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Too Good To Be True

Prompt by oresamawesome: “Robbie makes a truth ray and tries to use it on Sportacus but it ends up backfiring and either affecting Robbie or both of them and they end up accidentally confessing feelings.”

Word count: 3274

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As they speed away, the ruins of Jedha City far behind them, Bodhi walks on shaky feet toward Cassian. “I’m the pilot,” he says, and he holds a pinky finger out to Cassian, who just looks at it. “I’m the pilot.”

“You said that.”

“Right right right,” Bodhi says, fidgeting with the goggles on top of his head. “Sorry. Sometimes I repeat myself. Echoes. I call them echoes. I’m the pilot.”

Cassian nods, looking at the man he just scraped oblivion for. “You’re the pilot.”

On Eadu, swathed in a poncho and surrounded by rain, Bodhi hops over rocks and skirts around corners as he follows Cassian up to the point. They’ve almost reached it when he miscalculates a step and trips.

Fortunately, Cassian lurches forward to catch him, and Bodhi’s not sure if his sudden lack of breath has to do with the fall or those damn dark eyes of the captain’s. He could get lost in those, completely marooned. And that’s saying something, because he’s a damn good navigator.

“Have caf with me?”

“What?” A little surprised, Cassian forgets he’s holding the other man up and lets go. Fortunately, Bodhi regains his footing.

“Have caf with me?” Bodhi’s not sure where it come from but it’s sure as hell not getting taken back now.

Cassian blinks. “Is that another one of your echoes or are you actually asking?”

“Depends on your answer.”

It’s the smoothest he’s ever been in his life, and he’s not even sure if Cassian can hear him over the rain. Even if he did, Bodhi doesn’t get an answer. Cassian spots the Imperials over the ridge and hurries to the lookout point, leaving Bodhi alone in the rain.

The rebel base is full of people running and rushing and racing back and forth, talking and talking and talking. Bodhi finds refuge wedged into a corner with a view of the ships in the hangar and the door Cassian’s going to walk out of any moment.

When he finally does show up, Bodhi immediately perks up— and then perks back down when he sees the expression on Cassian’s face. “Didn’t go well, did it? It didn’t?”

Cassian looks pissed. “We still have the official meeting with the council in an hour,” he says. “But the Senator’s certain they won’t go for it. I can’t say I disagree.” He rubs a hand over his tired face like he can hide from it all— the war, the bureaucracy, the ache.

This time, when Bodhi holds his pinky finger out, Cassian hooks his own around it. When Bodhi’s whole face lights up, Cassian can’t stop the answering smile on his own face. Bodhi says, “Have caf with me?”

But Cassian needs more than caffeine. He needs adrenaline, he needs more time, he needs hope. “We have work to do.”


Cassian’s grin is like the sun on a snowy day. It’s not bright enough, it’s not warm enough, but there it is. Enough to remind Bodhi that there used to be more than this, more than fear and fighting. “Maybe,” Cassian says.

But he needs to go recruit rebels and Bodhi needs to go speak to the council. Cassian unlinks their fingers and hurries off.

On Scarif, Bodhi fumbles with the comm, panicky fingers skidding and failing to find the right buttons. “Cassian,” he mumbles, even though he hasn’t made the connection yet. “Cassian, Cassian, Cassian.”


Bodhi jumps, realizing he reached the captain. “Cassian?”

“Bodhi, I’m here,” Cassian says, tinny over the audio. “What is it?”

The shield is still up. The Imperial forces are closing in on the ground and in the sky. They’re losing people left and right and the Death Star plans seem impossibly out of reach. “Have caf with me?”

Cassian found him days ago, sitting traumatized in a cell. When he speaks, it’s with a veneer of calm, like he feels like he needs to walk on eggshells around Bodhi, like he feels like he needs to be supportive.

When he speaks now he’s raw, real. “Okay,” he says, and Bodhi tries to picture him, where he is. He knows the Empire. Nondescript halls, a thousand identical soldiers. And then Cassian, tucked away, hiding the way Bodhi used to. A rebel heart shrouded in an Imperial uniform. “Okay. Let’s have caf. Let’s do it.”

