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Hi, sorry for bothering but if it wouldn't be a problem could you recommend me some nice manga to read? Especially some fantasy with a lot pretty guys and many BL hints? I love already Makai Ouji, Karneval, Bloody Mary, Monochrome factor, Pandora Hearts, Owari no seraph and Sougiya Riddle so maybe you know something alike? Thank you a lot in advance.

Hello Anon ! ^^

OMG !! You mentioned almost ALL the series I usually recommend to everyone !! Bloody Mary and Sougiya Riddle are awesome !!! SOOOOO

I recommend:

- Silver Diamond by Shiho Sugiura ^^ This series is PRETTY LONG (27 volumes !!).I  LOOOOVE THIS SERIES PLEASE READ IT !!!! ;_;

- Saiyaku wa boku o suki sugiru by Satoru Kannagi and Etsumi Ninomiya

- 1001 knights by Yukiru Sugisaki

(these two are brothers tho, even if the romance doesn’t focus on… their “relationship”… it’s ambiguous, but you learn more as you read it ^^)

- Ilegenes Kokuyou no Kiseki (and the sequel Ilegenes Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku)

Torikago Syndrome by Akaza Samamiya (the same author s Bloody Mary)

- Uragiri wa boku no namae o shitteiru by Hotaru Odagiri (I loooove it but it’s been on hiatus for a least two years, but please I really recommend it if you like fantasy series !)

- Legal Drug and the sequel Drug and Drop by CLAMP

- Samurai Drive by Fujiko Kosumi

I’ll write a better list soon ! ^^ (with summaries and all ;w;)