goin' to bed now g'night

also it took me like 6 hours to watch episode 6 which is kind of funny since it’s the first episode since the first that I’ve more-or-less completely/near-completely liked? behold my attention span. also I officially like Prowl now he is a sweetie and a cutie (and his voice doesn’t grate on me anymore) I was not expecting this.

also I don’t yet comprehend Animated designs you can tell

rough designs for All Roads'verse babby lambo twins, near-fresh out of the Well-Forge with their not-yet-settled-into-their-later-colors optics and biolights and their a. door wings, b. delicate stained glass-lookin’ little pixie butterfly door wings and audial fins and their six digits per hand and their going to be taken apart and turned into living weapons of war then lost and etc. idk good night