, they’ll most likely not ignore it. Their anger is not something that is acted out like a fire sign, their anger is actually quite controlled and never really harsh. If you hurt a Libra, they usually take revenge by bitching about the situation and spreading rumors. The thing with Libra’s is that you will never truly know they are hurt. They like to make it look like they’re chill about it but they will waste no time in making the situation known to their friends/peers. They may also stick around by you, but your trust will never be 100% with them again, even if they make it seem like it. 

Scorpio: If you ever wrong a scorpio, your best bet is to honestly change countries or go into hiding. They will go years and years without forgiving, at that. They will seriously make you wish you were never born and they will go to utterly ruthless ends to make your life miserable. Scorpio is a sign that has a hard time forgiving in general and their reaction to any kind of wronging thrown at them can be quite venomous and cold. They are incredibly loyal and who knows why someone would ever choose to wrong them and they are incredibly aware of this. They will grow strongly vindictive and will make you regret it every day of your life without ever forgiving you, therefore making it endless torture. They very much enjoy watching the person beg and surrender to them, as like Virgo, they love to feel in control of people, and yet they’ll never accept it. Scorpios love to believe that they’re secret agents of karma and they very much believe in hitting back ten times harder to someone who as wronged them. Their sting is worse than their bite and their wicked emotions are very much driven by their dark side, which is a side you never want to be the victim of.

Sagittarius: These natives are usually a very happy-go-lucky sign who never takes things too personally. If you do somehow find a way to hurt these individuals, their reaction will most likely be on the spot and impulsive, but never with too much bloodshed. Since they are a fire sign, their emotions are like wild fires and hurting them in any which way can push them to release the madness within, but it never truly lasts. This sign is truly all about forgiveness and moving on and they don’t have the time of day to dwell on things. They’re all about second chances but they will tend to be very cautious of you for a while until your trust is fully gained again. These individuals can be very stubborn and set in their ways and they can become very verbal and loud in their reactions and may feel more superior than the other as if they never do any wronging’s. They have an uncanny ability to see two sides of an argument and they will debate until the other gives up. Don’t expect mercy right away with these folks, but they’re never ones to hold a grudge or put sequels to revenge. 

Capricorn: Capricorns are naturally very proud people who are not afraid to get vengeful when someone has wronged them. Forgiving easily with such things is not typically in their nature and when it comes to plotting revenge, they do so in a very methodical way with as little emotion involved as possible. They are naturally very clear-minded and focused when pondering ideas and they will go to great lengths in thinking something up. They have undying loyalty for the important people in their life and if someone has ever wronged them, you can expect them to be quite brutal. They will take complete separation from you in order to feel the pain out, and because of their pride, they will never show you their pain when it comes time for them to seek revenge. They will do it as unemotional as possible and they will completely drop you from their life. Their revenge is a one time thing and they will leave the person regretting. It is very unlikely that they will forgive you, especially if you were so close to them, but if you mattered a great deal to them, they may just change their mind at the last minute.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a fixed side, who is very set in their ways and stubborn, so don’t expect them to see your side easily or forgive. Although they are not so much in a hurry to take their revenge, they will definitely cut you off completely, even if they somehow wind up forgiving you. Aquarius is a very detached sign by nature and they will most likely tell themselves they do not care about what happened, even if they know it deeply wounded them. They’re not ones to take peoples crap easily and they will carry the hate against the person who has wronged them for as long as they wish. Aquarian’s are not the most rational out of the signs and if they decide that their intuition is telling them to run, they’ll do just that. But, if you are lucky, and the Aquarian’s intuition tells them that forgiving is better for their soul, then you may just get lucky, even if it takes time for them to fully feel the same around you. Like Gemini’s, it really just comes down to what feels better for them, personally. 

Pisces: This whimsical sign may not always seem like a threat, but once you have securely gotten on their bad side, they can have a whole other wicked side to them. They are a dual water sign, who happens to be one of the most sensitive out of all the signs, and because of that, they can become quite vengeful. They’re very easily offended and hurt but they will never show it. Even though they don’t show it easily, on the inside they could be finding ways to pretty much plot your death. Because they’re a dual sign, they can be very indecisive on what fish they let come out to play. They’re naturally a very compassionate sign who may feel like they’re as equally bad a person if they wrong the person back, and they may just end up forgiving the person without taking much revenge. But, like Aquarius, they depend heavily on intuition, and if they feel like a person is giving them bad vibes, they will waste no time in dropping you completely before there even has to be conflict. On the other hand, if the more wicked side of a pisces comes out, they will not be so forgiving. They can give into their dark side very easily and they will think of any which way to get their revenge on you. But, if they have any sort of soft spot for you, they may just change their minds at the last minute.


There’s nothing childish about caring.

Oh, it’s not your job? It is now.

This is a long story.

Intro and Backstory

My dad was a mechanic for 20+ years, and for as long as I can remember, I drove him nuts because I would go around the house with a screw driver he left out and take everything apart because I wanted to see how it work. As I grew older I developed an affinity towards computers and electronics, which led me to be “that kid” in High School who changed his grades, crashed the school districts servers, and used the NETSEND command with great success. I would spend my weekends either with my grandparents and uncle working on science projects or dragging my dad outside to help me fix my car (which consisted of him telling me that he would help once I got it taken apart). Those “figure it out” lessons were the probably the greatest gift he could’ve given me growing up.

