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The Prince of Egypt (problem number 1)

Someone asked me (in person) what I think was the worst injustice in the movie “the Prince of Egypt”, and my answer is going to sound weird at first, but once you hear the explanation, maybe it will make more sense.

My answer is, they robbed the leader of the jewish people of his jewish education and Pharaoh’s daughter of her jewish identity.

Moses (Moshe in hebrew) did not grow up thinking he was an Egyptian. Not remotely. When Yocheved (his mother) put him in the basket on the river, Miriam followed the basket, until it reached Pharaoh’s daughter, whose name was Batya. Now, Pharaoh’s daughter wasn’t just coming down to the river to bathe herself. It’s explained specifically in Tractate Sotah (in the talmud) that she came to ritually immerse herself in order to convert to Judaism. I’ll say it again, Pharaoh’s daughter was converting to Judaism when she found Moshe. Miriam knew this, and went up to Batya and asked her if she needed a jewish caretaker to help her raise the baby and give him a jewish education. After Batya agreed, Miriam brought Yocheved, Moshe’s own mother, to raise her own son in her own jewish household (until about age 5-6 when he went to go stay by Batya in the house of Pharaoh). Moshe always knew he was jewish! His mother was jewish, his foster mother (Batya) was also jewish. He always knew his sister Miriam, and his brother Aharon.

So as a side point - if that’s the case, why did Pharaoh agree to let his daughter raise a jewish baby as her own? He came up with a test to figure out if this baby boy was wise and power hungry (and thus a threat to his own son). He placed in front of Moshe a bowl of gold, and a bowl of burning coals, and if he reached for the gold, he was a concern, and if he reached for the coals, he would be safe to keep in his house. An angel took hold of Moshe’s hand and put it in the coals, after which Moshe put his hand in his mouth, burning his tongue, and giving him a speech impediment that would plague him until the last 40 days of his life (something else they conveniently left out of the movie). Because Moshe couldn’t speak clearly, he had to bring Aharon with him as a spokesman when he spoke to Pharaoh - the arrangement sort of that Moshe would whisper it to Aharon, and Aharon would relay to Pharaoh what Moshe intended to say. So in addition to the gross inaccuracy of the movie in general, those of you who make a big deal about Ableism by movie makers doing away with character disabilities. Here is an example of a real historical figure who had a REAL speech impediment that makes a big difference in how Moshe should have been communicating. Why do you remain silent? Please reblog this, thanks.

Sorry, not A E S T H E T I C

This is fucking ridiculous. None of you non Jewish people had anything to say when actual nazis and white supremacists were saying anti semitic shit, but the second some youtuber that you obviously never liked in the first place says something as a joke, you lose your damn minds. And then you fuckers turn around and try and tell us what we can and can’t be not offended by? Seriously, most of the other Jewish bloggers I’ve seen who have bothered to waste time commenting on the topic agree that you’re getting bent up over nothing. Antisemitism has been a problem for a very, very, VERY long time. If you actually cared this wouldn’t be the only time you decided to come to Jewish people’s “defense”. Sure, there was a better way for Felix to make the point he was making. But what he did is so miniscule and asinine that I neither knew nor gave half a chimpanzees asshole until my dash was fucking covered in this news. You know what’s an actual threat to Jewish people? The massive rise of antisemitic hate crimes across Europe and North America. I’m far more worried about that than some video gamer spending five dollars to have people dance with a sign that says something that many people have been using as a joke for years. That’s the thing about tumblr, it only offends you when it benefits you to be offended. You think you look better after standing up for the “poor, widdle, opwessed jews who can’t help themselves”. No buddy, that’s not how this shit works anymore. Either you support us-actually support us- or you can shut the fuck up with this nonsense.