goid days

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:O Gnat is very good at drawing! It's stuff like this that makes me happy my friend taught me to draw!! I will one day be goid like her and you guys too :D -Potato anon

oh thank you potato anon! i’m glad your friend taught you how to draw, it’s a nifty skill if i do say so myself. hopefully i could see your friend’s art & yours too? i like getting in touch with artists



Today is a great day (11:29pm) because Mangoplier(Markiplier), King of Squirrels and professional screamer, has reached “10 million Strong Subscribers.” Can we congratulate him and ourselves with a clap and pat on the back, for being such dedicated people. And also helping him through hard times. We are a good fanbase, and that’s what most people want from their fans, a good fanbase, and he managed to help us find him. What a wonderful day (11:33pm)