I joined the US Army in 2004 and went into communications or “commo” for short (25U) where I managed to go from PVT (E1) when I joined to SGT (E5) by the time I returned from my deployment in 2006. After returning home, I was subsequently transferred from a Light Infantry Unit (walking everywhere) to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (Riding in an armored vehicle everywhere) and placed in charge of the Battalion Commo Shop as the current person running the commo shop was scheduled to retire in a few months and I was the only other NCO. This is where things got interesting and my Commo vs. Mechanics ProRevenge story starts…

Commo vs. Mechanics

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Talon: Clawing to the Top

Alright, everyone, craziness went down today, but one of the things I’m most HYPED about is the confirmation that Talon is run by a council of leaders.

Most importantly, these leaders disagree with each other.

This is a big deal.  We know so little about Talon’s structure that it’s great to finally get some news on the internal hierarchy of the organization.  Some of the things I’ve pulled together are statements or implications made by Blizzard, some of it is just putting the pieces together, and a lot of it is pure speculation.  I’ll try to keep it clear what’s what.

To start off with, I’m going to be dropping my main hypothesis:

[Main Hypothesis]: the “global conflict” that Doomfist’s faction within Talon has been trying to spread is the Second Omnic Crisis.

[Subset Hypothesis]: the group within Talon that is trying to prevent this is none other than Sombra and Reaper.

As a sort of guide, when I say [Factual Lore] these are things you can double-check in Overwatch dev interviews, Chu’s GDC talk, heroes’ biographies, etc.  When I say [Implications], I’m talking about trying to read in between the lines, to assess what certain things are trying to hint at or indicate.  When I say [Hypothesis] I’m just speculating and constructing a discussion point.

We’re gonna go way, way far back, all the way to the beginning:

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Types of Naruto Fanfiction Tropes I Remember Over the Years
  • sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are on their way to train and they overhear all of their teammates calling them weak so they decide to get permission from tsunade to leave and train then they come back super boss level. sometimes comes back with kids and its obvious to tell who’s the dads but said dads are oblivious af to the fact
  • same as the above but the girls become rogue nin and somehow join the akatsuki and fall in love with whichever akatsuki member is in charge of their training
  • same as the above but this time its just sakura and hinata
  • sasuke and karin come back to konoha and someway, somehow, karin turns the entire village against sakura, including fucking tsunade [save for maybe one person that in all honesty sakura isn’t even close to, ex. shikamaru but according to sakura they’re just like siblings] so sakura decides to runaway and she joins the akatsuki who all love her because she’s been through so much and meanwhile in konoha everyone is shocked and hurt sakura left them and decide they must bring her back at all cost
  • same as the above but everyone still thinks sakura is weak etc and don’t want to save her but tsunade realized the error of her ways and makes everyone find her anyway
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are the least popular girls at school who constantly get bullied [maybe temari is included, but usually just those four]. sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are the most popular dudes in school with a shit ton of crazy fangirls. sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten all decide to stick up to the boys who are also bullies who in turn put all their bullying efforts onto the girls. but guess what, kakashi-sensei who is that teacher who’s always late af to his job/class is doing a group assignment AND GUESS WHO’S CONVENIENTLY PAIRED UP???
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are all skater girls with no interest in dudes but new cute guys sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji fall head over heels in love at first sight but the girls are like buzz off.
  • did i mention that in all of these high school aus with sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten for some unexplainable reason they all live in this big house/apartment with each other
  • high school au where sakura is the only one being bullied and is for whatever reason the most hated and bullied girl in the entire school and the most popular [usually ino, sasuke, naruto, etc] decide to devise a plot where either naruto or sasuke trick sakura into falling in love with the respective guy then break her heart but they end up falling in love with her for real. sakura typically comes from a poor/troubled home that makes nards or sauce feel super bad
  • high school au where sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but finds solace and friendship by somehow befriending the most notorius kids in school that everyone calls the Akatsuki
  • sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but instead of the akatsuki thing, she actually has a nighttime persona and ironically enough that nighttime persona is super popular and loved by her peers and one of those peers, usually sasuke, falls for the persona and attempts to woo her whilst also being captivated by sakura whom he is annoyed by but also kind of is intrigued by
  • sakura isn’t being bullied but doesn’t stand out but she finds a new hobby in dancing or fashion or smth and the ppl who got her into it is the akatsuki
  • sakura is some kind of jinchuuriki like naruto like a ten-tailed wolf or smth and has been hated by the entire village her entire life save for best friend hinata. isn’t a sasuke fangirl but after being placed onto team 7 there is a love triangle. sometimes a love square if sai is thrown in as a first time ever 4 man squad thing is added
  •  sakura is chosen to be apart of an interrogation thing where she’s the medic for this particular person who turns out to be apart of the akatsuki but through their constant meetings and healing sessions, sakura falls in love with the person and they fall for her and share some passionate kiss and sakura typically helps this guy escape
  • tsunade has sakura to do an infiltration mission where she literally has to be arrested for some crime, escape authorities, and become a rogue ninja and join the akatasuki whilst somehow getting info about the akatsuki back to konoha. she typically falls in love with whoever she’s partnered with
  • the akatasuki actually need a medic nin to heal itachi’s eyes, so they decide to kidnap tsunade’s apprentice and force her to heal them and keep her forever. sakura typically either falls in love with itachi or with a diff member.
  • usually these above akatsuki fics have two ways of being handled: the characters are all p in character for what we’ve seen on screen or what is usually done– sakura sees the akatsuki as a bunch of goofballs that are actually nice af and konan is like a mother figure
  • sakura finds a box of cats outside her house and decides to take them in. these cats are usually the akatsuki
  • ‘The Future of Mrs Sakura ____’ au where every sakura ship is explored as this fortune teller person shows sakura her various futures with different guys and girls she could be married too. usually these fics are forever incomplete
  • sasuke is back in the village and is super flirtatious with sakura but sakura isn’t looking for love but finds it with someone else who isn’t sasuke. typically neji and sakura and neji support naruhina by being like chaperones on their dates cuz hiashi said thats the only way naruto and hinata can start courting each other
  • sasuke is back in the village, but this time sakura, hinata, ino, tenten, and typically temari shows up too, are all tired of their love lives/crushes so the girls decide to all date someone else. this is either super good or meh. best one i’ve ever read is Three Months y’all should read it, its 50 chapters long but bawse af
  • sakura goes back in time to prevent obito from dying and to save the future because the war is going shit and they’re side is losing. but sakura somehow falls for minato. she either knows who he is and is trying to get him to hook up with kushina but her arrival to the past fucked shit up so he isn’t into kushina anymore or kushina dumped him. or, sakura doesn’t know who minato is and they have a lot of sexual tension going on. naruto is usually brought up a lot of times and minato has this huge sense of jealousy and dislike of this naruto guy, which is amusing to the reader because we know that naruto is his son
  • another time travel fic but sakura has been chosen by some celestial being to change the past of someone who she subsequently falls in love with. like this fic Lost Year where she was trying to prevent Sasori from joining akatsuki it was p cute actually
  • modern rivalry au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are in a band and sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are in a band
  • sakura, hinata, ino, or tenten wake up in the future where they are married to naruto usually and they have kids and everyone’s an adult.
  • after some incident between suna and konoha, temari is used as a peace offering for an arranged marriage. usually with either naruto or shikamaru
  • canon divergence where after the failed sasuke retrieval thing went down and kakashi was on his way to taking naruto back to konoha, they stumble upon tayuya who miraculously survived the attack and is taken back to konoha and she falls in love with naruto and vice versa. or maybe shikamaru
  • canon divergence where orochimaru took naruto under his wing by ‘saving’ him from his cruel fellow villagers and raising him in oto. naruto is good friends with the sound ninja 4/5 but he goes back to konoha for a spy mission. either falls for kin, tayuya, hinata, or sakura
  • canon divergence au where sakura’s parents died when she was young and was taken in by the akatsuki because konan’s motherly instincts kicked in and she convinced pein [the orange haired yahiko version b4 nagato’s big reveal] to let them keep her. usually titled smth like the akatsuki’s hime/princess/cherry/etc. she goes back to konoha for an infiltration mission if its planned for her to fall for sasuke, naruto, or neji instead of the usual akatsuki members if they just view her as their cute daughter/niece/sister
  • same as the above but it was hinata instead and the hyuga clan was wiped out by the akatsuki but konan couldn’t bring herself to kill this one baby that was in the arms of a dying woman
  • canon divergence where sakura is taken under orochimaru’s wing as a kid and goes back to konoha
  • sakura catches the attention of tobi who likes her a lot and they sneak around to meet and this way before it was confirmed tobi was obito or madara so there was like a shit ton of speculation
  • canon divergence where naruto was the one who saved karin from… wth was it a bear?? but that was before karin was revealed to be naruto’s cousin so after the reveal a lot of those fics were either deleted or forever incomplete

