ok! so, finally had time to edit these redonkulous selfies i took of myself…

A couple weeks ago at the APP conference I was fortunate enough to pick up some of my wonderful friends’ Sammy and Mateo’s stone jewelry. Yeee! my jewelry budget was pretty non-existent, and I pretty much new I only wanted to spend it with them, and as usual, it was the best possible decision.

I picked up this SUPER adorable pair of 4g Amethyst plugs that are the most comfortable solid plugs I’ve ever worn in my nostrils. Seriously, no annoying booger feeling. They’re amazing.

Ok, on to the three, yes three, labret pieces I picked up: first, this super comfy, cute 0g Labradorite oval piece. It was pretty hard getting a good picture of this in the natural light, so I had to move the selfie shoot inside, but I think my favorite aspect of this piece is that the purple flashes range from super super subtle to really bright and awesome. I am really excited to have Sammy make me some matching plugs for my nostrils in the future! The next one is this 0g Goldstone piece that I thought was gonna be just kinda subtle but ended up looking soooo fucking awesome and glittery. Again, future matching nostril pieces to come. And last but not least, the 0g pink stone piece, that I am ashamed to have forgotten the name of, eeesh. Again, really comfortable, more subtle, and goes really great with my Imperial Jasper teardrop plugs I got from Relic a couple of years ago.

So yeah, here’s my dumb face sporting jewelry that is definitely too good looking for me, made by people who are MOST DEFINITELY too cool to let me be seen with them in public. Go give them your money, preferably by the fistfuls, and in return get some of the best, most comfortable stone jewelry ever.

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I have had the bearded and non bearded in my downstairs mixup and the only part that I even think twice about is how their facial hair smells like my downstairs after. Not necessarily a bad thing, and I don’t personally care…but more work for them

Good point Sammy!!! One of my favorite parts about having a mustache and being in a relationship. If you have morning sex, take a shower and go to work you have this light reminder all day of the awesomeness that took place that morning. Some might find it gross, I find it rad.

mind if i take this one, Sammy?

ok then. first of all, she said nothing along those lines. she simply, and articulately explained that having children is extremely taxing on the planet, on societies, and specifically on the people who have to raise said children. adoption is a very good way to help relieve at least a little bit of that burden.

now, because i want to avoid putting words into my wonderful friend’s mouth, i will share my view: IT IS NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU REPRODUCE. i know this seems like a crazy idea, but not every single person born needs to breed even more of themselves into the world. it is very possible, and pretty damn admirable, that a very good portion of our world is extremely content with not continuing their bloodline. and Jabba knows the planet sure could use a break from sustaining well past its capacity. not having children also, almost always, means you’ll have more free time, make/save more money, have the ability to travel more often and more spontaneously, you won’t have to have those awkward talks explaining why things like marriage and gender equality are things whole factions of society have a problem with, you get to choose whether or not you watch Dinosaur Train 14 times a day, and you won’t have to worry about if you’re ruining someone else with all of the life lessons and embarrassing moments you’ve put them through. i swear, i’ll never understand how all of those things (and then some!) can be somehow outweighed by the carrying of a parasite that eventually becomes a wrinkled, mewling shit-spewing alien that then grows up to resent and never fully appreciate you. but hey, to each their own, right?

but now let’s presume that you’ve decided that you absolutely must raise a child. i know it sounds pretty wacky, but IT IS EXTREMELY POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO RAISE A CHILD WITHOUT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT’S CONCEPTION OR BIRTH. imagine that. you get to raise a child, a child gets a (hopefully) loving, open-minded, intelligent home and family to develop in, and there was no need to bring another life into existence, therefore not adding as much to the deterioration of the planet! it’s a win win win! anyone who thinks a child needs to be born of your loins (haha, loins) to really be your child needs to dig their head out of their ass and into the 21st g-damn century. because that archaic bullshit makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. and before you try and throw that lame ass “you’re such a hypocrite, why don’t you just adopt all the orphans” nonsense at me, that statement is just hyperbolic and stupid. also, maybe grab a dictionary, Alanis, and look up what “hypocrite” actually means. cause you’re doing it wrong. explaining to someone that adoption is not only very worthy, but also more environmentally sound than giving birth, and then NOT HAVING KIDS adopted or otherwise is not hypocritical, it’s following your own teachings and being environmentally responsible. 

so yeah, i’m sleepy now, and so this is all i’ve got. oh wait, one more thing:

Dear Idiot Anon, do us all a favor and either switch to partaking exclusively in oral and anal intercourse, or rush on down to your nearest family planning clinic and hop on to the strongest, most effective, preferably most permanent birth control you can get, cause i get the feeling we really don’t need you reproducing. not now, not ever. 

our most sincerest thanks,

the logical people of the world.

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This. Every single day of my life. I spend extra dollars to avoid the guilt, and there are exceptions I make that others would likely disagree with. Veganism is far deeper than an ingredients list, and the ethics that surround it are important.

Thank you. Even among my vegan friends I have disagreements about the different ethical agendas of certain companies and practices. It’s sometimes difficult to stand my ground, but it’s cool to know I’m not the only one :)

so puffy lip is not nearly as puffy anymore, should be back to normal lip status really soon. looking less and less turtle-y everyday…have i mentioned how much i love my big new philtrum? and how much i love mateo for being so rad and making me amazing jewelry and doing this amazing piercing for me? and how much i love sammy for always just being sammy and for holding my hand? and how i just love all of these amazing people that i know and am very lucky and grateful to have in my life? i don’t even care if i have mentioned it, i need to mention it more, everyday, forever.

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awesome! its odd because i see you on facebook from some parkour/martial arts friends sharing your stuff. then i see you on tumblr on sammy way's blog. haha it was odd because ive never come across anyone that was into both those things before! :D

Yeah, I’ve worked with the WFPF and Red Bull on lots of events so my Parkour stuff gets around. And my martial arts stuff has been popular from the start, thanks to the people I work with. 

Sammy is awesome! I love her! She’s one of the best piercers around, so if you’re in/visiting Cali… be sure to hit her up.