Because my post about Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole art was popular, posting more of his art since I found there were more. He’s actually studying about how owls could wear armor, and how it would protect them.

Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole covers:

Japanese Wolves of the Beyond covers:

And more armor studying he did

Upon discovering that Centaurians have pouches for carrying their young (even though I have no idea how much the gog comics have in common with mcu) I can’t stop imagining Yondu trying to carry 8 years old scrawny Peter like a kangaroo so that he can keep an eye on him so he’s not wreaking havoc on the ship

Since we saw Taserface sharing his new captain bed with some other dude, can we now assume that the First Mate gets to share (apparently) the only bed on the whole ship with his Captain? Because who else would have such a privilege


I’d like to talk about this movie for a moment:

I really feel this is an extremely unappreciated movie. A lot of people actually claimed to dislike it because the story was a very common one: The fight of good against evil. But, I believe it did this movie justice. The movie’s story was not so complex it took you away from this beautiful animation. You can watch it and simply get lost in the art and animation it is so gorgeous. The books also capture this beauty. (The books came first). The books I feel also deserve a lot more attention. They are beautifully written and a perfect adventure series. But, this movie takes you to a world that seems like it could be real. When you watch it it is easy to forget it was all made in a computer and not filmed in real life.