Bodhi holds the comm unit up to his temple, eyes shut like he can imagine Cassian standing in front of him, deep dark eyes and sunlit smile. “We have work to do,” he reminds Cassian.

Cassian knows. He’s doing the work right now. They all are. “After?”

“After,” Bodhi agrees, nodding even though Cassian can’t see him. “After.”

In his very last moment, Bodhi thinks of Galen Erso and the rebellion.

But in his second to last moment, Bodhi thinks of two cups of caf, a smile, a pinky finger latched around his own. Something that could have been a beginning, now ground into dust, dissolved, like sugar in coffee.

Sneaking- Peter maximoff smut

Word count: 944 Requested: yes Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader Raring: M- SMUT A/N: I’m so sorry it took forever, but here! I know it’s not the best but it’s finally up!

The two had been together for a while now. Almost a year to be exact. The tension between the two was growing stronger as the days went by. Yet, even with being legally adults, the two never got the chance to do anything, let alone be alone together.

Readers POV

    Peter draped his arm over my side as we walked down the hallway of Xavier’s school. “Class treat you well today, babe?” He asked, his Goggles sitting on his head lopsided. I nodded and grinned at the silver haired boy. “Pretty good, Hank decided to set up a new course for us at the end of this semester… It’s kind of funny” I raised my hand and fixed his Goggles. “Oh, really? What is it?” Peter asked as we made our way to the school yard. “Sexual education and I think it’s 99% because of us” I replied at the fact it was true. That ,and Scott and Jean were getting pretty close.     Peter scoffed as we sat down at an empty picnic table, dropping our bags. “Seriously… Man we’re legal. I’m old enough to know how to put it in-” “DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE, KURT IS BEHIND YOU” Jubilee interrupted and sat down beside us - actually, in between us. Probably because Charles put her and the rest of our friends up to keeping Peter and I separated. Peter frowned and stood up. “Babe, want to go get food with me?” He asked, obvious excuse to find a way alone.   I was quick to follow behind him, we went walking down toward his room. “You know, we don’t even have to have sex, right? We could just go to that carnival that you like so much” Peter looked at me from the corner of his eye. I nodded. “Of course I know that but the most you’ve actually gotten to do was finger me and that was on the bus. I just want to be with you in any way we possibly ever could” I spoke softly and shrugged. We stopped at his door and he was fast to pin me in against the inside of it. His lips found mine and he pressed needy kisses to my lips. I inhaled, taking in all of this scent. He smelt so beautiful.   Much to our dismay, we heard an all too familiar BAMF and Peter sighed in hysteria, pulling away. “Really, Kurt? Man this sucks” Peter looked at he blue mutant who was grinning sheepishly. “I zhought I should finish my homevork”. Peter rolled his eyes and in a rush we were in an entirely new surrounding. A closet.

   “If we can’t get privacy in my room, we’ll get it here” he began to press those needy and list filled kisses to my lips and trailed down. His hand began to move lower to my hips and he kissed down my neck, to my collarbone and stopped. “Can we?” He asked softly and I immediately knew what he meant. I want to. I really want to. “We can get caught, Peter…” I trailed off, not entirely sure I wanted Peters father or anyone else to find Peter getting off inside of me. He grinned at me and held up a silver packet. A condom. Of course he would. “That’s the best thing about it! If we get caught, there’s always that thrill that we proved them wrong that we did get to have sex again” peter pressed his lips to my nose and waited. I nodded slowly.

Within a second or two we were both entirely naked and Peter was rolling on a condom. He pumped himself and looked at me before teasingly running his shaft up and down my slit. I whimpered out and glared at him. “We don’t have time for foreplay”. Peter  chuckled at my hiss. “Of course we don’t. I just like teasing you” Peter lowly pushed himself inside of me until he completely bottomed out, the awkward dull pain between my hips was back from not having him in such a long time. “You okay? You’re making hat face again” he was looking at me seriously this time and he rubbed my cheek softly. “No. I swear, you better not stop” I stated.

