gogo tried

BH6 fandom: (interprets GoGo as a cold, heartless bitch who threatens/hits people)

GoGo: (was the first to welcome Hiro to the nerd herd despite his age)

GoGo: “Welcome to the nerd lab”

GoGo: (helped Hiro build his microbots with the rest of the team)

GoGo: (went to Hiro’s showcase for support)

GoGo: (glared at a guy who walked away from Hiro’s presentation)

GoGo: (watched Hiro with pride as he presented his microbots)

GoGo: “Good job, Hiro!”

GoGo: (reached out to Hiro when he was grieving like everyone else)

GoGo: (ran back to grab Hiro when he stayed behind while Yokai was attacking)

GoGo: “I’m saving your life!”

GoGo: (was the first to agree to become a superhero to bring Yokai to justice)

GoGo: “Tadashi Hamada was our best friend (puts hand on Fred’s shoulder) we’re in”

GoGo: (attacked Yokai when he hurt Fred)

GoGo: (tried to stop Baymax first from killing Callaghan)

GoGo: (hugged Hiro to comfort him after his breakdown and promised to catch Callaghan)

GoGo: “We’re going to catch Callaghan (puts hands on Hiro’s shoulders) and this time, we’ll do it right”

GoGo: (looked mournful when Baymax didn’t return from the portal)

GoGo: (playfully nudges Hiro and becomes like a big sister to him)

GoGo: (is seen saving a dog during the end credits)

GoGo: (never once threatens anybody and only hits Yokai, who attacked her)


Beata wasn’t the only one who had fun at the playground.. When I was busy taking pics of Beata, Gogo was at the public toilet area, passionately ACR-flirting with this guy (whose name is Luc).

They had two bolts, and Gogo asked him on a date.

In the second pic you can also see Mia Fennelly’s roommate Roger - he heartfarted at Gogo a lot and tried to talk to her, but then she was gone.. Poor dude. It wasn’t just him, though, sometimes it feels like almost everyone has a crush on Gogo.. Can’t blame them, ahah

Anyway, Gogo & Luc’s date was alright. It could have been better, but Luc kept wanting to play kicky ball with Gogo and there was never enough room for them to play because this restaurant is always packed full.. I need to put some more spacious restaurants in the city :D

Is it weird that I could kinda see Honey Lemon and GoGo from BH6 together as a couple? They’d be kind of adorable.
Like, Honey would take GoGo shopping for cute dresses, and GoGo would pretend to be bored, but she’d actually be having fun because she loves seeing Honey get so excited.
They would share an apartment and sometimes, when they’re not out hero-ing, they’ll dance to a mix of each of their favorites songs, so there’s everything from Latin music to punk rock and everything in between. During one dance session, GoGo tries to be all smooth with the whole “spin you and catch you as you fall” thing, but she missteps and they both go tumbling. They both have a good laugh about it. As Go Go starts get up, Honey Lemon suddenly pulls her back down and kisses her, and they end up just lying there in each other’s arms.
I think I might have a BH6 ship, guys. Like, the more I think about it, the cuter it gets. Help.