did i leave anything out? anyone else remember these tropes??


Ladies of Star Wars Appreciation Week
Day 2
- Favourite Cast Member - Daisy Ridley

It’s definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been for an audition. And I was there an hour early, so I went to, like, sit in a coffee shop, and then I still got there half an hour early. I mean, I must have gone for a wee a million times. Then I’m pretty sure they told me to go away and come back, and I was like, Oh god! Just really nervous. It felt like a huge deal. And it’s funny, because Star Wars was not that huge in my life [growing up] at all. The whole way through, even though I was riddled with doubts and I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job in the auditions, I’d had this feeling that something was going to happen from it. So it’s that weird thing of both being driven on by something and being terrified by what that might mean.

… Wounded hearts, broken hearts–darling believe me, it’s all the same to me. It’s just proof that I’ve tried my best to live the way I’ve always wanted to, and that I’ve lived and loved in a way that deserves a happy ending. I’ve given my all and left it all out there, in all manner of misguided hopes and sincere, ignorant dreams. Not once have I told you a lie, nor denied you my very best. So go. Go ahead. Leave or stay, it won’t make much of a difference. If I were a war veteran and you quantified my heart’s pain in battle scars, I’d be missing half a face, a couple of limbs and be in a catatonic state. What’s one more ugly scar? I’ve been through hell time and again, and I’ve come back every time. I’m a survivor, you see. My heart is broken, but I’ll survive you too. I just dearly wish I wouldn’t have to.
—  highfalutinman - Excerpts From a Letter in Invisible Ink
The Signs and Revenge

**Check moon, mars and lilith signs**

Aries: If you irk an Aries, their reaction will be instant. They’re not really the type to take time and plan out revenge on someone who hurt them, because everything they do is with impulse, not to mention they get over things very quickly. If they were to get revenge on someone, it wouldn’t be the strategic kind. They are known for their explosive temperaments and will not care about blowing up on someone in the middle of a crowded room. Whatever 

