goid days

bubblepopdrwas  asked:

Awww Hazle! This is a job for connor the spoon master!

@squidgirl6​: Hazel is ok bad things always happen sometimes *hugs Hazel*

@ifrozenfire: Someone comfort Hazel, now! I can’t bear seeing her sad again! :,c

@ellieannathevoiceactress​: Aww poor hazel you gonna be alright Hun?

Anonymous: *sad sigh* I know things look grim now darling but somdays will just feel like everything is going wrong. Trust me. I’ve been there. Just try your best and push through alright Hazel? You are a strong girl and life gets better. Besides it’s not all bad. Your whole family is there.

@kkbendy​: Oh hazzy ima hug u *gives hug* its ok that happens to me too literally

@fluffyfang123​: Hazel i know its tough…but stay strong and make the vest of it an ps. Hazel everyday is a goid day because your with a loving family ^-^♡

@askgamergirl​: Not every day is a bad day, Hazel. There will be always a good day!

@allytheneko56​: Hazel, i get it. But things will turn up! trust me! i felt the same way, you just need moral suport! like cuphaed a bakkah. Or even me or connor!

Anonymous: oh don’t let it bother you that much Hazel it’s not your fault it’s just a bad day, but you know tomorrow might no will be a better day hang in there it’ll be ok look around you have family that loves you look for the brighter future and not to the dark past. I BELIEVE IN YOU

@i-love-babtqftim​: Dont get all worked up about it hazel if a next thing goes wrong we will all ne there for you

Anonymous: Aw hazie I know things are bad now but they turn good at the end. At least you got a family that really loves you.

@kitty-candycat​: hazel don’t worry if he comes back I’ll punch him in the face *hugs hazel*

@rosilina480​: Life isn’t fair hazel,but I say this is just torture,BTW Cher yo kiddo,I don’t like seeing you sad

Anonymous: Thank god the kids are ok!!I was scared half to death!!DOMANIC IS GOING TO FREAKING DIE!!I SWEAR ON MY WEREWOLF ASS THAT DOMINIC IS GOING TO FREAKING DIE!!!!

Anonymous: Poor Hazel never gets a break. :( I feel so bad- she and Connor alike never did anything to deserve such fear and sadness!! I WANNA HUG THE HAZEL AND CONNOR BISCUITS SO BAAADDDD!!

Did Connor try to say what I think he tried to say? ^u^


Today is a great day (11:29pm) because Mangoplier(Markiplier), King of Squirrels and professional screamer, has reached “10 million Strong Subscribers.” Can we congratulate him and ourselves with a clap and pat on the back, for being such dedicated people. And also helping him through hard times. We are a good fanbase, and that’s what most people want from their fans, a good fanbase, and he managed to help us find him. What a wonderful day (11:33pm)