gogo 13


[MONSTER] Lindom.

Japanese name: リンドム
Romanized name: Rindomu

Alignment: Jaryuu Clan
Type: Jakuryuu
Inspiration: Lindworm, Gouryuujin
Status: Killed by Double Arm Crash.

From: GoGo Sentai Boukenger - Episode 13


  • Lindwom’s appearance was inspired by Gouryuujin from Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger.
  • A lindworm is often depicted as a flightless and venomous bipedal dragon in European folklore.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com

“Here’s some images from 2004’s unfinished GOGO13 Cartoon. It’s a super cool surf-spy adventure with ninjas and cameos from Bluebeat Lounge regulars. It’s Rocky and Bullwinkle meets the original mission impossible series.
Stay tuned!!”

This was on the GOGO13 website for several years and, to the best of my knowledge, nothing ever came out of it, sadly. Seems like something which would be right up my alley, regardless of whether or not G13 was involved.

Aquabats in AZ!

Just saw the Aquabats in PHX!  They were amazing!

Halfway through the set, they paused and played the Handi Gel commercial.  Ryne and I looked at each other and exclaimed loudly “NO WAY, BRO, YOU KNOW I STRETCHED!” They played a few Super Show songs, like B.R.O. and Burger Rain!!! 

They took requests from the audience!  The encore lasted a long time!  Per request, they played Cat With 2 Heads, Powdered Milk Man, and Pool Party (the kids there were all pulled on stage and wanted that song :3 they all danced!) They played others that I’m too tired to remember right now..

A little girl named Millea [sp] was brought on stage, wearing the best little kid outfit ever.  Bat Commander picked her up, sang with her, danced with her, but she confessed she loved Ricky best and stared at him every chance she got.  Who can blame her?

I saw Ian before the show, not in costume.  We walked past each other, I made some kinda noise but he either ignored me or didn’t here me.  I went outside to see if I could find him but he disappeared!  Good god his hair is glorious

Whenever Jimmy picked up the sax, the crowd went nuts.  

They’re all lovely guys, and played their hearts out :) worth spending my last 20 bucks on!

ALSO!!!!! GOGO 13 OPENED!!! Ahhhh loove!!!  If you don’t know them, LOOK EM UP NOW.  Easy to do the ska and skank to!!!  They sing Idiot Box!  They have a new album, which we bought from them and I got my shirt signed!  yay!  

Good night, overall!  Ready for more ska punk shows today!


As usual, a GOGO13 show is worth at least two and one half hoots. The convenience of having Streetlight Manifesto playing almost literally down the street ensured that there were zero obnoxious ska kids, even though it also ensured that only about two dozen people actually showed up.

As seldom as I tend to come out of my comfortable, candy-coated shell, it was surreal being surrounded by so many people I actually recognized, and downright terrifying that I actually managed to socialize with all of them. There was that one snag when Naffzilla tried repeatedly to strike me between spewing gin-soaked streams of unconscionable vulgarities, but it was nevertheless a pleasant experience to run into a handful of old-school Cadets again (Awesome Lad, Curtis and Alex, Jeff, that one guy and those dudes) and be formally introduced to some fellow Aquabatian Tumblrites (bumblingb and nintendonut1).

Honestly, if it weren’t for The Aquabats, I’d never have learned social skills and I’d be living as a grungy hermit in some cave along the California coast. Remember those episodes of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ where Jack and Kate would find a deranged survivalist hiding in the jungle who knew nothing of the status of the outside world? That’s me without the lab coat.

On the bright side, however, I got to come home with my second empty food container courtesy of G13! Following a Honey Nut Cheerios box which Parker emptied all over the audience during the song “Cereal” at a show several years ago (which I got autographed!), now I have a Tootsie Roll bag which Parker emptied all over the crowd during the song “Cereal” at a show several hours ago (which I didn’t get autographed!). Who needs friends NOW?!