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My biggest concern about SNK Season 2 is that they might completely gloss over Eren’s relationship with Historia just like they did to his relationship with Annie because they can’t bear for Eren to be close to a female character who isn’t Mikasa.

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Something really interesting that just caught my attention. In "Rogue Air" Len says Barry now owes him one too. Then Barry goes on to help Len in "Family of Rogues", you'd have thought after that they'd be even. But then Len makes the effort of going to tell Barry about Mardon and Jesse's plan. Any thoughts on him going that even though they were technically even now?

Lol um. Yes. No. That’s another time I get to use this gif.

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But no actually, I can make some sense of it.

So “Rogue Air” is interesting because Barry hired Len to do a job, and Len did that job (he protected Barry and his friends from the metahumans). He also sabotaged them, but his job was literally to protect them if something went wrong and he did it. He tells Barry that Barry “owes him” for not killing him / letting Simmons kill him, but… that’s not really true?

It’s important to note that Len’s sort of bluffing his way through all of this. I can’t find my post where I first talked about this, but if you look at this face when Mardon strikes the airplane down, it looks like genuine shock. He was also complaining about them being late. I think he expected ARGUS to show up and fight the metas and for his involvement to be a lot more minimal than it was. I mean, he absolutely sabotaged the truck, he just didn’t expect things to go down how they did. So he’s forced to kill Simmons to hold up his end of the deal and forced to lie about his motives to Mardon, and forced to just sort of keep going from there.

Which brings us to him lecturing Barry about trusting him and all that. Milking this for the most he can get out of it because damn did it ever end up going his way after all. 

But I don’t think he actually expected Barry to really follow through. Owe him for not killing him? For showing mercy? Maybe he’d expect the Flash to steer clear of him. Maybe he’d expect to be able to pull it out on him some time and use it to manipulate him. Barry has a lot of honor, after all. And he did stick his neck out to make sure Simmons and Bivolo and Mardon didn’t kill Barry, like well and truly, so maybe he wants a bit of extra compensation for it.

But I don’t think he was expected what he got.

In “Family of Rogues”, Barry was insistent on helping Len. He comes to him three times that episode – while Len is stealing the blueprints, in Saints and Sinners, and again at the place Len and Lewis are laying low. He continuously seeks him out and offers help each time despite being rebuffed and injured for his efforts. 

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And he comes to him that last time because he knows Lisa is in danger. And I’ve talked about that at length before, about what that means to Len, but that’s sort of it here.Barry didn’t just save Len, he saved Lisa. 

He went so far above and beyond to save both of them – sustained injury, almost got shot, pretended to be a criminal and helped on a heist (almost exposing his powers to Lewis in the process), and just generally did everything in his power to save their lives.

Barry didn’t owe Len that much. And they both know it. Barry (well, his team), saved Lisa.

So even though Len goes to prison at the end of the episode, he stills feels in Barry’s debt. His father is dead, his sister is safe and alive and free of that shadow, and prison (which he knows he can escape from with a bit of help) won’t hold him for long. It’s part of their deal. Part of the process.

So when he gets out and finds out there’s a plot on Barry’s life that involves him? He recuses himself from it and, attempting to level their playing field a bit, their debts, he goes straight to Barry.

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And well, you can argue that there’s  more to it than that. There is honor between them, and the fact that he doesn’t want Barry to die, I think. They seem to like each other alive and in opposition. They both care about the city, and enjoy being a thorn in one another’s side. Barry wants Len to join on him on the good side. Len isn’t ready to do that, but he is somewhere he wasn’t before, and that’s heavy in that scene between them.

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I also wrote a short episode coda examining the notion that Len didn’t really go to Barry because he felt indebted at all (because like you said, they should already be even), but rather to let Barry know he wasn’t involved with Mardon and James (which one could logically conclude he was, given that he broke out with them)

“someone said the food is rlly delicious and it’s worth coming back to. everyone’s been complimenting her i think it’s gotten to her head”

yoongi chuckles down at his phone. his family has been busy with the newly opened restaurant but his brother never fails to send him updates and tease their mom about the successful opening. he’s typing out a reply when he feels a warm presence brush his back.

“looks like the business is going well?“ seokjin asks from behind, sneaking a peek at his phone. yoongi turns and nods.

“yeah, they’re keeping busy. they even close shop early because so many people show up, they run out of food.” he shrugs, trying to be nonchalant even though he’s fucking proud of his parents.

“i’m glad,” seokjin nods and pads over to the kitchen to continue preparing their dinner. it’s a rare night at the dorms when they have enough time to rest and their fridge has enough stock for seokjin to actually cook. yoongi follows his hyung, stopping to lean on the wall near the edge of the kitchen so as not to disturb seokjin in his zone.

yoongi’s staring at seokjin’s fingers, currently slicing vegetables for the soup, when he blurts out, “you could open your own restaurant too you know.” a flush crawls up yoongi’s neck. “remember the first time you cooked for me, erm, us when we were trainees? hoseok and namjoon almost cried from happiness.”

they had been living off of instant noodles and cheap store-bought kimbap before seokjin joined them in the dorms. yoongi was too starved to say it then but seokjin’s cooking reminded him of home.

