we should leave our lovers 

so that we can choose each other (x)

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And now for a problematic Kustard fic!! :D 

It’s not a happy one.

No Harm, No Foul

Tags: character death, language 

“c’mon red,” the skeleton pleaded, tugging him closer. “please! he’ll be back any minute!”

“but–we–i can’t just leave’im!”

“i’m gonna take you somewhere better, red. you’ll never have to hurt again!”

“sans, he’s my brother! i won’t go where he can’t follow!”

“red! he’s hurt you so many times! what makes you think he cares–”

“won’t you listen for a goddamm minute?!” The gold-toothed skeleton stood his ground. Rain poured around them. Sans stared at his hardened eye lights. Shit. “my bro has been good to me buddy. you have no right to just whisk me away to stars-knows-where like some romantic sap!” Sans’s grip tightened slightly around his slackened phalanges. Red jerked them away. “i ain’t goin’ with ya sans,” he said firmly. “and you can’t make me.”

The frown on Sans’s face lowered slightly then became a grin.

“what makes you think you have a choice?” Red’s brow ridge furrowed at the change of tone.

“sans what the hell.” The hoodie clad skeleton only laughed hollowly.

“i was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but here we are.” His grin became a smirk as his left eyelight flared more yellow than blue. “now are we gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?” Red backed away. His phalanges grabbed for his collar while his other hand drew near his chest.

“you–ya can’t do this sans!” he yelled over the rain. “you can’t take me from him!” Sans suddenly looked bored. And tired. Phalanges lightly covered his unseeing eye.

“don’t you get it red? i can,” he declared, “and i will. whether you like it or not.”

“no!” Red’s fists clenched and unleashed a flurry of red magic around him. “if you think you can just steal me away like a sack of G you’re wrong sans.” Sockets narrowed and what he spat out next actually hurt Sans’s feelings. “i was wrong bout you too ya’know. you’re no better than my brother.” Enraged, Sans threw blunt bones at him. Large enough to bruise and maybe knock out, but nothing sharp no. He wanted him intact. He wanted him alive.

“if you’re going to compare me to that manipulative bastard, then so be it,” he growled. The hoodie-clad skeleton really wanted to just knock him the fuck out and drag him to his universe, but Red was willful and less of a pushover than Sans. He’d never let his guard down now. Not after he betrayed him like that.

“if anyone’s a manipulative bastard, it’s you sans!” Red magic glowed from his metacarpals. “you’ve lied to me!” A blast billowed toward the skeleton in blue, but he had the sense to dodge. “about you, your brother–your universe! haven’t you!” The magic surrounding him attacked faster, and the blue hooded skeleton was starting to have trouble keeping up. Sans didn’t know Red had it in him. “and the worst lie you’ve ever told?” Multiple Gaster Blasters materialized as his eyelights fiercely glowed red. “was when you told me you loved me.”

Sans eye lights shrank as he was caught in the blasts. Red couldn’t hear him now through the dust.

“i’ve always loved you, red.”

So he didn’t convince him this time. Sans shrugged as he stared at the Select Screen in front of him.  The ominous Continue and Reset that he’d seen many times before glowered over him. Distal phalanges twitched over the yellow S. He’ll just try again in the next reset.


How Far I’ll Go || Moana || Italian lyrics + English translation

L’acqua segna un confine nascosto
The water marks an hidden frontier
Oltre cui non mi spingo
Beyond which I won’t go
Il mio mondo è tutto qua
My world is all here
In me c’è una figlia premurosa
In me there’s a caring daughter
Ma vorrei più di ogni cosa avere la libertà
But, above all things, I wish I had freedom
Di fuggire via, di esplorare il mare
To run away, to explore the sea
Non succede mai, nulla può cambiare
It never happens, nothing can change
Ma mi fermerò quando troverò
But I’ll stop when I find
Il posto adatto a me
The right place for me

L’acqua sembra chiamarmi a sé per nome
The water seems to call me by my name
Ed io non so dov’è che andrò
And I don’t know where I’ll go
Anche il vento mi sfiora e continua ad attrarmi
The wind caresses me as well, and keeps on luring me
Lo seguirò
I’ll follow it
È un lungo viaggio quello che affronterò
The one I’ll face is a long journey

Però tutti paiono felici
But everybody seems happy
Qui non cambiano mai niente
They never change a thing here
Penso ti ci abituerai
I think you’ll get used to it
Hanno quei bei volti sorridenti
They have those beautiful smiling faces
Sono sempre contenti
They’re always happy
Ed appartengo a loro ormai
And I belong with them now

Posso comandare, lo dimostrerò
I can rule, I’ll prove it
Mi saprò adattare se m’impegnerò
I’ll manage to fit in if I make an effort
Ma la voce dentro che grida “no!”
But the voice inside screaming “no!”
Cresce forte in me
Is growing loud in me

Credo che quella luce potrà guidarmi
I think that light will be able to guide me
Stavolta no, non mi opporrò
I won’t fight against it, not this time
Sembra quasi che speri anche lei di trovarmi
It’s almost like it hoped to find me, too
La cercherò, cosa ci sarà che mi attende là?
I’ll look for it, what will be waiting for me there?

L’orizzonte mi chiama a sé per nome
The horizon calls me by my name
Ed io non so dov’è che andrò
And I don’t know where I’ll go
Anche il vento mi sfiora e continua ad attrarmi
The wind caresses me as well, and keeps on luring me
Lo seguirò, ce la farò
I’ll follow it, I’ll make it

A Rogue What? (2/?)

General Summary:  The forests of Underfell are expansive. When the Fell brothers investigate in one of the worst blizzards of the Underground, they find something unexpected.

Chapter Summary: It’s the morning after their encounter. The brothers have a long day ahead of them. (Also known as, “Papyrus REEEs.”)

Rating: Explicit (Smut will be sectioned off for those who wish to skip it.)

Tags: descriptions of explicit material, swearing, anal sex, disgusting amounts of flirting, Fellcest, mentioned voyeur kink, mentioned mutilation

“stupid, dumb fuck! god damn it!

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