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Çok şey almasak da olur yanımıza.. Birkaç güzel kitap biraz da hayâl koysak yeter bavulumuza.. Öyle ya gitmek lazım arada.. Yüreğin götürdüğü kadar uzaklara..” 💫
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||Even I change as the leaves do… ||

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Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass.
—  Daniell Koepke
“Go Back!” (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: The one where the reader gets hurt in the big fight scene and Bucky has to leave her behind. 

Warning/s: A bit of swearing and contains Civil War spoilers.

After recruiting Scott Lang in the underground parking lot, Steve had told everyone to suit up. (Y/N) grabbed her guns and knives from the blue vintage vehicle she, Steve, Bucky, and Sam used. As she was reloading her weapons, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder and saw Bucky standing there. 

“Hey.” He said. 


(Y/N) placed her guns on the holsters tied around her waist and knives in her pockets. She tied her hair up in a ponytail as she turned to face him. "What is it?” she asked. 

“I - uh….” Bucky shook his head and cleared his throat. “You sure you’re ready for this?” he asked. 

(Y/N) nodded her head. “Yeah. I’ve been doing things like this all my life. Well, this is a new experience for me since it’s Avenger versus Avenger but, what else is new?” she said, chuckling. 

Bucky chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, well, I just never thought you’d be the type to, you know, do stuff like this.” he said.

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow and an amused smirk came upon her features. She tilted her head to the side. “Well, what type do you want me to be?” she asked, looking at him innocently. 

Bucky stared at her with wide eyes and opened his mouth to speak but he was cut off by Clint’s voice. 

“Hey you two, you can flirt later when we get to our main destination.” He called out, exchanging smirks with everyone except Scott (who looked confused at everything). 

(Y/N) saw Bucky’s cheeks turn slightly pink. She chuckled and shook her head. She patted his shoulder before joining the others. 

When they arrived in the airport, Steve ordered everyone to stay hidden at first. He knew that Tony is here. (Y/N) stayed with Clint and Wanda, Bucky and Sam were in the building, Steve was down there talking to Tony. 

“We found it.” Sam said through the earpiece. “A quinjet in Hangar Five. North Runway.”

(Y/N) glanced at Clint and nodded. He aimed and shot his arrow right through the web that stuck Steve’s wrists together. 

“Come on.” Clint said as the three of them stood up and ran to the exit. When they got to the exit, they saw the others caught up in a fight. 

Suddenly, explosions came from their right side and blocked their way. Clint, Wanda, and (Y/N) stopped and watched as Tony flew and hovered in front of them. 

“Wanda, I think you hurt Vision’s feelings.” Tony said to the Maximoff. 

“You locked me in my room.” She told him. 

“Okay first, that seems to be an exaggeration. Second, I did it to protect you.” He explained. Wanda tilted her head to the side as a response. 

Tony looked at Clint. “Hey Clint.” he greeted. 

“Hey man." 

"Clearly retirement doesn’t suit you. You tired shooting golf?" 

"Well I played 18. Shot 18. Just can’t seem to miss.” Clint said before shooting Tony. 

(Y/N) glanced at the building where Sam and Bucky are. “Hey, I’m going to help Sam and Buck. Wanda has this one handled.” she said and gave her friend a nod. “See you two later. And Tony?” she called out. 


"Karaoke night is still on, right?" 

Tony made a sound of amusement. "It depends whether this fight is going to end well or not.” he said. 

(Y/N) smirked and ran to the building where Sam and Bucky are. When she got there, she saw the place a mess. She ran towards the railings and saw Sam and Bucky on the ground with webs on their bodies. 

“Woah fellas,” she said as she jumped down. “What happened here?" 

Sam and Bucky both exchanged looks before sighing. "Just get us out of here, please.” Sam said and gestured to the webs. 

When she freed them, an explosion came from outside. She glanced at the window and wolf-whistled. “Damn.” she muttered watching as Steve and Scott run from the scene. 

“Come on, let’s go.” Bucky said as he gently squeezed her arm. The three of them exited the building and saw Steve, Scott, Wanda, and Clint running to the hangar and joined them. As the neared the hangar, they stopped when someone had drawn a line in front of them. 

