Carrick Castle, which dates from the 15th century, is built on a rock jutting into Loch Goil. Though ruinous, the oblong building is still in a fair state of preservation, standing four stories high.

The present ruin is possibly the third structure to occupy this location. The first may have been a Viking fort.The second structure, and first castle, is believed to have been built in the 12th century. Allegedly a hunting seat of the Scots kings, Carrick was originally a Lamont stronghold.

In the spring of 1307, Robert the Bruce drove Henry Percy from the Castle before conducting a guerrilla war against Edward I of England. Edward had given the castle, which belonged to Robert, to Percy. In 1368 it then passed on to the Campbell Earls of Argyll.

The third structure, the late 15th century castle, was a royal stronghold, held by the Earls of Argyll as hereditary keepers, and was the symbol and source of their power in South Argyll. It was one of their three chief castles, the other two being Duart and Fincharn.

Colored up another “Monstah Goil”. This time it’s the Bat-Thief.

I’m pretty certain I’d like to make a full artbook now. Including all the black and white drawings, sketches, more full-color ones, and some new illustrations. I’ll probably have to kickstart it though. The biggest challenge will be finding an affordable printer so that I can sell copies at a reasonable price.