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god i’m really not over how the first time bernie + serena meet it’s literally like a scene straight out of a fanfic…..like bernie just swaggering over to serena with a cigarette in her mouth, the classic ‘the alternator might be cactus’ line, bernie immediately sharing the whole cigarette-as-a-symbol-of-my-freedom-thing with this woman she met exactly 30 seconds ago, the iconic™ way bernie was about to text marcus telling him that her shift was shit but then after speaking to serena for like 1 minute she texts him saying it’s going great….like it was all so gay + now they’re in love can u BELIEVE IT

A Rough Episode to Chapter Guide for Snow White with the Red Hair

Ep1 - Ch1
Ep2 - Ch2
Ep3 - Ch3
Ep4 - Ch4&5
Ep5 - Ch6&7
Ep6 - Ch8&9
Ep7 - Ch10
Ep8 - Ch15&16/11
Ep9 - Ch11
Ep10 - Ch12&13
Ep11 - Ch13&14
Ep12 - Ch17/27
Ep13 - Ch18&19
Ep14 - Ch19&20/18
Ep15 - Ch20&21
Ep16 - Ch22
Ep17 - Ch23
Ep18 - Ch24
Ep19 - Ch25&26
Ep20 - Ch26
Ep21 - Ch31&32/33
Ep22 - Ch46/42
Ep23 - Ch28
Ep24 - Ch29&30/33
OAD - Ch41

ok so upon rewatching cap2 i noticed that steve rogers goes and sees sam wilson at the VA during the day and they have the “are you happy?” scene with steve staring at sam like he’s the fucking sun then it cuts to nick fury car scene and then steve’s coming home at night.

steve spent all that time doing what? i’ll bet it’s sam wilson feel free to disagree but ur absolutely wrong and sam took one look at steve’s awkward hands-in-my-pockets routine and sincere eyes and said “…my lunch starts in 10”

y’all i just realized upon rewatching that Isham and Acabel (sp?)’s exchange goes exactly like this:

ISHAM: You were sent here to observe humanity, to watch and to learn… but instead, taking up with a filthy animal. Have you no shame?

ACABEL: Who are you to lecture me about shame? Humans aren’t animals. Most of them are good, and true, and… How could anyone know them and not love them? 

(bolded mine)

isn’t it sort of… weird that Acabel refers to his general love for humans, when Isham and Cas and co. were there to kill him for shacking up with one specific human, Lily, who Acabel loves? 

Almost sounds like. You know. 


Ya know. Yeah.

Starting to wonder if referring to one specific human an angel loves as “humanity” is an angel trait or something.

I rewatched Soshitsu

You know how this goes, I posted a ton of tweets with my reactions. Will do a more serious analysis later on.

Here are my reactions for Saikai, Ketsui and Kokuhaku.

