goggles on head

Peridot puts these on for every excuse she can find.  They’re her official “doing science” goggles.  Lapis got fed up with rounding a corner and finding Peridot at crotch-height with x-ray specs, so she started hiding them.  Peridot just kept showing up with them again the next day.  Lapis hid them in more and more outlandish places.  Peridot kept acting like nothing had happened, and kept showing up wearing the damn goggles.  It was driving Lapis to distraction, until, eventually, she witnessed Peridot forget that her goggles were already on her head, give up on finding them, and sit down to make a new pair on the spot.  She’d never even noticed that Lapis had been stealing them.

Title: Back to the Future (Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader is sent on a mission by Howard Stark to travel seventy-one years into the future to collect all of the information that they can without having their cover blown. Is it possible?

Word Count: 1604

A/N: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. I’m actually obsessed and I’m SO PROUD OF IT LOL. I hope you guys enjoy it! and let me know if you want a part two? 



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Sneaking- Peter maximoff smut

Word count: 944 Requested: yes Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader Raring: M- SMUT A/N: I’m so sorry it took forever, but here! I know it’s not the best but it’s finally up!

The two had been together for a while now. Almost a year to be exact. The tension between the two was growing stronger as the days went by. Yet, even with being legally adults, the two never got the chance to do anything, let alone be alone together.

Readers POV

    Peter draped his arm over my side as we walked down the hallway of Xavier’s school. “Class treat you well today, babe?” He asked, his Goggles sitting on his head lopsided. I nodded and grinned at the silver haired boy. “Pretty good, Hank decided to set up a new course for us at the end of this semester… It’s kind of funny” I raised my hand and fixed his Goggles. “Oh, really? What is it?” Peter asked as we made our way to the school yard. “Sexual education and I think it’s 99% because of us” I replied at the fact it was true. That ,and Scott and Jean were getting pretty close.     Peter scoffed as we sat down at an empty picnic table, dropping our bags. “Seriously… Man we’re legal. I’m old enough to know how to put it in-” “DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE, KURT IS BEHIND YOU” Jubilee interrupted and sat down beside us - actually, in between us. Probably because Charles put her and the rest of our friends up to keeping Peter and I separated. Peter frowned and stood up. “Babe, want to go get food with me?” He asked, obvious excuse to find a way alone.   I was quick to follow behind him, we went walking down toward his room. “You know, we don’t even have to have sex, right? We could just go to that carnival that you like so much” Peter looked at me from the corner of his eye. I nodded. “Of course I know that but the most you’ve actually gotten to do was finger me and that was on the bus. I just want to be with you in any way we possibly ever could” I spoke softly and shrugged. We stopped at his door and he was fast to pin me in against the inside of it. His lips found mine and he pressed needy kisses to my lips. I inhaled, taking in all of this scent. He smelt so beautiful.   Much to our dismay, we heard an all too familiar BAMF and Peter sighed in hysteria, pulling away. “Really, Kurt? Man this sucks” Peter looked at he blue mutant who was grinning sheepishly. “I zhought I should finish my homevork”. Peter rolled his eyes and in a rush we were in an entirely new surrounding. A closet.

   “If we can’t get privacy in my room, we’ll get it here” he began to press those needy and list filled kisses to my lips and trailed down. His hand began to move lower to my hips and he kissed down my neck, to my collarbone and stopped. “Can we?” He asked softly and I immediately knew what he meant. I want to. I really want to. “We can get caught, Peter…” I trailed off, not entirely sure I wanted Peters father or anyone else to find Peter getting off inside of me. He grinned at me and held up a silver packet. A condom. Of course he would. “That’s the best thing about it! If we get caught, there’s always that thrill that we proved them wrong that we did get to have sex again” peter pressed his lips to my nose and waited. I nodded slowly.

Within a second or two we were both entirely naked and Peter was rolling on a condom. He pumped himself and looked at me before teasingly running his shaft up and down my slit. I whimpered out and glared at him. “We don’t have time for foreplay”. Peter  chuckled at my hiss. “Of course we don’t. I just like teasing you” Peter lowly pushed himself inside of me until he completely bottomed out, the awkward dull pain between my hips was back from not having him in such a long time. “You okay? You’re making hat face again” he was looking at me seriously this time and he rubbed my cheek softly. “No. I swear, you better not stop” I stated.