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a spin-off story about the rubies that almost mimics the buildup of early SU itself, with leggy as the relatable protag ruby who was literally just assigned to the crew after she emerged so she knows next to nothing about being a gem and homeworld culture, and her crew is her loving pseudo-family that wants to teach her everything as they go on minor missions to other colonies together, bond, and grow as characters

slowly throughout the first season we learn small details about gem history, and at the very least that eyeball fought in a war and that she’s the oldest, and that it changed a lot of things on homeworld

but then mid-season, an entirely new conflict is introduced (think like the time peridot was introduced into s1), the rubies are on their way back from a low-key mission, when a call from the DIRECT diamond line comes in! 

all the rubies kneel and salute yellow diamond in fear, and she orders them, as the ship closest to the area at the time, to go and pick up a famous jasper whose ship went down while on a recon mission to earth.

eyeball freaks out, babbling about how jasper was a legendary soldier that was born on earth, and that she was a symbol of perseverance for all the gems that survived the war

this is the first time leggy has ever been to a non-gem controlled planet, especially one that could have possibly hostile gems living there! while trying to land, their ship is violently smacked into the ground! they have no choice but to get out and search on foot

and then they realize they’re not alone

One-drink Shiro is cute and flushed and fun. He laughs a lot and tells jokes and smiles more easily than they’d ever seen him. He can easily be talked into dancing, although he’s still a little shy about it and keeps his eyes on his feet. He’s good at making friends one drink in, and if they’re in public will happily chat up any friendly-looking biped he sees.

Two-drink Shiro is loud. He isn’t entirely aware of how loud he can be, but his voice just naturally rises in volume once he’s at that point. He talks loud and he laughs loud and he will happily, loudly proclaim how much he loves his Paladins. The Paladins will giggle and hush him, and he’ll be quiet for about a minute before rising in volume again.

Three-drink Shiro is, admittedly, a bit of a slut. He’ll flirt back with Lance until Lance has to go sit down somewhere, because Shiro is upsettingly good at flirting. He’ll flirt with Allura if she’s around, and she’s almost always game to flirt back and tease him about it later. She’s shockingly good at flirting, and the other Paladins have sat there before in stunned silence while she slowly, methodically reduces Shiro to a blushing mess before leaving to go attend to Princess-y duties.

Four-drink Shiro is a sap. He’ll still proclaim how he loves his Paladins, but he’s quieter and he waxes poetic about all their fantastic qualities, how he’s so proud of them, how he’s so grateful that he has them around him. He’ll pull them into hugs and plant kisses on their heads and assure them that he’ll go to the ends of the Universe for them, that he’ll get them home no matter what.

Five-drink Shiro is closer to passing out and closer to his Lion. He still loves on his Paladins, but in different ways— he’s less verbal. Instead, he rubs his face against their hair, and he’ll somehow manage to purr. He’s more physical with them. If one of them wanders off, he has no qualms against grabbing them by the collar and yanking them close. He gets fiercely protective, and has been known to growl if Keith and Lance get in a spat.

Six-drink Shiro is sad. He’s usually barely conscious at this point, and he gets quiet and weepy. He won’t cry, but he’ll apologize profusely, grabbing for the other Paladins and slurring and telling them that he’s sorry, he’s sorry, he’s so fucking sorry that he took them all the way out here. He’s sorry that they miss home. He’s sorry that they’re in a war, that they’re far too young to be in a war. He tells them he’d go back to the Galra a million times over if it would keep them safe. He tries to apologize to Pidge for what happened to her family (his fault), but Hunk will never let him.

Shiro doesn’t try to get drunk often. But it’s an unfortunate reality of their situation that alien alcohol doesn’t have exact translations for human dosages, and a significant amount of alien races involve alcohol as part of their diplomacy rituals. So he does his best to limit himself, and when he accidentally has a bit too much, the Paladins are always there— joking, and teasing him, but giving him water and getting him into bed and making sure that he’s safe and comfortable and warm. And even if he is a little obnoxious when he’s drunk, at the end of the day they still love him.

Dead Men Look Better

Running Star Wars d20, and I’m having my players escape from a pirate lord, during which time I throw a recurring deadly Droid at them several times. (A reflavored phase 1 dark trooper). When going to deactivate the Hyper drive, they “befriend” an engineer. All other players were downed except for one, so he and the engineer make their way to the hangar. Player goes to grab launch codes, and on his way back to the ship, finds the engineer being impaled by the Droid.

Player: “How’s he looking?” (In reference to the engineer)
Me: “He’s looking better than when you last saw him.” (Thinking he was referring to the droid).
Player: “Wait. The engineer is looking BETTER having been impaled?”
Laughter ensued.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any head canons about permanent injuries the batkids would have?

Why yes! As a matter of fact, I do.

  • Jason lost a kidney during his Robin years. It wasn’t a huge deal, because you only need one, but here’s the interesting bit– the Lazarus Pit may or may not have grown the second one back. He honestly doesn’t know. The possibility didn’t occur to him until years after his resurrection, and then he just… decided not to check. It’s more fun that way, apparently.
  • Stephanie wears wrist braces whenever she can get away with it, especially when she’s typing. Her nerves are damaged from the time Black Mask chained her up and tortured her (War Games), so she has trouble with delicate movement. Sometimes her fingers go numb. 
  • Bruce has been pieced back together so many times that he gets stopped at metal detectors– too much bone fracture repair. He has plates all over, but the most prominent metalwork is a screw sticking out of his elbow. He tells people that he broke it in a car crash. He’s lying.
  • Cass has scars everywhere, but the most noticeable is a bullet hole in her calf. She’s missing a chunk of the muscle, so she has to hide it in public. (That’s incidentally the reason full length dresses made a comeback in Gotham fashion). One of her fingers is crooked from a badly healed break.
  • Tim gets chronic headaches. He’s not sure if it’s a physical injury or a stress symptom, but either way, it hurts a lot. He does a lot of his work in the dark– just the computer screens– because bright light makes it worse.
  • Dick’s shoulder has been hurting him since his first year on the job, so long that he doesn’t really notice the pain anymore. It’s the worst in the morning, when he first starts moving. Getting up gets hard.
  • Damian gets phantom pains in his chest. He knows it’s a psychological thing– from getting impaled and dying– but it makes it hard to breathe sometimes, especially when he’s trying to sleep. He gets up and wanders around the house whenever it happens. 
those two little words