  • i rewatched those 5 first minutes and oh my God if I had been Maki I’d also be PISSED AS HELL 
  • I wonder what happened to the other 3 original Chosen Chikdren
  • Also Daigo x Maki are the original Takari
  • Pyocomon really go super pissed when Sora stepped on her leaf
  • Tokomon is super cute I want to have it for breakfast
  • I love Jou he’s the best in this OVA can someone give him a medal
  • In Adventure the Digimon knew those kids were their partners, they were waiting for them but after the reboot they have no clue of who they are.
  • Meicoomon has to be killed who are we even kidding
  • Koushiro’s such a nerd talking about the Oolong tea I love him so much
  • Motimon really wanted him to stop talking LOL.
  • Tokomon’s teeth are so dangerous
  • How did Mimi turn out to be a chef again
  • Koromon is such a fatass I love him so much
  • Now we know why Sora was carrying two bags, one was mainly for the food
  • Sora really is pissed about the reboot not working out with Meicoomon
  • Can Jou’s girlfriend appear already
  • How can the Digimon not know their own names
  • After Mimi openly stating Palmon was ugly it’s nice to see her saying she’s pretty
  • My brother just really wants Meiko dead LMAOOOO he has no idea
  • Whenever Meicoomon’s angry the infection reappears this is something
  • In 1999 they didn’t have phones life was simpler
  • Taichi and Yamato sharing looks because they know Sora’s unstable
  • Taichi really tries his best to make Sora feel better and Yamato wants to get closer but they really are clueless
  • Maki’s computer has a DigiWorld Google Maps
  • Taichi is the worst he never knows when to SHUT UP
  • Sora really exploded with Taichi and Yamato, perhaps because they’re the closer to her. Calling them selfish, and they really are
  • Can Taichi, Sora and Yamato openly get in a polyamorous relationship already
  • I wonder what would’ve happened if Taichi and Yamato hadn’t gone looking for Sora
  • What did the rest of the gang think when the golden trio came out of the woods how kinky
  • Sora really closes herself when she’s bad with Piyomon yet she doesn’t stop caring for her at all
  • Maki made the reboot her final goal in life, she got obsessed
  • I wonder if Meicoomon opened portals in the distortion so the kids would survive
  • Piyomon is stone cold how many times must she make Sora CRY
  • Will they ever let us know how did Meiko get to the DigiWorld
  • Hikari is so pure so graceful she was simply taking a nap next next to a tree
  • The kids appeared in iconic places i wish they had done more things there
  • Meiko is a girl scout this is canon
  • What kind of drugs did Hackmon use on Daigo oh my GOD
  • Palmon is a better artist than Taichi
  • Piyomon sleeping next to Meiko instead of Sora was too much WHY TOEI WHY
  • The train was coming after Koushiro and Yamato and the Digimon wouldn’t move AT ALL
  • Everyone loves trolling Yamato let’s make an OVA where everyone trolls him 10/10 would watch
  • Hikari saying they should accept their partners as they are now was such a nice thing to say, plus she knows Nyaromon didn’t get to suffer this time around
  • I’m glad Meiko was there to comfort Sora tbh she really needed to be listened
  • Sora saved Meiko’s ass
  • I wonder if the Mysterious Man gets to control whoever he wants
  • Meicoomon opened tge portals so the rest of the gang could go help them out
  • Sora throwing rocks at the MM is so iconic I want this in every fanfiction

The Mysterious Man: licks Sora’s cheek 

Sora: does nothing 

Mugendramon attacks Piyomon. 


  • Will forever fangirl at the fact Taichi and Yamato got into the PORTALS TO SAVE SORA 
  • I wonder if the gang saw Gennai/the MM harassing Sora like shit 

Taichi: are you okay, Sora? 


  • Gennai on full sith mode is scary as fuck 
  • How powerful can Plotmon’s attack be 
  • Joe saying the bad guy is Yg whatever he’s called ayfiebf
  • Koushiro typing random stuff in the laptop and everyone getting his plan is too funny
  • Leaving Meiko alone was a badddd idea y'all
  • Sora’s eyes when Piyomon called her by her name <3 <3
  • Yamato!!!!!!…… kun
  • How did Maki know where to find Bakumon exactly
  • Maki really went full cray cray
  • What was that underwater scene where Taichi and Yamato die it was so weird
  • Was the lake frozen or how did they manage to stand now
  • Palmon saying Tentomon got shrunk is so CUTE
  • what kind of food does Sora eat to make her bones so strong
  • Yeah, don’t mind me here I am about to die yet I want to talk about meatballs
  • I love Hououmon’s sparkly feathers
  • Seraphimon and HerkulesKabuterimon really were unnecessary imo
  • 20 minutes of evolution sequences later
  • Pyocomon’s de-evolution sequence was super cool okay
  • So Jou did notice Piyomon and Sora weren’t getting alone
  • I never knew how much I needed a Star Wars x Digimon crossover
  • The first thing that Sora says to Taichi and Yamato is asking them if they got hurt I adore this woman so MUCH

Taichi: hits Yamato so he’d talk to Sora 

Yamato: hits Taichi so he’d talk to Sora 

Sora: bakas

  • Meiko is like super dead but not really.
  • My brother can’t stop laughing at the fact Seraphimon appeared just because lmao 
  • sooo…. Hackmon is with Homeostasis and Alphamon is with Yggdrasil
  • What I still don’t get is why Gennai needed Ken’s for to get into the Real World when he already could get into with his Digital form

I still feel like I have to watch it one more time to fully appreciate everything… but this definitely was something.