I felt Peter roll his hips before pulling out and sliding back into my heat very slowly, then repeating. The face he was making was pure concentration. It was more than likely he was struggling to go slow instead of fast like he’s used to. I kissed his neck and shoulder. “You can move faster, I’m not made of glass”. “ I know I just don’t want to risk hurting my baby girl” Peter said and he started to move in a little faster, but not much. We both let out small moans and gasps.

  Not long after, the sound of our skin was the only think audible. That’s a lie. We were loud. Peter was pounding into me and groaning loud, both of us chasing our orgasms. I felt that familiar tightness in my lower region and let go instantly, a heat and lightheadedness washing over me, my vision blurry. Feeling Peter release info the condom with a loud moan, I heard him giggle. “What?” I asked. “You squirted”. I felt my cheeks get hotter than there was before.

“Okay, fun is up. My office now” Professor Xavier’s voice calls from the opposite side of the door. I heard Erik and Raven mumble something and them walking off, I stared at Peter with wide eyes. He smirked and sat up. “What can I say? You tempted me, and it’s totally worth whatever we have to do now”.

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Hi! Lately I'm seeing a lot of theories that Destiel is canon but only from Castiel's side and it makes me really sad :(( What is your opinion? Do you agree with this?

Hellooo! :) Aww please don’t be sad! *hugs* 

Look, in all fairness, as you might know I’m not Team ‘I think Destiel will go explicitly canon on the show’. :p 

To clear that up; that has everything to do with the decisions I think the producers/showrunners/writers will make in the end, and nothing much with me thinking that it ‘isn’t there’ or that the ship lacks the building up to it or the potential in general. 

In fact, Destiel is so close to canon already that probably one or two well written episodes with some simple (even if very subtle) gestures would be enough to pull it off. Like, it needs zero effort at this point to make it believable to anyone who doesn’t have heteronormativity goggles glued to their head, or isn’t blinded by extreme hatred towards even the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two of them. 

But I think we also have to consider the type of people they are. Wearing his heart on his sleeve; ever since Cas learned how to feel and love, that has been his thing. He doesn’t feel bad or weird about saying it as it is, showing his emotions, in a way that is often almost blunt. That goes for the good and the bad. Even back in season 9, we see this. “I always appreciate our talks and our time together,” he randomly tells Dean as if it’s nothing, even though Dean would never say something like that (even though it might as well be platonic) unless he’s on the verge of dying. 

And it’s always been like that; Castiel bluntly says what he thinks, whether it’s good or bad, and then there is Dean who avoid emotions (and mostly talking about said emotions) like it’s the plague, especially when it’s positive emotions/signs of affection.

Which is why I think that for Castiel; by now he’s able to properly communicate his feelings in both words and actions, and having never done this before in like the ten million years that he’s existed, there is little to no nuance to it, so to speak. He’s in that stage of ‘jeez, tell us what you really think’, and he has no shame there. :p But then there is Dean, and for him we have to mostly make do with seeing it in his actions, instead of him just saying it like that, whether it is to Cas or others outside of their relationship. Burying his emotions and what he feels is pretty much his default setting (even though he’s slowly learning), but I feel like his actions do definitely show what his words can’t quite tell us. 

We do see it often though, every time when we see the blatant difference between how Sam acts when something is wrong with Cas, versus how Dean acts when something is wrong with Cas. They’re all supposed to be good buddies, but there still is a significant difference between how Dean treats Cas versus how Sam does. And that has nothing to do with their difference in personality; if it did, Sam would be equally affected, if not more. 

Like in 9x03 when Sam is a bit shocked, but Dean goes completely berserk when he thinks Cas is dying. Or 11x18, when Sam keeps his cool but Dean can’t and is heartbroken when he tries to free Cas from Lucifer. Or the entirety of season 11 for that matter, where Dean constantly pines and Sam makes sure if ‘he’s okay’. It’s not a matter of the both of them comforting each other about Cas being possessed, it’s always Sam comforting Dean. 

I could give you a hundred more examples but this is already getting long. :p 

But I guess what I am trying to say is; if any Destiel is going to be in there at all, I don’t think it’ll be like this. I feel like either they will keep it ambiguous from both sides (most likely), or at least make sure to avoid ‘the gay’ altogether if they don’t want it being part of the show. Besides, Dean’s never been shown to have feelings that profound towards anyone outside of Sam (whom he practically raised, so they have the relationship as deep as a parent would have with a child, which nothing could compete with), and the effort that he’s put into his supposed ‘love interests’ is almost laughable if you compare it to his relationship with Cas and the lengths to which he goes for him. 