I felt Peter roll his hips before pulling out and sliding back into my heat very slowly, then repeating. The face he was making was pure concentration. It was more than likely he was struggling to go slow instead of fast like he’s used to. I kissed his neck and shoulder. “You can move faster, I’m not made of glass”. “ I know I just don’t want to risk hurting my baby girl” Peter said and he started to move in a little faster, but not much. We both let out small moans and gasps.

  Not long after, the sound of our skin was the only think audible. That’s a lie. We were loud. Peter was pounding into me and groaning loud, both of us chasing our orgasms. I felt that familiar tightness in my lower region and let go instantly, a heat and lightheadedness washing over me, my vision blurry. Feeling Peter release info the condom with a loud moan, I heard him giggle. “What?” I asked. “You squirted”. I felt my cheeks get hotter than there was before.

“Okay, fun is up. My office now” Professor Xavier’s voice calls from the opposite side of the door. I heard Erik and Raven mumble something and them walking off, I stared at Peter with wide eyes. He smirked and sat up. “What can I say? You tempted me, and it’s totally worth whatever we have to do now”.

Headcanon: Sportacus’s goggles are prescription!

A silly headcanon, but explainable! Since Sportaflop always has his goggles on his head, he, uh, can’t see well.

This accompanying picture is some “proof” I put together, from S01E03, the sports day episode. Let’s face it, the candy apple obviously doesn’t look like a real apple, but Sportacus assumes it IS real!

To make it a little fluffy, Robbie sits at the other side of his lair, pulling faces at Sportacus, knowing he can’t see him

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imagine sherlock and rosie sitting at the kitchen table together, with rosie on sherlock's lap and a pair of oversized goggles on her head, and they do a simple little experiment together, and john comes in to make tea but stops short at the sight of them and can't help but stand there and smile at how absolutely adorable they look

awwww omg I love this <3

  • *in a car, on a stakeout*
  • Molly: *bored* How long do we have to stay here?
  • Sherlock: *peering through binoculars* All night if necessary.
  • Molly: *sighs* It's just...when you said you needed help with a case-
  • Sherlock: *leans over and snogs her*
  • Molly: *squeaks*
  • -a moment later-
  • Sherlock: *pulls back, looking through the binoculars* False alarm. Not the suspect.
  • Molly: *blinks* Oh *clears her throat* Well, um...I had a date a-and I can't keep-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Someone's coming *kisses her*
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *mutters huskily* Was it the suspect?
  • Molly: *blushing* The old lady walking her dog?
  • Sherlock: *smiles apologetically; leans back* Right. Um, it's dark.
  • Molly: *nods quickly* Yeah.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* For God's sake... *grabs her and snogs her*
  • Molly: *pulls away a second later* There's no one there.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* So?
  • Molly: *smirks* Okay *kisses him*

AU Concept: Lenore stealing her steam punk boyfriend’s goggles ALL THE TIME. She tells him it’s because they go with her outfit–but that’s because she starts dressing specifically to accessorize with the goggles. Eventually, H.G. has to buy/make a second pair of goggles and let the original pair fall into Lenore’s permanent possession. (Of course, she just starts taking the new pair)

Bonus: Poe is very oblivious and H.G. and Lenore being a Thing, and so when he sees his roommate walking around with H.G. Wells’s goggles on her head, he is very, very confused. “Are those H.G’s goggles?” he asks her. “Yep,” she responds, smiling. Poe blinks and furrows his brow in confusion, “Why are you wearing them?” Lenore just shrugs, “They match my outfit.”

GerAme Week: Day 1 - Meeting/Introduction

The only thing that surprised Ludwig more than the fact that the student sitting right next to him had managed to make his experiment explode when the experiment materials had no explosive qualities, was that he put his goggles on his head, calmly produced a cloth, and leaned over (while wiping his face) to Ludwig and said with a smile and a strange look in his eyes,

“Hey, Handsome.  I’m not sure how, but it exploded.”

OKAY so there appears to be a bit of a time difference thing going on.  It is still the 22nd of November where I am, and will be for a few more hours, but Day 2 has already started!!  

