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i miss selina a lot ngl !!


uh,,  i honestly don’t really have one atm i’m just super busy w school lmao

LABOUM’s one year anniversary is on August 28th!

I’ve been paying attention to LABOUM’s music video counts on Youtube since early May. At the rate the videos have been gaining views it is possible that none of them will hit 1 million views by their anniversary, but getting one (or even all of them) to 1 million views would be entirely doable if the fandom starts working toward such a goal early. Hence this post~


MV View Counts as of June 10th at 10 AM CST:

  • Pit-a-Pat:  768,248
  • What About You:   830,719
  • Sugar Sugar:  647,660

What About You is currently the closest but Sugar Sugar has been gaining views faster than it or Pit-a-pat.  If anyone is interested/curious I can share my data on the average number of views gained daily or the total numbers of views gained since May 6th (the day I started keeping track)


MV Links:


NOTE:  If you choose to search for the videos when going to watch them (which could help boost views) the channel they are on is CJENMMUSIC Official