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there are so many people in this book!

I think the reason I loved it as a kid was that it was our first hint of a wizarding world outside Britain; even if the books in general are pretty Britain-centric (and Eurocentric) that was an amazing idea to me

this is the book where you really see the worldbuilding come out in full force and it’s awesome; it’s enormous and expansive and really great that way

the sequence in the graveyard in this book was so terrifying oh my god

why is it so disgusting and horrible and twisted oh my god

suddenly harry’s teenagery-ness in the fifth book makes so much more sense: he was recovering from THIS

crap now I remember why I was scared to start this book as a kid

I read the very beginning and I was like “what is this nonsense where’s harry”

but uh


the first chapter of this book is so creepy

so excited to start the book that was my favorite as a kid

for reference, I spent a really long time just straight up refusing to read this book for some reason I don’t quite remember; I think it looked scary to me because it was fatter than the others

but then I loved it so

yay goblet of fire!