goharshad mosque

Goharshad Mosque Located in Iran

It was built by the order of Empress Goharshad, the wife of Shah Rukh of the Timurid Dynasty in 1418 CE. The architect of the edifice was Ghavameddin Shirazi, who is responsible for so many of Shah Rukh’s great buildings, with the architectural and decorative manpower supplied from Shiraz and Isfahan.

The interior & exterior of the Shiite shrine of Imam Ali Reza. Ali Reza was one of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (swt) and is the eighth Shia Imam. This shrine is the largest Shiite mosque in the world, as well as the world’s largest mosque by dimension, containing the Goharshad Mosque, a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, four theology/divinity schools, a museum, a dining hall for visitors, and a library.

The mausoleum is located in Mashhad, which is known as the city of martyrdom, and is one of Iran’s holiest cities.

Mashhad, Iran