I really enjoyed seeing Sora have the spotlight, I didn’t enjoy all the time lost with evolution sequences, but what to do.

Also, that cliffhanger?? God knows when will OVA number 5 will come out.

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When Y/N imagined meeting Harry Styles it never went like this.

It never included them being in the same photography class, Y/N being sleep deprived wearing bear slippers and strung out on caffeine, or him asking to be her partner in the small in class project the professor had assigned. The moon had never been shining so bright that it would highlight every visible thing wrong with not only her panic stricken face but also the blueberry stain at the bottom hem of her shirt. She never choked on the energy drink she’d been downing and spluttering around an answer.

Yet here she was, and he is, and everything is terrible.

Today started out mostly normal. Y/N had only slept for an hour the previous night as if that were to be enough to compensate for the 23 hours she’d been awake already so she was heavy with regret, and her head was throbbing. After four paracetamol and an energy drink she was starting to feel at least halfway decent, but not enough that she wasn’t going to wear slippers that day so she tugged them on while she slung her bag around her back. The essay she’d stayed up writing was clutched like a damn lifeline in her hands, as she rushed out until she got outside and a particularly large gust of wind tore if from her when she relaxed for just a moment (thankfully a rather cute boy caught it for her, and with a pity filled smile he sent her on her way).

Each class dragged on for what felt like 7 years, she ate a poorly made lunch out of her bento box while she studied for the quiz in Psych and swiped the crumbs off her lap for the birds to peck at. She took her quiz, got the A, celebrated with a few mindless moments on her phone before buying another energy drink and heading back to her dorm. At that point it would’ve been when she normally had Photography but they were having classes at night for a little while as they were trying to learn the art of night photography, and capturing moments you’re not supposed to see, all that cheesy stuff. So instead she goes back to her dorm, rewatches three episodes of Stranger Things while simultaneously making flashcards and getting caught up spinning in her wheeled rollie chair.

She texted Ed, caught herself almost falling asleep before downing the rest of her drink and checking the time. Quickly, she made a sandwich that she could eat on the way to her photography class so her stomach wouldn’t be  obnoxious and when she’d gotten there, there were only a handful of others (there was a big party tonight, she’d heard). The professor gave them a run down of the next two hours, ordered them to get into partners, Y/N panicked for a hot second because she had no friends in the class, and a finger tapped her shoulder.

“Hey, wanna be partners?”

And now here they are. Y/N is facing her lock screen and nodding, guppying like a fish and Harry smiles like he’s used to it – which of course he was.

“Unless you wanted someone else?”

“No! No, no, not at all s'just – startled is all. You know you’re Harry Styles right?”

He laughs, nodding, “I think so.”

Y/N nods too and she 100% did not get enough sleep for this to be happening right now.

Video Updates

Summary: Your husband Tony sends videos of him and your son while you are out of town so you are aware of what’s going on at home.

Pairing: TonyXReader

A/n:  So this one is pretty long and jam packed with gif’s! Enjoy!


You hated going out of town without your family even if you knew that Ben would be well taken care of. It seems like you miss so much over these business trips.

“So where are they sending you now?” Tony asks before he starts to take your clothes out of your suitcase.

“Come on Tony, I have to go.” you try to grab your clothes but Tony puts his hand straight up and you’re shorter than he is. “Really.” you say getting onto your tippy toes but still not being able to reach your clothes.

Tony smirks, “I guess you’ll have to stay. You can’t go without clothes.” Tony says, and you get an idea. You wrap your arms around him,

“Come on babe,” you smirk a little, “is this really how you want to say goodbye?” you ask sounding as innocent as you can, and with that Tony leaned down and kissed you, your hands went up and around his neck as his hands made his way down to your waist.

Once his hands rested there you quickly grabbed your clothes and ran over to your suitcase. “Oh that_ that was cruel.” Tony acts offended as you put your clothes back into your suitcase. He quickly walks over to you and you turn your back to your suitcase as if you’re going to defend them. He than kisses you again, his lips travel down to your jaw then your neck.

