gohan's wedding

anonymous asked:

Here's a random question, why isn't ChiChi on Gohan's wedding photo?

No clue. =( There could be a possibility (which I like to think) that she was taken in a different photo (along with Goku and Goten). Cause in some weddings you take several photos where you take a picture with only the groom, bride, or family. 

or it could be that she is the one that took the photo…

OR that she is on the other side of the photo where Goku is. Like what this person drew: 


It runs in the family
  • Videl: I'm pregnant!
  • Goku:
  • Gohan:
  • Goku: Wow son, you guys didn't waste any time-
  • Gohan: Yeah dad, like YOU should really be talking.

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