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Prompt: “45!! with Tom Holland :)” #45 off of this prompt list is “Make me.”

Requested by: Anonymous 

Warnings: nothing really, kissing (?)

Word count: 2,493

Notes: Guys! I have a bunch of requests sent in, but it’ll take a while for me to get to them! So if you want to find it once it’s posted I recommend not sending it on anon! Also, it really helps if you specify what character you want the fic written about! Thanks!!

(Y/c/n) = Your character’s name.

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Uma X Harry Headcannons

I’m new to the descendants fandom so bare with me, I really hope these don’t suck. I haven’t read the books or anything but I just really love these two together. Enjoy.


~They have a mutual understanding about their relationship. No strings whatsoever.  If they’re are strings, there are feelings and feelings equate to weakness. Neither of them can afford to be weak, especially on the Isle.

~The physical side of their relationship didn’t start until after the core four left. Mainly because the two were so wrapped up in Mal and all her glory to notice the potential they had. Mal and Uma had a complicated relationship, they were either scheming together or waging war against each other. There was no in between. A relationship like that kept Uma on edge, she didn’t have as much influence as the other VK, nor did her name strike fear into others the way Mal’s did. So she spent the majority of her time watching her back or making sure Mal watched hers. And Harry, he and Mal were known to have a bit of a thing going on, nothing serous but it was enough keep him up at night with thoughts of her.

~They constantly teased each other over their relationships with Mal, well, before she left them.

     “ Ay Shrimpy- I mean Captain, working on another failed attempt at undermining Mal." 

                                   "You’re hilarious hook, really, I’m dying of laughter.  But shouldn’t you be somewhere kissing her ass right about now.”

~When Mal announced she wanted to be good on live TV, it was the ultimate betrayal. Uma didn’t speak to anyone for weeks and after that incident no one but her crew is allowed to mention that traitor’s name around her. Unless they’re bad mouthing her.

~Unlike the majority of the people on the Isle, Harry wasn’t that surprised when it happened. He knew Mal after all, he knew that she longed to be accepted and loved by those around her without having to watch her back 24/7. He knew she wasn’t all bad, no matter how much she pretended to be. He wasn’t shocked, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt him. He'd never admit it though.

~The first time they hooked up, it was during the citizenship ceremony. A day where the former villain kids would finally become official productive members of the Auradon society. Mal couldn’t stomach it so she left her mom’s shop and looked for solitude. Instead she found Harry on the black sands of the Isle, looking out onto the untouchable ocean. She didn’t say anything as she sat beside him, for a while the only thing they did was wallow in their own misery. They’ve must’ve been there a whole hour before Harry spoke up. Said something stupid that Uma can’t really remember. She didn’t let him finish before she smashed her lips into his. He didn’t pull away, just kissed her back, harder, faster, needier.  They both needed this, they needed to numb themselves.

~Sometimes, in the mornings, whoever wakes up first likes to watch over the other. They enjoy the feeling of seeing the other so peaceful, so free of the problems this cruel world has forced upon them.  It puts them at ease. They both never get caught, they’re too sneaky to get caught.

~Harry likes to call Uma love when they’re alone, or with just Gil who’s usually to spaced out to notice. He doesn’t use the nickname in public, he knows better but he doesn’t hesitate to use it when they’re alone. She never reacts but she likes the way it rolls of his tongue.

~Uma taught Harry how to swim. It was a nice experience, one of the purest memories either of them had. The lesson only lasted an hour and a half before things got a little too feely for both of them. It came to close to date material, they never mention it. But to this day, whenever Harry looks out onto the water he can’t help but to think of her.

~Harry’s the only one whose seen Uma without her braids. Sure it was an accident, he wasn’t even supposed to be on their ship in the first place but he needed to get away from the Jolly Roger for awhile. He didn’t know Uma would be there, in the middle of the night, delicately undoing each and every braid.  He watched from a crack in the doorway that lead to the captain’s quarters. Her real hair was a big array of  aqua and black curls, long and beautiful. He had never seen her look so beautiful. The first urge he had was to walk in and stroke each and every strand. To kiss her shoulders and do things that he shouldn’t do when they were, y'know, doing that.  Because if he did those things, this time would mean more than the others. They’d both be vulnerable, in more ways than one and that was something he couldn’t afford to be. So he turned his back and made his way to the black sands, hoping to escape his thoughts of the sea witch. He didn’t succeed.