“Captain Rogers,” the Vision said, making them all look up at him. “I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But for the collective bullet, you must surrender now." 

Tony, Nat, T'Challa, Rhodey, and the guy wearing a red suit with a spider logo on it joined the Vision’s side, standing across the other team’s way. 

"What do we do, Cap?" 

Steve looked at all of them, "We fight.”

“This isn’t going to end well.” Nat muttered as both teams charged towards each other. 

As the teams collided, the fight began. Wanda and the guy with the red suit, Nat and (Y/N), Steve and Tony, Bucky and T'Challa, Rhodey and Sam, Vision and Clint. 

(Y/N) twisted and kicked and punched while Nat countered back. After some time, (Y/N) had the upperhand and tackled Nat on the ground. 

“Hey,” Nat said. “We’re still friends, right? Girls’ night-out is still on?" 

(Y/N) chuckled and nodded. "Yes, of course.” she said. 

The fight continued for a long time. Clint had helped (Y/N) push Nat off her and dealt with the red-head. “Thanks, Clint.” (Y/N) said and patted his shoulder. 

(Y/N) saw T'Challa and Bucky fighting. The Black Panther had kicked him hard, making him slam to one of the airport cargoes. 

“Bucky!” She yelled before charging towards the panther and swung and kicked him hard away from the ex-soldier. She ran towards Bucky and knelt beside him. 

“You okay?” she said as she helped him up. 

Bucky grunted. “Peachy." 

Steve and the guy with the red suit fought, Sam and Tony flew above while fighting. 

"Hey Clint, could you get him off me?” Sam said. 

Clint smirked and aimed the arrow with Scott on it. “Buckled in?” he asked. 

“Yeah, no, I’m good. I’m good, Arrow guy. Let’s go. Let’s go!” Scott said, before Clint released the arrow. 

Punches and kicks and tackles were thrown during the fight. (Y/N) knew there are going to be bruises all over her but she didn’t care about that now. 

“Go, Buck.” she said to Bucky. He nodded and joined Steve. Sam, Clint, Steve, and Bucky all discussed the plan while the other two distracted the others. 

“I got something kind of big.” Scott said through the earpiece. “But I can’t hold it very long. On my signal, run like hell. And if I tear myself in half, don’t come back.”

Bucky looked at Steve in disbelief. “He’s gonna tear himself in half?" 

"You sure about this, Scott?" 

"I do it all the time. I mean, once. In a lab. But I passed out.”

Everything was quiet for a while when suddenly, a giant figure had appeared out of nowhere. All of them stared upon, gaping at the sight. It was Scott. And he’s big. 

(Y/N) wolf-whistled and chuckled. “That is awesome!” she cheered. 

“Holy shit!" 


“Way to go, Tic Tac!" 

"Give me back my Rhodey.”

Tony, Rhodey, the guy with the red suit, T'Challa, and Vision tried to take down the giant Scott Lang. Sam, Clint, and (Y/N) came to help the Ant-Man. Clint shot arrows to slow down the Black Panther, (Y/N) tried to shoot down Rhodey and the guy with the red suit, while Sam flew around to help Scott.

“Jeez Scott, be careful.” (Y/N) said as she dodged the explosion that came beside her.

“Sorry.” he said. “Something just flew in me!”

The guy with the red suit shot webs to Scott and swung around him, using the webs as a rope to restrain the Ant-Man. Tony and Rhodey flew around to help him. They both punched Scott on the head, making him fall down on the ground. 

“Yes! That was awesome! Oomf!” The guy said and had accidentally bumped onto Scott’s hand, making him fly towards the ground, and bumping against (Y/N) who was coming to Scott’s aid. Due to the large impact, she flew towards the cargoes and slammed her back against it. 

She grunted and breathed heavily, opening her eyes. She watched as Scott drop down on the ground and Tony and Rhodey flying away. 

“Oh shit!” someone said beside her. It was the guy with the red suit. He jogged towards her and knelt down. He grabbed her hands and lifted it up slightly. At first she was confused as to why he was acting like this but when she glanced down, she knew the answer. 