Dean might be showing his feelings in a different way, but I don’t think they’re inferior to Cas’ feelings, if it makes you feel any better. 

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

3. “I’m like 65% sure this won’t explode on us.”

10. “Well, that’s the closest I’ve ever come to a heart attack. Let’s not ever do that again.”

Send me a prompt?

“Hey Y/n-” You tore your eyes away from the contraption in front of you and towards the soldier who you didn’t know had entered the kitchen. Bucky glanced down in front of you, furrowing his brows. “What are you doing?”

“Sort of like a science experiment.” Was all you said as you went back to tinkering with the object. 

Bucky tilted his head as he made his way to the other side of the counter and bent down so he could get a better look at it. 

You smiled at the curious man in front of you. Since he got to Stark tower he wasn’t one to spend time with anyone long besides Steve, so you were surprised he was still hanging around with you.

“Where is everyone?” Bucky straightened up and looked around the open area. 

“No one hangs around when I’m doing things like this.” You snickered. 

Bucky furrowed his eyebrows again and looked at you. “Why not?”

You shrugged. “They scare too easy.” You scooted over and motioned for Bucky to come stand next to you.

He obliged as he came and stood next to you, his eyes following your movements as you continued to work on whatever you were working on. “I don’t get it. Why are they scared?”

You smiled to yourself at how interested Bucky was being. It was kind of cute. “Sometimes my experiments don’t go as I plan.”

You bent over and looked closer as you poured a substance into the tube in the middle of your experiment - Bucky following suit as he watched. “What do you mean?”

You reached above your head and grabbed your goggles and slid them over your eyes then grabbed a pair for Bucky. “Look at me.” you ordered and Bucky turned towards you. Tucking his hair behind his ears until they were secure you then reached up and placed the goggles around his head. 

Bucky’s body tensed up at your soft touch but you didn’t seem to notice - an affectionate grin making it’s way onto your face instead. 

Bucky took a deep breath, his body relaxing a bit since he got to Stark Tower. There was just something about your smile that calmed him.

“What are these for?” He moved the goggles around his head a bit so they fit more comfortably. 

“You asked why everyone scatters when I start an experiment right?” 

Bucky nodded.

“Well,” you looked up at him again and smiled adding one more thing into your contraption then backing away - your hand making its way around Bucky’s left arm to pull him back. “I’m like 65% sure this won’t explode on us.”

Bucky’s eyes widened and his head snapped towards you. “You’re wha-”

He didn’t get to finish before the thing in front of him blew up. A sticky foam-like substance going every which way and covering him and you’ head to toe.

Bucky couldn’t move - he couldn’t even process what had just happened as he stood there immobilized. Finally he reached up and wiped off his goggles and looked at you, the same time that you looked at him.

You couldn’t take it. You burst into a fit of laughter just looking at the super soldier standing there with a look of disbelief. 

Bucky grinned - a full blown grin. It was the first time he’s smiled since he got here and it felt great. “Well,” he shook his arms out. “that’s the closest I’ve come to a heart attack. Let’s not ever do that again.” 

You giggled. “Ah c’mon. Don’t be so dramatic.” Bucky ran his hand through his hair and chuckled with you. “You know that was fun.”

He smiled and bobbed his head a couple times. “Yeah doll, it was.”

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I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention

Set during RTTE before hiccstrid become official.

It was late.

Astrid guided Stormfly down to land on the walkway outside the stables. Her final patrol for the night had been uneventful. She hopped down from the saddle, and set about removing it from Stormfly and preparing her dragon for bed.

With the Nadder comfortably settled, Astrid left the stables heading for her own bed. She was tired and looking forward to a good night’s rest.

Reaching her doorway, Astrid glanced up towards Hiccup’s hut.

Despite the late hour, there was still light shining from under the door and behind the closed shutters. Hesitating at the threshold to her hut, Astrid decided to investigate.

Astrid hesitated at the threshold of her hut. She was tempted to see if Hiccup was still awake. They hadn’t had many opportunities to just hang out and chat lately. They had been so busy during the day, working with the other dragon riders to come up with a plan to defeat Viggo. Occasionally they would meet up at night when the others were sleeping, catching up on each other’s day and discussing plans for the future.

Astrid enjoyed their late night conversations. She felt like she could talk to Hiccup about anything and she knew he appreciated having someone to run his ideas by.

