We want somebody who’s gonna wanna work with us and make us a better dancer. Because, in all reality, we’re getting older and if we wanna be in this industry, part of it is having to do things like we did today. Like, dancing like that, that’s like what we’re going to have to do in the real world industry. So we have to learn someday and some how. So I think that with all these different choreographers we’ve been having, it’s really good for us because we are learning are things… We wanted to do something different and something that we were going to learn from.

Y'all, what the hell is going on? So Cam and Brynn beefing? Ashlee starting rumors about Camryn? Camryn called Brynn a bitch? Whats the beef between Christi and Ashlee? Is the Last Dance the sequel to Electricity? And why did Brynn’s Grandpa jump his ancient ass into the mix? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z: Instagram Edition 😂


Kendall & Kalani Spill the Tea LIVE

Sad for Neville Vs Aries being bumped to the pre-show

but it’s refreshing to see that They kept all three women’s matches (Yes I’m counting the mixed tag match) on the main card. Even if it would have been better to just NOT have a fuckin concert in the middle of a show. Unless they plan on having a WWE championship match at the grammys next year i really don’t see the point. I’m just Excited that all three are going to be at points in time where the entire crowd is in their seats and fired up.