December 12th

Pairing: Dean x Reader, brief Sam x Reader
Summary: On December 12th, 2005, the reader’s fianceé, Sam, is killed in a car crash.  Every year on the anniversary of his death, she visits his grave, where she’s slowly starting to fall for his older brother.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 5,690
Warnings: ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST and some fluff
A/N: Ayyyyeeeee felt like being depressing so here you go
Gif credits: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


“What the hell?” Someone said, startling you out of your vision.  “What are you doing?” He sounded unbelievably angry.

Turning to look at the stranger, you frowned.  “I should be asking you that.  What are you creeping up on random people at night in a cemetery?”

The guy scoffed, obviously pissed.  “I’m visiting my brother’s grave and I don’t appreciate that you’re sitting on top of him.  So, move.”

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