Making up her mind, Astrid turned from her doorway and made her way up the ramp to Hiccup’s hut. As she reached the door she could hear him moving about inside.

She knocked, but let herself in when Hiccup failed to answer the door.

It became clear why as she entered the room.

Hiccup was working on something at his forge fire, hammering cherry red metal and dunking it into a bucket of water at his feet.

Toothless padded over to say hello to Astrid, but Hiccup did not even look up. He wiped the sweat from his brow and plunged his creation back into the embers. He was wearing his Death Song amber goggles.

“What are you working on?” Astrid scratched the spot just behind Toothless’s jaw. The Night Fury’s eyes closed and he gave a happy warble. Astrid smiled at the dragon and leant against the corner of Hiccup’s desk.

“Was he ignoring you?” She asked the Night Fury. “Poor Toothless.” She glanced over at Hiccup. “He seems to be ignoring me too.”

Hiccup was hammering again. The sound of metal hitting metal rang through the small room.

Astrid moved around to stand in front of Hiccup. She waited for him to look up, waving her hands to grab his attention.

“Oh, hey,” Hiccup pushed his goggles up so he could see her. Astrid laughed at the sight of his hair sticking out in all directions.

“Have I told you how ridiculous you look in those?” Astrid waited for Hiccup to put his work down, then snatched the goggles from his head.

“What? How could you say that?” Hiccup held out his hand, but Astrid refused to return his glasses. Instead she tried them on.

They worked well. She could stare directly at the fire without blinking. The Death Song amber cut out the glare completely.

“It was easy.” She told him. “I’m not even sorry.”

Hiccup tried to scowl but was biting back a grin as Astrid finally returned his goggles. She laughed at the expression.

Everything had been so serious lately while they planned their next strike against the Dragon Hunters. Hiccup had been stressed out about reclaiming Berk’s gold. It was good to joke around with him again and let off some steam.

“Well, if you’re going to be like that. I’m just going to ignore you.” Hiccup turned away and walked over to his desk.

“Aw, come on.” Astrid followed him. She stood beside him and tried to bend, getting into his line of sight.

“Nope, ignoring you.”

“Really Hiccup? This is so childish.” Astrid straightened.

“Hmm, did you hear something Toothless?” Hiccup turned to his dragon. Toothless lay down on the floor watching the antics of the two Vikings. “Because I didn’t hear anything.”

“You might not have heard anything, but you’ll notice this!” Astrid pounced on Hiccup, digging her fingers into his ribs. The boy laughed, flinching away from her touch.

“No! That tickles!” He tried to get away, but Astrid was quicker.

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” She renewed her attack.

Toothless swished his tail out towards the two oblivious riders. Hiccup stumbled and tripped on the appendage and they both went down.

Hiccup took advantage of the surprise to get Astrid back for tickling him. The rolled on the floor laughing and gasping for breath. Suddenly, they locked eyes, faces flushing as they realised just how close they were.

“I- uh.”

“It’s late-“

They spoke at the same time.

Astrid rose quickly, brushing dust from her clothing. She stood there awkwardly as Hiccup sat up.

“I’ll uh- see you tomorrow?” Hiccup climbed to his feet more slowly. Astrid could feel her face burning. She nodded hastily and ducked from the building. She rushed back to her hut and tried to ignore the heat in her cheeks and the pounding of her heart.

Toothless totally tripped them on purpose :D

Better Now (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Word Count: 916

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

AN: Part two coming soon

Today was the day the rebel Cassian Andor would arrive back on Yavin 4 after many years spent away working for the rebellion. But honestly you’d prefer it if he just stayed wherever the hell he was and not come back into your life, that was the last thing you needed. Hatred and anger were now the only things you felt for Cassian Andor.

Before he left, Cassian was your best friend and someone you trusted your life with. Hard to believe right? You’d even thought of him more than a friend but knew Cassian took his job way too seriously to get involved in a relationship, so you never even tried to make a move. It’s not like he ever showed any romantic interest in you anyway.  Nothing ever happened, even though you desperately wanted it to, but you weren’t ever sure of what went on in that boys mind.

When he left for his mission, that Cassian never even told you about, you had no idea of how long it was going to take. The jerk left nothing, not even a note informing you of his departure. Instead you found out from Mon Mothma that your supposed best friend left you without warning on a four year long mission! Four freaking years!