“that’s because you’d been eating nothing but ramyun for weeks. and didn’t you say my cooking was bland?” seokjin raises an eyebrow and yoongi has the decency to blush. okay, seokjin always used too little salt but it was better than nothing.

“it still is hyung, but some people like that!” he rushes the last part, seeing seokjin raise the knife in his hand threatenigly, jokingly, in yoongi’s direction.

seokjin huffs out a short laugh. “yoongi, thanks for the vote of confidence but i can’t possibly be an idol, a grad student, and a restaurant owner all at the same time.” he pauses, contemplating the idea. “i mean i could. but then i’d never get to hang out with you guys.” he gives yoongi a small smile before turning back to cutting vegetables.

“not right now. i mean, in the future. after our military service.” yoongi casts his eyes down to his socked feet, the blush coming back. “when we’re, you know, no longer idols. just regular people.” he shrugs.


“i dunno hyung. i could run it with you? you know help you out with the capital, be co-owner or something. you deal with the customers while i man the register, just like mom and dad.” he stops, ears pinking from embarrassment at the connotation.

the kitchen is still now, the sound of knife against wooden board giving way to the quiet hum of water boiling in a pot.

yoongi looks up to find seokjin just inches away from his face, a fond smile on his lips. yoongi can’t help but stare.

“what do you say hyung. wanna be my business partner?” his throat has gone dry.

seokjin reaches up to gently cup yoongi’s scarlet cheeks. “sure yoongi,” he whispers, leaning in and kissing yoongi on the nose. “i’ll be your partner.”

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Seriously? You equate having compassion for a boy who was born into slavery, tossed about, manipulated and lied to by adults, watched his mom die in his arms and has nightmares about his wife dying in childbirth to stanning a dude who decides to murder because it's edgy? Ok, buddy. Hope you remember this post the next time someone says Finn deserves no compassion because Hux was yelled at by his dad.

Cool motive, still murder.

FYI, I don’t stan or excuse any of Kylo Ren’s actions. But … genocide. GENOCIDE. I know why Anakin did it and his story breaks my heart but you can’t excuse Anakin’s actions. You can’t pretend that what Anakin did is somewhat less horrible because his reasons behind it is tragic. It is understandable, but not excusable. It sickens me when y’all try to use Anakin as some higher moral ground compared to Kylo when he’s done terrible things as well. 

Also, your last sentence? Makes no sense whatsoever and doesn’t add anything to your argument, lmao.

YoonKookSeok in a nutshell pt. 2
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: wow you're good
  • Jungkook: hyu-
  • Hoseok: haha omg haHAHA
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: is anyone seeing this?? absolutely amazing!
  • Jungkook: wh-
  • Hoseok: LMAO ASDFGHJKL this is too fUNNY

Okay, so I’m assuming that the human looking female in the white armor is Cora, who I think was described as a blonde biotic in that old leak that reveal Drack’s name and species to us, but looking at their character icons what is Liam supposed to be? Cause I thought he was human and maybe I’m just reading the icon wrong but it almost looks drell?


what did we ever do to deserve hemingwells?


Loosely based on today’s prompt, which is “Confession” 

I know we ADORE a good angst fic about these two STRUGGLING with their feelings for each other/trying to squash said feelings in the hopes of keeping their relationship from getting weirder because of fears of rejection/ and just overall EMOTIONAL TORTURE in general,


There is something to the idea of them just…easily coming to the conclusion that they’re in love with each other and being OKAY WITH IT ALL and no sadness or worry and just pure “You love me? that’s great because I love you too!” perfection. 

So I wanted to do something that was more like that. Something soft and nice.


**Alert! Stay tuned, because I am also uploading a VIDEO of the process of this that I have been editing all morning! Don’t go far!*

Used: Caran D’ache colored pencils + Copic Markers + Plumchester brown ink pen + White Gel Pen

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i never believed this before but now i really feel like you watch with Bellarke googles. I don't think we're getting our moment this season



I am a Bellarke fan.

Why is this even a problem deserving of an anon ask?

*Shipgoggles on* #teamfuckingkissalready look at all the pride and prejudice parallels, omg they love each other so much. okay stop stalling now writers and get them together. 

*shipgoggles off* just let me watch my show already without all these expectations. 

We’re all guessing with speculation. All of us. Me. You. Antis. Your “I don’t think” is not any more correct than my “I think.”

And I also think you’re getting confused. My non shipping interpretation of The 100 is that this is a mythic story of the death and rebirth of humanity, focusing on two paired heroes (Clarke and Bellamy) who will save the world. From the ashes we will rise. Together. 

Yes. It focuses on Clarke and Bellamy. That’s what I see in the story. And that’s actually WHY I ship Clarke and Bellamy so hard. This is the story I see being told. I LIKE this story. 

Did I somehow confuse people into thinking I don’t have a perspective on this show? That I haven’t been talking about my interpretation all this time? Yes I use canon to back up my interpretation. Not only is that how I defend it to people who disagree, but it’s also how I show people where it comes from if they want to agree, and it’s HOW I came up with the interpretation.

I’m not saying this because Clarke and Bellamy are cute and I want them to bang. 

But I like how you come to a Bellarke blog and then accuse the Bellarker of shipping Bellarke. And for some reason, this makes what I’ve been saying about Bellarke all this time, somehow lesser.