Got7: who would say 'I love you' first?

Jaebum:  him…with tons of flowers and gifts and all sorts of cheesy, romantic ideas that he thought of when deciding to finally tell you. He’s not one to make a big deal out of things, but he was so sure about this that he had to show you as best as he could.

Mark:  him. Also isn’t the kind of person to make this into a huge deal, so one day it kinda just slipped out when the moment felt right. The way you grabbed his hand and held onto it made his heart flutter, and the words came out so effortlessly.

Jackson:  you. Knowing you’d fall into his trap eventually, there was no way out. He’d love you with every fiber of his being and it’s noticeable by everyone, but it’s not like he needed to say it to prove anything, bc you already knew.

Jinyoung:  you. He’s got a complicated mind so you could hardly figure out what he’s thinking and who he’s thinking of. He wouldn’t make it easy for you either, he’ll keep smirking and egging you on to get the words out, but he’ll finally admits that he feels exactly the same.

Youngjae:  him…I think. Tbh he’ll say it in such a rush and hurried manner, that you wouldn’t really be able to figure out what really happened. You could only make out some words here and there, so you’ll have to wait until he’s finally ready and rehearsed his lines beforehand.

Bambam:  you- and this kid won’t let you live it down either. “Yo, y/n, remember the first time you said *giggle* that you loved me? Ohmygosh dude, you were blushing SO hard. I can’t believe you liked me back then, that’s so embarrassing.”

Yugyeom:  him. You’ve got him wrapped around your finger and he knows it, so there’s no way to back out. He won’t turn this into a huge ordeal like some of the others, since he doesn’t wanna pressure you about saying it back, but he’ll tell you how much he truly means it.

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