You hadn’t spoken to the boy since he left, you’d believed he would have called you at least once but he never did. You spent weeks and weeks, just waiting for him to contact you, but he never did. Hurt, anger, pain, you felt them all because the person you loved and trusted the most had just abandoned and forgotten about you. You’d never felt so betrayed in your life.

Now four years later you only had pure hatred for the stupid rebel, not wanting to see or hear about Cassian Andor ever again. But now he’s coming home and you were going to be forced to be around him, you’ll have to see him again even though it’s the last thing you want to do. You’d been planning out different ways in your head to avoid him when he arrived. Although you must admit it would be nice to see your old friend K2 again, you always adored that droid.

You were walking the halls on your way to meet your friend Lola who worked as a pilot in the rebellion, when you heard commotion coming from the landing area. Seeing your friend in the distance you called out her name and sent her a wave. Upon hearing your voice she looked up and rushed over to you.

“Hey Y/N.” The grin on her face was wide as she smiled up at her friend, adjusting the pair of goggles that rested upon her head.

‘“Hey Lola, what’s going on out here?” Looking around curiously at all the rebels running around frantically, some even wearing excited expressions.An uneasy expression crossed over Lola’s face at your words, nervously looking anywhere but your face. You knew that look, what was she hiding from you?

Your voice was stern as you crossed your arms, questioning your friend. “Lola what is it?”

“Whatever do you mean?” Lola was a terrible liar.

You were becoming quickly irritated with the pilot, you hated it when people kept things from you.“Gosh you’re a terrible liar just spit it out.”

Jumping a little at your tone of voice the girl blurted out her words. “Okay okay. Cassian, he backs. His ship just landed.”

You were silenced by her words, you thought you were prepared for this day but now that it’s really happening you weren’t so sure. Your fists curled into your palms and your breathing became heavy as anger spread throughout your body. Noticing your mood change your friend placed her hands on your shoulders trying to calm you down.“Y/N listen to me just breathe.”

“I’m going to punch that boy right in his perfect face.” I’m sure if it were possible steam would have been coming out of your ears you were that mad.

Lola’s eyes widened at your threat. “Y/N you’re not punching anyone.”

Your anger started to die down at the sound of your friends voice, bringing you back into reality. Sulking a little at not being able to punch Cassian you jutted out your lip.”Just this once, please?”

The pilot rolled here eyes and took your hand in her own.“No. Come on let’s go get lunch and get your mind off of the boy.” You nodded your head agreeing with her as she wastes no time and starts leading you both to the cafeteria.

You were sitting across from Lola, talking about anything and everything to get your mind off of Cassian as you took bites from your peanut butter sandwich.“So then we-”

Lola stops her conversation after the door to the cafeteria opens revealing a certain someone who was not wanted. You couldn’t see what she was looking at though, as your back was to the door, but looked up from your meal in confusion at her halt of conversation. 

Concern was laced in your voice as you looked worryingly over to your friend.“Lola what is it?”

Nothing escaped her mouth, it was like she was in shock and didn’t know what to do. You couldn’t see it but Cassian was walking towards your table leaving your friend speechless as to what to say to warn you.Then you here an all too familiar voice from behind you that sent chills down your spine. “Y/N?”

(Hi I literally started squealing in the middle of class when you replied but I’m the girl who asked if I could submit a lil’ Peter m imagine so here it is, I would love if you gave me some pointers bc I’m thinking of starting up an imagine blog soon. Hope you like it!:)) -Els xx

Stolen Records // Peter Maximoff

 Peter grunted in irritation as he ran a hand through his damp platinum hair and placed his goggles firmly on his head. Having a mutation that gets you anywhere in a matter of seconds sure did have it’s perks, but the downside was that Peter got absolutely soaked if it was raining on his weekly trip to his favourite place on Earth.

He sighed as he scanned the old fashioned record store that he had visited every Sunday night since he was 11 years old before sauntering over to the corner of the store where an old rusty sign hung on the wall read ‘rock and punk.’ If you had never visited the store before, you wouldn’t have been able to make out exactly what the battered sign read. but Peter knew this shop like the back of his hand and had been stealing old records from it for years.

He ran his fingers over the countless records lined upon shelves and in boxes as he scuffed his silver boots against the ugly brown flooring that only made the shop look more authentic, humming along to the pop song that was quietly playing in the background. He looked towards the cashier desk at the other end of the room to find it vacant. God, they were practically asking for him to steal from them.

