goes to her and holds out his hand to her

why Franky/Robin is gr8 ship to get on board

  • loud wild yankee x elegant studious silent type
  • while franky is a self proclaimed ‘pervert’, he never goes wild on women and is respectful of robin’s personal space and never goes out of his way to win her affections cheaply
  • size difference
  • older mature couple (Franky 36, Robin 30)
  • I have this feeling that in Robin’s experience a 'normal size’ guy has never used their average size hands to hold her as gently as Franky would
  • they’re the Two Who Could End the World
  • Franky who loves himself and doesnt try to hide who/what he is x Robin who’s had to hide everything from everyone her whole life
  • Robin’s already grabbed his package so i mean she knows whats going on
  • their general personality contrast 
  • Robin was told her whole life she does nothing but destroy everything she gets near, Franky is the best in the world at building up amazing things from what other people feel are useless and discount as trash 
  • Franky is too big for a normal woman to put her arms around, but Robin has many arms to spare

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talk to me about scira because I miss them so much

Sometimes when I’m feeling short on scira, I like to sit and go through a little mental list of ‘scira things’ that I especially love:

  • Face touches.

For some reason, Scott and Kira seem to touch each other’s faces a lot. Scott has this thing where every time he kisses her, 9 times out of 10 he’ll grab or cup her face with both hands like he’s trying to hold her there so she can’t move away (lol). She also grabs his face a lot when they kiss but also likes to hold the back of his neck or have her hands lower down on his jawline/neck instead of cheeks. (Scott always goes for her cheeks). Also, Scott does this other thing where he gently rubs her cheek with his thumb and that renders me fully and wholly dead.

  • Casual physical intimacy.

Aside from the face touching, Scott and Kira are quite physical with one another in other ways. For me they manage to show physical intimacy with one another in everyday situations but not necessarily in the “simmering sexual tension” kind of way. For example, when they’re standing together in a room, they seem to gravitate towards one another so that they both end up standing either next to each other or as close as they can otherwise get. Kira’s always glancing back at Scott, as though keeping one eye on him most of the time. Scott also shares plenty of little looks with Kira.

Both of them also casually touch a lot, gentle and tender little gestures that aren’t really that highlighted but when you’re as hardcore trash as I am, you do notice it. Things like how Scott and Kira both like to hold each other’s hands when comforting one another or gently touch the other’s arm. Scott settles a hand on Kira’s back or at the small of her back when they walk together. Or when he has his arm around her he also likes to rub her shoulder, make little circles on her back with his fingers, or play with her hair. (I swear ’m not making these up, this isn’t just my trashy imagination, I’m telling you, these are all things that are actually on the show if you look closely enough).

  • Butt grabs

‘Nuff said, I think. Scott is definitely more a of a booty guy. Now I just need Kira to return the favour.

  • Kissy face

When they make out, both Scott and Kira do this thing where their faces do that eyebrow scrunching up thing like they’re concentrating intensely and you just know in that moment that both of them are focused on nothing but kissing each other as passionately as humanly possible.

  • Height difference

Ok but like height difference is my thing. The height difference between Scott and Kira is so fucking cute and perfect, I am dead always. Kira is so smol?? So very smol??? Smol enough for Scott to just tuck under his chin. Smol enough for them to do cute-ass things like Kira burrowing into Scott’s jacket to hide from the rain or Kira hiding in Scott’s shade from the hot sun. Kira being too fucking tiny for them to actually properly nose boop so Scott usually just goes for nose-booping her forehead. Kira being so smol that when she kisses Scott she usually has to go up a little on her toes, or Scott will have to pull her close and lean or bend down to kiss her properly.

Smol Kira having to hug Scott by jumping up on her toes before her arms can reach his neck but every time she does she straight-up launches herself at him and quite literally jumps into his arms, after which Scott leans into her hug but he has to lean down because Kira’s smol and her smol arms are very short but now that she has her arms around Scott she’s kind of just latched onto him like a koala and she won’t let go. And Kira’s also the perfect height for forehead kisses and kisses on the top of her head. And oh look that lifeless body lying over there is ME.

  • Nose boops.

I feel like this deserves it’s own bullet point because NOSE BOOPS. N.O.S.E. B.O.O.P.S. Scira nose boops. Happen. SO MUCH. I mean, who even does nose boops nowadays?!?!? What kind of young couple nose boops?!?!? That’s something that happy grandparents who have been married for 75 years do when they’re being cute and old on their anniversary or something. BUT LIKE. For some reason it feels normal and natural that Scott and Kira nose boop?! They actually seem like the type to nose boop and it’s the most heartbreakingly adorable, fluffy, pure thing you’ve ever seen because these two fucking nerds are such a pair of radiant, kind, loving, basically-married-already cinnamon rolls that nose-booping is probably their regular default greeting. THE NOSE BOOPS JUST AFFECT ME A LOT OK.

  • Forehead kisses

I don’t have the words to describe the effect that Scira forehead kisses have on me so here is a visual representation:

(They are so intimate?!?!? so tender?!?!? so heartbreakingly gentle?!?!?!?)