“Tony. My flight leaves in two hours and I still need to pack.” you say but don’t even try to escape.

“I have a private airplane.” Tony whispers into your ear, you shake your head. You loved the fact that Tony was rich but it wasn’t any of the reasons you married him.

“Mommy!” soon a little boy is at your legs and hugging you, Tony quickly stopped kissing your neck and you stifled a giggle. “You haf to go today?” Ben asked looking up at you.

“Yeah mommy do you haf to go today.” Tony says going down to be the same height as Ben, you shake your head,

“Yes I do. But you get to spend time with daddy and maybe he’ll take you to work.” you say and watch as Ben got excited, Ben loved that his dad was a superhero, even though you always got nervous that he would be attacked because of it.

“Do you tink I can go flying with daddy?” Ben asks excited, you shake your head.
“No I don’t think that’s the best idea.” you look at you husband who looked down, Ben had been on many flights with daddy, but one day the suit had malfunctioned and Ben almost got seriously injured.

~2 hours later

You were gone, Ben wasn’t with you anymore, and you couldn’t cuddle with Tony after a bad day, of course you were only going to be gone for 4 days, but it seems like a 4 days feels like a year. After arguing with half of your team about how you should approach the London Corporations, with your business proposal. “Mrs Stark you can’t just demand this, not this time. The London Corporations will not be as easy to gain as most of our business partners.” Andrew says, you roll your eyes, Andrew had said this at least 5 times to you already. 
“Okay Andrew I am going to go into my hotel room and think about everything that we have talked about.” you say walking into your hotel room before Andrew could get another word in.

 You had the worst day and now walked into your hotel room to lay down on the bed. Soon though her phone went off, “Oh god! Andrew if you are texting me one more proposal You looked down to see Tony’s name and the notification read VIDEO RECIEVED, you quickly pulled up the message and pressed play on the video

Day 1:

“Hey Y/n! So it’s day one and Ben did alright. I mean he totally betrayed me!” Tony says.

You look at the screen confused until Tony moves the camera toward Ben, you burst out laughing as you see him wearing a Thor costume. Steve and Clint were pretending with him that he was actually Thor which just made him smile.

“I’m never going to hear the end of this from Thor!” Tony whines walking over to Thor who was just smirking and smiling, Tony rolled his eyes than walked over to Ben, Steve, and Clint

“Thor I think we need to go save the world!” Steve yells grabbing a plastic shield and then handing Ben a plastic hammer. “Come on Thor! We can’t do this without you!” Steve yells throwing the plastic shield, but aiming it a bit high, so it flew out of the window.

“Wow Rogers I’ve seen you lose your shield before but I don’t know how you’re going to get this one to bounce back.” Clint says smirking at Steve who was now rubbing the back of his neck. Tony burst out laughing. “I am so sending this to Y/n.” Tony says and Steve just scowls at him,

“Y/n I promise that I am not putting Ben in any danger!” Steve shouts before running to the elevator to go and retrieve the shield,

“It probably broke falling from this height.” Clint tried to yell at him but it was too late Steve was in the elevator and going down.

“Here let me show you how to fight Ben!” Tony yells handing Thor the camera, Tony sat down and pretended he was in one of his suits and pretended to shoot one of his lasers which ended up looking more like a dance, Ben started laughing making you smile. You knew he was being well taken care of. Steve soon got back caring 5 different pieces of the plastic shield.

“Wow Steve my dad made you that Shield and this is how you treat it!” Tony yells pretending to be mad. “No respect for gifts given to you.” Tony grabs the camera from Thor and zooms in on Steve. Who looked annoyed and like he might attack Tony, you giggled and watched as Steve charged at Tony

“So thats what’s going on here. Steve isn’t being careful, and seems to break more things with the plastic shield than his own, Ben just betrayed me, while I was going to make him a full functional ironboy suit!” Tony says winking at the camera, while he starts to run away from Steve

You rolled your eyes and smiled at the screen. You loved the video it made you feel like you were still there.

