goggles man

An important thought: Bodhi’s force ghost watching and trying to guide a young and disenfranchised stormtrooper as he decides to free a captured rebel operative. 

An even more important though: the same young man, now given a name and a place in the world, embarks on his quest to become a Jedi. As he taps into the force, he reaches Bodhi’s ghost for the first time.

“Who are you?” he asks, having expected robes and a lightsaber, not a wispy man wearing goggles and a flight suit. 

“I’m Bodhi Rook. I’m so very, very proud of you, Finn.” 

Something I noticed in the Time Traveler's Pig promo

For a brief second you can see the scene of the gnome monster from “Tourist Trapped” attacking Dipper and Mabel just outside the Mystery Shack… except you see it from a completely different angle because it’s from Goggles Man’s point of view.

The theory: Dipper and Mabel are going to travel back to scenes from past episodes that included Goggles Man in the background.

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 10)

Mixed with her excitement was a very present sense of nervousness, not that Lou Ellen would admit that, but the moment they had her sign a waver and such and have her parents sign it as well, she began to feel nervous. When she first got the news that she had won the contest all she could think about was how fun this would be.

She was now singing another tune as she listened to Ghost King list his rules. It was clear this was not all fun and games. Her heart was racing and beating so loud she thought Ghost King could hear it. As if sensing her nervousness he looked at her and placed a hand over her shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze.

“Remember. If you get scared or it gets too much for you, just let me know and we’ll make sure you get home safe.”

“Thanks. So how exactly did you get into the whole ghost hunting gig?”

Ghost King seemed to go into deep thought, in search for an answer before he took in a deep breath and looked back at her. “Well….for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to see them…talk to them…and sense them. When you’re young, you’re curious. I got curious and decided to just listen to whatever was pulling me to that old house on Asphodel Lane, you know the one?,” Lou nodded, “Well of course I had to break in, but once inside the pull was gone and I was just so relieved, but I saw them, all the spirits in that house, they were nice. I don’t know….it just became second nature for me to go back to that house and talk to the spirits there. But then it got condemned and a new house was built and put on the market. The spirits were not happy. I tried to reason with them, but they didn’t want to hear it. I even tried to stop the selling of it but no one believed me that the ghosts wouldn’t like it. So they sold it. The family got haunted….it was bad. The daughter ended up in a hospital. From then on I kinda vowed to gather evidence of the existence of spirits so people would listen…..but anyways why don’t we go inside it’s almost time to start filmimg.”

Lou could only respond with a nod, she was a bit shocked with how open he was, not to mention the fact that he apparently could do this at such a young age. It was interesting! It was astounding! It was a bit worrying….


Nico had no idea why he just basically told Lou Ellen his whole life story, maybe because it was the first time someone asked him? He didn’t know for sure. She was easy to talk to. That was something he liked about her. But it was also something he feared about her. She gathered secrets. She was trustworthy if she was your friend, but get on her bad side…and yeesh! That was a terrifying thought.

He got the cue from the crew that they were about to start, Nico let his night vision goggles hang loosely around his neck and handed Lou Ellen a pair.

“What are these for?”

“So that we can see. The power hasn’t been on in thirty years. Actually it’s not even connected to a power line anymore. So you’re gonna need them.” He said with a chuckle.

She nodded and let hers hand around her neck like he did.

After the initial introduction and interviews of past employees and patients, Nico always gave and a brief history of the place they were going to be investigating, he explained to the viewers why they had the night vision goggles as he had done to Lou Ellen, he even showed the documents stating as such. As he finished this, Lou gasped from beside him. He looked at her and tilted his head questioningly. Her eyes were wide in awe and shock.

“Remember how you said there was no power?”

“Of course, why?”

Instead of answering him, the girl before him pointed to a window of the building on the third floor, a light in one of the rooms was on. The camera guys quickly zoomed in on it as one had his camera focused on Nico and Lou Ellen.

“Oh wow. Activity right off the bat. This should be fun.” Another gasp and Nico saw the light turn off but there was the distinct shadow of someone in the room. He could already sense it’s intent.

“We’ll avoid the third floor for a while….let’s head in.” He mumbled as he took the goggles off, and motioned for a crew member to cover him as he unzipped his hoodie and slipped the goggles on and zipped the hood back up. Lou and the crew had of course tried to catch a glimpse of him without the hood but to no avail. Even the member who hid him had to have his back to him, so he of course didn’t see anything.

“Let’s go.”

