goggles what goggles


Okay, so I’m assuming that the human looking female in the white armor is Cora, who I think was described as a blonde biotic in that old leak that reveal Drack’s name and species to us, but looking at their character icons what is Liam supposed to be? Cause I thought he was human and maybe I’m just reading the icon wrong but it almost looks drell?


what did we ever do to deserve hemingwells?

short silly ficlet based on this post by @cat-pun bc i showed it to my partner and they said robbie would be into it (didn’t wanna reblog it with this tho, bc i worried that might be rude) anyway just assume robbie and sport are like… good as married. or married. whatever floats your boat 


“It’s a bit tight,” Sportacus said, lifting his legs. The leather creaked ominously. The spikes were spiky.

The skull on the belt was… a skull.

Robbie stared. If Sportacus had been less busy trying to blow his hair out of his eyes, he would’ve noticed Robbie had been staring for the past five minutes, not speaking, not moving, strangely still.

“Stephanie seemed to like it,” Sportacus said, perking up a little. He examined the bracelet – it was a lovely bracelet, he had to admit, even if he didn’t personally go for black and spiky. Well-crafted. It made a statement, the kind of statement Stephanie currently wanted to make, and Sportacus was more than happy to help her hold the megaphone.

Robbie made a sound like a drying parrot. Sportacus focused on him, at last, his brows furrowing worriedly.

“Are you okay?” He paused. “Do you need some water? Your throat sounds very dry.”

“We need to go,” Robbie said suddenly, urgently, coming back to life as if someone’d plugged him in.

“Go where?” Sportacus blinked. He looked down at his chest. The crystal sat there in content silence around its new, black casing.

“Go to the- “ Robbie gestured vaguely and a little wildly, nearly prodding himself in the eye, “the, the – thing. Room. Bedroom. Mine. Down below.”

“But,” Sportacus was nonplussed, glancing up at the merrily shining sun. “It’s not 8:08 yet, Robbie.”

Robbie inched closer, looming above Sportacus. There was a faint, almost unhinged gleam in his eyes. He reached out, taking Sportacus’ hand very decisively.

The bedroom,” he hissed.

“Oh!” Sportacus said, and then smiled shyly. “Really? Right now? I was going to- “

“And-“ Robbie paused, swallowing, his gaze flickering down at Sportacus’ new getup. “Keep those on. All – all of it.”

“Oh,” Sportacus said, and then: “Oh.”

Robbie made a gleeful little sound.

Sportacus reached up, slowly, and pushed his goggles down, before happily letting himself be led away behind the cow billboard.  


———— To be honest, I can’t tell where I was hurting anymore.
Man, I’m hopeless.
But I don’t want to give up such a fun position to anyone. ————

The 100 Hogwarts AU - Monty Green in Ravenclaw

Monty is a muggleborn who befriended Jasper after the other boy caught him making a flower grow with his palm in the park. With a newfound best friend, who just happened to have magical parents, Monty grew to understand just how he had accidentally set his cat’s whiskers on fire– “I’m sorry Meowiarty, it was an accident.

Even Hogwarts placing them in different houses could not separate them. They still managed to be stuck to each other’s side, and with Monty’s knack for Herbology and Jasper’s Potion abilities, it was only understandable they ended up smoking something they hadn’t even realised could be smoked behind the greenhouses. 

Getting detention was a breeze, because they always found a way back to each other and would generally spend the time pretending to do their chores, while actually just making out. 

During school holidays Monty (and by extension, Jasper) spends his time advocating for Muggle rights, trying to get Wizards to open up to a new age that can include Muggles within their society. They were dying of easily cured diseases within Wizarding societies, they were falling prey to magical creatures, they were leaving Muggles to die every now and then to things that they could prevent, and Monty saw that as wrong. 

Maybe the first time Mokou saw this sukusuku, the only person she could turn to ‘fix’ Keine is Nitori since Mokou is not in good terms with Eientei residents. Something like that. 

Belated happy birthday to @shoukettu
I was inspired by this drawing she made. 


And This just keeps on getting better.

A: Elyza lex is made up.

B: a whole fandom made her up.

C: what is life anymore????