goho m

Suspension and Crafting


I realized that the first four kanji in the banner are supposed to be read as one single word, despite their visual differences. Read that way, the banner says “Days till expulsion from school” instead. So the Protag is not suspended, he’s currently in danger of getting expelled. Sorry for the confusion.

So, this clip already greets you nicely.

Wanna know what this red banner in the upper right corner says?

Suspended from School. 
Days until Suspension is released: 11

Steal Mr. [??]shida’s heart.
Locate the Treasure.

So yeah, in this game, you can, at at least one point BE SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL. 

That’s pretty hardcore. Not even King Moron brought us there.

Anyway, what do you do with your time if you can’t go to school?

Handcraft tools for your thieving operations, of course!

In this clip, the protag crafts a Lockpick and a Goho-M at his desk in a single night. This should be useful. (And more reliable than that garden…)