They followed in silence, Lou was beside him softly clutching the sleeve of his sweater as the front doors swung open with loud refusing squeaks. They walked in and Nico nodded at the crew member outside to lock them in. Along with the three man camera crew, Nico had people stationed outside to make sure no outside interference could mess with the filming.

As soon as they stepped inside, Nico felt the temperature drop, it seemed like Lou Ellen did as well since she put on the sweater they had given her right away.

“Okay. Let’s head over to room 103, to recap that was the room the past nurse, Ms. Amanda Gardner was telling us about earlier,” Nico spoke to the camera, “Where patients reported hearing a woman singing and smelling perfume at random times, and it is also where people have reported seeing a little girl apparition on multiple occasions. As we do this, Michael Butcher,” Said man waved at the camera and smiled,“ one of our camera men is going to go around the first floor setting up x cameras, he is wearing a go pro so you guys can see him doing so, he is also going to be placing EVP recorders beside the cameras, he will be carrying one himself.”

And then they were off, each step taken Nico could sense some spirits lurking curiously but he could also sense they were low energy so there was no use speaking to them. On their way to the room Nico stopped and put a finger to the skeletal design’s teeth, his lips, everyone stood still and was silent. She was here. The little girl spirit the staff had called Elizabeth. Nico told the people with him as such. Lou Ellen was about to ask him something but was cut off by a giggle. Nico turned around and so did everyone else.


Lou couldn’t believe her eyes. There! Right there, in front of her. Caught on camera was a little girl, who smiled at them and then ran around them and into room 103. It was……Lou couldn’t even describe how she was feeling. All she knew was that her mouth was open in shock. As was the crews, Ghost King quickly ran after her only to stop at the doorway. A camera man and Lou followed only to see……


No little girl.


But she had just ran inside.


And then they all simultaneously smelt a vague scent of flowery perfume.

It’s really frustrating to me when the guys I know can’t just take off their Man Goggles and see what the world is like for people who aren’t afforded the privileges they are.

Like, the guys I hang out with are amazing, thoughtful, gentle people who listen to my feminist rants and ask questions and engage and generally believe me and sometimes do their own research. But there are so many things where it’s just like… I feel like I’m describing smells to someone who not only can’t smell, but is from a species that doesn’t have a concept of smell.

The programming is embedded so deep and it takes so much effort and focus to untangle and start to color-correct and sharpen to make up for the weird tint and blurriness that comes from privilege goggles.

It makes me think about how many pairs of goggles I’m wearing, and how much more tweaking my perspective needs to be anywhere close to accurate.

Her (Captain Canary)

It was her.

But it couldn’t be.

He’d watched her die. 

However, there she was, unconscious on the floor. Her golden hair was spread out, making him think of the times he’d seen it over his pillow. Her eyes were closed but he knew they were the same color he’d missed seeing these past few years. Her lips… Still tempting… But he doubted they were as cool as they had been when he’d pressed his lips to hers and begged her not to leave him.

“Cold!” His head snapped up to Merlyn who was peering over the banister of the catwalk he’d just tossed her off of. His eyes, hidden behind his goggles, narrowed at the man who’d hurt the woman he was crouching over.  He had a nasty gash at his eyebrow and was favoring one of his arms. She’d given him a hell of a fight, something not many were capable of. “Leave the blonde and let’s go! Before her friends get here!”

“Right behind you,” drawled Captain Cold, looking down at the woman as her eyes blinked open with a groan. Relief filled him when seeing she was okay and he pulled down his goggles so that he could see her better. “Hey there, Beautiful.”

The woman tensed before looking at him, those gorgeous eyes of hers widening as she scrambled to sit up more. “Leonard?” 

“Hello, Sara.”

She had confusion in her eyes, and he was right there will her, but he missed her so he took the opportunity to press his lips to hers. Hell, she kissed him right back, fingers clenching against the open lapels of his parka. He eventually broke the kiss, gloved thumb caressing her bottom lip. 


“Gotta go,” he murmured, rising quickly. “But I’ll find you again.”

He wanted to stay. He wanted to gather her up and take her far away. However, he had to make sure first. He had to know it was HER and not some trick. He wasn’t the same man she’d known years ago. Her death, along with others, had changed him. Changed him for the worse. So he’d taken the glove that had caressed her lips and scanned it for DNA. It didn’t take long before it came back with a match: Sara Lance.

“Sara,” he murmured, leaning back in his chair, eyes closing as painful memories resurfaced. Painful memories he’d long forgotten. Ones involving her dying in his arms. 

Or so he’d thought. 

How was she back? 

A mystery he planned on solving as soon as possible.