Favorite SnK Moments: "Goggles Kun"

"Goggles-kun" represents some of what I love about this fandom. He never got a name and yet adoring fans have created a twitter account, a tumblr site, and an active rp blog for him. He’s been the subject real theories and crack ones.

We SnK fans like our characters - even the minor ones. Even the ones that are so minor that Isayama doesn’t bother to give them a name.

What’s interesting is that Goggles-kun shows up surprising often. He’s in chapters 27, 28, 33, 34, 44, 52 and 57. And he has some great moments. Looking at them, we get a pretty good idea of who he was. He was quiet, authoritative and well respected. He tried to keep people out of danger. He was one of the few soldiers trusted by Erwin during the capture of the Female Titan. He also had a sense of humor.

My favorite moment is in Stohess during the female titan arc. An irate Marlowe is demanding answers, but Goggles doesn’t have time for rookies.

"Listen recruit,", he says, " I can’t talk to you. Go get your superior officer."

Goggles can resist adding a jab, “If he’s not drunk that is.”.

His final appearance is in Chapter 57. He’s keeping watch on the rooftop near  Levi as Kenny silently approaches. We don’t talk about what happens next.

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"Daisuke-kun~" Hikari greeted her friend with a wide, bright smile on her face. "Happy Valentine’s day!" She said as she placed a small pink bag with chocolates into Daisuke’s hands. 

"We hope you like them," Tailmon commented as she moved closer to Chibimon and also handed him another bag of chocolates, a purple one. 

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The amount of ooc and info you put in the tags is unhealthy. You might wanna see a doctor, goggles-kun.

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We are sending a search and rescue squad, goggles-kun! Fear not! They're bringing trained search and rescue bears for just this occasion.

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