goes to rewatch it


So, are you saying she’s invisible because she’s so unpopular? That about sums it up.

god i’m really not over how the first time bernie + serena meet it’s literally like a scene straight out of a fanfic…..like bernie just swaggering over to serena with a cigarette in her mouth, the classic ‘the alternator might be cactus’ line, bernie immediately sharing the whole cigarette-as-a-symbol-of-my-freedom-thing with this woman she met exactly 30 seconds ago, the iconic™ way bernie was about to text marcus telling him that her shift was shit but then after speaking to serena for like 1 minute she texts him saying it’s going great….like it was all so gay + now they’re in love can u BELIEVE IT

A Rough Episode to Chapter Guide for Snow White with the Red Hair

Ep1 - Ch1
Ep2 - Ch2
Ep3 - Ch3
Ep4 - Ch4&5
Ep5 - Ch6&7
Ep6 - Ch8&9
Ep7 - Ch10
Ep8 - Ch15&16/11
Ep9 - Ch11
Ep10 - Ch12&13
Ep11 - Ch13&14
Ep12 - Ch17/27
Ep13 - Ch18&19
Ep14 - Ch19&20/18
Ep15 - Ch20&21
Ep16 - Ch22
Ep17 - Ch23
Ep18 - Ch24
Ep19 - Ch25&26
Ep20 - Ch26
Ep21 - Ch31&32/33
Ep22 - Ch46/42
Ep23 - Ch28
Ep24 - Ch29&30/33
OAD - Ch41

ok so upon rewatching cap2 i noticed that steve rogers goes and sees sam wilson at the VA during the day and they have the “are you happy?” scene with steve staring at sam like he’s the fucking sun then it cuts to nick fury car scene and then steve’s coming home at night.

steve spent all that time doing what? i’ll bet it’s sam wilson feel free to disagree but ur absolutely wrong and sam took one look at steve’s awkward hands-in-my-pockets routine and sincere eyes and said “…my lunch starts in 10”


1000 Picspams Challenge | #1 - Fullmetal Alchemist

that is alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange

Randy Harrison in photo op

photo op

a lonely photographer gets the courage to come out from behind his camera to capture his crush, but it turns out there is more to the picture than meets the eye.

written and directed by dave solomon
starring randy harrison, aaron lazar, hannah bos and lucas steele

Normani is so dedicated to promoting the group that she went DOWN on stage for the sake of their new song

Scott: *Pops top out of champagne bottle.*

Champagne bottle: *Bubbles up and overflows.* 

Scott: *Realises what’s happening* Oh shit! 

Me: Scott, sweetheart, what did you think was gonna happen?