“Well better sign off for the day! Love you Y/n! We sure do miss you!” soon you heard a chorus of goodbyes and love yous and miss yous. Than Tony was tackled to the ground. The screen went black. You smiled and put your phone down than got changed into your pajamas. Maybe you wouldn’t get too homesick after all.

You woke up and got ready for your first fundraiser of the day there were 8 parties going on and you had to make an appearance at everyone of them so that you could make friends with the main people In Charge at the london corporations that meant 8 different times dancing with random people you didn’t know and having married men hit on you. You spent the entire day trying to friend the London corporation representatives, you were now exhausted and your day was only halfway over. Your face was hurting from smiling all day, your feet wanted to get out of your heels, and you wanted to be able to eat a proper meal for once. You were in the middle of a taxi ride to another fundraiser when your phone went off, you looked down to see Tony’s name and the notification read VIDEO RECEIVED, you smile than open up the video  

Day 2:

“So Ben is not with me today if you must know all of the other Avengers wanted to take him out to the zoo and he didn’t want his old man to slow him down. Well that and I needed to get the ball rolling on making some updates on my suit. So you’ll be the only person to gain full access to seeing how a genius makes his suit. So let’s begin.” Tony started tinkering around with one of his suits, you smiled and watched Tony tinker around. “This doesn’t seem important.” Tony says throwing a piece of something out of the suit. “So right now I’m mainly trying to get my suit to be lighter so it can go faster.” Tony says towards the camera. You rolled your eyes you knew that his suits were fast enough he just liked the thrill of figuring out new upgrades for his suits. “So let’s try this out shall we.” Tony says getting into his suit you watched as it flung him to the wall, and you didn’t even try to stop yourself from laughing as Tony hit the wall than fell to the floor. You watched as he slowly got off the ground.

“So maybe I should put that back into the suit.” Tony groans out. Oh! I feel sick!” Tony groans out before the screen goes dark, you feel a small peice of you hope he was okay but right before you were about to turn your phone off it comes back to life, showing you Steve who seemed to be trying to hold in his laugh.

“Hey Y/n this is Steve we got back from the zoo to find this.” Steve turns the corner to find Tony in his suit over the toilet, he groans and looks at Steve,

“I’m serious, give me a little space.” Tony says into the toilet. ‘Aww’ you say sadly. He looked like he was in bad shape. “Hey Y/n I hope you are having a great time in London!” Tony turns back to the toilet and lets out a groan. “Ben take over!” Tony groans out and Steve turns the camera over to Ben, he smiled and waved at the camera.

“Hi mommy! I had lots of fun at the zoo! But wen we got back daddy was sic.” Ben says pointing in the direction of Tony, “Miss you mommy!” you hear everybody say bye, you even hear Tony groan out how much he loves you and misses you before you just hear a full out terrible groan. Than your screen goes black.

As you finished your second day, you had rewatched Tony’s video multiple times whenever you needed something to make you happier. You hoped that everything had cleared up back at home and that Tony was no longer feeling sick. You just hoped that when you got home your boys were alive, and that the avengers were okay.

When the third day came you were half asleep and barely able to function. You had been to a charity ball all night and had to keep the creepy old men away, you wish Tony could have come with you to this but he had Avenger duties that he had to deal with so he wasn’t able to come on the business trip. You were getting ready for the day when you heard your phone go off, you practically ran to your bed and jumped on it searching for you phone and when you found it you opened it up to find the sweet words ‘Tony sent you a video’ you quickly opened it than looked at the time, if you watched it you would be late to your meeting. But at the moment you didn’t care.

Day 3

“Hey Y/n! You have to see this Tony and Ben! They are so cute with each other!” you could tell it was Wanda by her accent. “We have been in boring meetings all day but Tony has just been playing with Ben and ignoring the entire meeting. It annoys whoever is speaking but it’s completely adorable!” Wanda says giggling a little. You smile as you watch Ben squash Tony’s puffed out cheeks. You laugh as Tony pretends to be shocked. “Ben and Tony are doing great! Hope you’re having a great time in London! Can’t wait for you to tell me all about it!” you smile and shake your head

“Ms. Maximoff are you even paying attention.” as soon as the agent said this the screen turns black. Soon though it turns to a video of Tony who looked annoyed.