Peter smiled as he came across a shelf labelled ‘Pink Floyd,’ picking up a record that looked unfamiliar to him and studying the front cover, admiring the artwork for a moment until he heard a loud crashing coming from a few isles away. Suddenly, a girl with y/h/c hair popped up from the metal and country isle, cursing loudly and running a hair through her hair.

It was like Peter was in a trance, he had never came across anyone quite as captivating as you and was immediately mesmerised the moment your eyes met his before you quickly looked away and began picking up the records that were scattered on the floor.

He smirked, tucking the record under his jacket and sped over to you. the lanky teenager leaned on one of the shelves and crossed his arms, taking in your appearance and biting the pink skin of his bottom lip. You weren’t even wearing anything particularly fancy, just a pair of baggy jeans with more rips than he could count and a black shirt tucked into them, the name of the store plastered on the front of it in bold letters.

‘You gonna help me out here or just stand there checking me out, silver boy?’ You looked up at him from your spot on the floor as you placed the dropped records in their correct shelves. Peter smirked at your nickname for him and kneeled on the floor next to you, picking up a few records and arranging them in alphabetical order before placing them on the shelves.

'I haven’t seen you around here before, you new? I’m Peter, Peter Maximoff.’ He smiled, extending his long pale arm, you shook his hand before turning back to the shelves. You were smaller up close, but no less beautiful, he thought.

'I’m an intern.’ You paused for a moment, 'You gonna pay for that, Mr. Maximoff?’ You asked, motioning to the record that was slightly peaking out from under his jacket, Peter  blushed for a moment before gaining his composure.  

'Of course.’

You stood up and brushed the dust from your jeans and sighed 'Well, Peter. I’m Y/n and you can leave now, I can handle this on my own, but thanks for the help. And put the record back unless you’re going to pay for it.’

The silver haired boy frowned, trying to think of a way that he could see you again. He didn’t think he could stand the thought of only being able to see you once a week when he zoomed in to get his records, He had only known you for a few solid minutes and he was already a goner.

'I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy the record. But on one condition.’ He said walking towards you,  he almost looked intimidating, his tall lean frame towering over you. Almost. 'Come on a date with me,’ he breathed out, it was almost as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

'What if I don’t want to come on a date with you? I could outrun you, you know.’

'Sweets, I really don’t think you could.’ He snickered, as if he knew something you didn’t, you screwed your face up at his cockiness.

You thought for a moment, debating whether to agree to Peter’s proposition, 'Ugh, fine! One date, but that’s it.’ You sighed, deciding that you didn’t want to get fired when you had only had this job for a few weeks, and besides, Peter wasn’t that bad looking, but you’d never admit that to him. He seemed like he had a big enough ego. You pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from your pocket and began scribbling down your number before handing it to him.

'Thanks, babe. I’ll see you soon’ He winked and pushed his hair back before throwing you a 10 dollar bill and a goofy grin, and just like that, he was gone.

First Real Thing I Couldn’t Quit

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Words: 947
Plot: Peter shows up at the reader’s door after six weeks of not calling. But there’s a reason she’s angry - and that angst drives Peter to confess his feelings - which leads to a very steamy situation. The first part of a two-part series - this part being PG, and the second part…definitely not PG.
Warnings: This part isn’t smut, but trust me - the next part will definitely be.
Prompts: I got so many requests to write this that listing them all would be time-consuming!
A/N: I wanted to write some angsty, flirty, dirty smutty stuff. This was the result. It’s going to be a two-parter, with the first part setting the scene and the second party being the juicy, steamy part. I hope you’re as hyped as I feel.

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Rain filtered from the skies, the sound of the gushing water beating on the window as (y/n) leaned back on her couch; idly flipping through a long novel about the end of the world. The pages had been worn down over time; the familiar smell of old books filling her nose, the leather rough against her soft fingertips.
She heard a rap at the door of her apartment, and almost jumped out of her skin.
“I…just a minute!” she called, pulling back her hair into a tight bun. (y/n) thought it odd anyone would be out in this weather, let alone be knocking on her door.
It didn’t seem to get much use, noawadays.
Rushing to the doorway, she turned the latch, and twisted the cool metal doorknob in her hand.
Her breath left her lungs in a start.
Peter Maximoff was drenched. His hair was strikingly silver against the murky sky; his skin almost glaringly pale against the red of his lips and the dark curve of his brow. Across his chest, a silver “X” was emblazoned against his black suit and army boots. Resting in the mess of his hair, his goggles perched on is head, raindrops dusting the plastic and making them useless.
Peter Maximoff was like something from a dream.
Or a nightmare.
“Peter? What are you-”
“We just got back. I had to see you” Peter interjected, breathing heavily.
(y/n) sighed, raising her fingertips to her forehead “Peter…”
“I know. I get it.”
“Just…” (y/n) breathed, her hands shaking slighly against the cold “…come in.”
Peter smiled slightly, dimples pushing into his cheeks. He slowly, deliberately stepped around her and through the doorway to her living room; his chocolate eyes wary as she closed the door with a slam.