Syldrem Tavothas, Baron of Kovduse, The Metal Soul

Syldrem, and by extension his work, are renowned the world over for their beauty. He stands just over 6 feet tall, with his coffee brown hair usually slicked back or tied behind his face while he works. A pair of goggles never leave his head, and he can be seen in anything from simple work clothes to his signature black and blue finery. He wears a special signet ring which functions as a master key for his constructs, a gear wrapped in an ivy vine that forms a T in Sylvan in the middle.

Syldrem’s constructs that are equal parts art and function, and range from birds to dragons to dwarves and even metallic representations of his kin, the elves. They patrol the surrounding landscape and inhabit the town over which he claims barony, Kovduse. His citizenry live very easy and carefree lives, due in large part to the help of Syldrem’s creations. The one thing the town seems to lack is an inn of any sort, as the town doesn’t tend to get many visitors. At least, they don’t stay for too long….

Before Syldrem was the mad genius he was today, he came from an Elven city deep within a large forest. Raised among the nobility, Syldrem was taught all the manners and niceties of high society, along with the carving and shaping of stone and wood that his people were famous for. He devoured these lessons with a hunger that bored on mania, always ravenous for more. Once he had sapped the town of it’s useful knowledge, he was struck with an intense wanderlust. Setting out to explore the world outside his home forest; he wandered for many years throughout the human and dwarven kingdoms, finding a love for the artificing arts and a wife to call his own, a human woman and fellow artificer named Naeva. Settling down in a city far from the human capital, with his wife by his side and ambition burning in his soul, he set about improving the lives of his fellow citizens. Every construct, while near flawless, was seen as a failure in his eyes.

Syldrem’s dream was to create true sentience within a body that never aged, to create true eternal life. It consumed his every waking moment, driving his work to its highest peak. He tried every style of automaton, from servants to recordkeepers to soldiers. No matter the materials used, the complexity or nature of the power source, he could not reach his goal. While Syldrem would shut himself off from the world for weeks at a time, Naeva would venture out into the city to maintain his constructs and interact with the townsfolk. She would help care for the sick and build new limbs to aid those who had lost them. It was this love for the town that would lead to her death, as she fell defending it from a blue dragon attack alongside her fellow townsfolk and the dragon itself. When her body was delivered to their castle, Syldrem’s passion contorted into utter madness.

He instructed his minions to retrieve the dragon’s corpse, and he set to work researching a method to resurrect his beloved, pulling her soul back from the other side with a combination of necromancy and his talents as an artifcer. All at once, his madness bore the fruits of success. He had created a sentient construct, and his beloved was with him again. This only served to deepen his madness, as he then was able to pull the dragon’s soul back as well. This unlucky drake’s soul was funneled into a form of arcane generator, and is tortured endlessly to generate power for Syldrem’s experiments as punishment. His “perfect” construct was shown off to the king at an inventor’s faire, and he was granted the barony for his accomplishments, The construct’s ability to not only carry out commands, but learn and think for itself was explained as the result of an elaborate series of arcane rituals, since true sentience would require a soul…

Syldrem was flooded with requests for these elaborate constructs, and he happily obliged. He procured souls by kidnapping those living on the fringes of society: adventurers, peasants, a ditzy noble or two who wandered too far from their mansion, proceeded by the noble family’s order for a construct being fulfilled. Though these constructs were made the same way as Naeva and the dragon, renamed Voltanax by Syldrem, their minds were devoid of the personalities they once held. This suited Syldrem just fine, as it meant he was free to make whomever he pleased into whatever he wished, with no one but himself and his beloved the wiser. Naeva sees her husband as helping grieving families with the loss of loved ones and improving the lives of everyone in the town that she loves, unknowingly complicit in his mad schemes.

So if you happen to make your way into an idyllic town filled to the brim with mechanical wonders, perhaps as a guest of the honored baron who claims this town as his, make sure your stay is brief. For if sleep finds you in this town, well, there are always orders to be fulfilled….

Head cannon - DATE NIGHT



Seven and MC dress up in all black, full on tacky dollar shop spy costumes.. Seven wears pretend night vision goggles on his head (but like… strapped over his normal glasses)… He’s in tight black pants and black sweater, with a holster strapped around his hips with a feather on a string in it… MC has a fake bullet proof vest on, with a holster strapped around her right thigh, with a can of tuna wedged in… Tight pants, long hair, wearing the novelty sunglasses with the nose and moustache attached. 