~Uma is the only one who can read him. The majority of people on the island think its impossible and they’re wrong. He’s just not easy to figure out. To the outside world he’s either as cold as ice, or completely and utterly insane. But she knows of the mask he wears, whenever he feels too much, he’s stone. But he can’t hide the emotions that run wild in his eyes. And when he’s feeling nothing, you’ll see his wicked grin and unprecedented outbursts. His small attempt at forcing himself to feel something, anything. And his eyes, behind the constant eyebrow movements, are dead. She knows this and she’s completely aware of how when they’re alone, his face is like hard. Almost like a statue . She knows he feels things for her, but she’d never hold it against him. She could never do that, she would never want to either. Uma couldn’t hurt him because deep down she knows, she has feelings for him too. He’s not the only one wearing a mask.

~Over the course of their relationship they’ve grown a deep respect and mutual understanding for each other. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH LOVE! It’ll never be that…..

Beginnings Must Be Clean: Why KOTOR’s Darkside Ending Is Most In Line With The Philosophy Of Star Wars

So, right off the bat, let’s establish something: I am not nor will I ever claim that the darkside playthrough is the morally correct choice. Darth Revan is a violent dictator. The darkside ending is evil, unequivocally, full stop. This is NOT a post going “Revan is just misunderstood!!! The Jedi are the REAL bad guys!!!edgy!”

I never said that the darkside decisions were right, better, or morally defensible. I said the darkside ending, the story told by the darkside ending, is infinitely more thematically consistent. 

Why is this? Well, let’s take a look at what are, in my opinion, the three major recurring themes in all Star Wars media. (Note: “Good vs Evil” is not going to count here; I’m talking about the major themes used to ILLUSTRATE the major, overarching premise of the battle between good and evil.) So what are those themes?

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Wrapped Around; pt.7

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 13k words

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Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut | Warnings: Anxiety, a lot of sad talk ):

A/N: wew a super late update haha thanks for being patient ya cuties. team tae i know you’ve been waiting!! anyway, it’s a pretty heavy chapter emotions-wise and I hope that y’all wont be too put off by it /: 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


Looks like you were going to have to look for another cuddle partner when you get back on campus and you had just the right person in mind…

A certain Kim Taehyung perhaps?

Jimin doesn’t understand why every time he thinks he’s getting somewhere with you, life throws him a curveball. It frustrates him, infuriates him to his core, and he wonders how people do this, fall in and out of numerous relationships all the time. The chase alone was tiring him out but his heart yearns for you, aches for you… despite the numerous times his head tells him this was all just too much work.

He sits in the movie theatre alone, watching the show he had planned to watch with you, his phone in his hand as he awaits your reply. At the very least, you’re answering his texts now, telling him about how you’ve been going out to meet all your friends and he finds himself wondering if you had an equivalent to Mina waiting for you back home. He shudders at the thought of having another boy aside from Taehyung to worry about.

Jimin lets out a sigh as he watches a string of messages come in. Every attempt Jimin made at trying to explain himself, or clearly define what the both of you are or where any of this is heading, is completely brushed away by you. You would skip the message completely, choosing instead to start a new topic of conversation. Jimin tried numerous times to steer the conversation back to something along the lines of ’so, what exactly are we?’ but after the 4th diversion, he admits defeat. The very fact that you’re talking to him at all is something he’s thankful for after all the radio silence he had experienced the previous week.

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Ike/Camilla C-S Support

Written by @tct-psychoticnekomata


Camilla: Oh, Ike dear~

Ike: Princess Camilla, right? I heard you managed to make a comeback against Lady Lyn. Well played.

Camilla: No need to call me princess. A Hero such as you is well past formality. Besides, that was all just a matter of luck, really. Honestly, I thought I’d lose most of the way through. I do hope the poor dear isn’t beating herself up over that last mistake.

Ike: On the contrary. I got a chance to talk with her. She intends to learn from it and better herself for it. She holds no grudge against you, by the way.

Camilla: Ufufu. There’s no need to worry about me, darling. I can handle more then my fair share of grudges. That being said, you won’t hold back against me now, will you?

Ike: Absolutely not. And you better not hold back either. I want to test my skills against you properly.

Camilla: I’m glad we’re on the same page. May the best fighter win~

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank C.]


Camilla: This feeling certainly is familiar.

Ike: I don’t intend to slip up like Lady Lyn did though.

Camilla: Oh, I don’t think you do. But keep on your guard now. I did promise not to hold back~.

Ike: Hyah!

Camilla: Umf! … That’s another victory for you then. You really are the fighter they say and more, Ike. Sparing with you has been nothing but delightful.

Ike: The same goes with you. I’m always glad to find another partner to test my steel against. I’ll be quite honest as well… I was hoping you would be as powerful as I’d heard.

Camilla: Oh?

Ike: I’ve heard some of the soldiers about speaking rather nasty rumors about you. I don’t care for gossip, but the things said have been nothing but slander. Of course I questioned (y/n) about it and (s)he was furious, but I wanted to see for myself just how capable you are.

Camilla: Awwww, that’s so sweet~ Truthfully, I know there are many who are jealous of me. Some envy my position, some my strength… some even envy other more carnal assets of mine. I notice you haven’t once made comment on them. You’re such a gentleman.

Ike: Even if were I inclined to look down, Titania would have my head in a vice.

Camilla: She sounds like a good mother to have.

Ike: Well… she is like a mother, yes. My actual mother died while I was still young, so she’s the closest I’ve had.

Camilla: Oh…. I’m sorry, Ike. I promise my intent wasn’t to-

Ike: I know. I’ve come to term with both my father’s and mother’s passing. Besides, this isn’t about me. I’m more worried for you, what with all this cowardice about.

Camilla: Well, you are just darling, Ike. But as I said before… I can handle grudges. And the rumor-mongering going on here is absolutely comedic when compared to what I faced before.