There was a sharp object in one of the cargoes and when she was thrown against it, she got impaled at the side of her stomach. She sighed and leaned her head back on the boxes, grimacing as she now felt the stinging pain. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” The guy said. She raised an eyebrow when she realized that this guy had a young and boyish voice. “I’m gonna get you out of here, alright? Shit." 

Tony flew down behind them. "Kid, you alright? - Oh jeez, (Y/N)! What happened?” he said and knelt down beside her.

“It’s my fault, Mr. Stark. I’m so sorry.” The guy apologized. 

(Y/N) waved them both off. “It’s fine.” she croaked out, grimacing. “I just impaled myself. No biggie.” she said, sarcastically. 

Tony held her arm. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.” he said as he tried to pull her up. (Y/N) screamed in pain. “Okay, maybe not yet." 

(Y/N) breathed in and out, heavily. She shook her head. "It’s okay. It’s okay. I can pull myself out.” she breathed out. “Just give me a sec." 

She waited for a few seconds, preparing herself. She grasped Tony’s hands and counted one to three before attempted to push herself off the object that had stabbed her. As she did this, she let out a painful scream. Tony winced but didn’t say anything. 

”(Y/N)?! (Y/N), why are you screaming?! What happened?“ Bucky said through the earpiece. 

(Y/N) ignored Bucky calling out for her through the earpiece and continued pushing herself off, screaming in pain as she did so. When she successfully did so, she dropped down to her knees and coughed out the blood. The guy next to Tony knelt down beside her and rubbed her back comfortingly. 

She slowly looked up and saw him without the mask. He looked like he was in late teens. "What’s your name, kid?” she asked, weakly clutching her wound. 

“Peter Parker.” he said, smiling politely at her. “Also known as Peter. Peter Parker." 

(Y/N) chuckled weakly and coughed. She slowly stood up and stumbled. "Hey Tony,” she said. “Thanks." 

Tony nodded and wrapped an arm around her. "Come on, let’s get you to the medic.” he said. While the three of them started walking, (Y/N) felt lightheaded and vision started to blur out. She dropped to the ground and heard voices around her. The last thing she saw was Tony and Peter tending to her before she completely blacked out. 

“(Y/N)?! (Y/N)!” Bucky yelled before the signal was completely lost. He slammed his metal fist on the wall. “Shit. Steve, we have to go back. (Y/N) is in trouble.” he told him. 

“Buck, as much as I want to go back, we can’t. We have to proceed with the plan.” Steve told him. 

“Steve!” Bucky yelled. 

“Buck, calm down. (Y/N)’s a fighter. I’m sure she’s gonna be fine.” Steve said, reassuring him. “I know her." 

"The hell you do!” Bucky yelled and stood up from his seat. Steve sighed and turned on the auto pilot. He stood up and faced his friend. “We have to go back. She could die! I -" 

"She won’t!” Steve cut him off. Bucky glared at him. “She won’t. I’m sorry Buck. I really want to go back and check on her. But we have to go.” he said. 

The two stared down at each other before Bucky broke it. He turned away and cursed in a foreign language. Steve heavily sighed and looked at him.

“She’s going to be okay. Don’t lose faith.” he told him before returning back to his seat, turning the auto pilot off. 

Bucky sat back down to one of the chairs and placed his head on his hands. “Please be okay.” he whispered to himself.

Author’s note: Okay, this is definitely going to have a part 2. I hope you all like it!

Dad: *comes into my room*

Me: *looks up from VERY dirty and very entertaining Destiel smut.* “Yeah?”

Dad: “Who can you. Still possibly be texting?”

Me: “I’m not texting any one, I’m reading.

Dad: "Really? All this time?”
Me: “yes”

Dad: “read me a sentence.

Me: *looks down at phone and reads line to herself. ‘The Angel Cried out in pure ecstasy as Dean pushed himself deeper, moaning his love’s name as he did. 'Harder, please Dean, harder,’ Castiel whispered.’



Me: I’m lying, I’m texting my friend, she says hi.