“So Ben is in bed now he had fun even though we were stuck in boring meetings all day, did you know that apparently I’m.. volatile, self-obsessed, and.. don’t ‘play well with others.’ This is what I already knew.” Tony says winking at the camera you giggle to yourself, “But the agent decided to say that about me in front of my son.” Tony was furious and you could tell. Gosh you felt bad for not being there for him these past couple of days. “You know I’m pissed right now! I know you would say something like ‘Why do you even listen to the agents.’ or ‘You know Ben sees you as a hero and nothing less than that.’ or ‘Gosh Tony why are you a total babe?’” he smirks at the camera and you roll your eyes “I just wish you were here. I miss you so much. But hey tomorrow is your last day in london than you’ll be home! Can’t wait for that! That will be a great day! I promise I will be at the airport to pick you up.” Tony says smiling at the camera. You smile too and wish that he could have seen you. “I miss you! I love you! Can’t wait for you to come home! And if you don’t come home with one of those british accents I’ll be slightly disappointed.” Tony says winking. YOu smile as the screen turns black.

You get off your bed and continue to get ready. Running to get into a taxi and up to your meeting 10 minutes late. “Sorry I’m late. I got a late start this morning.” you say professionally, you and Tony took business very differently while Tony wouldn’t care if he showed up an hour late to a meeting you always liked being on time that’s why if you both were here you would usually meet in the middle. Which mean you would have been a half an hour late and Tony would have taken all the fault for it.

“It’s okay Mrs Stark we are just glad that you made it.” one of the ladies says you nod and smile.

“Mrs Stark we don’t think that we want your buisness_ it’s not that we don’t like the idea of joining with Stark Industries but, we haven’t really heard a reason that we should join.” as you hear this your heart drops. You weren’t Tony you knew you weren’t as confident as he was hell that’s why he was the face of the business. You had to stay in that meeting for 2 hours just to hear them say that they didn’t want to combined with Stark Industries, you felt terrible and like shit. You wish you were at home in sweats and a tanktop with Ben in your arms and leaning onto Tony’s shoulder sitting on the couch and watching a movie. But instead you were stuck in London hearing all of your workers argue over ways to change their mind.

You texted Tony and told him that you weren’t sure that he made the right choice sending you instead of coming himself. He quickly texted you back

‘Hey, don’t put yourself down! You are Y/n Stark you are not me! Your Y/n Stark for gods sake! You are very powerful and if they don’t want your business than we don’t need them!’ you smiled at your phone, and that’s when you had an idea.

You got up early and got ready to do the most riskiest thing you have ever done in your career. Once you got to London corporation’s you walked in and your workers started following you trying to hand you folders but you pushed them all away. “Hello Mrs Stark who are you here to see?” the secretary asks you. You smile.

“I’m here to see Mr Smith.” you say and all of your workers go quiet. Mr Smith was the owner of London Corporations. You decided if you wanted them to be business partners you needed to go straight to the top.

“Do you have an appointment with Mr Smith?” she asks, you shook your head.

“Nope I don’t. But I think Mr Smith will want to meet with me.” you say confidently,

“Mrs Stark I don’t think_” Andrew starts before you turn around

“Andrew when I want your opinion I will ask for it. This is my husband’s company and I will do what I think is best for the company. Do you understand?” you say and Andrew for the first time since you met him shut his mouth.

“If you want to wait an hour or two Mr Smith has a half an hour of free time.” the secretary says, you turn around and smile.

“I can show myself to his office.” you say walking past her desk and straight up the stairs, you saw his office and you felt your heart pounding. YOu were either going to make or break your career right now. You walked into the meeting they were talking about stocks when you walked in but everybody went quiet when you walked in.

“Mrs Stark is their something that we can help you with?” Mr Smith asks you a little astonished with your sudden appearance.  