Ike: What you faced before?

Camilla: It’s… a long story. I’ll tell you after our next fight. Consider it your reward if you can beat me~

Ike: Heh… I admire your confidence. Alright then.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank B.]


Camilla: Well fought again… Once more, I’m soundly beat.

Ike: Not quite soundly. I was losing a lot of ground there.

Camilla: Well I still lost regardless. But it was still fun, I assure you.

Ike: You seem happier after last time.

Camilla: Mmmnh… I still owe you that explanation, don’t I?

Ike: Only because I won.

Camilla: Very well. The envy and slander that comes my way from these soldiers is nothing new to me. But it’s easier to handle because these are nobodies, worthless infantile miscreants I can forget about when I go home. When I was younger, though, that was my life… and it came from within my family.

Ike: Your own family tormented you?

Camilla: My father, the King of Nohr, had many concubines. My own mother was just another woman at his beck and call, but like the rest of them, she dreamed of being queen, of having greater power. So she used me in her game of thrones and power. I either had to kill my half-siblings one by one or I to die myself. The fact that I’m here before you now should tell you what choice I made and of course… she praised me for it. But while the servants could do nothing about it, many of them knew. And they talked… and talked… and talked.

Ike: Gods…

Camilla: This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such unpleasant words. I know it won’t be the last. But I got over that the day those damned murders ended. I have a family to protect and a kingdom to guard. I don’t have time to agonize over the ramblings of those beneath me.

Ike: I see. You’re quite incredible, Camilla. I don’t think I could’ve ever brought myself to kill family.

Camilla: “Incredible” is not the word I would use to define it, Ike…

Ike: Perhaps not. But the way I see it, you did what you had to in order to live. And now that you’re still alive, you can do what you need to in order to make sure such a thing never happens again. Isn’t that still incredible?

Camila: … Fuhuhu… I suppose it is, when you put it that way.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank A.]


Ike: The gauntlet is almost over now.

Camilla: A shame too. I’d come to look forward to our battles against each other.

Ike: As did I. But we’ll still be able to fight alongside each other at the very least.

Camilla: True. And I know you’re more capable then most out there. I’m going to miss you when I have to return home to Nohr.

Ike: As will I. But Camilla… one day, I want to find a way for us to meet again. Though I have a war to win back in my world, I don’t want us to be permanently seperated.

Camilla: Oh? And what has you feeling so clingish, hmmm?

Ike: It’s because I love you.

Camilla: Ahhhhh~. … wait. Huh?!

Ike: I’m not the greatest with words, but I want to say at least that much. All the time I’ve spent with you, be it fighting against you or talking with you, has been more than enjoyable. I don’t ever want that to end, so I want nothing more then to stay at your side.

Camilla: I see… I hope you know that if it’s my political status you seek, I intend to give up my right to the throne when Nohr is safe.

Ike: The thought of being royalty doesn’t intrigue me in the slightest, I promise you.

Camilla: Well then… I’m happy to hear that. There are many things I do not fear. But the thought of you loving someone else or, even worse, using me as a tool for power… I’ll admit that thought terrified me. I care so deeply about you, I wouldn’t know what to do if you ended up like my father.

Ike: Well, I don’t mind spending any amount of time to prove to you I’ll never treat you like that. So… shall we have one last battle, Camilla?

Camilla: I would enjoy nothing more, Ike.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank S.]

Stiles listens to his dad ask him the same question that comes up way too often, and gets lost counting the dark flecks that scatter across the white expanse of the all-too-familiar hospital ceiling. Here again, and ‘He’ll be fine,’ the doctor says.

His dad wants to hear it from Stiles’ lips, though. Is he okay?

Is he really okay?

His answer doesn’t come as easily as it used to, no quip or snap back like it’s easy come easy go. The feckless lie sticks in the back of his throat, burning away like a hot coal choking the life out of him.

I’m fine.

He’s said it more than a million times, and no super-hearing anybody has heard his heart skip a single beat. Or maybe they did, but that thought doesn’t make it any easier, because that means they’ve ignored it a million times, too. And it should be easy, he’s brilliant at lying straight to his father’s face these days. Stiles knows how to twist a definition to make it true, how to believe in nothing and make it something.

He’s fine.

Molehills out of mountains.
Tip of the iceberg.

Shrink it down until it’s just an ember, a single flicker of pain low in his chest. It burns enough to remind him that it’s there, but cool enough for him to force the words out.

He stops counting the tiny holes in the ceiling, and plasters a bright, brilliant lie across his face.


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Don’t let me go



Au: Grim Reaper,demon


A/n: Let me tell you,I am inspired from Goblin. Watch this drama. Is the holy drama. This is the first part of a little Jungkook series. Also the different religions reading this.I tried to keep the religion matter as neutral as possible. If you believe that this is written with a bad thought in mind or to offend someone it is not. Thank you.


I am the person you are afraid from. I am the one with the skeleton body,black robe and а reaping hook. You mortals thought that I look like a skeleton simply because I deal with the dead. This is soo wrong. I am like the most handsome, funny man ever. You living people think everything that is dead is ugly and rotten. Hell( hell is mine creation actually. Its a piece of art) no. I am,however,prehaps rotten and dead. Inside. Inside the cage of my heart. The muscle which is supposed to pump adrenaline through my body. The muscle giving me life,love and so much more. But no. This place is empty and had been abounded centuries ago. The curse killed me a long time ago.

Things go way back in time.

