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Behind the Glitz feat. Mseasy

Not only does dance serve as a physical art form, but dancing also instigates a change in mood, a force of attraction, and can influence perception through communicative self-expression. The beauty of language is not only confined to verbal interaction but can also be achieved through the movement of one’s body. Dance culture has become a platform for individuals who seek to share their unique outlook on life and articulate the message of unity.

We came across the opportunity to shed light on a visionary of dance, commonly known by her on-stage alias, Mseasy. Not only is she leading the empire of go-go dancing and theatrics, but also Mseasy uses her outreach and skillset to change the world one performance at a time. Continually lending a helping hand, she uses her choreographic discipline to empower troubled dancers and gives them the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Many may recognize her as the infamous clown character at Insomniac Events. A creative woman with several acknowledged accomplishments and an impressive journey as a dancer, businesswoman, designer, and a dreamer with a vision to transform lives. From balancing life between shows and costume making (up to 35 designs at a time) to co-direct her reality show, her experience has positioned her as an icon to many, especially in the entertainment industry. Mseasy once wanted to run away with the circus - in fact she did - but now she has created her own!

1. Who is MsEasy and where does your story begin?

As a Midwestern girl from a blue collar family, I had big dreams. I always knew I would run away & join the circus, in one way or another.

2. What influenced your decision to pursue a career as a performer/dancer?

Michael Jackson, Madonna, drag queens, and the undeniable urge to perform. When it’s meant to be, it really isn’t a matter of choice. It just is.

3. They say one’s life is a message to the world. What would you consider your message?

Never take yourself too seriously, live fearlessly, take chances, & never apologize for who you are.

4. What has kept you inspired?

I’m consistently inspired by fiction, art, fashion, music, history, or purely by color. Trying to outdo myself with each performance keeps an ever evolving process of inspiration present in my life.

5. Have the misconceptions of being a ‘go-go’ dancer ever created obstacles for you?

I have always made discerning choices when it came to the events & companies that I chose to work for as a dancer. Since the beginning of my career I decided to work exclusively for only those that I deemed to be reputable & a good representation of myself. It is unfortunate that the bar is not always set as high which can lend to the misunderstood perception you speak of. When I travel & teach workshops I have a segment in class about professionalism & respecting the craft to help young entertainers stay the course. Ultimately I’ve dodged obstacles by representing myself well & demystifying negative ideas some may have about this profession with hard work & determination.

6. Seven years ago, you turned your passion for performance into a company, named Team EZ Entertainment. Which significant moments in your life would you say contributed to your success both as an entrepreneur and as a dancer?

Traveling frequently & moving from city to city has definitely contributed to where I am in my career. I have met so many talented people & have been a part of some amazing moments in the industry by being at the right place at the right time. Working wtih Disco productions in New Orleans in the early to mid 2000‘s really helped me get my feet wet with entertainment & put me on the path to organizing a true company of the entertainers I have now. After moving to Denver CO, I started my company & branched out to California quickly. It wasn’t long before Team Ez spread nationally & now our work can be seen in nearly every state at major events of all kinds.

7. You recently gave closure to the first season of your web series ‘The GoGo Life.’ What are some qualities you’ve gained in the process of filming your show that you wouldn’t have gained otherwise?

I was closely involved in the creative process of the show & it strengthened my directing/coaching skills because I was working so closely on the scenes with the crew. It also helped me learn how to be more comfortable on film. It takes skill to be natural with cameras on you for long periods of time & not feel forced.

8. Will there be a Season 2?

Recently, The Go-Go Life signed a distribution agreement that will put the current episodes on a cable channel called Music Choice during the month of July. OneBeat is also planning to put the show on Xbox Live which will help in gaining exposure & hopefully help us find funding for our second season. The Gogo Life is looking for sponsors so we can produce the second season & bring more to our viewers.

9. Aside from EZ Entertainment, your work as a costume designer has been featured in the Japanese magazine Alamode. Have you ever considered the possibility of launching your own collection?

I do currently have a clothing & costume line that is on hold due to time constraints. I am very focused on my entertainment company & often neglect my clothing line side project. I have been working consistently though on my designs & am hoping for a soft launch in the near future. It’s been an honor to have my work featured in magazines in Japan such as Alamode, Kera, & the gothic Lolita Bible.

10. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of creating a new character for a festival?

The process can vary due to the flexibility I have to develop characters. Many events have themes more often now & I am finding my own creative voice within the concept of those set themes. My wicked cheshire cats for Beyond Wonderland are a great example of how I was able to add an unconventional twist to a pre-existing idea. After determining a theme, the process of making it our own signature begins. I can spend weeks sourcing the materials that fit perfectly & drawing out the patterns for the designs. Afterwards the action of building the costumes can be tedious & time consuming. It takes a lot of time & energy to create the characters but feels redeeming when you see your vision come to life in such a grandiose way.

11. From your experience, how different is it performing at a festival as opposed to a smaller venue?

Festivals tend to have production running on a much higher scale. Everything from the stage set ups to firework displays can be supremely impressive. The crowds can put off an insane amount of energy but can also be overwhelming at times when you are on the grounds performing. Smaller venues definitely retain an element of intimacy but seldom have all of the bells & whistles. I like to perform equally in both scenarios.

12. Who and what is MsEasy currently listening to?

This week: PANTyRAiD - Pillow talk, Kastle - kastle debut album, & electronica pre 1995.

13. Where can we find the EZ Team performing this summer?

This summer you can catch Team Ez performing at festival events across the nation such as Paradiso & Freak Night in Washington state, Global Dance Red Rocks & Skylab Colorado, The SunCity Music Festival & Something Wicked Texas, & all of the Insomniac events such as Beyond Wonderland SF, Nocturnal LA, & Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas & beyond. You can catch us in theaters on tour with acts Like PANTyRAiD, MartyParty, & more. Our dancers also hold a weekly residency at Beta Nightclub in Denver CO.

14. Random fact you would like to share with us?

There are no clocks in Vegas gambling casinos. Do you think this will hold true at EDC? (Laughing)

by Leslie Fuentes