  • Forehead touch

Actually I also don’t have the words to describe exactly what happens to me when Scott and Kira do that fucking thing when they touch their foreheads together and just close their eyes and rest like that for the briefest moment because basically every single last molecule in my entire soul and body is destroyed.

Inversions and Role-Reversals

Bog and Marianne have almost the same relationship arc as Roland and Marianne do, but backwards. Hear me out.

Bog and Marianne meet when she punches him in the face for threatening her sister. Later, they have a cute moment where he gives her a flower, followed immediately by him thinking she betrayed his trust. At the end of the movie, they adore each other, hold hands, and have a big lavish musical number.

Roland and Marianne, at the start of the movie, appear to adore each other. He holds her hand, they have a big lavish musical number … then she goes to give him a flower (boutonniere) and catches him betraying her trust. Later, he threatens her sister, and their final interaction is her punching him in the face.

I’m not sure how much of that was deliberate, but I’m still going to call it genius.

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I saw someone post a headcanon of Maxson keeping Sarah's dog tags. What would his reaction be when sole found them and asked about them? :p

Oh ouch.

He’s shocked when he finds Sole holding the tags and he just kinda goes really still and can’t find the words at first. He just looks at them. Sole thinks he’s angry but he’s not. He’s not really angry..he just doesn’t normally talk about things like this. Then he walks over and sits down next to them, holding out a hand, silently asking Sole to hand them to him. 

He turns them over in his hands for a minute or so before speaking. “Sarah Lyons..” His chest feels tight but he continues. “She was one of the best soldiers I’ve ever known.” He goes on to tell them about how he was sent to be raised by her father. He tells her how she was the leader of an elite squad known as the Lyons Pride. She was the first soldier to achieve the rank of Sentinel as well. 

He smiles just a little as he tells them about the time she showed him how to kill a man by stabbing them in the kidneys. They were kids then. His voice is surprisingly soft as he goes on to tell Sole that she served as Elder for a short while before she died in combat. She died a hero and as hard as it is to tell Sole he knows Sarah deserves to be remembered as the hero she was. He can’t quite meet their eyes, instinctively trying to hide his “weakness.” He’s the Elder. Weakness isn’t an option. It never has been. 

“Did you love her?” Sole finally asks. 

He doesn’t answer but he doesn’t have to. Sole just reaches over and covers his hand with their own. He doesn’t say it but he appreciates the gesture. He glances at Sole out of the corner of his eye and he feels a rush of fear mixed with the fierce desire to keep them safe. 

He won’t lose them too. Not them.

When he grants them the title of Sentinel it’s the highest honor he can give them in his eyes and not just because of their position in the brotherhood. Sarah Lyons was the one of the only (if not the only, the wiki isn’t very clear) members of the brotherhood to attain this rank. It’s proof that he holds them in the highest esteem. 

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how about oikawa finds out that there is an astrology/star gazing club and when he goes to check it out, finds that the only member is a quiet girl from his class. Whenever he has time, he stops by to visit and chat and with each visit, she slowly opens up more. Super cute and cheesy please and thank you?

He eagerly slides the door open, not bothering to keep quiet. He hopes to make good friends with everyone here, and use this club as a space to relax and unwind from the stress volleyball puts him under. When the door slams open, a girl jumps near out of her skin and holds her hand to her chest, staring at Oikawa with wide eyes. He holds his hand up in apology and goes over to make sure she’s alright.

“Oh, I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you, I was just excited…” His voice trails off when she smiles at him and his heart skips in his chest, how beautiful.

“It’s alright, you just caught me off guard,” she dismissed his apology with a slight wave of her hand. “You’re the new member?”

Her voice was quiet and soft, like a wind chime playing at the end of a spring day. “Um… Yes… I’m-”

“Oikawa Tooru.” She offers another small, shy smile and it takes his breath away, “we’re in the same class.” He smiles back, a bit flustered but genuine and nods.

“Yea, that’s me.” She nodded and said no more before walking back over to a desk and sitting down.


Oikawa hurries to the stargazing club room, eager to see her again. They’ve been talking for a while now, and she’s still got this timid air around her when he’s there. He can feel it disappearing, slowly, but it’s disappearing.

He slides open the door to the club and smiles in greeting.


“Hello, Oikawa.” She turns and nods her head in acknowledgment of him.

“What are you doing today?”


“What do you do when you get home?”

She shrugs and flips a page in her notebook, her pencil scratching at the paper. “Homework?”

He pushes a desk up next to hers and sits down, leaning over as far into her personal space as he can without making her uncomfortable.


“Hmm?” She looks at him through the corner of her eye, and he has to bite back a sigh that bubbles up in his throat at the feeling that gives him.

“This is a stargazing club, why don’t we stargaze?”

“E-eh? It’s not dark enough?” She honestly looks taken back by Oikawa, like ‘how can you be this stupid’ taken aback. He giggles and scratches his cheek.

“No, like at night. The two of us. Whenever you’re free.”

