goin' down the bayou


Disney Challenge

Day 12: Favourite Musical Number Performance

A travers le Bayou, La princesse et la grenouille.

Goin’ Down the Bayou, The princess and the Frog


Ok so I downloaded this soundtrack while I was across the state at my cousins and put it on my iphone to listen to. I was not prepared for this. I WAS NOT PREPARED!

I was just sitting listening to all the stuff and the moment the lion king part ended and I hear is “WOOHOO LOOKIE HERE!” I stopped dead in my tracks in the store. Ray is one of my FAVORITE Disney characters and I dont think I ever cried so much of the death of a character as I did his. The fact they actually put his song in the parade surprised me so much because he is one of those perfect characters that they hardly pay attention to in my opinion