They take the black Lamborghini (cause Seven insisted it was the most spy like) and take a selfie while driving to send to the chat group. Jaehee and Zen comment on how odd, but well suited they are to each other. Yoosung wants to be there too. Jumin is quiet. 

They park a few minutes away from the building, knowing the escape is going to be the most fun part. Laugh together as they commando roll in the dark and sing their own theme music. 

They dodge security. Seven hacks in to locked doors using cables connected to his phone while MC narrates the thrilling moments in a low voice. They argue over who is James Bond and who is the sexy side kick (Seven thinks he can pull off the walk out of the ocean bikini shot better). 

“We’re in” Seven whispers.. They sneak down the hallway, and slowly open a creaky door…

Elizabeth the 3rd is curled up on the couch. They immediately pull cat toys and food out of their holsters and begin playing with her. Seven lifts her up and spins. Lots of selfies with Elly wedged between their cheeks, both grinning as they send it to the chat group. 

“How long until phase two?” MC giggles. 
“Hmm,” Seven holds his hand up to his ear, “I give it 3 seconds”. 
“LUCIEL YOU ARE NEVER-” shouts a deep voice from the hallway. 

“Phase two lets go go go!” Luciel shouts, motioning towards the door. 

“TO BE NEAR ELIZABETH THE THIRD AGAIN!” Jumin stands in the doorway, fury in his eyes as he clutches his phone. 

Seven grabs MC around the waist and hurls her over his shoulders. He holds MC secure with one hand and pats Elizabeth with the other.

“Until we meet again, my love! Oh Elly, how I wish fate did not tear us apart!”

“Her name. Is. Elizabeth. The third.” Jumin huffs between grit teeth. Jumin runs into the room to pick up Elizabeth, while Seven runs around him with MC still over his shoulder. 

They both continue to sing their theme song loudly as Seven carries MC outside the building. Seven puts her down and they sprint through the garden, security shouting at them with torches waving in the air. 

The drive home is non stop laughter and exaggerated reenactments of Jumin’s face/reactions/mannerisms. They ignore the phone notifications and calls from him all the way home. They decide date night is their new code name for selfies with Elly, because the harder it is, the more fun it will be. Next time though they will wear Austin Power style costumes…

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i want swimsuit skins. give junkrat a speedo

hehe yea. for rat it’d be perfect since he already runs around pretty naked so it would’s be spectacularly weird

kinda thought it over and i think a skin with flaming swimsuit shorts, some weird mismatching diving gear like a snorkel and goggles on his head, and a riptire with parts from an oxygen tank would be neat.

a single flipper hanging from the riptire would be golden too.



“Do you already have a partner?” You glanced up at the sound of Jaspers voiced, shocked to see him holding a makeshift spear. Strands of his hair were flattened against his forehead, trapped by the pair of goggles strapped to his head. His lips were pulled into a bent line. He was nervous, hopeful at best.

“You’re joining the hunting party?” You were too surprised to answer his question at first.

“Yeah, that’s the plan at least,” he smiled, an anxious laugh escaping him. His head ducked down and he grabbed the back of his neck, still waiting for an answer.

“Alright, just let me grab my pack and we can get going.”

This seemed to please him but the smile dropped as soon as Murphy’s mouth opened.

“Come on, you’re ditching us for goggle boy?” He said, his eyes briefly glancing over Jasper before returning to you. Bellamy was still waiting not too far off for you to join his group before setting of.

“I’ll catch up with you guys tonight at dinner,” you promised. Your voice took on a lighter, more teasing tone. “Besides, with the way you tromp through the forest we won’t be able to kill anything, and I’d like to actually eat tonight.”

Murphy shook his head but left you alone otherwise. You turned back to Jasper, an uneasy smile on your lips. “You’ve done this before, right.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, but his voice sounded forced. “I mean, I always scored well in Earth Skills class up on the ark.”

A laughed eased out of you and you punched at his shoulder, moving towards the treeline. “Just follow my lead, goggle boy. I’ll be damned if I let Murphy’s group bring home more meat than us.”