Peter took in the wooden floorboards, the cream couches. The apartment was small; but stylish. She’d always been one for tasteful decor.
“How was it?” (y/n) asked, her fingers toying with the silver locket around her neck. She could feel the stress pricking the air; they’d barely spoken in weeks, and she could feel the strain like thin wires of tension between them.
Peter shrugged, running his fingers across the shelves in her glass bookcase.
“Didn’t break a leg this time”.
(y/n) laughed awkwardly, the sound making her feel ill. She noticed Peter wince ever so slightly; a subtle reminder of why they were here.
“You now what I’m going to say, don’t you?” (y/n) said, standing upright near the door.
Peter didn’t turn around, but she noticed his back stiffen. Subtle tells in the walls he kept around himself.
“Yeah. Yeah, I know.”
“Peter, you don’t. You don’t get it” she breathed, biting her bottom lip “six weeks, and nothing. You don’t write, you don’t call. At least Jean had the decency to send me a postcard-”
“-It wasn’t like that, okay? I wasn’t trying to-”
“Shut me out?” (y/n) gritted her teeth “you’re supposed to be my best friend, Peter!”
Peter sped across the room to the glass window, papers flying from the coffee table as he looked out onto the busy street. His right arm was leaned against the glass, up above his head; condensation began to rise from it, his warmer-than-average body temperature fogging the window pane.
“Maybe that’s the problem, you know?” he muttered, his face distant and cold.
(y/n) felt her heart drop in her throat, her arms folding across her chest.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded, swallowing hard against the lump in her throat.
“You know what it means” Peter replied, his breath fogging the glass.
“I honestly don’t, Peter. I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.”
“Oh come on” Peter groaned, tapping his fist on the glass “we both remember-”
“Do you want me to say it?! You left me high and dry! You made me think you cared-” (y/n) cried out, anger flooding her face.
“You think I don’t care?!” Peter turned, his face flushed with desparation “I didn’t just kiss you because it was funny-”
(y/n) took several steps towards him, her fists clenched at her sides.
“What kind of man kisses someone and then doesn’t call her back, Peter? For six weeks! Did you ever consider how I might feel?!” 
In the blink of an eye, Peter was standing feet away from her; pink splashed across his cheekbones.
“I get it! I get it. I’m an absolute idiot. I know I am. I’m so used to running away from everything, that…” he cursed, rolling his eyes as he ran his slender fingers through his silver hair; drops of rain spattering the floorboards.
(y/n) swallowed, her breathing irregular enough to make her feel dizzy.
“That what?” she breathed, furrowing her brows as she raised her hand to her chest.
Peter paused, closing his eyes softly, his dark lashes fluttering.
“That I’m scared” he swallowed “alright? I said it. I never…I never finished anything before. It’s easier to quit. I quit on telling my dad who I am, I quit on my job at the corner store. But you’re…you’re the first real thing I couldn’t quit. I tried. I tried, because when you get used to running, that’s all you ever know how to do. So I didn’t call, I didn’t write. And that was dumb, and I was dumb. But then we came home, and I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t not be here. I had to see you. So that you’d know, or at least I could try to tell you, or something…fuck, I don’t know” Peter shook his head, his teeth biting down on his lower lip “I don’t know”.

Preference: Star Wars (Rogue One)

How You Meet

Characters: Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Cassian Andor, Chirrut Imwe, Jyn Erso, K-2SO

Warnings: violence

Request: “Preferences : SW: Rogue One; how you meet” - anonymous

A/N: debated for a long time whether or not I should just explicitly do the Rogue One crew or other characters and eventually I just settled for the Rogue One crew (because I’m kinda lazy I’m sorry). I also added gifs in this one (can’t guarantee I’ll add gifs for my other preferences tho), so hope you enjoy !!

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