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Just look at Bert’s face the entire time he watches Reiner speak as a soldier, you can see the pain that he feels watching his best friend go through that.

Imagine the countless times he watched Reiner fall apart in front of him and Bert let him be because those were the only times Reiner seemed happy..

The fact that some fans dont want the 4 members in the show to reach top 11 srsly disgusts me. Like how long have u been a fan for that u dont know about their situation yet??

The more members that make it the higher the chance of them not disbanding and for pledis to stop treating them like shit.

Mingi Dongho Jonghyun and Minhyun have SAID IT IS THERE GOAL TO REACH TOP 11,

As a love, who the fuck am i to question their goal and their dream?

If the pll whom i love so much have said that is what they want than i sure as hell will support them with every fibre of my fucking being.

How many tears do the members have to shed and how many essays do 5 yr long loves have to write about this situation for new fans to believe us THAT THIS IS DO OR DIE FOR NU'EST,

And if they all make it i couldnt be happier, cos after 5 years of pain pll finally see their talent, which is what we have been fighting for all these yrs!!


I couldn’t help myself. I thought it’d be cute to draw both puppets as kids since both blogs are doing kid m!a’s at the moment.
The only thing is Nette wouldn’t remember Nightmari since he’s only got his 8-year-old memories…


I am so disappointed in the people that are voting right now. How in THE HELL is Kim Samuel not in the top 11. The utter annoyance and disappointment is eating me alive. The nonsense that this is, is unbelievable. So done with this show.


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