She flushes a bit, and looks back down at her papers. “Tomorrow night works for me.”

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Topic for your wonderful little evil child: Father's Day gifts? (Also I keep rereading that post its just pure perfection)


-The moment she hears of her great-grandfather’s history and greatness (Kylo’s version of the story of course) she has one singular focus, and that’s to get that lightsaber for her father. She tears the Galaxy apart for it, stains her hands red with blood, tears worlds apart to find it. Finally she slays the old man trying to protect it. She has it in her hands. With ultimate honor and deference she goes to Kylo, kneels at his feet and holds it out to him. Even greater than the gift is the fact that she’s knelt at someone’s feet, something she was raised to believe she’d never have to do.

-There’s a coup against Emperor Hux when she’s seventeen. Once the battles are fought she disappears for a week or two on a mission she won’t tell them the nature of. When she returns she has a small black box, and inside is the pinkie finger of the man who orchestrated the attack.

Anika goes hard on Father’s Day.

@multipliicit cont. from

Well, he’s not entirely wrong. Getting paid is her happy place. If kissing him is a stepping stone to that, she’ll do it in a heartbeat.

Tex is an asshole, but she’s perceptive. She can feel Church going stiff under her touch. In response, she becomes more gentle, the hand not filching his wallet goes up to cup his jaw. Her lips go from being incessant to soft and lingering.

She very carefully slips his wallet out of his shirt pocket, and uses the two fingers not holding it to stroke back down his body. Tex slips it into her own back pocket before ending the kiss.

“You alright?”

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            They’re heading out of their last class of the day, Amethyst with her bag over her shoulder and camera in hand, ready to shoot at any given moment. In class they make her put it away, but as soon as it’s over, out it goes. She begins taking some pictures of kids passing, some talking by the lockers, and turns to snap some of Eldon. “I let you borrow my homework, so you have to let me take pictures of you, no buts!” She proclaims, looking at him through the little gap. When she brings it down, grinning, he is looking at her and presses his lips to hers. Holding onto her camera with one hand, she widens her eyes, and after a moment moves back. “So, you wanna hear my kickass goat impression?”  


      He blinks when he sees her, taking the cigarette out of his mouth to hold it in his hands. Absently, he pinches the end of the cigarette together to put it out. After all, it’s not exactly good to smoke in front of young kids like her, even though he knows she’s seen some of the weird shit that goes on in the city. Still, that’s no excuse. “Aa, you’re…” 

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Oh shit-! There goes some of his popcorn. It's fine, though. He's set it on the desk and now he's holding the shorter man tight, hands in his hair and arms rubbing his back. "Don't worry, baby. I'll go get Jez and make sure to keep an eye on her. You're smart, right? So's your double. He'll keep himself out of trouble, even if she won't. Trust him, he's gonna be fine. Jez can recover from just about everything, so don't worry about her."

He knew that, he knew all of this, yet he couldn’t stop the panic now, the fear flooding his system.

He began to babble.

I love him, Raj, I honest to god love him and I can’t stand the thought of him gettin’ hurt, and I care about Jez so much, too, and I don’t want either one of ‘em to hurt the other, even if they can recover, I can’t stand it, god fuck, I can’t stand it.

His knees gave out and he slowly began to sink down, his arms loosening around Rajani.

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Mello jumps up off the couch and goes to the door, taking as much from his hands as she can and carrying it into the living room before sitting back in her spot, legs crossed under her. She holds her arms out to him, offering either a hug or a full-on snuggle, depending on how Matt sees the invitation. "Haven't seen you in ages."

Matt grins at the sight in front of him. He winks at her, purposefully ignoring Mello’s invite, and grabs the drinks before disappearing into the kitchen.

“’s not my fault you’ve been busy as balls,” he shouts from the other room. It doesn’t take him long to put all the drinks in the cold and he’s soon back with an almost-empty bottle of rum he found from the cupboards. He lights a cigarette that’s resting between his lips and sits next to Mello, giving her hair a quick ruffle.

“I’m takin’ you managed to finish your latest case. ‘bout time.”



EPISODE: Storm 14 - The Hounds of Marduk
Pages: 27-29

As the two agents of the Rebellion come to abduct the unconscious Ember, one strangles the Shaman, while the one who goes to Ember suddenly has a knife in his hand. Where did that knife come from? (and what is he using it for? To cut the straps around her shoulders, because that is faster than simply loosen her from the crane?) And when he holds Ember in his arms, the knife has disappeared again.
Just a few seconds later, Ember wakes up and screams for help. Although at first the agents aren’t happy that Ember comes to right now and fear their plan will fail, it turns out that their plan to make Storm, the Anomaly, surrender has succeeded better and sooner than expected, as they only have to put a knife against Ember’s throat to make Storm and Nomad surrender. And again, the knife appears out of nowhere.

(Yay, after two weeks we’re getting close to leave the Pandarve’s Breath-sequence behind and move on to other bloopers. Here we already see Ember wake up. Just one more blooper in this sequence tomorrow.)