I once had a wife. A very beautiful woman called Lydia. She was my whole life. I was a simple man. A sheppard. My biggest concern was if I will be able to go home on time to hug her before she closes her eyes to fall in beautiful peaceful sleep.

As always life decided to fuck everything up. God said it was time for war and suddenly my biggest concern became the smallest out of them all. Everything I had,I had to give up. It was my duty to fight for my country as a man. I fought many battles. Those in higher ranks saw potential in me and after eleven battles I became a commander. On the battlefield before what we hoped was the last battle. Ready to fight,not ready to die. I prayed like every other selfish human being that I’ll give up everyone and everything,just God let me live. Those words were the last words some people heard and the ones that left my lips before I shouted “For His majesty.” I killed many people in the battle and almost got killed more times than I can remember. But I survived. The last one to survive. The smell of Death was in the air. My breath was fading away. Youcould barely see it. My eyes started to tear up from the mixture of fear,the feeling of finally letting go and a scared scream from the consequences ahead in time. Suddenly a bright light blinded my swollen from crying eyes. And I met God. A nice man,looking trustworthy,someone who I never thought was actually real. He told me my wife,my parents, my sheeps,they were killed. That I made a choice. That I killed them when I was being selfish. My will for life,killed those who made me want to live. Lost in my fear and regret which were suddenly put upon me,I was ready to pull out the weapon and just kill myself. The man stopped my sword from moving through the flesh and stop my heart. God looked at me and told me “If you leave this Earth and become invisible as if you never existed,I will bring everyone you want back. Your family will live. Lydia will breath. I need a helper. Someone who will deal with the dead and will help them go in the afterlife. You will become the Grim Reaper. My right hand.” I was being offered a choice which wasn’t actually much of a choice. He was offering me to become a ghost. But for the sake of my love I was ready to do anything and everything. “Why are you Sir offering me this? Why me?” “You are a good man. But the sin of being selfish is a strong one. I see in your eyes love. This will be your curse. Love will be your pleasure and curse. The last man standing. The one who will walk this Earth way longer than anyone. Collecting grief and love. At the end of the day you will always be alone.” I became a sinner for wanting to live. I killed everything I believed in. But Immortality didn’t sound all that bad after all. Dealing with the dead also wasn’t a price high enough that I can’t pay for Lydia. The hesitation left me and my hand grabbed his. It was me or Lydia and my family. “Okay. Do this.” Just like that my existence was erased from the face of Earth,my name wasn’t remembered as the last commander alive,the war was doomed a fail and soon there were only the families of the dead and the memories of them to be remembered. Personally I assisted all of them in the after life making them forget the one they had been living in order for a new one to be born. But for the living organisms I was invisible,not existing. A myth surrounded by mystery. There were several cases in which people had been ablen to see me. You usually cab unless you had the vision or you were dead. And so for centuries I have met all kinds of death and people. Helping them go where their souls belong. My face haven’t aged a day since I gave my soul. A twenty years old is what you’ll see if you were able to.


“Jungkook” I heard in the distance waking me from my retrospective daydream. “Yes?” I turned my head nearly hitting my forehead in one of the lamps of the nice white office. “There is something I need to tell you.” It is a full miracle. My boss is usually quiet and doesn’t have the need to see me unless it was something urgent going on in the underworld. I have known him for so many centuries that is almost not imaginable. However today there wasn’t anything special going on in my part of the holy world. “Do you remember when I took you under my wing?” the sudden questoon caught me offguard. So being little surprised the answer rolled of my lips “Of course I do.” how can I forget anyway? My heart will never forget. My Lydia. Her smile,her heart of gold. And my selfish wish which killed us. “There is something I didn’t tell you back then. One day your savior will be born. A person who will reverse the curse you caused on yourself. She will heal your wounds and you will become mortal again. She will give you the chance to live. When you die as a mortal I will give you the choice to either become the Reaper and never be able to find hope again or this time go to Heaven.” Speechless probably would’ve explain it. But it can’t. Hope? Being able to live? I have been living wihout hope so many centuries. Evryday I have been holding on the simple fact that there is hope or happy ending for me. Now after 1000 years he decides to tell me that there is someone on this planet who can cure me. My emotions are too strong. The anger boiled. The fear entered the dusted chamber of my heart. Hope started to creep out of its dungeon somewhere deep inside of me. Why didn’t he told me this earlier? Why was I living without hope all this time? Where is she? How old is she? She can be dead by now.

“Why do you tell me this now?” my voice was deadly low. I was in a position to shout,however I didn’t want to lose all my cool at once. “Was I not good enough to be told this earlier? Was I unloyal? Have I ever done something to make you doubt me? I created Hell and Heaven and made them absolutely perfect. The department of Reapers is so big that I barely have to go out now. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to know the truth.” I admit I did lost my cool. I was shouting and destroying whatever was around me. Angry tears were falling down my sharp cheekbones. “No you were. You finished absolutely mesmerizing job at what you were doing. Jungkook-a, tell me honestly if I had told you centuries ago,you wouldn’t have searched for her. Tell me you would’ve done your job the same way.” although angry,I knew he was right. Nothing ffrom what I’ve created probably wouldn’t have been even an idea in my head. The Earth was going to be small. I would’ve searched under every rock,in every village,city,country and continent. One thing I couldn’t understand was “Why telling me now?” “Because she has been born. The person who is going to bring you back is born. And her name is y/n. The Grim Reaper’s Bride.


"Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” “Wait. Talk to me.” but it disappeared. Good job Y/N. 

The Grim Reapers wife.