“So I was thinking. If our two businesses combined to work together the benefits would be great, so yesterday you said you didn’t need our business and that’s your choice. Stark Industries are doing great and we are still going up in our business we are financially stable and the only reason I am actually here is because we wanted to go forward with you guys. But we don’t have to, there are many other companies that are begging us to combined with them. SO by all means refuse our proposal. We don’t need you. But if you want to move forward. You’re going to need us.” you say looking straight at the man in front of you, everybody in the office had gone silent and you stood there as your own workers were extremely nervous. Soon though Mr Smith stood up.

“I guess we’re in business Mrs Stark.” he holds out his hand and you take it into your and shake his hand. “Get the contracts ready to sign.” Mr Smith says, and his assistants quickly got to work. After you spent the entire day signing forms and getting agreements in order you went back to your hotel and laid down on your bed,

You turned your phone on to see the notification. You quickly pressed play on the video.

Day 4:

“Hey Y/n” you took in a sharp breath as you saw a beaten up Tony. “Before you start freaking out. Ben is okay, once the attack happen Natasha and Clint got him out of here. But they were targeting him.”

You run out of the hotel and pulled out your phone again telling a taxi to take you to the airport. “Hello I need a private jet at the London Airport now.” you demand, you quickly get to the airport and on the jet without even stopping to take a breath you are in the air and back to new york.

When you got back to new york it was 3 am and you went into the house and ran upstairs. Tony was asleep in his bed and you quickly ran over to him.

“Tony. Hey Tony.” you try to shake his sleeping body when one of his suits pins you down you let out a scream and Tony wakes up his eyes wide when he sees you

“Stand down!” Tony yells into his wrist watch, “Y/n I’m so sorry.”

“No! No Tony I’m fine. Are you okay? Is Ben okay?” you ask.

“Yeah I mean didn’t you see the video I sent you?” Tony asks you nod.
“Yeah but once I saw that Ben was the target I ran as quick as I could to the airport.” you say and Tony burst out laughing.

“Y/n you need to finish the video!” Tony says, he pulls out his phone and turns on the video.

Day 4:

“Hey Y/n. Before you start freaking out. Ben is okay, once the attack happen Natasha and Clint got him out of here. But they were targeting him, I know that you have always feared when this would happen, but let’s be real threat is imminent and I have to protect the one thing I can’t live without which is you and Ben.” you feel the tears sting your eyes, “So you know that I would do anything for you two. I mean if I didn’t have you I would go insane, and this attack made me realize just how much I really do need you and Ben. I love you Y/n way more than I thought I could ever love a girl. I mean I never realized how much I would give up for you and Ben, I would gladly die for you and Ben. I mean it wouldn’t be my first choice. But I would gladly die for you.” Tony has tears leaving his own eyes in the video. “I don’t think I tell you enough how much I love you. SO I love you Y/n.” soon the screen goes dark, only to light up agin. “Ps I am sorry for breaking the rules but I kind of flew with Ben again. He loved it.” you smiled at the video and turned to Tony.

“Gosh I thought that something terrible had happened. I mean the attack was terrible but I thought somebody might’ve died.” you said sighing in relief.

“No of course not. I mean we are the Avengers.” he says winking at you, “but now that you are back and you did wake me up.” Tony quickly pulls you down onto the bed and you let out a giggle as he started kissing you.

“I want to go see Ben!” you shout.

“He’s asleep right now!” Tony says into your hair, “You can say hi to him in the morning.” you sighed but then started kissing Tony back.


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NO BUT ITS SO IMPORTANT. bc serena is finally letting someone in, she's letting bernie in, she's being vulnerable and its beautiful for our normally no-nonsense professional auu mum. so she can heal. i just have a lot of feelings about these two.

YES! I love fluff as much as the next person, but I LIVE for this kind of character and relationship development because it goes so much deeper than just your basic making out etc (see Jac and Matteo). This episode wasn’t easy but it was so important. Bernie not letting Serena get away with erratic behaviour because she loves her too much to enable her even in her grief, and Serena finally letting Bernie be there for her. I have so many feelings and I’m actually so happy with this episode. *goes to rewatch The Hug™*