Help A Wannabe Doula Out

Hello my name is Mahal and I’m a new birth doula based out of South East Michigan. I am a woman of color. My dream is to eventually be a midwife but until then I want to support folks in a very important era of their life: parenthood.  I want to support people from pregnancy till the 4th trimester. Which brings me to why I’m asking for help.

I’m in desperate needs of funds to become a post partum doula. Here is the program that I plan on taking my training from: http://center4cby.com/dona-postpartum-doula-training.html

Sadly I’m not old enough to accept the state scholarship for doulas and I’m already obligated for giving free births and just can’t afford to give more free services at the moment.

 With post partum doula training I can follow the continuity of care model and also offer more services that will help me support women and in turn support myself. So please help. If you can’t help please direct it to someone who can, or reblog this post. Thanks so much everyone.

Donate here please: http://www.gofundme.com/2pvsb8

If you have any questions please do let me know :) Thanks so much everyone