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There's something about pilot that makes me think of my mother's dog. I now have the urge to buy him a pilot's hat and goggles (Of course this will get eaten)



six selfies bcuz cyanine asked me to

but also like shes a lot prettier than me so this sux

im supposed to tag ppl but i hate all of u

veilsofthemorning, toxicgaydiation, mandatorybedrest, notearsforshitsmears, infiniteficklefeelings, milliecherie

^ probably six of the most attractive ppl i know

give me ur selfies

edit: fuck i want more of my pretty friends to do selfies: lovefromrose, rebelsrefinement, recipet, hexenight, unpeudepellicule, amonumenttocompromise evildemonmeme

this is like a list of probs the most attractive ppl i know. pls set me free with ur selfies

Belly (1998)

In the years from 1995 to 2000 you couldn’t throw a pair of Tommy Hilfiger goggles without hitting a music video directed by Hype Williams. You probably (should) already know this but the man was the king, KING!, of the music video as short film genre (whispers: “king”). No longer would we have to sit through three static minutes of a band performing in front of a simple backdrop just to hear our favorite song, now we had larger than life sets, baller budgets, vivid color palettes reminiscent of a good shroom trip, and equally on point costumes and special effects. All of this being said, his transition into writing and directing a feature seemed inevitable and on November 4th, 1998 Belly was released. Seventeen years later Belly’s opening sequence pretty much defines on fleek: that acapella version of Soul II Soul’s Back to Life playing against a black light shootout at a strip club (!!!) Jesus Christ, I’ve got chills just thinking about it. The story of Sincere (Nas at his schwing-iest) and Tommy Bunds (DMX as his least crackhead-iest) however was a little shakier.

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I didn't end up drawing it, but on those Star Wars crossover Goggles I wanted to add Pluto/Setsuna as Obi-wan/Ben. Something like, "Usagi, this moon stick was once your mother's weapon, a relic of an age long past." "Huh? Sets, you knew my mom?" and there's too much wrapped up in that simple question for her to do anything but smile softly and nod.

This is on the heels of the Goggles the other day, where we had this amazing moment:

Setsuna as Obi-Wan is pretty great (LOVE the weapon reference). Of course that also makes Queen Serenity Darth Vader then, WHICH ALSO KIND OF WORKS.

I also saw someone suggest Setsuna as Yoda, and tell me that’s not also kind of awesome. Though I suppose on reflection, Luna might work better for Yoda.


It’s been ages since I saw Star Wars though, so a lot of the nuance isn’t right at hand for me. What would you guys do for a Sailor Moon/Star Wars crossover?

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I want to attempt suicide but make sure it doesn't work How can I do this?


The definition of suicide, according to goggle, is “the action of killing oneself intentionally”, and attempting to intentionally kill yourself is a serious matter.

  • It isn’t a game
  • it isn’t fun
  • it isn’t a joke
  • it isn’t romantic or hipster
  • its a life or death situation

I’m sorry but we will not give you advice on faking a suicide attempt. If you want to let people know that something is wrong—talk to them. Suicide isn’t something to turn into a game and there are other ways you can go about dealing with whatever it is that has you wanting to do this. 

Send us a message with the situation and we can try to help, but I will reiterate that we will not help someone with planing a suicide, fake or real.


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Jane had been sitting in the strange but nicely isolated coffee shop that was down town. She had gotten back from another kill and was willing to take a break for awhile before things got out of hand. There had been the police all on the street trying to keep people at bay due to the crime scene. She had been looking through the window as she drank her hot tea from under her mask. She had her goggles still on her face as the covered the entire half of her face so that no one could see her eye. 

She was surprised she was not questioned then again she had come on a motorcycle and was not bothered. She knew the crimes the investigators had been involved in were serious, however, this was not her own handy work that she was view. It was some amateur serial killer who got lucky and managed to outsmart these coppers. She would not get too involve considering he wasn’t much of a threat. She would take in more research and eventually get involved,but right now she was enjoying the day and relaxing. She pulled her mask down again to drink the last of her tea before she would decide t get more. she placed it back on and streched her body out as it made the cracklying sounds. 

BJD Updated Sales Post

Since the Tumblr update my old sales post isn’t letting me edit it properly… So here we go with a new one.

8-9” Purple Plum Wigs
- $10 each

MSD 1/4 Striped Socks - $5

SD 1/3 Jeans/Shirt/Vest Set
- $40
SD 1/3 Ramones Shirt - $10
x2 Tiny 1/12 Socks - $3 each
16mm Gold Glass Eyes - $15
14mm Brown Acrylic Eyes - $10

3-4” Volks Fashion Doll Wigs - $10 each

7-8” White Wig - $5

Volks Century Model Limited Edition Rain Drop - $100 OBO

Are you wearing Bias-Goggles?

Hello, my friends, ODG here!

The question we must ask ourselves today, as fellow Naruto fans… are you wearing Bias-Goggles in regards to your ship or character? I know, you’re probably saying, “But, how can we know if we’re wearing Bias-Goggles, because they are invisible to us!”

Well, here are a couple more questions to ask yourself, to properly “test” the goggles:

A- Do I see the characters as how they are presented by written/illustrated/audible facts in the series of which you are a fan.


B- do I shed a more “favorable” light on them that distorts them to be more pleasing to how “I” see them in my mind, because I love them more than anything in my entire life ever because they can do no wrong and its okay if they do wrong because they’re just, the best, prettiest, nicest, character that I love more than your character you love who is awful simply because mine is the perfectly. perfectest character everrrrrrr…?

A- Do I have empathy towards others, respecting their likes and dislikes regarding their favorite characters or ships? 


B- Do I attack others because they are OBVIOUSLY wrong, and they need to be corrected, even if they aren’t doing anything. My pairing/character is just the best. Just the best, and everyone needs to know because it is perfect and cute and amazing… and I love love love love love them and I’m sooooooo glad they’re paired and they can have sex together all day, even if their relationship is flawed, it really isn’t, if you think about it in a crazy sort of way…?

Took the test? Read the questions?

If you answered Mostly A’s….

sadly, you have Bias-Goggles on, and you must re-evaluate your priorities in life.